Hit Me Harder! Ch. 09


Once again that evening, I had the opportunity to observe Ashley’s proud strut while she was heading toward her bathroom. She knew that I was following her with my eyes, but she didn’t even glance back. That was her way, an infinite amount of confidence and clear awareness on her sex-appeal. Her muscular glutes were bouncing gloriously as she walked.These glutes soon will be naked and on top of me. – I thought and trembled with excitement. Ashley disappeared behind the partition walls and I was left alone on her giant bed.

Actually, thinking about what was going to happen very soon filled my brain with panic. It’s very typical for me. I realized that Ashley made me aroused multiple times during the entire evening and I got worried that when ‘the real party’ will get started, I wouldn’t last long and end up disappointing her greatly. That’s the spirit, right? But then I thought about our first sex session in the gym and recalled that I outlast the heights of my endurance back then. So I needed to at least repeat that performance.

I was having silly thoughts like those while waiting for her, she disappeared for a really long time. Normally in such situations I would start to check my Facebook feed on my phone like every modern human would do, unable to be alone for a while, but… I couldn’t. It wouldn’t be appropriate, not on a date with Ashley. All that stuff seemed meaningless at the time, I was hyped about what was coming my way.

I was sitting on that gigantic bed and I started to look around Ashley’s impressive apartment. At first I didn’t want to loiter around the place like a creep, but after a couple of minutes I stood up and just looked around more thoroughly. I was really curious if there were some framed pictures of Ashley, showing her in her youth or with her family. I realized suddenly that I didn’t know anything about Ashley’s family, nor did she about mine. At this time it was quite alright, after all, we were just getting to know each other. But there was not even a single photo around her bed or the leisure space. I thought that maybe she has some albums with such pics, who knows. Well, I realized that I will eventually know about it at some point.

After fifteen or maybe twenty minutes, I heard footsteps and Ashley came into the room carrying two lamps mounted on tripods. An unexpected change! She was wearing a grey zip-up hoodie with black sweatpants! She also had white socks on her feet.

Her trousers were rather loose, but her thighs still filled them almost to the maximum. Even more impressive was the fact that Ashley’s upper body was stretching that hoodie! I’ve never thought that someone, especially a woman, would be able to stretch the sleeves of such loose clothes only with the pure size of their muscles! My jaw was probably hanging, because Ashley snorted when she saw me. It woke me up from my hypnosis. I stood up quickly and took one tripod from Ashley’s hands.

“Here, let me help, where should I put it?” Ashley smiled warmly, but of course, didn’t pass up the opportunity to throw a sarcastic comment.

“My my! Galantry isn’t dead!” She placed the lamp at the side of the bed. “Put that on the opposite side, babe”.

“Will it be alright here?”

“Yes, perfect! Turn it on” She did the same with her lamp and then sat down in the middle of the bed. “Now stand there, Danny.” She pointed to the floor. It was an apex of a triangle, made from that spot and two lamps.

“Should I sit around there?”

“One step further. Ok, right there would be great” She stood up and adjusted the lamps. The light wasn’t too bright, more yellowish than white. She sat down again and turned toward me with a little mean grin. “Now lift your shirt Danny and flex your abs!” I knew that she wanted to check if the lights were properly set, but I felt a little bit of shame. My abs, which weren’t bad by any means, looked totally unimpressive next to Ashley’s amazing washboard muscles. But my shame was quickly covered by my excitement.

“Like this?” I pulled up my t-shirt and bent slightly, to contract my muscles.

“Yes, perfect pose, babe!” Ashley laughed, stood up and approached me. I used the opportunity to entwine her waist. She gave me a sloppy kiss and smirked.

“Wow, you really prepared a professional show for me. What a surprise! I’m honoured.” I was really impressed that she treated this so seriously. And it might be my overinterpretation, but I read Ashley’s commitment as a part of the affection she had for me. I just felt special!

“Hey, what did you expect, huh?” She shrugged with a proud smile. “You need to know that you’re dating a real bodybuilder girl! Now get out from the stage, haha!” She turned me around and slapped my butt again.

“Okay, okay, I’m going, no need to use violence”, I countered, making her laugh in the process. I sat down. “So what is it about these clothes and socks? Will you now tear them off by flexing?”

“Haha! I like your imagination, Danny. No, clothes izmir seks hikayeleri are meant to keep the pump after my warm-up. And the socks… well, they have a special purpose, you’ll see.” She announced mysteriously and then added. “Oh, I forgot one thing. The music theme!” She went to the shelf and pressed play on her stereo. Some classical music started to run, it was a soundtrack from a movie, I was certain, but I couldn’t recall the title. It was a bit pompous and… heroic? But I guessed, it was fitting with what Ashley was about to show. She turned down the volume and said, “Not too loud, so we can talk.”

“Good, because I’ll have a lot of questions!” I was really, really excited about this and it seemed that my enthusiasm pleased Ashley and that was the most important for me.

“Hah, so ask them, Danny, but remember, this is supposed to be a muscle show, not an interview.” She winked.

“Of course, so for now I have only one question, hmm… no sorry, two! The first one, can I at least comment when you’ll be posing?” I grinned and Ashley laughed adorably while rolling her eyes. “And secondly, is it what you do before contests? Do you like to compete?”

“Oh, Danny, of course you can comment, today is all about getting to know me and having fun honey! And to answer your other questions… That was three by the way… Yes, these are the kinds of things I usually do before contests, but not all of them.” She put her hands in her kangaroo pocket for a moment and shrugged. Everybody knows that hoodie and sweatpants aren’t the most sexy clothes a woman can wear, but Ashley was able to look pretty, hot and intimidating all at once. She looked like a tank, totally badass, like a street fighter!

“And do I really like to compete? Hmm… Yes and no, I have an ambivalent view on this. On the one hand, I really like the preparation process, you know, keeping the diet tight, nailing all workouts, being focused and target oriented. But I have more objections about the contest itself. First of all, I don’t like to be so lean and dehydrated, I feel very weak at these events. Of course, such a level of conditioning is necessary, so I’m always prepared for that aspect, but I just don’t like to feel weak, hah!” She repeated and shrugged again with a disarming smile. “And I don’t like having the bronzer on me, I really, truly, hate that shit. It makes my skin very dry afterwards. But on top of it all, I don’t like the judging system…”

“Tell me more about it, I’m curious to know more how it looks like from the inside”

“I could talk about this for hours! But from my point of view, the most fucked up part is that there are no unified criterias about judging. That’s the reason why many people don’t consider bodybuilding as a sport discipline, because there are no measurable results in the competition. For example, if you are a runner, it’s simple. If you are first on the finish line, you have first place. You’re second, you have second place. Even in something less obvious, like rhythmic gymnastics or figure skating, you have clear rules. You have to do figures with as flawless technique as you can and that is judged. Not the way you look or if you are big, small, ugly, et cetera. You see where I’m going? In bodybuilding, one judge can look for size and definition of muscles, others for an interesting choreography and another for… I don’t know… how colorful and fancy your fucking thongs are. You understand? There is too much arbitrariness in judging.”

“I really had no idea about it. How could it be improved? Or how would you like it to be?” I didn’t want to delay Ashley’s show, but at the same time I was really interested in what she was saying. Not because it was polite to ask, I was genuinely fascinated by Ashley’s passion and lifestyle. And mostly by her.Is it me or someone just played Whitesnake ‘Is it love’?

“Haha, Danny, if my vision of contests was applied, I would be persona non grata in the bodybuilding industry, because I would win every one of them”. Ashley laughed loudly. “But seriously, obviously I would like to see more standardized rules. And I would like to change the formula, make it competitive in a more measurable way. I mean… What’s the point of having huge muscles if you won’t show what they are capable of, right? So I would add some weightlifting displays to the normal posing routines. To make it more versatile, more entertaining. Of course, not simply bench pressing et cetera, ’cause it would change into some parody of powerlifting, but if all competing bodybuilders would have access to the same weight and equipment, it could be much more interesting and creative, don’t you think? And posing, muscle size and definition still would be judged as well.”

“Wow, that would be really interesting and I can imagine how all these female bodybuilders would hate you when you’d dominate every competition!” After all Ashley’s displays of strength I was one hundred percent certain that she would be the best!

“Haha, you’re too cute Danny. Yeah, probably it would be like that, but it is just an idea, so…” Once again she shrugged her giant shoulders and looked at me. “Okay, babe, I like that you are so curious and enthusiastic, but if you have more questions, then better leave them for later. Time for your show…”

Ashley smiled seductively and started to slowly unzip her hoodie. I almost swallowed my tongue when her magnificent perfect abs and cleavage were revealed. Earlier, I wondered if she would wear a pro bodybuilding suit, one of these fancy, colorful and glittery, but she had a plain white bikini top. And that was even better! More casual, but also more intimate, I guess, that’s how I would interpret this.

She glanced my way and giggled quietly with satisfaction, seeing how already amazed I was and her show didn’t even properly begin. Ashley was the master of teasing, she pulled the sleeves of her hoodie down enough to only expose her huge, pumped deltoid muscles. In the mild light, they looked like sculpted marble, every rift and hollow in her striated muscles were shadowed. Ashley alluringly glanced at both of her shoulders, then gave me a meaningful smile.

“Danny, I’ve noticed that you’ve been… let’s say, learning about the bodybuilding world lately, which is of course very sweet of you, so tell me if you are familiar with the classic poses?” She asked me, while swaying her hips leisurely, casually, as if it was just the warmup.

“Yeah, I think I know most of them. Double biceps, front and rear, side chest… ehm… most muscular? And of course, hah, my favorite, rear lats spread” I highlighted the last pose, suspecting that Ashley would comment on it with her unique style. But she only grinned and continued to undress her torso and arms. I realized then what she meant about keeping the pump. She had done a few exercises in the bathroom, because her biceps, triceps and forearms were swollen and covered by thick veins.

She untied her sweatpants and dropped them on the floor with one smooth move, revealing those long, smooth, but also very meaty legs. She was wearing small bikini thongs the same color as her bra. The light appeared to be perfect for the show’s purposes, Ashley’s thighs looked like an anatomical model, but an enlarged version of it. The rifts between each tendon of her quadriceps looked very deep. The edges of the rectus femoris were sharp and clearly separated from the rest. It was like a sculpture made by a very skilled artist. But honestly, I had trouble imagining any sculptor in the world, who would be able to express such details in a material matching the hardness of Ashley’s muscles.

Suddenly she made something very unusual with her thighs, she flexed and then relaxed them very fast, practically within a split of seconds. It was so quick, that it was barely noticeable.

“Wow! What was that?! Can you do it again?” I asked, or to be more accurate, I yelled this question wholeheartedly and pointed at her quads. Ashley gave me a surprised smile.

“Hey, nice observation, babe! To be honest, I did this almost unwittingly, hah!” She stood a little wider, pressed her feet harder on the floor and immediately flexed her quads. Then, as quickly, relaxed them. Flex, relax, flex, relax!

Her giant quadriceps were flickering! The pace with which she was making her thighs transform from a relaxed state to super density and hardness with all details exposed was simply astonishing! First she did it multiple times with both legs at the same time, then alternately.

“Wow! Fuck! This is incredible!” My eyes must have been popping out from their sockets, because Ashley laughed at my sight. But it seemed that my enthusiasm was very welcomed by her.

“You like it?”

“Duh! Do you really need to ask? This was something out of this world, I had no idea that any human could do such things with their muscles!”

“Ha! That’s only the tip of the iceberg, Danny! But since you brought the attention to my legs, let’s start the show with them! I’d bet this wasn’t your last shock this evening, haha!”

“Oh, I’m sure of that. But, hey, that made me realize that I’ve never witnessed any mind-fucking display of your sexy legs! You showed me the strength of your arms, obviously abs and then your back with all those pullups, but nothing with your legs.”

“Danny, Danny, Danny…” She shook her head and rolled her eyes with a smile. “C’mon, you know that I can’t show you every one of my secrets right away, because you’ll get bored with me too fast”. She stuck her tongue out.

“And you know that it’s impossible for me to get bored with you!”

“Yeah, yeah…”, Ashley mocked me with a hilarious expression. “But back to my legs and their power dormant within them, today you will witness some unique capabilities of those two monsters, hah!” She spanked her quads and squeezed them, but even under her powerful grip, the dense muscle tissue barely dented. “But first I’ll show you a few poses… so, usually on the stage, when I’m about to highlight my legs, first I’d like to make my presence felt more…”

She lifted her right leg slightly and then stomped quite loudly on the floor. The moment her foot hit the ground, she flexed her quad and it exploded with overwhelming size. Next she stood on her toes and that small movement exposed her shaped calves, which emerged from behind her shinbones.

“Look now!” She pointed at her right thigh. “Usually, the leg poses are mixed up with abs or triceps, but when I want to show how big, detailed and amazing my quads are, I do that.”

Ashley stood her right leg on her toes and started to shake her thigh. A giant piece of flesh was wobbling from side to side, almost in a hypnotizing rhythm. It was hard to describe that or compare it to anything, I was observing it with my mouth wide open. She allowed her quadricep to sway for a couple of seconds, then made a gesture with her hand hanging above her leg, like a magician. At the same moment her thigh suddenly stopped, flexed and expanded its volume and exposed every detail, every fiber and striation, every rift and groove!

“Wow!” This was all I could yell. Ashley looked at me with a proud smirk and continued to sway her thighs, first the right, then the left. After maybe two minutes she stopped. I regained my brain capabilities to comment on that, in quite a bold way. “Your legs are beautiful and… scary, haha! But I can’t wait to be between these thighs!”

“Be careful what you wish for…”, Ashley faked a stern voice, then brought her feet together and flexed her thighs fully. They created an impenetrable wall of muscles. “Maybe it is not so hard to go between my legs, but it’s much harder to get out, haha!”

“I’m still willing to take the risk, Ashley! The ribs can always heal, right?” We were joking, but deep inside, I had mixed feelings, from shock and disbelief, to respect and awe, ending with pure lust. It was really the first time I paid so much attention to Ashley’s legs and she blew my mind away once again!

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll go easy on you”. She winked and then added quickly as if she forgot something. “Oh, and now you will see why I wore socks. I think you may be impressed a little…” A wide and mysterious smile appeared on her cute lips.

There was no intro before her next amazing display. She just placed her hands on her hips and guided both feet over the wooden panels, sitting in a full side split!!! Just like that! One second she was standing, the next one she was on the floor, with her giant thighs laying flat!

“Whoa!” I literally gasped for breath from astonishment. Ashley made that move so smooth and effortless, without any sign of pain or discomfort on her gorgeous face. She even looked amused by my reaction. She placed her palms on her thighs and massaged them in a seductive way.

“Surprised, Danny? Can you do something like that?” Of course she had to tease me!Oh, god, what a woman!

“Haha, yeah, I think I could do that… once! But I don’t know if it’s worth knees surgery, torn muscles and a long rehabilitation!” My answer made her burst into laughter.

“Oh, I love that you have such a distance to that. But if you found this impressive, wait for the second part!”

Yeah, this time she warned me, but nothing could prepare me for her next move! Ashley jerked her hips upwards, just a little bit, maybe two or three inches above the ground. Then, she pulled her feet together and stood up in that way! She lifted her whole body from the floor only by using the strength of her adductor muscles! It took her maybe one second.

I could not believe my own eyes! I saw something like that once, in a foreign version of the show “America got talent”. A colleague from work sent me a link, it was a guy, nicknamed ‘Human Flag’, who was a kind of a circus acrobat. He made a similar display, he did a side split on two chairs and then stood up by pulling those chairs together. But first of all, it was a tv show, and secondly, this guy was of course a very strong athlete, but he was like sixty pounds lighter than Ashley!

And she did that so casually, directly from the floor, lifting her massive, heavy, over 220 lbs body using only her adductors, which are relatively small and weak muscles! Well, not in Ashley’s case though.

She was standing in front of me, pretending to smile innocently, while I was trying to process what I just witnessed. It seemed that Ashley was constantly able to find something on top of another thing to blow my mind with. Funny that she mentioned that bodybuilding isn’t considered as a sport by many people. And with her it was true, she was far beyond the definition of a bodybuilder, she was a hell of an all-around and versatile athlete!

“Oh my god! That was amazing! You are amazing!” I was holding my head to prevent its explosion. “Just one thing for the future, if I ever lose my mind and ask you to head scissor me, like in these many fbb videos on the net, please, don’t do it.” Ashley laughed honestly hearing this.

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