Dream or Reality


Sometimes when you’ve been with the same lover or a spouse, adjusting to a new one is a bit of a challenge. A person can spend literally hours chatting or texting building up the chemistry, the raw desire, only to find out at the moment that it was all just talk and the chemistry just isn’t there. This was definitely not the case with, well; I won’t tell you his real name, let’s just call him Andre.

It isn’t always easy for me to get away. Between kids, work, responsibilities, it’s a wonder I get any free time to myself at all. It just happens that this particular day I had been able to come up with some excuse or another to leave the house without my youngest child in tow, as is usually what happens. But, I did and in hindsight, I am so very glad I managed it.

He met me at the door of his house with a smile on his face, as I walked in his dog came running up to me for attention. I’m not a big fan of dogs, but being that I was a little nervous, I figured if I stopped for a moment and paid attention to the dog it might settle my stomach. No sooner had

I bent down to pet the dog than I found Andre behind me, his hands sliding up my back to my hair and gently pulling me up to standing. I couldn’t quite tell you how he managed it, but between bringing me up to standing and me fully standing he had turned me to face him. His lips were on mine before I could even look him in the eye.

His fingers slid through my hair and down my back while his lips were firmly pressed to mine, tongue between my lips. I’ve been kissed plenty, not that I’m a whore or anything, I just love being kissed, but his kiss was truly amazing. There was a degree of passion and longing it in that I had not felt in years. It was like I could hear him telling me how much he wanted me, how deeply I turned him on and my entire body was melting into his. I felt my panties moisten as his kiss continued. He broke off briefly and found my neck, sucking and biting just a little. It was crazy, almost as if I had told him exactly what spot on my neck to get to drive me the most wild.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how we managed to get into his bedroom, or when exactly my clothes came off, but before I realized it, he had me flat on my back, legs spread to him and he was sitting between my thighs. A sudden realization had hit me and I was back to reality for a moment and completely embarrassed at my nakedness in front of him. I realized I was blushing right at about the moment I felt his fingers brush across my clit.

My body responded immediately, back arched, and I whimpered. It was like electricity gay seks hikayeleri through my body, the feeling I hadn’t felt in years. He was gentle at first, sliding his fingers across my clit, gently pressing on it, then sliding them down to my tight hole, sliding one finger in, then taking it back and rubbing my clit again. His progression was slow, patient, and yes, it was almost romantic. He leaned down and flicked my clit with his tongue as he pressed two fingers into me, curling them up and pressing against my g-spot. My hips moved to grind against his fingers as he circled my clit with his tongue, then sucked it into his mouth, scraping his teeth off the hard nub before letting it go and slipping a 3rd finger into me.

It felt amazing, the pressure on my clit while he slid his fingers in and out of me. My body was responding in a fashion I was amazed and almost embarrassed over. It had been years since anyone had turned me on this much. It was as though he could read my thoughts and knew exactly what I wanted him to do and how to do it.

He continued sucking and licking my clit, teasing and taunting me. He buried 3 fingers deep inside me, so deep he was hitting the deepest nerve. The divine combination of pleasure and pain and I was raising my hips up to meet his fingers, almost willing him to push me further, be rougher. He took his mouth from my clit, sat up and changed his position, as he did so; he pulled his fingers out of me, causing me to whimper. I didn’t want him to stop, not in the slightest. As if he read my thoughts, he reached over and took a tube of lube off the shelf above the bed, drizzling some into his hand, he pushed all 4 fingers into me. It hurt, but in every good way possible.

As he worked his fingers in me, I felt him stretching me further, his thumb sliding into me as well. It hurt, it was almost a burning sensation, but at the same time, I wanted more, we had talked about this fantasy of mine and now, he was working to make it a reality. For a few stunned moments I laid there realizing he was going to work his entire hand into my tight little hole and I was scared and excited at the same time. He and I had talked about it so many times,

I almost couldn’t believe it was about to happen!

He continued working his hand farther in, I could feel his bony knuckles at the entrance of my pussy and the stretching began to hurt much more. I reached down and grabbed his wrist, unable to talk and tell him to stop. I looked up at him, eyes wide I am sure. He had a mischievous grin across his face as he leaned down and gently kissed my cheek before reaching over and removing my hand from his wrist. He took both my hands in one of his and pinned them above my head with his spare hand and continued to work his other hand to stretching my pussy, gently at first, just edging it forward a little at a time. The burning sensation of the stretching being painful, but at the same time, It was an incredible feeling.

It seemed like hours that he kept pushing his fingers in, getting them to the knuckles, holding them there for a few moments, then gently easing them back, repeating the process over and over until finally he pushed it a little further and managed to work his hand in past the knuckles. I could feel him curling his fingers to tuck them in, once his hand was nearly all the way inside me, the knuckles just barely in, my pussy stretched to the widest part of his hand, and then, I felt him push it the last bit in and realized his entire hand was inside me, all the way to his wrist.

He stayed still for a few moments, just keeping his hand buried inside me. It was me that started moving, suddenly realizing just how good it really did feel, his entire hand filling my tight little hole, him having enough patience and skill to get to that point, where no other had been before. I started grinding against his hand, as he began twisting his wrist, causing his fist to move around while I was grinding it harder into me. I started to cum almost immediately, over and over, every few moments cumming again. It was like a double, triple, no, even more than that orgasm.

I knew I was screaming out in pleasure, my throat was becoming sore, I was in heaven. Experiencing a feeling I never had before, but knowing right then and there that I would want it again, and again. I had never came so hard, so fast, and so many times in a row before. There was nothing like that feeling. Nothing at all! Time flew as he continued pounding my pussy with his fist, my hips grinding against him.

He finally let loose of my hands above my head and I instantly reached for his rock hard cock. I wanted to stroke it while he was pounding me. With fist still buried deep inside my pussy, he turned his body giving my mouth access to his cock and I started sucking him. I know I was being very aggressive because I was so worked up. I felt myself gag on him several times, but I didn’t care, I wanted his cock in my mouth while his fist was deep in my pussy and didn’t care if I gagged!

After multiple orgasms, he slowly slipped his hand out of my pussy. I whimpered in displeasure as I didn’t want it to stop. It was like being taken to a cliff and diving off with a parachute, the biggest adrenaline rush I could possibly imagine sexually. He gave me a moment to recover before grabbing my hips and flipping me over to my stomach. He pulled me up to my knees and thrust 2 fingers into my ass before I knew it was coming.

My body responded immediately, relaxing my muscles so his cock could slip into my tight, wanting ass. As he slid in, his cock being so thick, it stung just enough to hurt, but not enough for it to be a bad hurt.

He wasted no time in burying his cock deep inside me, and then pulling back slowly, a quick hard deep thrust back in, and another slow pulling back out. The teasing was driving me crazy; I just wanted him to bury it in my ass over and over until he blew! I found myself whimper “please,” and he responded by burying his cock deep and hard over and over. My hips pushing back against his thrusts, causing his cock to go balls deep, buried as far as possible into me. My body twisting and writhing in pleasurable pain, his hands holding my hips, and pulling me back into him. His nails beginning to dig into my fragile flesh, adding more pain to the pleasure he was giving me. I came fast and hard multiple times before he started groaning and his cock began to throb and harden further, the veins popping out. I knew he was going to blow soon, so I tightened the muscles around his hard shaft to milk his hot cum into my wanting ass.

He finally blew deep inside me, groaning and leaning in to bite my shoulder as he came. His deep voice was hoarse as he groaned in pleasure, his thrusts slowing, becoming gentle and shallow.

I couldn’t tell you how long we stayed in that position, his cock still in my ass, I on my knees, but it seemed like ages, when I am certain it was only seconds, maybe a minute or two before he rolled over onto his back and I flopped to my stomach.

We lay together silently for a few moments before he suddenly burst out laughing, I following suit giggling like a girl that had just lost her virginity.

“Well, I guess we found out that it’s not you that can’t take a fist, it’s the men you’ve been with that didn’t have the sack,” he stated in a very “matter of fact” tone.

I dressed and headed for my car. I drove the few blocks home wondering if we would do that again sometime soon. I knew that I had loved every moment of it, even the painful parts and that I was not likely to find a lover like him again.

I woke up the next morning wondering to myself if that really did happen. I wasn’t sure if I had dreamed it or not. I text Andre later that day, but we never did talk about it. I sometimes wonder if I did, in fact, dream it.

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