Marie – Adventures of a Cumslut Ch. 01

Big Dick

All people mentioned are above 18 years old. Most of the people and situations on this story are real. I changed the names, and added a bit more lewdness.


Chapter 1: The first signs

She opened the door of the small dimly lit room and the smell of sweat and sperm invaded her nostrils. She has grown accustomed to the smell, it was like working at a bakery. It just made her hungry. The smell brought back memories of the previous nights she spent sucking and fucking dicks at the small gloryhole booth. Marie was the only girl that was visiting the booth in the past months, and word has spread around town of the incredible cocksucker at the University library’s toilet.

She went inside, locked the door behind her and sat on the toilet seat. She had some time before the first guys started coming. Marie put her handbag in the corner, and grabbed the basic accessories. Lip balm, to keep her lips moisturized, some wet napkins for later, a pack of condoms and her tin bottle of water. She was also wearing her gloryhole clothes, black yoga pants, stained with yesterday’s cum, a crop top and her lace g-string. She could put on a pair of jeans, and a sweater on top after she was done, so people on the way home, wouldn’t notice the cum on her. This took a long time to fine tune. How to come and go from the gloryhole, without people suspecting she was there sucking cocks and swallowing cum.


Although, at first sight someone couldn’t imagine she was the type of girl that would be sucking cocks in a gloryhole.

Marie was the typical architecture school student. Steel rimmed glasses in rose-gold finish, slightly wavy, collarbone length copper hair with bangs, knit sweaters or blouses , jeans or short skirts with leggings underneath, boots and duffle coats.

The only sign that she might be kinda wild was her piercings and some of her tattoos, if it was hot enough to wear appropriate clothes so that you could see them.

The first thing you noticed below her beautiful hazel eyes, was a septum nose ring, next to a smaller ring on the right nostril. Then just underneath her pouty lips a labret ring. Whenever she talked, or waiting with her tongue out for a load of cum, you could see her tongue piercing and maybe her smiley piercing too. Of course she had other piercings on her body too, left nipple barbell on her 34D boobs, belly button and clit.

The clit piercing was the last one she got, after she started visiting the gloryhole. She thought it would be a nice addition for when someone was peeping from the other side to her naked pussy.

Now as for tattoos, she loved them, but never had the money to get as much as she wanted. She had a compass tattoo on her left wrist, the Deathly Hallows symbol on her right arm(as a true HP fan), the cat from Alice in Wonderland on the side of her ribcage, a sternum lotus flower (gift from her ex) and the alien from ‘Moby’s Wait for me’ album on her ankle. Oh, she absolutely loved Moby.

She took out her purple iPod, and put on the headphones, she would listen to some music before the first cocks started popping out of the two holes of the small booth. Radiohead’s ‘You are all I need’ started playing. As she was waiting, she gazed at the holes of the booth.

Someone, some time ago, drilled perfect holes there at waist height, and put duct tape, to protect the cocks from wood splinters. These holes were larger than a cock, they could fit an entire arm. Now, the part of the wall below the hole, and the floor in front of it, was stained with dry sperm, some still fresh and some from years of use.

Written on the walls of the room, were different names, the majority of them female. And next to them dates, and numbers. Marie had thought the meaning of these numbers many times, and after some months of sucking dozens of cocks in there she understood the meaning.

It was the number of cocks each girl has taken, their personal records.

A short while after, she heard some movement in the next room. “The first dick of the night”, she thought. She took off her headphones and kneeled down on the cum stained floor in front of the hole.

Moments later a black veiny cock was protruding from the hole in the wall. It wasn’t fully erect yet, but that was her expertise. She knew how to make flaccid cocks hard in seconds. Marie took the cock in her hand and started licking the head and the tip. The cock twitched and started to harden. That was her cue, she licked her lips and took the whole length of it in her mouth, salivating and swirling her tongue like crazy. She was born for this. She was made to suck cocks and eat sperm. That was her true calling.


Nobody cleaned this booth, she wasn’t even sure if anybody of the faculty knew about this booth. Except Peter, he told her about that place. Peter was a fellow undergraduate, and Annie’s boyfriend, her best friend.

Peter also was her ex’s best friend, but we’ll talk about that another time. There was always some spark between Marie and Peter. gaziantep seks hikayeleri But, they ignored these thoughts for Annie’s sake. Peter also worked part-time in the University library, he was in charge of putting books in their place, helping students with computer issues and stuff. He also had access to the storage rooms in the back corridors, that’s when he found the gloryhole room.

It was an old staff toilet that had an out of use sign on the door. He first noticed the small holes behind some boxes on the one side of the adjacent room’s wall. He immediately understood the use of the hole and thought he should check the toilet booth. The door to the toilet was all the way on the other side, so the person in the booth couldn’t be seen coming in or out of it. He unlocked the door, and there it was, a gloryhole booth.

The room reeked of sperm, so he didn’t stay long to check it thoroughly. But he knew that he should definitely try it with someone. He was obsessed with gloryhole porn, the thought of sticking your cock in a hole, and a cumslut sucking it on the other side was making him hard. At first, he thought about trying it with Annie, but he knew she was too puritan to do something like that. So he started thinking of other candidates.

Maybe he could lure a girl in for the money. Oh, he knew there were bucks to be made in a gloryhole, both for the girl working and for the manager. For a month he was scouting the environment, for someone that would be slutty and desperate enough to consider the idea.

And then one day as they were sitting on a library table studying with Marie and Annie the answer came.

Marie sighed loudly, and started swearing at her laptop.

“You piece of shit!” she said, referring to her computer.

“The bloody thing froze again, I am never going to finish these renders on time,” said to Peter and Annie, who were staring at her confused.

Peter knew Marie was in a bad place financially.

Her parents had very little money, and both her and her little sister were in university. So, they couldn’t pay all of their expenses. Fortunately, Marie had a scholarship, and was also working part-time at a pub. But this was her third year of studies, and the school’s workload was greatly increased this semester.

She was always lacking sleep, to manage working and keep her grades up to maintain the scholarship. She couldn’t do otherwise, if she lost any of the two she wouldn’t be able to keep studying in this University. And, to be fair, she was really tired from working at the pub, Andrew the bartender was a cool guy and she had fun working with him, but some clients couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

They were always staring at her boobs and ass while she was serving them. Some of them even went on step further, grabbing her ass, or making dirty offers to her.

However, Andrew was always there to put them to their place. Sometimes, she liked the interest men showed on her, but not always. And, also she had a boyfriend. Although, things weren’t going well between them these last months. So sometimes, when she was horny enough, she would welcome the inappropriate touch of a client, just for a little, to have something she could masturbate later to.

Marie was way into hardcore porn, these last months that she didn’t get much attention from her boyfriend, she delved deeper in this fetish.

She enjoyed watching girls getting gangbanged from dozens of well hung dudes. Being double and triple penetrated, throatfucked and jizzed on the face or in the mouth. She also loved gloryhole porn. She was getting wet on the idea that she could be sucking a strangers dick, just to make him cum.

To be fair, she liked making men cum, and she liked cum on her. On her face, in her mouth, on her belly or in her pussy and ass sometimes. She loved talking a dick in the ass and feeling it throbbing as it was emptying warm and sticky inside her, and then hours after feeling the cum leaking out of her holes in her undies. The only thing that she couldn’t do was swallow sperm. Only when it was especially sweet and thin. But this would change soon enough.

She had only tried these things with her boyfriends, the current one and her ex especially. They were doing lots of naughty stuff with her ex, stuff they were watching in porn. He got her into hardcore porn after all. And she liked the idea of being filmed, as they were having sex, and then watching it afterwards when she was sucking him or when he was going down on her pussy. Unfortunately, they split, for various reasons that we’ll talk about later.

So, back at the library with Peter and Annie.

Peter looked at her, he was an ace in computers, his first degree was in Computer Science after all.

“Well, Marie, I can take a look at it, if you want, I’m sure it needs a disk defragmentation, or a format, or maybe a Ram upgrade,” he said.

He looked at him desperate,

“Yeah, but I have no money to spare, buying Rams, or upgrades for the shitty thing.” she said.

Peter cared for Marie a great deal, he wanted to help her.

“Don’t worry Marie, give it to me for a day, and I will fix it, I have some spare parts at home, it will be running like new tomorrow!” he said.

Marie smiled at him, and said

“Thank you Peter, it really means a lot, I will owe you a big one for this!”

She turned to Annie,

“You have the best boyfriend, he’s so sweet!” said to her.

Annie laughed and looked at Peter with a big smile.

She did have the sweetest boyfriend, she thought.

“Ok then,” Marie said,

“I’ll leave you my laptop, let me write the password so you can unlock it.”

She tore a piece of paper from her sketchbook and wrote down her password.


Peter took a look at the piece of paper, and looked at Marie,

“Cthulhu?” he asked.

Marie blushed.

“Yeah, I’m kind of a Lovecraftian horror literature fan,” she said, couldn’t help but feel like a nerd.

Peter laughed,

“Yeah, it figures.” he said as he stuffed the laptop and the piece of paper in his backpack.

Marie, took a look at her phone,

“Oh, shit, I’m gonna be late for work,” she said.

She got up, threw her stuff in her bag, stood for a moment looking at Peter,

“Thanks again Peter, I really appreciate it,” she said to him.

She blew a kiss on Annie’s cheek, and said

“We’ll talk later guys, bye!”

And with that she rushed out the hallway, running to catch the bus to be at the pub on time.

The owner of the pub was a real sleazeball, and she didn’t want to give him reasons to mess with her, cutting her earnings, or worse, this job was vital to her. While in the bus, she texted a bit with her boyfriend, she had sent her a selfie, he was stoned again, and he said that he made her a very nice dinner, for when she returned home.

He stayed at her house last night, after having not seen each other for what seemed like a month. This relationship started really passionately, but she didn’t like the way it evolved, he would always be stoned, and they had fallen to a routine of eating and binge watching series on Netflix. His libido was also kinda low, and even when they had sex, he would cum in like 3-4 minutes and then fell asleep.

She had to watch porn on her smartphone and masturbate so she could cum. And to think she left her ex for him, talking about poor choices. Anyway there was nothing that could be done now, they were apart for a year now and her ex was with another girl, they seemed in love.

They would talk occasionally, or grab a coffee once in a while. It was one of those nights of not having an orgasm that she thought she could maybe use a sex toy or something to help come to an orgasm earlier and enjoy sex with her bf.

She arrived at work on time. Jess was working the shift before her and greeted her with a hug. Marie and Jess had become very good friends through the pub. Jess was a bit older and had more experience in service and waiting tables. She was a petite girl, with perky tits and a great ass, black hair, and the most mischievous look you could find on a girl. The feisty girl often offered advice to Marie of how she could earn more tips and such. Marie knew the most efficient way that Jess got her tips though.

When work was a bit slow, she would take a regular to the bathroom and blow the shit out of him, or even let him fuck her for the right price. Jess was trying to put herself through a postgraduate in art school, and the school was ridiculously expensive, so without a grand or scholarship, she didn’t have much of a choice.

Sometimes, when Jess was whoring herself out in the men’s toilet with a guy, Marie would find an excuse to go and lock herself in the next toilet so she could masturbate on the sounds of her friend fucking. Especially when there was a game night,with football matches and stuff, no one would look for her until the half time. These were also the nights that Jess would have the most tips, guess why.

When she hugged Jess, she noticed something that looked like cum, on the side of her neck and on her chin, Jess had blown a guy, and from the looks of it, maybe swallowed his load too. Well most of his load anyway.

She told Jess,

“Hey, I think you have something on your …” and pointed on her chin.

“Oops, sorry,” said Jess runned her finger on her chin gathering the small drop of cum and licking her finger clean. Marie felt her pussy getting a little wet in the sight.

“Hurry sweety, we have a reservation for fifteen people, all guys, celebrating a bachelor party!” winking at Marie.

“Andrew said we should put them in the large table on the back, so they don’t bother other customers, and so they can have their fan,” she said.

“Lucky girl, you are gonna make a shitload of tips if you play this right tonight”.

“Just, don’t be a stuck up bitch, flirt a bit with them, and if they get too grabby you can always mention that Andrew isn’t particularly fond of this behaviour.” she added.

“Also, I’m sure they are heading for a strip club afterwards, so don’t worry about things getting out of control,” she made a blowjob motion with her hand and the tongue on her cheek.

Marie couldn’t help but laugh and be a bit uncomfortable with these suggestions, although the juices from her pussy were making her thong wet now. She imagined herself getting gangbanged by a dozen of 30-year old dudes, taking her rough, without her consent, cumming on her face and body and filling her holes with sperm.

She thought what her boyfriend would say if she went home after having fucked fifteen guys and had their cum on and inside her. Would he be mad or aroused that his girlfriend is such a slut.

“Hey Marie!” Andrew shouted from behind the bar,

“Hurry up girl, the reservation is for 9 o’clock, they will arrive soon, you have to set the tables, go go!” Andrew said, looking at the daydreaming Marie.

Marie snapped out of the fantasy, with her underwear soaked from the juices.

“Sorry Andrew,” she said,

“I got up really early, and spent all day at lectures today, can you make me an espresso? I really feel I will need it tonight.”

“Ok doll, but I want you 100% tonight, it’s going to be a busy night!” Andrew said to her.

She made a military salute and said jokingly,

“Sir, yes sir!”

Andrew laughed loudly and so did she.

Without wasting time, she put on her work clothes, low cut jeans, a polo shirt with the pub logo, left unbuttoned, her apron and her name tag, she also fixed her hair in a quick french braid so they would not be an annoyance while she was working. She took a look at the mirror, her red thong could be seen if she bent her back a bit.

“Well, she told herself, nothing I can do, and maybe It can get me some extra tips.”

Feeling a tad slutty, she walked fast out of the toilet, and got to work.

The night went by fast, there were many people in the pub, but Marie’s main focus was the bachelor table. She was a bit flirty with them, making jokes about the special guy getting married, and laughing with the guys. They were in a flirty mood also, making inappropriate jokes and such, but never crossing the limits. They were buying her some shots to join them as they were drinking, she couldn’t say no, she knew this was the way to make tips.

At one point, Marie had to take a break to go pee, she had drunk a fair amount of shots with the guys, and gotten a little tipsy. She told Andrew to watch the tables for a couple of minutes, and ran to the bathroom.

Marie removed her apron and sat on the toilet seat, and relieved herself with an audible “Aaaah.”

Then she heard a knock on the toilet door. A bit embarrassed for the previous sound she made, she said,

“Sorry, taken!”

The person outside the door knocked again and again. Marie, a bit furious, said

“Alright, alright I’m coming out!”

She got up, raised her pants, took her apron from the hanger and unlocked the door and saw the wasted best man of the bachelor table looking at her with eyes wide open.

“Well,” she said, holding her apron in her hands,

“All yours!”

He looked at her stunned and said,

“Sorry I thought it was Jess in there!”

Marie looked at him puzzled. She started thinking that she never saw Jess leave the pub. As they stood there for a couple of seconds, they both heard the lewd sound coming from the next stall.

“Oh my god, yeah, fuck my ass, yeah, you’re gonna make your new wife really happy with that dick!”

Jess was fucking the soon to be groom in the next stall.

“Oh that’s really slutty!” Marie thought to herself.

The guy standing in front of her took a look at Marie ,gathered up courage and uttered,

“Hey, are you up for a quickie in the stall? I have a hundred pounds for you if you join me!”

She couldn’t believe her ears. What did this jerk think she was? Some whore he could pay and fuck.

Blood rushed to her head, she thought about kicking him in the nuts for suggesting such a thing out of the blue.

“No, thank you!” she said angrily, and made a move to pass him by and return to her job.

He blocked the way and said,

“Come on babe, you’re flirting with us all night. You flashed your thong a million times! One hundred pounds just to suck my dick then.”

Marie looked at him as the lewd sounds continued from the next stall. She had to work for 3 days plus tips to make this money. Also this guy was kinda cute, she would have said yes if he’d hit up on her in a bar, maybe she could finish him up really fast, and go on with her shift. Suddenly she felt herself getting more wet than ever. Was she really going to suck a stranger in a toilet stall for money. She felt like a slut, like the ones she was watching every night when masturbating.

Then thought,

“What the hell, the guy is wasted, he’s not gonna remember a thing tomorrow, let’s get it over quickly.”

Marie looked at him again and said,

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