Faith Desperate


Every step I took was pure agony. I felt that horrible airy pressure in my stomach that was a sure sign that the poop crammed into my rectum was blocking the way for my gas. I was certain that if I tried to fart, I would poop myself. Nevertheless I continued to hobble down the sidewalk towards the grocery store with Aidan, getting more desperate by the second despite becoming closer and closer to sweet relief.

I felt a light but powerful pressure on my asshole as a fart tried to squeeze its way out, but I was certain if I let it I would fill my pants. As soon as the pressure on my anus started to dissipate the pain in my stomach became much more pronounced. I stopped and clenched my stomach, trying to be subtle so Aidan didn’t notice what the problem was. I managed to force the pain down and keep walking with my pants clean.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we got to the parking lot. I immediately was relieved, I wasn’t going to poop myself, I’d made it. But through my relief, I felt something else too, this time a heavy solid mass trying to force its way out of my ass. I clenched tight for a moment then followed Aidan into the store and headed for the ladies room.

After Aidan peed I went into the stall and locked the door. After wiping the seat off I turned, pulled my pants and panties to my knees, and sat on the seat. I waited for Aidan to give me some privacy but she clearly had no intention of doing so. So I was left stuck on the toilet istanbul seks hikayeleri with this horrible pressure trying to force its way out of me, and I couldn’t go. Even though I had to poop and I was sitting on the toilet I couldn’t do it with Aidan there.

Suddenly, my stomach cramped up, hard, and I felt I may not have a choice but to go ahead and go. I managed to force my movement back painfully, and considered how ridiculous the situation was. Sitting on the toilet and holding my poop in.

Finally after ten minutes that felt like an hour she said she was going to shop and left.

I waited a minute to make sure she didn’t come back then finally got to poop.

I pushed lightly and all the desperation and pain of before returned in an instant, but this time I did not stop it. I gave no resistance and the poop began to crown then slowly crawl out. I could feel it moving clear up in my stomach as it creeped out of me. The poo seemed to go on forever, slowly sliding out of me, but after what was in reality only a full minute it became soft enough that it fell away from my ass and my anus finally closed.

I spread my legs and peeked out of curiosity what had caused me so much pain. The turd was at least over a foot long and a couple inches thick and slimy. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I didn’t remember ever laying something this large in my life.

And my shock wasn’t over. Suddenly another huge pressure pushed on my stomach and I was forced without thought to continue to empty my bowels.

What came next wasn’t completely solid however. A practical waterfall of mushy half solid poop cascaded out of me and continued to fill the toilet bowl. My stomach cramped painfully and I leaned forward as more and more poop squeezed its way out of my ass. I couldn’t believe how much of it there was.

Finally I was able to stop for a moment to peek between my legs again, and I was not prepared for what I saw. You couldn’t even tell there had been water in the toilet before, all I could see was an immense mushy pool of shit with the tip of my first immense log just barely peeking the surface.

Suddenly, fascinated as I was with the small ocean that had come out of me, I was caught off guard as my stomach convulsed once again and I watched as another huge amount of mushy semi solid poop added to the pile forming in the bowl.

After another few minutes of pooping I finally stopped and felt I was done. I didn’t even bother putting the toilet paper in the bowl, it wouldn’t flush anyways, and put it in the trash can beside the toilet. I pulled up my pants and glanced back at the mess I had left behind. I had almost completely filled up the bowl with my shit, it was unbelievable how much of it there was. I finally turned my back on it and left the bathroom.

I found Aidan looking at clothes and commented on a couple of things she was looking at, still thinking about the cesspool I had left in the ladies room.

Suddenly, I felt an unbearable pain in my stomach again, this time much more powerful than before. I clutched my stomach and did my best to remain standing straight so I didn’t alert Aidan. I turned towards the bathroom but my stomach had other plans.

I felt it convulse painfully and my eyes widened as I felt an uncontrollable urge to push. I struggled to keep my anus tight for a second but it was no use. I burst open and suddenly my panties were filling up with hot barely solid diarrhea. My eyes widened as I felt round two splatter out of me before I had a chance to so much as move.

After the third round of shit overflowed my parties and squeezed out into my pants I felt another huge solid mass ready to leave me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to the bathroom even if I tried so I resigned myself to adding to the pile already there. I hunkered down and pushed right there in the middle of the store and let the immense log do as it pleased. It worked it’s way out of me slower than the rest had, cracking into the sea of diarrhea that was already in my pants.

When it was finally done it was so big it had forced diarrhea to run down my legs in these pants and I felt the hot sticky stuff squishing against the backs of my thighs almost to my knees. It cut off and stayed in place against my ass as I finally exhaled in relief and ran to the bathroom without even glancing at Aidan, splattering poop all throughout my pants, including all down both legs, and managing to force it up past my waist and to touch my back and a little of my stomach.

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