Jill’s Story – Sex, Sex , More sex Pt. 02


JILL’S STORY – sex, sex and more sex. Pt.2

This is a “spin off” story from “A FAMILY THAT PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER — or so they say” – of which I am the original author – which is about a family that discovers sex with each other or others outside the family.

This is a story about Jill, the daughter, and her sex life with the family, her boyfriend Pete and any cock that she meets on the way.

It can be read as a stand-alone story or have a look at “A FAMILY THAT PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER — or so they say” to connect the two.

That story features incest so be warned.

“A FAMILY THAT PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER — or so they say” is an Incest / Taboo story, “JILL’S STORY” is a fetish story and contains fetish themes.

Please note that I am the original author of “A FAMILY THAT PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER” and the original author of “JILL’S STORY.”

For the introduction to Jill’s story and to make sense of this new story please check out “A FAMILY THATS PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER – PT. 19” the final section entitled JILL.



Hey there, my names Pete and I’m Jill’s boyfriend.

I’m twenty-four years old, six foot tall, a decent body due to manual work, the gym and sport. I look after myself, decent haircut, make to effort to dress well when money allows.

I left school as soon as I could and went to work for my Dads firm; yes I was the boss’s son. I still lived at home with my Mum and my sister; she is a year younger than me.

I was shy, certainly hated being the centre of attention, in fact went out of my way to keep a low profile so I didn’t have much of a social life, what I did have revolved around the gym or the rugby and football club.

I’d always been teased by the other lads at school, at the gym and at the Football or Rugby Club, I was teased about the size of my cock, teased because it was big, I suppose very big. Its nearly as big when its soft as it is hard, soft about seven inches long, a thick girth, that’s what does the damage, it hangs over my big full balls, it looks bigger due to my big long foreskin that hangs at least another inch from the tip of my cock glan. When my cock is hard its about ten inches long, a big thick head, my foreskin slides back nicely as I get hard, my piss slit opens up and now I’m older I shave my balls and trim my pubes so the thing between my legs looks even bigger.

I suppose all the men that saw it were just jealous of the size of it and wished their cock was as big as mine and would take the Mick out of it like “here comes the elephant man” or “shame you don’t know what to do with it.”

Downsize of having a big cock is getting underwear that fits and is comfortable, baggy boxers are OK but not exactly sexy.

I’d never had a girlfriend until I met Jill but I certainly wasn’t a virgin and knew what to do with my cock, thanks to my family.

It was a right of passage in our house that as soon as we were eighteen years old my Mum or Dad took our virginity. My older brother James was first to fuck my Mother; he was a cocky confident fucker, well hung like me. James joined the Navy when he was nineteen so it was only when he came back home a year ago that I got to see him in fucking action. As soon as I was eighteen my Mum opened her legs for me and, with my Dads help, I learnt about sex, I learnt how to please a women with my big cock, how to be gentle, how to fuck hard, how to fuck cunt and how to fuck arse. A year later my sister joined the family fuck fest although it took a while before she was open enough to take my cock, it then turned into a free for all of family fucking.

Not only did I become more confident with sex, the more practice the better, I seemed to become more confident with people and work, in fact when my cock was out and hard, when I was fucking a mouth, fanny or arsehole I was a completely different person, confident and dominant.

I met Jill because I was fucking her Mother, Anne. The family firm were installing a hot tub at the Moss’s house and it didn’t take long to get my cock into her fanny, my Dad had already been there before so we knew that she was up for a large cock.

Her husband and son, Jake, had joined in, she got few feet of cock that day.

Jake invited me and one of his other mates over a few days later to use the hot tub, have a few beers and pizza, Jill had turned up after getting fucked hard and so we had carried on giving her a few lengths of cock that evening and the following morning.

Jill and I sort of became boyfriend and girlfriend after that. It wasn’t long before I moved in to her house. I liked living there; it was more relaxed than living with my family although I did go back home frequently to fuck my Mum or sister.

We’d become close, a serious couple but we both knew that she was allowed as much cock as she wanted and I was allowed as much fanny as I wanted and it was even better if we were both together getting cock and cunt.

Jill loved the way I changed from the shy lad to the cocky stud as soon as my cock swinger seks hikayeleri was hard. She was much more sexually experienced and adventurous than me but I was learning and catching up on her.

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t always fucking around we did do “normal” things that boyfriends and girlfriends get up to, since meeting Jill not only had my sex life improved but my social life had as well.

I never went to work with full balls, I had to get up for work early every morning, and Jill could have a lay in as she worked office hours. I’d wake up with a morning glory, my cock standing up proud and firm and Jill would always take care of it.

Sometimes a long slow wank till I fired my load up into the air, sometimes she’d wrap her warm mouth around the head of my cock just licking and gently sucking, probing my piss slit with the tip of her tongue, kneading my full balls, willing them to produce a hot sticky load of spunk for her early morning feed. She’d feel my cock throbbing and jerking and just before I was about to empty she’d plunge her mouth down on my cock taking as much as she could down her throat and letting me spunk up deep into her throat. Other times if her fanny was wet and juicy first thing in the morning she’d, still half asleep, just climb onto my shaft and sink down onto my cock taking the full length in her cunt. She’d stay still and let me do all the work, fucking her wet fanny hard, no gentle love making just thrusting, till with a grunt from me I’d fill her fanny up with my morning load.

Then with a quick kiss Jill would go back to sleep and I’d go to work with empty balls. I always had a smile on my face when the lads at work would moan about their sex lives with their wives or girlfriends or go on about what they’d like to do if they got the chance, I’d probably already done it and I’d certainly spunked up before getting to work.

I was becoming more adventurous, sex wise that is. My Dad, Mum and sister had trained me well, oral, vag, anal and DP’ing. I had no problem with another man touching my cock, well I had a lot to touch, it couldn’t be avoided if there was a group of you fucking, cocks would touch each other. It was strangely erotic if another man held my cock and helped me get it in a women’s cunt or arsehole. I didn’t have a problem with another mans spunk on me, if I was DP’ing or fucking a women with another man then sometimes if the other bloke was a lousy shot getting spunked on couldn’t be helped. It wasn’t going to go any further than that though, I didn’t want to wank a man off, I didn’t want to suck a men’s cock and I certainly didn’t want a cock up my arsehole.

Jill was trying to persuade me to get my arsehole used, I didn’t mind a finger up there but I didn’t want one of the big strap ons up there, her brother Jake, her Dad Aaron or her cousin Alfie had no problem getting fucked up their arses but I wasn’t so sure but at the back of my mind I knew that it would happen eventually.

My only kink, well so far, was piss. I’d discovered it, well I always knew what piss was obviously, when after the first time that I had fucked my girlfriend she’d pissed over me in the shower afterwards and I’d returned the favour by letting go over her. I loved the look on her face when her man stood over her and pissed, I released a hot salty stream of my piss, spraying it over her face or firing it at her well-fucked fanny or arsehole. Jill would get her own back though by, if we were in the shower, standing over me, opening her cunt lips wide and letting me see her yellow liquid rain down all over me, I could see her little piss hole open up and watch the gush of girl piss erupt.

Even better is when Jill has a big climax; apart from the flood of fanny juice she often pisses herself. I’m used to it and love to feel the flood of piss over my cock as I fuck her through her orgasm, but for a man that’s fucking her that’s not aware they wonder what the fuck is going on as she grunts climaxes and then pisses but what’s better than a hot fuck followed by a hot stream of girl piss?

I’d been working away for two weeks and Jill was getting desperate for cock judging by her WhatsApp and text messages that she sent me just about every few hours. I was being really good while I was away, well there was only the blokes I was working with and a few Scottish sheep so no chance of a fuck.

I received a message from Dave, he was the mechanic at Jill’s Dads works, Dave was the go to man when it came to sex, he could organise anything, he was the bloke that taught Jill to love and take big cocks.

Jill was missing cock and had been in touch with him, well had been fucked by him, and asked him to organise some big cocks to fuck her mouth, fanny and arse. Dave asked if this was OK with me.

I told him that Jill was her own woman and if she wanted cock then of course she could have it. I was coming home that day so I’d surprise her by turning up at the venue and watching her take cock and, of course, feed her with mine.

She got seriously fucked hard that night as well as getting a vibrator, literally, stuck in her fanny. One of the well hung fuckers was a Doctor, a gynaecologist, so he suggested that a few days later we went to his private clinic to get Jill’s well used holes checked out.

So that’s how I ended up watching Jill get her fanny jacked wide open with a speculum, and how I watched my girlfriend have a huge climax and piss all over the Doctor.

Please read the previous chapter to catch up on what happened.

I missed my girlfriend getting fucked up her fanny and arse by the Doctor as I ended up in the next-door examination room with the Doctors wife, also a gynaecologist, with her tits out and my cock right down her throat.

I was like a dog on heat as she took me into the examination room, you couldn’t miss my bulging cock in my trousers and I could feel my confidence growing along with my cock.

I sat on the examination couch, it was the same as the one Jill was lying on with her legs spread wide open and taking cock. This one had the stirrups but they were swung out of the way, at least Doctor Mac hadn’t suggested that I lay back and spread my legs in the stirrups….. yet.

“Right lad” she said “when did you last fuck anyone apart from your girlfriend?”

“It’s been a couple of weeks, I’ve been away, we’re careful about our sexual health and have regular tests and check up every two months” I told her.

“Good, I’ll be taking bloods, urine, sperm samples and a couple of swabs though. You have oral, vaginal and anal sex with women?” she asked as she tapped away on her tablet.

I nodded, as far as I knew there weren’t any other holes to fuck on a woman.

“How about men? Do you have sex with men, anal, sucking cock?” she asked matter of factly.

“No way, not my thing” I hastily replied.

“Ever had anything up your arse, cock, dildos, fingers?” she carried on.

“Jill sometimes shoves her finger up my arsehole when I’m about to cum, if she finds my spot I nearly blow my balls off when I shoot” I laughed.

The Doctor smiled almost as if to say “you just wait till later.”

“Right, lets get a blood sample out of you, just put your arm onto the arm support of the examination table” she said as she moved into full Doctor mode.

I know that I’m supposed to be a macho stud but I thought that I’d better say something, “errr Doc, I’m not very good with needles,” I told her.

She laughed and said “so the boy with the big prick is not very good with little pricks, don’t worry I’ll give you something to take your mind off of it” and she walked towards me with a blood sample kit in her hand.

“Her you go boy, get your mouth around this” she said as she pushed one of her rock hard nipples into my open mouth and I did what I was told, started licking, sucking and chewing on it.

She’d got her tits out in the other room when I said that I’d wanted to stay with Jill and watch her get fucked but as soon as she showed me those big nipples I was like a little puppy and followed her almost panting.

I fed quite happily on her nipple and I’m sure that I heard her sigh with pleasure before she said, “there we are, all done and I bet you didn’t even feel it did you?”

I was too busy sucking on her tit before she pulled it out of my mouth and said, “don’t forget the other one boy” and smooched her breasts together so I could get easily get to both her nipples. I was a happy lad.

She had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her fanny through her white scrubs.

My cock was hard and starting to leak, what with watching my girlfriend used and now sucking nipples I needed release, the Doctor must have realised and pulled her nipple out of my mouth and said “don’t worry boy I’ll feed you again later.”

She told me to stand up and knelt in front of me, she had a big smile on her face, “lets examine that cock of yours, purely professionally of course” she said.

She undid the belt of my trousers and unzipped my flies and pulled my trousers down to my knees, she ran her fingers along the length of my cock that was straining to get out of my underpants, there was already precum leaking through my pants. She grabbed hold of either side of my underpants and pulled then down struggling to get them over my bulging cock.

My cock sprung free, the Doctor leant back to avoid it hitting her.

“Lets carry out the examination” she said and grabbed hold of my balls with one of her hands. “Nice big shaved balls, cant feel and lumps or bumps, can’t see any rashes or sore skin, do you have any problems with these big boys?”

“My balls ache sometimes at the end of the day but usually a good fuck or wank if I can’t get my hole sorts it out” I told her. It was difficult to keep a straight face when a beautiful woman with her tits out is on her knees in front of you feeling your balls.

“They need more support then during the day” she said “have you tried wearing a jockstrap or briefs that would hold your balls in place and support them.”

“Tried that Doc, trouble is with a jock my cock falls out and with briefs the bulge is too noticeable in my work shorts and the lads take the piss” I told her.

“Well tight boxer trunks would help but your cock and balls would get hot and sweaty but wearing baggy boxers doesn’t give these beauties any support” she continued “but we could…” her voice trailed away.

“Could what Doc?” I asked.

“Even though my husband and I are Doctors and specialise in gynaecological problems we also provide specialist sexual services, people are happy to pay or our services as they know that they will be safe. We provide piercing, branding, electric stimulation in fact anything that might require a medical intervention. So I could fit you with a clinch ring around your balls to provide support and it would show your balls off beautiful. You’ve seen my husbands haven’t you?”

Oh that’s what it was, the silver ring around his nuts.

The Doctor carried on “its a ring, normally made out of surgical steel, about half an inch thick that fits around the top of your ball bag just under where your balls join your body and under the shaft of your cock. It pulls your balls down slightly and pushes your nuts down into the bottom of your sack. Its normally a split ring that can be screwed together so it can be removed or can be locked in place, your mistress or partner can have the key or, for the strict mistress, the clinch ring can be crimped into place around the ball sack, we have a friendly blacksmith that helps us with that procedure.”

“Fuck that Doc, I’m not having one of those around my balls,” I said quickly.

She looked at me and said, “we’ll see.”

She carried on with the examination of my hard cock, “shaft looks fine, thick, big veins and no marks along its length.”

She looked at my foreskin and said ” big long foreskin, hangs nice and loose.”

As she said that a drop of my precum dripped from the end of my cock onto her hand.

“You uncut men need to keep it clean, pull it right back when you’re washing to remove any traces of smeg. Do you have any problems with keeping clean Pete?”

“No problems Doc, does get a bit smelly after a day at work, you know how it is, piss and precum if I get hard during the day” I said and smiled at her.

“Yes, I can smell it, very nice but just remember to keep your cock glan and foreskin clean, we don’t want any rashes to treat. Doesn’t your foreskin skin back naturally when you get a erection?” she asked.

“It starts to but sometimes it just needs a hand, Jill likes sticking her tongue down in it, she likes the taste,” I said.

With that the Doctor gently pushed my foreskin back off the head of my cock to expose the glan.

“We could do something about that for you boy, just a snip to remove some of the loose skin” the Doc suggested.

“No way, no way. I like my big foreskin, makes my cock look bigger when its soft and makes wanking far better, sliding the skin backwards and forwards over the head of my cock is the best feeling” I told her, I wanted to stay intact.

“OK boy. Nice healthy looking purple head glan, big meatus” the Doc said talking her way through the examination.

“The what?” I said.

“The meatus, your piss slit, where the spunk and piss come out, guess you didn’t do human biology at school. You’ve got big meatus lips as well,” she laughed.

“Frenulum is intact, no damage” she said

“Frenulum, what does that do?” I asked, it was like being back at school.

“It connects the foreskin to your cock glan, its also very sensitive, full of nerves,” she said and with that she ran her fingernail down it.

I shuddered and more precum started to form on the head of my skinned back cock.

“Oh and a good flow of precum, acts as a lubricant for the head of your cock and it makes it easier for me to take a swab” she said and picked up a swab and swab tube. She pulled the swab stick out and said “this might sting a bit” and with two fingers pushed my piss slit lips apart and with the other hand pushed the swab down my piss tube or as she called it “your urethra.”

My cock jerked as she pushed the swab down at least four inches and rotated it around, she was enjoying this, and then with a yank she pulled it out. I yelped, the bitch had done it deliberately.

“Sorry about that” she said and before she had time to close her mouth and think I pushed my hard cock into her mouth, she put up a bit of a struggle but I grabbed hold of her head firmly so she couldn’t pull off of my cock and started to fuck her face.

She spluttered and gagged but she knew how to take a big cock down her throat as I pulled back and then pushed my full length down her open throat. If she gagged too much I pulled back and she used her tongue tip to push into my meatus lips and then swab across my sensitive frenulum, see I had learnt something.

I held her head and started to fuck her throat, she loved it, saliva and spit was dripping out of her mouth. She had my balls in her hand so I knew if I face fucked her too hard she’d let me know. I did get a few squeezes of her hand on my nuts so I’d pull back slightly. Her throat was hot and she used her throat muscles to milk my cock, she was an expert cocksucker.

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