Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 28


Renate part 5

So I got to do anything I wanted to and with Renate. I picked up the funnel hood and presented it to her. She took off the latex hood she was wearing and I helped her put on the funnel hood strapping it tight over her head. This was so hot!

The tube of the funnel stuck in her mouth and so she couldn’t speak anymore. Only breathe. A small gap between the hood and her nose enabled her to breathe a little through her nose as well.

I asked her if she was ready and comfortable. She nodded and moaned a little.

I took her hand and led her to a big black leather chair that also had some rings attached apparently for bondage. The chair also had an open seat so I guessed it could also be used as toilet seat. That proved to come in handy later.

I set her down in the chair and told her to relax. I took some pieces of rope that were neatly hanging on the wall and also some leather bands for her wrists and ancles. I also found a collar with bondage rings. I applied all of them and put the collar round her neck and attached everything to the chair with the ropes. With everything in place she could hardly move anymore.

Again I asked her if she was comfortable. She was breathing heavily and nodded again.

Apparently this was exactly what got her extremely horny.

I undressed fully and searched around for a bowl or something. I found a large measuring cup in the kitchen and placed it under her and told her that if she had to go she just could let it all go in the cup. We would then see what to do with the contents.

Now I already had to piss and that had gotten worse. The chair was low enough so I could precisely hang my dick yalova seks hikayeleri in the funnel. I had to concentrate to make dick a little less stiff to be able to urinate.

I started to pee gently and Renate could do nothing else then swallow everything that came from the tightly fitted funnel. With big gulps she managed to devour every drop. It took a long time for me to finish pissing and with heavy breathing through her nose she cleared the funnel and was moaning like crazy.

I told her I would leave her like this for a while. When she had to pee she just had to let it flow into the cup. She made an affirmative seductive sound and again was breathing heavily.

Through the funnel she sounded like Darth Vader. I chuckled.

I found some very dirty magazines to read and made myself comfortable on the bed. The bed was covered in a black water resistant sheet but wasn’t sticky or something. Smooth like silk.

After a quarter of an hour I heard a trickling sound coming from the chair. She was pissing in the cup.

I walked over and put my hand under her cunt and rubbed the piss on my hands in my face and also licked my hands clean.

She was finished now. I took the cup and held it up over the funnel and warned her that more piss was coming to drink.

Slowly I poured her pee into the funnel and eagerly she swallowed all of it. I told her she had become part of the plumbing now. Later she would again have to pee both my piss and hers again. I announced that when she had to go again, we would recycle all piss and let her drink it all over again.

I could tell she really liked that idea because she was squirming in her chair and panting strongly and made sounds of laughter.

Now I thought it was time to remove the hood and funnel but keep her tied to the chair for a while longer. What a great experience this was. I felt it was time for a little fun for me. I stood before her and presented my erect cock to her and told her to open her mouth and suck me.

No problem there. She immediately sucked my dick so hard it completely disappeared in her throat and couldn’t go any further. Since her head was tied to the chair I had to pull back myself and then push it back again. Rhythmically I pushed and pulled slowly in and out her wet mouth. I would not have taken long to explode in her throat but she made a little objecting sound that made me stop and pull out my dick to ask what it was she was trying to tell me.

“I have to shit!”

That was what I was hoping for and I told her to wait till I was in position.

I laid myself on the floor behind her and shuffled my way under her so that my face was directly under that hole in the seat. I now had a great view of her pussy and ass.

“I am ready if you are.”

“Here I go! Get ready for a big load of soft shit!”

I watched her sphincter open up slowly and out came a little fart that I sniffed thankfully. Then I could see her ass open a little further and the poo was beginning to show. I couldn’t wait to get it all in my face. My big dream was about to come true.

At first a bit of a thick turd dropped and landed on my forehead. It was just sticky enough to stay there. Now with the rest coming I shifted my position a little bit upwards so it would all fall straight on my nose and mouth.

With a lot of crackling her soft gooey light brown crap splattered on my face. It was a lot and with my hands next to my face I could prevent it all from sliding down from the side of my cheeks.

When she was done I used both hands to smear my complete face evenly with her lovely smelly shit. This was heaven. I rubbed it everywhere and even a little in my hair.

I push my head up now and buried my face between her butt cheeks. Made a real mess of that. What a wonderful sight that was!

Carefully I got on my knees and crawled to the front trying not to smear anything on the floor.

I used one hand to scrape as much crap as I could from my face and with my now full hand I reach for her face and held it in front of her. She begged me to do it.

All of a sudden I pushed my hand in her face and began to smear her face ferociously. Her shit was everywhere. I ordered her to open her mouth so I could push some of her poo into it. She obliged and licked and sucked my fingers in the process. She looked gorgeous like this.

Then I French kissed her and our saliva mixed with her dung. Then I decided it was time for me to cum. I stood up and pushed my rod into her shitty mouth and began to face fuck her.

It wasn’t long for me to explode in her mouth and she completely sucked me dry. She swallowed everything. Every drop of semen she could suck out of me.

At last I was too exhausted to keep standing and dropped on my knees and rubbed her face a little more.

I asked her if it was time for her to have an orgasm as well. She told me she would like to wait and really let her earn it by serving me these days I was going to be with her.

I said that I admired this very much and that she was doing a great job satisfying me already.

… to be continued…

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