Mindbreak Any% – The First Run


*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Be-

Kaylee reached over and shut off her wailing alarm, not that she’d needed it. She’d been laying in bed awake for the last hour or so, attempting to grab the last few moments of sleep before the big day. She could feel it. This was it, this was the day. She could feel it in her heart, her gut and her turgidly erect cock. She’d been preparing for this moment for days, weeks and months, put in hours of practice and honed her technique. Today she was finally going to beat her goal.

Her target? Sub five minutes.

The category? Mindbreak, any%.

She picked up her phone from the nightstand and flicked through her notifications. All night long she’d been getting updates from her favourite speedrunners, though they weren’t the kind you’d find on Twitch. She’d been browsing Reddit one night when she came across a small sub dedicated to speed runners that focused entirely on sexual exploits, and a majority of them were Futanari like her. It was then she’d found the app one of them had been developing quietly in the background to help track the achievements and progress of each of the runners, and it hadn’t taken long for someone to suggest the name “SexSplit”

Kaylee had merely been curious at first. How sex could be turned into a competitive sport she had no idea, but once she started browsing these speed runners, or Speed Fuckers as some of them joked about being called, she started to get it.

It had just started with “Who could bring themselves to orgasm fastest”, which wasn’t something you’d expect to be something you’d brag about, but with Futanari it was quite the challenge. Soon it became “Who could bring their partner to orgams fastest” or “Who can cum over 2L the fastest”. Criteria began to form as it became clear some people had the genetic disposition to be better at some of these tasks than others. Brackets were formed based on size.

Size of what? You name it. Balls, cock, cum output. Even sheer physical size was a bracket depending on which category you wanted to submit to. The further into it Kaylee looked, the more obsessed she became.Then she found it, her new favourite category.


A category purely based around how fast someone could bring their partner not only to orgasm, but an orgasm that would shut their minds down completely. Some of the submissions had video files attached, and Kaylee was enraptured by how powerful these people were. It was almost entirely futa at this point, it was rare that any male was blessed or talented enough to bring anyone to this kind of mind melting, body wrenching orgasm, and none of them had the sheer cum output to make the scenes entertaining to watch in the first place. It was when she saw the newest world record that Kaylee knew she had to apply.

27.4 seconds.

Beating the previous World Record by well over a minute, from penetration to mind break, the Futa had completed her run in under 30 seconds, and finished off with a bukkake to put most others to shame. At one point she’d even hit the camera, obscuring the rest of her prolific cum blasting, but the sound alone left enough of an impression to tell anyone just how powerful this Futa was.

So Kaylee made up her mind. This was the category for her. She’d always been more naturally dominant, and now she had a quantifiable measurement of just how good she was, this was not an opportunity she was going to miss.

It was a little over a year ago she’d found out about SexSplit, and after a year of practice and organising, she was ready to put her plan into action.

— — —

She’d spent pretty much the entirety of the day before jerking off. Into the sink, the bath, the shower and the toilet, Kaylee had flushed as much cum out of her system as possible. For what she was about to attempt she was going to need endurance. She’d had to warn her flatmates weeks in advance, as she was fairly certain she’d clogged most of the plumbing with her thick, prodigious loads.

The weeks and months before that, she’d spent time edging. Building up her stamina and endurance for the grueling task she had ahead of her, while simultaneously switching her body clock to work on multiple short bursts of sleeping rather than that of a continuous eight hours. Her flatmates grew concerned at this, but she was committed to her goal. Once she’d broken her sub five minutes she’d sort her sleeping schedule out again, Kaylee had promised.

However more than anything she felt energised, invigorated. Kaylee had a goal and she was locked onto it like a heat-seeking missile, and nothing could stop her at this point. Kaylee swung her legs out of bed and looked herself up and down in her full-body mirror. She was 6′ 5”, with shoulder length brown hair, which she quickly tied up into a loose ponytail as she let her eyes trace down her body. She’d put a lot of work into it after all, why not bask in it a little.

Like most Futa, she was blessed with plentiful endowments, with perky, firm tits that sat proudly on her chest, each one of them roughly the size of a watermelon. They would have been a pain ığdır seks hikayeleri to carry around if she hadn’t put so much work into building up her muscles. As her eyes carried on downwards, they drank in the well defined six-pack of her chiseled abs. Someone might have called them cum gutters if they thought she was the one usually getting covered in cum. But no, she was rarely on the receiving end unless it was from the back blast of her own monumental tool.

A smirk crossed Kaylee’s face as she let her hands roam her 23 solid inches of rock hard cock meat. Veins corded it’s entire length, giving her plenty to grip onto while she slowly began to jerk herself off, staring at her own reflection. God she was gorgeous. Her massive, melon sized balls lay heavily against her own muscled thighs. She’d once heard someone comment that she could probably crush a watermelon between her thighs, and she couldn’t lie and say she wasn’t tempted to try.

She brought her other hand up to her cock and started to jerk off to her own reflection. This was step one. Step one of her multi-phase plan, and if this went how she hoped it would, then everything was good to go. She pumped her shaft harder, sensitive after being ignored for the few hours while she slept, she didn’t bother to hold back. Kaylee threw her head back and let out a roar as she came.

A few ropes launched from the end of her cock and splattered the lower half of her mirror. She looked down at the paltry mess she’d made… and smiled. It had worked. Her cum tanks were empty for the time being, and that meant she didn’t have to worry about massive amounts of build up driving her to an early orgasm and ruining a run. Kaylee reached down and patted her tender balls. Step one was complete. Time to get dressed and move onto step two.

— — —

Kaylee dressed in a black tank top and some tight workout shorts, which was appropriate considering the sweat she was planning on working up. The day before she’d packed everything she was going to need, which mostly consisted of a backpack filled with as many bottles of sports drinks as she could fit alongside an industrial sized bottle of lube. Normally she didn’t need to use lube as she preferred to use her own precum, but considering the drain she’d put on her body and balls in the last 24 hours she didn’t expect to be leaking any pre for at least a week, or so she hoped.

She pocketed her keys, phone and public transport pass, her expensive golden ticket that would let her use any form of public transport at no cost for the next 48 hours. It was expensive, but one hundred percent necessary to be able to hit up all her landmark locations so she could have every possible opportunity to meet her goal.

Kaylee left her room and was heading towards her door, when she found her three flatmates all stood waiting in a row. She was concerned for a moment as they all looked her up and down with stern expressions, until each of them threw a salute, while one of them opened the door to send her on her way. They all knew what this day would mean to her. And to them it would hopefully mean a reprieve from constantly cum-logged plumbing, which was a plus.

Kaylee had her route all planned out. She knew she wasn’t likely to beat her goal on her first attempt, so it would be best if she took her time and started with a warm up. Something easy that wouldn’t be too taxing. Therefore her first port of call would be her old University campus that was a few miles out of town. There would be plenty of sluts around there who would practically throw themselves at her, and potentially lead her onto other opportunities to beat her goal.

A double decker bus pulled up at the stop outside of her apartment building, and Kaylee sensed an opportunity. On double deckers, the upper level gave her plenty of potential to sneakily work a run in before her schedule was even due to start. She felt it again, this day was blessed, Kaylee was certain today was going to be the day.

She stepped onto the bus and flashed her golden ticket. It wasn’t really golden, it was a pretty standard pass for those who needed to get around the city, but to her it may as well have been. She noticed as soon as she’d set foot on the bus the amount of attention she was getting. Her tank top strained around her impressive bust and did absolutely nothing to cover her remarkable musculature, but she was fairly certain that it wasn’t that which had caught everyone’s eye. No, she was pretty confident that it was the massive bulge that was threatening to tear it’s way out of her shorts.

She’d chosen her tightest pair of workout shorts for a reason. They did absolutely nothing to hide her cock. On most days she’d probably have put some effort in to disguise her imposing endowments, but today she needed every advantage she could get, and she didn’t have the luxury of time to go and carefully seduce anyone who she thought might be able to take her two foot behemoth. No, today she needed to show off, so she’d worn precisely the items of clothing that would show off as much of her magnificent body as possible. From her bulging muscles, to her massive tits and her monstrous cock and balls, she was coming at the attack from every angle.

She quickly scanned the faces of the people on the lower deck, but most of them were elderly, or carrying massive bags of groceries. Not likely to want to sit on her cock until they creamed so hard they wouldn’t be thinking straight. No, she’d probably have better luck on the upper deck. She climbed the narrow staircase to the top of the bus, struggling to maneuver in the cramped space, especially with the massive backpack she was carrying bulging out backwards as much as her body was forwards. It was quiet up here, Kaylee had waited until the morning rush of people heading to work would be over so she wouldn’t have to be fighting for space. It also helped give her the potential of a little more privacy.

Once again she scanned the faces of the people on this deck of the bus. It was quieter up here. A man sat at the front of the bus, staring raptly at his phone with large headphones blaring music that she could hear from a few metres away. It was then that Kaylee spotted her. A woman in a poorly fitted suit sitting right at the back of the bus. She looked to be in her late 20s, maybe her early 30s, and was doing a terrible job of hiding her frequent furtive glances over at Kaylee. Kaylee was of a generous sort, and decided that she should be able to steal as many glances as she liked.

She moved towards the back of the bus, and could practically smell the nerves flowing from the poor woman, but Kaylee just lapped it all up. She knew what the next step should be. She swung her heavy bag from her shoulders and set it down on the seats on the opposite side of the bus. She unzipped the bag and pretended to search through it, while bending over to give the woman behind her a clear view of the goods. A devious thought flashed through her mind as she slowly started to spread her legs, letting the all encompassing view of her mighty balls fill the gap between her thighs, right beneath her gorgeously toned ass. She kept this up for a few minutes while the bus set off again, letting her body sway with the bumps in the road.

She’d stolen a few glances over her shoulder while she was routing through her bag, and was pleased to see that the woman’s attention was solely focused on her. Whether it was her ass or her balls, she wasn’t much sure that it mattered. Deciding that she’d done enough teasing like that for now, Kaylee pulled one of her many bottles of water from the bag, and set herself down besides it, propping her foot up on the seat opposite while cocking her other leg so that the view to her bulge remained conveniently uninterrupted.

Kaylee could tell what her deal was immediately. The anxiety and the nerves, combined with the bad fitting business suit and bulging bag of paperwork. She was probably a new teacher at the University. It was where this line ended so it only made sense. Kaylee had travelled this route hundreds, if not thousands of times back in her student years, so she knew exactly how much time she had to put her best strategy into play.

Plenty of yawning, plenty of stretching and thrusting her ample chest out as she did so, while letting herself get caught staring just as much as she caught the woman sitting across from her. The bus stopped a few times, but no one seemed to come up here. Kaylee had appreciated the quiet trip to the Uni Campus on the days where she needed a little more shut eye before she got to her lecture, but now she was ready to put it to more devious uses.

She waited for the woman to shift her gaze again, to look out of the window, and then she made her move. The bus bounced over a road bump, and Kaylee used the opportunity to bounce herself over a few seats, until she was sat right next to the anxious business woman. Kaylee had to hold back a laugh as she tried to subtly bring her gaze back to her, only to be mere inches from her huge bust. She gulped as she slowly brought her gaze up to Kaylee’s eyes.

“It’s fine if you stare, but wouldn’t you like a little…” Kaylee brought her hand down to grasp the woman’s own. She didn’t resist as she grasped her wrist and placed her hand softly on her bursting bulge. “A little more?”

The woman gulped again, but didn’t move her hand away when Kaylee let go, and she didn’t tear her eyes away for more than a second except to look up questioningly at Kaylee. She responded with a reassuring smile, but laced her expression with some expectancy.

“If you want this, you can just nod, you don’t need to say a word.” Kaylee told her. A moment passed between the two of them, and Kaylee could feel her cock throbbing under the firm touch of the woman next to her.



On the third throb, she nodded. Grace brought her hand to her shorts, and worked her thumb under the elasticated waistband, and quickly looked around.

“Now we’re going to have to be quick and quiet, to make sure that nobody notices. Nod if you understand.” The woman nodded quickly and desperately. Kaylee full-well knew that she would have been capable of voicing her affirmation, but there was something empowering about getting her to communicate just by simple movements, and she could feel her cock swelling at the prospect. Time for a warm up.

She waited until they started driving down a road she knew was infamous for frequent speed bumps and potholes, and then made her move. When the bus passed over a particularly well worn pothole, she slung her right arm around the woman’s waist and swiftly maneuvered her onto her lap, while using her left hand to pull down the waistband of her shorts. In one swift movement the woman was sitting on top of her facing the front of the bus, while sandwiched between her and Kaylee was a massive, swollen rod.

The woman gasped as she felt the pulsing, girthy cock slap between her shoulder blades. Her body shuddered in need as the heat radiating from it sank into her, warming her body from the back while it worked by itself to heat up the front… Or maybe it was the massive balls she had just realised she was perched atop. She felt them rumble at the same time she felt those powerful hands tighten on her waist again, and the hot breath brushing against her ear.

“What’s your name?” Kaylee whispered.

“A… Anna,” she whispered in reply.

“When I lift you up, pull down your skirt, Anna. Just enough so we don’t get noticed, you understand?” Anna could only nod in response as she dropped her own hands below Kaylee’s powerful grip. She slipped her thumb under the waistband of her skirt and panties, and waited with baited breath.

Kaylee waited until the next bump. She knew it was when the garage on the left was just out of eyesight and the traffic lights on the right became visible around the next corner. In the few seconds she had, she quickly reached into her bag and turned on the SexSplit app. She knew this run wouldn’t come close to her target, but she wanted to record every step of her process today.

The bump came and with a sudden burst of movement, Kaylee wrenched Anna into the air, her head bumping into the roof of the bus as she focused on pulling down her clothes enough to expose her soaked pussy. She saw the flash of pale skin underneath the business suit jacket, and Kaylee began the effort of swiftly bringing Anna back down. With her hands free, Anna helped guide the bulging cock head until it lodged into her leaking cunt, and with all her might Kaylee impaled her on her mighty behemoth.

Anna was pretty sure she’d felt it knock against her lungs before pleasure swamped her mind. She was about to let out an ecstatic scream of orgasmic bliss before Kaylee clamped her hand over her mouth, muffling her incoherent moans. She was tight, very tight, and in this position it was difficult to get any kind of momentum going, nevermind hitting at the optimum angles for maximum pleasure. This wasn’t going to be efficient, and was probably going to take more effort on Kaylee’s part than her optimum strategy would usually ask from her, but Kaylee knew this going in. It was a warm up after all, if anything it would help her make sure that she’d have the stamina to last longer later in the day. She’d hate to end up with her sub five minute run on the SexSplit subreddit making her look like a one-pump-chump.

The bouncing of the bus certainly helped give some momentum to their fucking, and Kaylee was fairly certain she could feel Anna’s tongue hitting against the backside of her hand. Quietly and subtly, Kaylee attempted to pump her hips into the spasming form of Anna writhing on top of her. Clearly she’d already orgasmed, but that wasn’t what Kaylee was aiming for here. She didn’t just need to cum once, twice or ten times. Kaylee needed her to cum dozens of times, so many times that her brain shut down from the overwhelming tidal wave of pleasure. She’d settle for nothing else.

Anna could feel the massive cock splitting her open. From the moment it had entered her, she’d known she would never feel anything this good again. She’d been cumming nearly nonstop, and all the thoughts of grading and paperwork flitted from her mind like leaves in an autumnal breeze that had then been caught in a tornado of whirling pleasure.

Meanwhile beneath her, Kaylee wasn’t feeling too much. Sure, Anna’s pussy was tight, but there was no motion to really get her motor revving. Maybe this was a mistake, she’d jumped the gun too early and she’d rushed in without thinking about the consequences, but she was going to see it through regardless.

A few minutes had passed of Anna twitching and twisting on her lap, and though she was cumming nearly constantly, Kaylee could tell she was nowhere near mind breaking unless she took matters into her own hands. She leaned her head around Anna’s torso, checking to see if anyone was likely to see what she was about to do, only to find that this entire deck of the bus had been abandoned. With a surge of strength, Kaylee stood up, taking Anna with her. She turned towards the window, letting Anna prop herself up against it while she grabbed onto her hips. They were getting close to the university now and Kaylee wanted to make sure she was finished before she got there. Thankfully, all the training she’d put in was specifically for making girls cum as fast as possible.

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