My Final Seed


I have 4 kids from my 25-year marriage. My last 2 partners had hysterectomies already. My latest ex had one right after we broke up. I love my kids, but I definitely don’t want more and that last relationship, with a fertile partner, was more nerve-wracking than I wanted, as a result.

So, I realized I had to “take care of things” on my end. Gulp!

So, I am 3 weeks out from the procedure, at my daughter’s basketball game. After the game, her coach catches up with me. Coach Cori asks, “There is something I wanted to speak with you about. I can’t do it here. Could we meet for coffee?”

“Sure!” I reply. “Any time.”

Coach Cori is a lesbian and her wife, Michelle, usually attends her games, so it is clearly not a romantic overture. I figure she wants to privately discuss something about my daughter. Seems simple enough.

I meet Coach Cori at the coffee shop and her wife Michelle is sitting beside her. “Oh well,” I think, “it must not be too bad, whatever it is.”

We exchange small talk for a bit and Cori says, feeling me out, “So, I figure you know that I am a lesbian, as my wife Michelle is here, and you obviously know that I have been coaching your daughter in basketball. I know people have different opinions and some people are uncomfortable, so I just wanted to make sure that you were comfortable and wondered if you had any concerns.”

“Oh, no. Not a bit. You both seem happy and as long as you both love each other, I don’t think it is any of my business. Good for you!” I assure her.

“Great! Glad to hear that! Not everyone is so open-minded. I had to check, before going further with our conversation.” She indicated, puzzling me with what “further” entailed.

“Relationships are hard sometimes, as I guess you know. You are divorced, right?” she probes on.

“Yeah. Been divorced from my daughter’s mother for a few years. I am working on dating now, but currently in a dry spell. I am happy for you both that you have each other!” I respond.

“Yes. We love each other very much! We got married last year, but we feel something is missing. We are ready to start a family!”

“Oh! Good for you! I wish you the best!” I encourage.

“There’s just one problem. We have decided that Michelle would be a great mother, but then it gets tricky. We are both school teachers and in vitro is outrageous. You know?” she expresses, in despair.

“Yeah. I understand. That’s rough!” I reply.

“So, we had a thought,” she expressed with great hesitation. “Would you be interested in helping us out?”

I almost choked on my coffee. “Holy shit!” was my first thought, but I composed myself. “Really? You would want me to?” halfway expecting a hidden camera somewhere.

“Yeah really. We would want the baby to be all ours. We have seen you, and your kids, and we feel like your genes would be a good addition and that the resulting child would “fit” our new family. You would have zero responsibility, going forward. We would take care of everything. I would say “unknown” on the birth certificate. And, we would love and take great care of the baby. We just need your help!”

“Wow!” I express, fully stunned.

“We don’t have any money to offer you, but we would do our best to help you enjoy it…as well as two confirmed lesbians could do!” They chuckle. “So you know there would be no future relationship possibility, with us. It would just be you doing a nice thing for us, something we can’t do ourselves. What do you think? Can you please help us out?”

“Wow!” I repeat. “That’s a lot to think about. I am very flattered that you would entrust me with this opportunity. I really am. And, by the way, I am due for a vasectomy in three weeks.”

“We really appreciate you considering our offer! We don’t make it lightly. We trust that yozgat seks hikayeleri you would be decent about everything and would allow us to raise the child as our own. It sounds like we came to you just in time. That would be a very unselfish gesture for you to make, as one of your last acts of kindness before…”

“I understand. Again, I am very flattered. Thank you!” I finally regain the ability to speak. “Let me sleep on it. Can we meet up same time tomorrow?”

“Sure!” they respond in unison. “Thanks for even considering our offer! See you tomorrow!”

Well, THAT was a lot to mull over! I could definitely feel for their dilemma. I knew that biology wouldn’t allow their first choice. I knew that there would be a wonderful new life added to the world, but one that, from knowing Coach Cori, and seeing them together, would be surrounded by love. Who was I to deny them that? I had no partner to get jealous. There were clear boundaries, to where neither party would expect a future romantic relationship to develop, or to be hurt if the other party didn’t.

It all seemed so “clean.” A simple act of kindness to help two wonderful people who just happened to be lesbian. No strings. And, honestly, both Coach Cori and Michelle were plenty attractive, to my taste, that the “deed” itself would not be the least bit unpleasant. I would just know that it would be a one-time thing. Nothing further. It would just be one fun time only. If I could accept that, I could make it work.

I knew that they both were attracted only to women, but they both had assured me that they could “play along”, well enough. Honestly, in moments like that, I probably wouldn’t be overly scrutinizing, anyway. I chuckled.

We met the next day and I agreed. We knew my vasectomy was approaching, so we knew we couldn’t delay. Friday night it was!

So, the big day…

I arrive at their home and we discuss ground rules. Fair enough.

Basically, their ideal would be for Coach Cori to impregnate Michelle. So, for them, the closer we could get to that, the better. So, as they could, they wanted me to be “an instrument” on behalf of Coach Cori, like a “tool,” rather than just being a random, unrelated guy. They wanted my seed to be, as close as possible, “given” under Coach Cori’s actions and blessings. That all seemed very understandable. I could be compassionate to that.

On the other hand, they recognized that, while they were not attracted to male things any more, they were more than willing to play along, for my behalf, so that I enjoyed the experience (and so that it “worked”), as long as I understood not to misunderstand anything or expect anything further in the future. Fair enough.

I just had one further condition. When the baby is close to arriving, I wanted 15 minutes to help her milk to come in, so that I knew that the baby would be provided for, from the start. And, yeah, especially with my immediate future, I didn’t figure to ever have another chance. So, that would finalize everything and that would be my “hand off” to their care. That would be “closure” for all three of us.

They agreed. We had a deal.

So, in keeping with their intention, Coach Cori led me to another room, to prepare, while Michelle went to the master bedroom to wait for us.

Once we arrived in the other room, Coach Cori said, “This is a special moment for us. We are going to do some things that we enjoy, but you are not going to be left out. If you can indulge us, there will be plenty of fun for you. Just be a little flexible and work with us, ok?”

“I understand. Can do.” I agree.

“Let’s see what we are working with here!” she said, as she worked on undressing me. She quickly had me down to my underwear. She dropped my bikini briefs. “Oh my! He’s a cute little guy! Oh, I am sorry! I didn’t mean…”

“That’s ok.” I assured her. “I don’t mind at all. I know I am not the biggest guy. Honestly, I even enjoy some teasing like that, you know?”

“Well ok, then! I didn’t want to hurt your feelings but… ok.” she giggled playfully. “It is a cute little penis! I like it, for a penis. It is kind of like a dildo, only smaller, huh? And I see that you are hairless! Nice touch! Your skin is so smooth and soft! It is almost like another woman! So soft and feminine! Oh, sorry!!! I keep forgetting!”

“No, that’s ok.” I assure her. “I really don’t mind. I love to stay hairless and smooth there. I am glad you like it that way.”

“Oh, and your balls! They are hairless and cute, too!” she said while cupping them and sizing them up. “They are the stars of the evening! That’s where that wonderful seed is, that will impregnate my love, Michelle!” she said, as she kneaded my little hairless seed-makers. I loved having those soft hands fondling my little hairless grapes, so lovingly.

“My turn,” she exclaimed, as she began to disrobe. She was clearly the more masculine of the two, but it was only relative. She was beautifully soft and feminine and wonderfully curvy–just my type (other than the fact that she was into girls only). So beautiful and voluptuous! Such juicy, chubby thighs! A beautiful pudgy tummy! An adorable, pouty belly button! Luscious, full arms! An adorable face! And, an absolutely beautiful generous hairless pussy, just as smooth as I was! Oh, man!

She then reached for a bottle of lotion. She dispensed a generous amount and began applying it to me first, all over my body. I quickly realized that it was apricot scented. Very pretty, but clearly feminine. “Oh, I’m sorry! I hope you don’t mind! Michelle loves the way this pretty scent smells on me! I hope you don’t think it is too feminine for you! I am going to wear it too, so when she receives your little seed, it will be like from me. Can you live with smelling a little girly tonight?”

“No problem!” I assured her. I was seeing what was happening. I was going to be Coach Cori’s proxy tonight. My hairlessness, my smaller size, and now my feminine scent were all a part of it all. I was starting to embrace the interesting dynamics and playing along myself.

She applied the apricot lotion to herself and we smelled alike. We were as one, for the evening.

“Let’s go see that beautiful, sexy wife of yours and give her our seed!” I say, getting into the moment. “She already has an amazing, sexy body! I can only imagine the wonderful changes to her body after we impregnate her! Her gorgeous face will fill out! Those luscious breasts will get even bigger and full of wonderful milk! Her amazing pudgy tummy will get much bigger and sexier! Those juicy, full thighs will grow too! You are one lucky lady to have that sexy lady and to think of all the wonderful changes that we are going to start for her! Let’s make her pregnant!”

I was talking mostly for myself, but Coach Cori was visualizing all this too and she was getting excited,too! I think she really appreciated my embracing the “we” stuff. I think that’s what she wanted to hear too.

So, we open the bedroom door. “Honey!” Coach Cori addresses, “We are ready for you!”

Michelle was everything I imagined! So voluptuous and generous in all the right places! As with Coach Cori, if I didn’t know otherwise….

She was lying there on the bed, spread eagle, ready to receive our seed, ready to be impregnated. She too, had a very beautiful, full, perfectly hairless pussy. I knew I would visit that special place very soon. I was eagerly awaiting my hairless little penis entering her, to the hilt, feeling our bald pubic areas meeting each other and emptying the seed from my testicles into her awaiting, receptive body. But not yet.

“Honey!” Coach Cori continued with Michelle, “We are ready for you! Look what we have here! He has such a cute little penis! Feel how smooth he is, too!” Michelle reached out and grasped my little hairless shaft. I could feel her touch and knew I would soon be inside her.

“He is a little small, Cori,” Michelle said, “but that’s ok, my last boyfriend was too big and it hurt. This one is much smaller! Oh, I am sorry! I don’t mean to hurt your feelings!” she turned to me apologetically. Cori whispered into her ear about my fetish, and Michelle continued… “Oh, yes, what a cute little hairless package you have! So soft! Almost feminine! And what little balls you have!” grabbing firmly ahold of my little nuts. She encircled my nutsack with her thumb and forefinger and gave me a playful tug.

Paying extra attention to my little sac, Michelle said playfully, “So, here’s where the little seeds are, in here! I can’t wait to have all these seeds inside me! Don’t you hold out on me! I want all the seed you can put inside me! Fill me! Oh, Cori! I want your seed in me! I want you to make me pregnant! I want to grow with our baby inside me!”

“Sweetheart,” Cori addressed her love, I covered him in my favorite apricot lotion like I always wear when we are together. Doesn’t he smell pretty?” she teased.

Cori then leaned down and began softly teasing and caressing her lower lips, getting Michelle ready for what was to come. It didn’t take long. She was ready. She may not have cared for my little penis, but she wanted to become pregnant. She knew my small cock and my little grapes were going to get her there. “Oh, I want it, Cori! Give me your seed! I want to have your child inside me! Put his little dick in me, now!”

Cori clamped onto my nutsack and gave my little shaft a few strokes to make sure I was my hardest. “Let’s go!” she said, “Put that little penis inside her! Empty those little marbles inside her!”

As I got closer to Michelle’s heavenly lips, I could feel Cori grab my little hard shaft and guide it to its destination and inserted its head. She then firmly grasped my cheeks and pressed me to full insertion. She then began kneading each side of my back, powering the thrusting as I penetrated her sexy wife on her behalf. I could feel Michelle clenching my little rod with her powerful pussy, with every thrust!

“Shove that little dick in me! I have plenty of room for your little thing! You smell so pretty, just like Cori! I can feel your bald skin touching mine when you shove your little guy in! Thank you for being hairless for me! Now, let go! Release your wonderful seed! Let me have it! Make me pregnant! Come in me! Give me all of it!” Michelle commanded.

I couldn’t take anymore, both of the amazing friction she was applying to my helpless little dick and to the powerfully erotic words she was using and the sexy strong way she was delivering them.

I began to release and kept thrusting until I had no seed left to give. They did right by me and I wanted to give them what they wanted.

“Thank you!” they each proclaimed, followed by a passionate lengthy deep kiss from each of them, of gratitude of the gift of my last seed.

There was plenty of seed to do the job. She did get pregnant. I had my vasectomy. She grew into a very sexy pregnant woman. All that was left was one thing, with the delivery date mere hours away…

Michelle and Coach Cori kept their word, offering me Michelle’s engorged swollen breasts. I hungrily suckled on those amazing, enormous breasts, getting nothing at first. But eventually, each of them let down and released their bountiful supply of nourishment. I savored every drop! I knew she was now ready.

I knew that both she and Cori was ready for THEIR child. They had made it happen. I was happy to play a part. I was happy to donate my final seed!

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