Only Breasts Ch. 05


From now on, Valerie’s life centered around her breasts. Whenever she had time, she shopped for creams and lotions to keep her skin soft and shiny, and did everything she could imagine to keep her boobs in pristine condition. And while she was constantly on the lookout for a new home, she was quite relieved to learn that the art college allowed her to stay a few more weeks to get organized.

Soon, she was finding herself in the tight confines of the box again, vibrator pushed against her excitable little clit, breasts tightly bound and squeezed through the two holes just like before. Only this time she was not part of some grand ceremony, instead her swollen, tender and cling-wrapped breasts had been put into a small room for much more private pleasures. Her twin globes were protruding through the surface of some nondescript office table, waiting for their first real client.

Valerie heard the door open. Someone inhaled sharply. Steps echoed through the small room as the unseen person approached her waiting treasures. Strong, eager hands found her hot globes and ripped the flimsy film away, forcefully pulling the pasties from her nipples. Valerie yelped as the tight package burst open and rough fingers wrapped around her soft flesh, squeezing her pillows aggressively. The vibrator started its work as soon as the hands made contact with her hot skin. Valerie winced with lust as intense sensations radiated from her breasts and sex.

“What a fabulous pair, just what I need to calm down!” a raspy voice muttered while the hands brutally worked Valerie’s taut breasts. The excited girl moaned encouragingly.

The invisible hands kept Valerie busy, pushed and pulled at her exposed flesh, squeezed and even slapped her taut globes for some lewd entertainment. The devilish toy hummed and tickled her whenever her breasts were touched and, to Valerie’s dismay, immediately stopped once the hands pulled away from her exposed skin. It drove her crazy.

After their initial, demanding assault, just when the trapped girl thought she would reach her first climax, the hands suddenly withdrew as the visitor settled down. A lonely finger was circling one of her hardening nipples. The vibrator inside her immediately sprang to life again and teased her endlessly. And then the man began to talk to her exposed, bulging boobs.

“I’m sorry that you have to endure this, but a fat, bound pair of breasts is about the only thing that makes me relax nowadays. I know it’s weird but this club has been a godsend for me. And your gigantic melons absolutely take the cake, hon. I’ve seen a bunch of nice titties in my life but never a pair like yours.”

His hands caressed Valerie’s hard nipples and tugged at them lightly. Her pussy was sopping wet and ready to explode any moment.

“My life has been a real shitshow lately. My company keeps sending me around the world, makes me work hours and hours without end and still treats me like shit. And even with all that crap they put me through, there’s no guarantee that they won’t make me redundant next month, just like they did with Jeff.”

The tip of his finger poked into the rigid little pebble and circled it teasingly. Valerie yelped as the first climax of the day hit her hard and made her shudder.

“Having fun in there, huh? Anyway, to top it all off, my wife just sent me the freaking divorce papers. Apparently I was neglecting her. She wants to keep the kids as well and the house, of course. I’m pretty sure that she lets jigolo seks hikayeleri that artist guy a few houses down the road fuck her brains out whenever I’m away.”

Suddenly he slapped Valerie’s breast forcefully, making her taut pillows quake and jiggle while she came down from her high.

“Fuck that!” he yelled, and then added a bit calmer, “That the booking for your top class tits went through was the best thing that happened to me in a long time, hon. Sorry for the outburst by the way.”

He continued to massage her pillows much more gently now, the vibrator humming away busily.

“Listen, you don’t need to talk to me, but I really would like to learn about your side of this arrangement. Why do you let me abuse your breasts like that? I of course appreciate your services but I don’t really get why you are doing this. Is it the money?”

Valerie was surprised by the direct address and didn’t know how to react. She hadn’t spoken to any of those people and wasn’t even sure if she was allowed to. On the other hand, the guy seemed to have real issues! Either way, what was she supposed to say? That it was all about the incredible amount of cash she earned? That her tits were the only thing that was actually any good on her? Not knowing what to do, Valerie stayed silent.

Suddenly her breasts exploded in pain. The strange man cruelly twisted both of her nipples with might. She screamed.

“Just checking if you’re still alive in there,” he laughed, “Anyway, sorry for bothering you but I guess you get well compensated for this. My reserved slot ends soon, so let me slap your melons a bit more and then call it a day. My dreadful life is waiting for me out there.”

Valerie felt her tits jump around as the blows rained down on her exposed flesh. The sensation was simply overwhelming.

“Wait,” she grimaced, “Stop for a moment please?”

The hands halted their painful work.

“What you said… You’re right, I mostly do that for the money. It turned out that my tits were my only real talent and I had not many options left. A girl needs to eat and all that. But since I started in this line of work, I find the experience quite … uhm… stimulating.”

“Stimulating, huh? So what do you like most when you’re inside the box?”

“Not knowing what happens next, I guess? The suspense.”

“I see. Damn, my time’s up. Thanks for talking to me, you delicious pair of tits. Has been a real pleasure to use you today. I promise to book you again soon.”

“Thanks. And good luck sorting out your life.”

“Oh god, don’t remind me of that train wreck.”

Valerie heard the door close. Then she was alone again. Soon, someone would haul her away and she would get out of this odd prison again.

Back in her tiny dorm, Valerie was thinking about what had happened. That man had been frustrated and stressed out for sure. But her breasts had comforted him, had provided him an opportunity to calm down and get rid of his anger. Of course, he had been quite brutal with her tits, but it was so nice to know that her boobs were such a valued prize to him, that this session with her breasts had been the best thing that had happened to this man for ages!

It felt like she was doing something good by letting people use her body in this way, and it made her feel appreciated. She smiled sheepishly as she thought about how incredibly horny it made her to be in that box, locked in and stuck, breasts exposed and waiting for whatever would happen to them. Her naughty little pussy got already excited again.

The next morning, Valerie was ready to make her decision. Several new requests had come in overnight and she accepted every single one of them, including the medical trial and the request for an art model. She’d be a busy pair of tits in the coming weeks!

Friday came quicker than expected and soon Valerie was back in her box. Member ArtistCollective had booked her for an off-site engagement, which meant that this session would be the first time her tits would venture outside of the confines of the PHH facility. Valerie had no idea where she would end up and for what her breasts would be used this time, just that they would be needed as a prop for some performance art show. She had to admit that this made everything just more exciting.

Valerie felt the box move and wobble. After a bit of shaking, she seemed to be finally in the right place. The hidden girl could feel wind gracing her shrink-wrapped breasts and hear cars driving by in the distance. Someone was squeezing her exposed flesh and massaged her plastic-wrapped pillows.

“You guys really have great suppliers, man. Have never seen such a perfect pair of tits! And Fiona’s pussy is so nice and clean! I can only imagine how many fingers will poke into her sopping hole today. Even Derek’s dick looks great, though I don’t intend to touch that thing with a ten foot pole!”

“Yeah, Carl’s amazing. Do you know how it all started?”

“Everyone knows that. It was Fiona’s devious prank with that box! Still can’t figure out how she made him put his hand in there. That wasp was just cruel.”

“Yeah, poor guy couldn’t use his hand for a week! But it got him thinking, and here we are! Fiona couldn’t really say no after what she did to him. Hope she enjoys having her bare pussy fondled by a bunch of strangers.”

“You don’t know Fiona all that well, do you? She loves it! She would pay good money to be in that box!”

“Really? Can’t wait to feel her up a little. And Derek?”

“What about him?”

“Does he like showing off, too?”

“That guy is so in love with his dick, he would put it on display anywhere! Guess he can’t wait to have some innocent girl explore his jewels.”

“And the tit model? You know anything about her?”

“No I don’t. But Carl got those from PHH so she’s definitely capable of whatever people throw at her. Apparently it’s their top model right now, fucking expensive if you ask me. Should have talked some art student into it, would have saved us a lot of money.”

Valerie felt rough hands on her globes again. Strong fingers were ripping the seal open and pulling away the film. Someone was tweaking her nipples forcefully.

“Fuck man, that pair is just incredible. You get what you pay for, I guess. Could play all day long with those things!”

“Better be quick though. Not much time left before the big reveal!”

“Yeah, let’s get ready.”

Valerie heard something clank against her box, sounds of a drill and a hammer could be made out. The noise continued for a while until one of the workers announced, “OK guys, we’re done!”

The project was called “Hidden: Dangerous Desires” and consisted of a number of beautifully ornamented metal boxes that contained a wide variety of objects people were supposed to feel out. There were ordinary things inside, like a mug of beer, a cake and a pot; funny things like a wet sponge or a piece of dough; pleasant things like a docile cat and the soft fur of a fluffy sheep; painful things like nettles and a cactus; creepy things like spiders and glasses full of bugs; and sexy things like Derek’s hard penis, Fiona’s squishy vagina and Valerie’s pair of ballooning breasts.

The artist’s main intention with this setup was to observe how the audience would find their way through the boxes and how long it would take them to figure out where the pleasant and where the unpleasant objects were hidden. The boxes were set up in a beautiful park, open for the general public. There was no explanation or instruction, the only concession the artist had made was to allow staff to warn families with minors and direct them to ‘safe’ boxes so they wouldn’t get hurt or exposed to indecent material.

Carl watched with fascination as his first curious and clueless guinea pigs entered the park and stuck their hands into the intriguing openings. Amused yelps and giggles soon filled the place and people were obviously having a lot of fun. It didn’t take long for the more explicit boxes to attract a lot more attention than the other more boring ones. Carl laughed as he watched a group of men fighting over Fiona’s box, they obviously knew by now what was hidden in there and couldn’t wait to get a better feel. He was sure Fiona enjoyed the attention.

To his surprise, the breast box had drawn an even larger audience. Young men and women were haggling about who would get access first and shared their experience when they finally got to stick their hands inside. Carl laughed when he saw the jealous look on some of these women as they compared their own measly breasts with that hidden but absolutely spectacular pair of tits in the box.

Valerie enjoyed this session a lot more than when the business man had his way with her. So many hands examined her bloated balloons! The difference in how they touched her, how they poked or pinched her flesh soon allowed her to tell who was male or female, who was young or old, who was curious and who was just horny. To her relief they all behaved relatively well, except for the odd jealous bitch that would tear at her nipples or slap her melons angrily. The little toy once again did a formidable job of enhancing the experience and hummed away whenever someone touched her exposed skin.

She didn’t really know how long she was in that park letting random strangers play with her twins, but she enjoyed it a lot. The number of orgasms she had experienced was proof enough that it had been going for quite a while.

At some point, despite all the attention her twins attracted, she drifted away in a restless sleep, dreaming of hungry hands groping and squeezing her hurting breasts. She woke up again when the box started to move. The exhausting gig finally had ended, her tits felt incredibly tender and her pussy was equally sore from the endless work of her toy. She heard people talking about how incredibly successful the event had been and whether they would repeat the show in some other city as she was transported back to the PHH facility. Valerie smiled when she heard that her breasts had attracted the most visitors and that people also stayed longest there. It was so nice to know her services were valued.

Back in the facility, when she finally stepped out of the box, Valerie inspected her naked body. She could still make out reddish spots on her skin, spots where people had pinched her flesh. Her tits hurt terribly, so much in fact that she tried to avoid any sudden movement. And her pussy screamed at her whenever something touched it. But despite all this, Valerie was happy.

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