Encountering Carla


(This is a new story which I’ve also posted elsewhere. I hope you enjoy it.)

The early morning light streamed into the bedroom of Juan’s university accommodation. As a first year he was lucky to have a pad all to himself. Right now, he didn’t feel so lucky though. His head hurt and he couldn’t remember what had happened last night or how he’d got back to his pad. It was Saturday morning at the end of a rather boozy fresher’s week and he felt distinctly the worse for wear after so many parties.

Hung over or not, he had a touch of early morning wood and there was only one way to deal with that problem. Hands under the duvet he groped for the waistband of his shorts only to discover they weren’t there. He was completely naked. Where were they? Maybe he’d taken them off by mistake but if he’d done so it was a first. His bladder felt full and he needed to piss but at least the bed was dry. Juan wasn’t a regular bedwetter by any means but, even at nineteen, he wasn’t a hundred percent reliably dry at night, especially after an evening on the booze. However, the early morning wood was a more urgent priority and, thrusting the duvet aside, Juan began stroking his stiff cock which begged for attention. Back home in his native Toronto it wasn’t the biggest cock in town but was certainly on the large side of average.

As he stroked himself, Juan wondered what opportunities for sex uni might present. Maybe he’d get to find out what English girls were like. His preference was for MILFs though and had lost his virginity to one. Possibly there were one or two fit lecturers around, although if any of them were married it could get exciting and possibly not in a good way. He could still dream though. gaziantep erotik itiraflar Rubbing his cock vigorously at the thought, Juan realised he was about to cum and made a fumbling grab for the Kleenex – just in time! At least Kleenex was something he’d stocked up on during the week. If he didn’t see to himself every day – knock one out at least once or twice – he could become frustrated and aggressive. Cum flooded the tissue paper and Juan reached for more, using it to wipe his cock. Throwing the sticky, sodden paper in the direction of the waste bin, Juan reflected that had this been sex – proper sex – it was the point where, in the films at any rate, he’d be lighting up a fag. As Juan’s erection subsided, he realised that time for lying there and daydreaming was fast running out as his distended bladder begged to be emptied and his cock began to hurt in only the way it does when one has to pee badly. Jumping out of bed he raced to the bathroom and straight into the shower. Not for the first time in his life, he decided that two jobs could be combined into one.

Half an hour later Juan was dressed and feeling distinctly fresher, even a sore head still reminded him that whatever he’d done the previous evening it had involved getting pissed. Maybe a good strong coffee would fix him. There was a Café Nero just round the block and he decided to check it out. Arriving there he noticed it looked quiet and, apart from an assistant behind the counter, there was only one other person in there, a girl who looked to be around his age. As he opened the door she looked up, smiled and exclaimed,

“Hi Juan!”

Head still foggy, he’d no recollection of seeing this girl before.

“Hi. Do I know you? I don’t think we’ve met before.”

“Oh, but we have. Remember last night? Clearly not. My name’s Carla and I had a good night last night -.so did you. Come and sit down. Let me get you a coffee.”

Juan scratched his head. Who the fuck was this girl?

“Thanks – but you shouldn’t.”

Carla smiled.

“But I insist. It’s an extra stamp on my card.”

Juan realised that this girl wasn’t one to take ‘no’ for answer.

“Very well then. A regular Americano.”

Casting a glance at the bulge in his jeans, Carla got up and headed for the counter.

“I’ll get you a large one – and a couple of croissants. You’re looking a bit rough. Not that I’m surprised. You were well out of it last night.”

Presently Carla returned with two large coffees and a plate of croissants.

Juan eyed her warily.

“I still don’t know where you know me from.”

Carla gave him a coy smile.

“We met in Club Twenty One last night. You’d already been to a few bars and were a bit the worse for wear – in fact more than a bit.”

She reached down and handed him a carrier bag.

“Here. I believe this is yours.”

Juan looked in the bag and instantly recognised his shorts.

“What the fuck!”

Carla giggled.

“Juan, you had a bit of an accident. I told your mates it was spilt beer but I’m not sure anyone believed it. I’ve rinsed them through. I figured that if I hung around here for long enough, I’d see you. You looked like the sort that did coffee shops as well as bars.”

Juan blushed.

“Well thank you.”

Sipping her coffee, Carla cast him a slightly sheepish glance.

“Juan, I’ve something to confess. About last night. I took advantage.”

Juan nearly dropped his cup.


“I sucked you off and you loved every bit of it. Just as well I like cum and piss as I got plenty of both. Pity you don’t remember it, especially as I then took you back to your room and put you to bed.”

Juan’s brain struggled to process the information.

“So, you sucked me off?”

“That’s about the size of it. You’re not going to report me, are you? I mean you seemed to be enjoying it.”

Juan grinned.

“No, I’m not going to report you. I’m just sorry I can’t remember it.”

There was a look of relief on Carla’s face but also a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Juan, have you had many girlfriends?”

“No. Why? You don’t think I’m gay, do you?”

Carla shook her head.

“No and it wouldn’t matter if you were either. I just wondered how experienced you were. I just can’t bear to think of a nice dick like yours going to waste. It must have been what ten inches?”

“Nine and a half. As for experience, I’ve fucked a few MILFs but no one around my age.”

Carla visibly licked her lips.

“Perhaps I can show you a good time then. I’ll pop round to your pad at two. In the meantime, keep those jeans zipped. I don’t want anything going to waste.”

“What if I need a piss?”

“Hold it. After all, you were the one bragging last night about how you could hold it all day – before pissing your shorts that was.”

“Carla, I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for, Juan. You just need a proper girlfriend – assuming there’s a vacancy.”

Juan smiled broadly.

“Well there was but I guess it’s just been filled.”

Carla was unable to resist having the last word,

“A bit like my cunny this afternoon then!”

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