Icky Vicky Ch. 02: Unravelled


My mind was screaming at me that this was a bad idea. My feet started moving of their own accord and I could feel myself starting to sweat and shiver as adrenaline pumped through me. Kneeling by the pair of boots I hesitantly reached out and picked up one of the socks. It felt soft to the touch, though the bottoms were slightly yellow with dirt and it looked like it had been worn quite a few times. Bringing it closer to my nose, I hesitated before taking a deep breath. I was sorely disappointed as all that it smelt of was lavender. Whoever these socks belonged to probably used lavender lotion to moisturize their feet on a regular basis.

Disappointed, I was about to go into the shower myself to get cleaned up when I got a whiff of a cheesy aroma. I froze as my heart started beating wildly and I inhaled slowly. The scent was emanating from the boots that the socks were placed upon. Leaning forward, I moved my nose to the entrance of the boots and sniffed. A shiver went through me and butterflies started dancing in my stomach. Cassie’s feet had never smelt this powerful since that rapturous first night where she made me submit to her without ever knowing. I was in my own world sniffing away like an addict, trying to inhale it all. So, focused I was that it never hit me until it was too late. The sound of water running had stopped, whoever was in the shower had finished. I felt my hairs prickling in the back of my neck as if someone was watching me. The tap…tap…tap of water dripping on the shower floor from a tap half closed was my only companion amid the silence. Gingerly I turned around and there stood Vicky.

My eyes went wide as I felt the spaghetti that I had eaten during recess start to come back up my throat. Feeling lightheaded as if I was about to collapse, my vision started closing around me as I tried to stop the panic attack I was about to have. Breathing deeply, I managed to get it under control, not realizing that I was still holding her right boot in my hands.

I felt tiny as Vicky stood before me with a towel wrapped around herself, studying me through strands giresun seks hikayeleri of wavy blonde hair with her green eyes. She wasn’t beautiful. Oh sure, she had all the right features, but like all 18-year-olds, she had acne, which made her look less appealing, though very cute still.

“umm. What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Doing?” Vicky asked, emphasizing every single word.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked down at her feet and whispered “…I’m sorry!!”

With a frown on her face, Vicky looked at me and then at her right boot that I still held in my hands. Her eyes widened as she made the connection and suddenly started laughing.

“You fucking loser. I can’t believe this. After making fun of me in middle school for being too smelly and getting everyone to call me Icky Vicky, now you’re on your knees smelling my boots???!!”

I felt tears falling down my cheeks as I started apologizing again “I’m so sorry Vicky. I was a stupid kid and …”

Vicky’s face turned ugly as she yelled “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

“Do you know how miserable you made me in high school? I used to put my head down and cry silently when I heard them making fun of me from across the classroom. Did you think I wanted to be that way??? We were homeless, living on the streets after my dad passed away that year. My mom ended up having to work minimum wage at a sex shop, barely making enough money to eat.”

Vicky was seething in anger and breathing hard as if she was seconds away from pounding me into a pulp. Her story made me feel sick. I felt as if I had just gotten punched in the stomach and wanted to puke. I never knew any of this. I just wanted to be cool, and the fastest way to do that was by being funny. I just made the joke once and called her Icky Vicky. I didn’t expect everyone to start using that as her nickname behind her back.

“Vicky. Tell me what I can do to make it right. Please. Hit me if it makes you feel better. I feel horrible for ever having made that joke. I never knew all that was happening. I wish you’d have told me.”

She looked pissed but wasn’t seething in rage as she was before as she replied “I want you to feel the way I did. I want you humiliated in front of everyone.”

The way she said it made me scared. What did she mean by humiliated??

“I… I don’t understand what you mean.” I said as realization passed through me a second later “… are you going to tell everyone that I was smelling your boots?”

“No” she said “I’m going to do something much worse. Since you like the way my feet smells so much, I’m going to humiliate you in every way possible. You said you’d do anything to make it up to me. I’m going to make you addicted to the very smell that you made fun of me for having.”

I felt myself getting a bit wet and a flush tore across my face when I heard her say that. My biggest fantasy that I touched myself to was being dominated by Cassie as she made me her personal foot slave. This was the next best thing that could have possibly happened to me. Being dominated by another girl.

Seeing the flush on my face, Vicky guessed what was going through my mind. “Don’t be so excited. You have no idea of the things I’m going to make you do. Meet me in the library after school.”

As I was still kneeling, she dropped the towel that hid her intimates from my view, and I got my first glimpse at someone’s naked body other than my own. She was beautiful. Her boobs were a bit smaller than mine, but they were perkier. The thing that made me keep staring at them was the way her perfect pink nipples stood erect. I couldn’t help but wonder what they would taste like. My gaze lingered as I moved it slowly down her body past her bellybutton. They stopped at where her slit was supposed to be.

It was covered in a mat of curly blonde hair. It looked exotic. On her entire body, the only hair she had was where her pussy was. It was as if she kept it on purpose. I hated her for a second for depriving me from the knowledge of what her most intimate part looked like.

With a half smile on her face that made a dimple appear on the side of her cheek where her lips were upturned, she said “If you really feel bad and want to make up to me for the bullying, I want you to kiss my asshole.” Vicky turned around, bending as if to touch her toes with her ass turned towards me.

Strangely, the first thing that entered my mind was why her ass was hairless, but her pussy wasn’t? So, she made a choice to wax her entire body of hair including her asshole, but not her pussy? WHY?

The next thing to cross my mind was shock as her words registered in my mind. Kiss her asshole? Wtf. This was nasty. I expected her to make me sniff her feet in the brief fantasy I had when she said she was going to humiliate me.

Nonetheless, I felt inclined to do as she said because of how bad I felt about the way I treated her. Well, the real reason that I did it was because my pussy was tingling as I stared at her ass cheeks. It made me feel so naughty knowing that my first ever kiss would be with another girl’s asshole. They say you never forget your first kiss.

Instinctively, I licked my lips as I leaned forward and started spreading her cheeks. It seemed to be puckering at me. Her pink starfish like asshole was puckering open and close, as I stared at it in fascination. There was no smell as she had just gotten out of the shower. I started slowly moving my lips towards her lips as my eyes closed and my mouth opened slightly. My small heart shaped lips touched her starfish like lips, and an electric tingle passed through my entire body. I opened my lips more and started kissing her with more passion, occasionally flicking out my tongue as I tried to taste her insides.

Almost before it began, it seemed over as she moved away, and I was left wanting.

“Woah. I didn’t expect you to actually do it!!” Vicky said in a raspy voice. “That’s enough for now. I need to get to class, and you need to go take a shower. You STINK!”

I was still kneeling as Vicky got dressed and left the locker room to get to class. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I kissed Vicky’s asshole and I loved it. Shaking my head, I gingerly got up only to stumble as my legs had gotten numb from kneeling so long. In the shower I couldn’t help but tease my clit and come to a shuddering orgasm as the event replayed in my mind.

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