Prime Real Estate


“Yeah, hey, Bob. It’s Saundra. Yeah, hi. Listen, I’ve got one last thing to show you before you decide to buy the property. Can I meet you there in, say, an hour? No, just you, I don’t know if this will mean anything to your wife. You can decide if you want to tell her about it afterward. Okay, great, I’ll see you then.”

Bob hung up the phone and furrowed his brow in thought. The two-story house was just about the right size for them, and it was a nice piece of property in a good neighborhood. His mind was pretty well made up, but Pammy wasn’t quite there yet. She was worried about the payments, though he made pretty good money selling insurance, and she wasn’t sure if she liked the neighborhood. He shrugged his shoulders.

“Dear, I’m going out for a few minutes,” he shouted as he walked towards the door. Maybe Saundra had come up with something to help him bring Pammy around.

Saundra’s Explorer was in the driveway of the house when he arrived. He parked behind her, got out, and walked up to the front door. It opened just as he got there.

“Hi, Bob. Thanks for coming,” Saundra said as she stuck out her hand. Bob took it automatically since his mind wasn’t thinking about courtesies.

Bob had always enjoyed having Saundra as his buyer’s agent. Not only was she knowledgeable, but she was pretty good-looking and usually dressed well. Blouse and skirt, a woman’s suit, occasionally a dress, nothing too sexy, very much that ‘professional’ look. Still, it was evident that she had a great body beneath her clothing, and Bob had often checked her out during their numerous home visits.

Today, it was apparent that Bob had underestimated the size of Saundra’s tits. Reaching this conclusion didn’t take any effort at all because today, Saundra was wearing a sheer top without a bra.

She showed him in, then turned and closed the door, which allowed him to check her out again. She was wearing a dress, but this one was much shorter and more deeply plunging in the back than any he had seen her wear. The hem barely made it past the bottom of her ass, and the white material appeared to be stretchy, clinging to every curve she had. That made it a pretty good bet that she either wasn’t wearing any underwear or was wearing a thong. As she turned to face him, he saw a full, high collar to the dress, with a spray of silver beads on the front. But, between that and her waist was just a sheer, gauzy white fabric that didn’t hide an inch of Saundra’s large, rounded tits or the half-dollar-sized nipples atop them. Even her shoes were different, white pumps with five-inch stiletto heels.

“So, Bob, what did Pam say when you told her you were coming here?”

He shrugged, trying to sound nonchalant. “I didn’t tell her. I just said I was going out.” Saundra smiled slightly.

“I see… Well, let me show you what I have.” She gestured towards the kitchen counter and began walking. ‘You’re already showing me what you have,’ thought Bob as he followed. She picked up a piece of paper and handed it to him. It read-



Playful, fun-loving türbanlı seks hikayeleri slut, born in 1995 and a mother of one, has 3 cock-draining holes and 2 bra-busting tits. She offers 5 main styles: Slut, Whore, Fuck-Doll, Slave, and Rape Victim. Other features include a pretty face, a well-rounded ass, and a desire to please. This slut does Parking and Making Out, Flashing, and Public Sex. Her body is pierced and denuded of all body hair. MLS#: SLUT001

Key Features: FREE to the client for 30 DAYS after closing

Located: Wherever you desire.

Additional Information

5’6″, 125lbs, 37C-25-34 Brunette, Blue eyes

Cunt is FISTABLE Trained as Potty-slave

Humiliation makes her wetter Comes with a full Training Kit

Enjoys dressing to please Lesbian Top available

For more information, contact…



Bob looked up at her, shocked. “What… what’s this?” he asked, shaking the paper.

“It’s my buyer’s incentive, Bob.” Saundra’s voice was low and throaty, and Bob felt his cock twitch. “It’s really quite simple,” she said as her hands went to her collar. “Buy this house, and…” her hands drew the top of the dress down, she made a quick wriggle of her hips, and the dress crumpled to the floor. “… You get me for thirty days.”

As she stood before him wearing only her shoes, Bob idly noted two things: First, she wasn’t wearing a thong, and second, the paper was right about her lack of hair.

“You see, Bob, like the paper says, I’m a slut. That means I like cock, and lots of it. I’m also a submissive and take great pleasure in being used and abused. Very… great… pleasure,” she repeated, her voice even huskier than before. “The thought of offering myself for your unlimited use is quite a turn-on.” Her eyes stared directly into his, while her hands came up and cupped her tits.

“If you buy this house, Bob,” she said as she began rolling her nipples between her fingers, “it will mean that, for thirty days, you will be able to… do things… to me, Bob. Hot and nasty things, Bob, any day, any time.

“Do you have fantasies, Bob? Sure you do. Have you ever fantasized about fucking your secretary? Calling her into your office and telling her to take her fucking clothes off and suck your cock? Leaning back in your chair while you’re talking to a customer and watching her head move up and down as she sucks the cum from your balls? Bending her over your desk, shoving your hard cock up her tight ass, and corn-holing her as she cries out for more?

“I could be your secretary, Bob. I could be showing a client a house and my cell phone rings, and it’s you. And you say, ‘Slut, come over here at lunch and make my cock feel good,’ and I say, ‘Yes, sir, I’ll be there.’ And I’ll finish showing the house, but the whole time my cunt will be creaming because I know that you are going to make me take off my clothes and suck your cock and that all I’ll eat for lunch will be your cum.” Her eyes fluttered slightly as her fingers began pulling on her nipples, but she wasn’t done yet.

“Or maybe you fantasize about watching two women have sex, is that what you’ll want, Bob? To watch two hot sluts lick each other’s cunt? Will you tell me to bring my girlfriend to your office so you can watch her strap on a big dildo and fuck me on your desk? Is that what you fantasize about?

“Or maybe you’ve dreamed of picking up a stripper who whores on her off nights and going off to a motel room with her. There she does a strip tease for you, getting you all hot and bothered, then tells you that she really needs money, so she’ll take you around the world for twenty bucks. But you play hard to get, so she drops her price, but you’re still not buying. She starts sucking on your cock and says, ‘ten bucks’ and you push her off and say, ‘Just get up on the bed and stick your ass in the air, I’m gonna fuck you as long as I want, and you’re gonna do everything I want, and if you’re good, I’ll give you a dollar.’ And then you shove your cock into my holes and fuck me. Do you want to do that, Bob?”

Saundra’s closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She was pulling her nipples hard, making her tits bounce each time a nipple popped free of her fingers. Bob’s eyes were locked on the unbelievable sight before him, and he could feel his cock standing stiffly against his pants.

“Or maybe you’re a really bad man, Bob. Maybe you have fantasies of rape, spying on a pretty slut, slipping into her house, and surprising her. Tying her up and ripping her clothes from her body as she screams and struggles. Ripping her panties off and shoving them into her mouth to keep her quiet while you run your hands all over her body, pinching and pulling and slapping and fingering and sticking two, three, four fingers into her cunt. Then, as she watches in horror, you get undressed. She knows what’s coming next, but you’ve got her tied up, she can’t move, can’t get away. Then you bend her legs back, shove your cock into her cunt, and start fucking her, and she cries and screams, but it doesn’t matter. No one will hear her, no one will rescue her, it’s just you and her for the whole day. The… whole… fucking… day!” Saundra’s slowly moved a hand from her tit to her crotch. “And just before you leave, you tell her, ‘Leave the door unlocked, I’ll be back tomorrow.

“Or maybe you’re really, really, bad, Bob. Maybe you fantasize about finding a good-looking slut in a bar, and putting something in her drink when she’s not looking. And helping her when she passes out, but you’re not really helping her, are you? You’re just taking her somewhere safe, somewhere you can play with her, somewhere no one will find her. Maybe you put her in the garage, maybe out in the shed, shove a gag in her mouth, tie her hands to the ceiling and tie a bar to her ankles. And when she wakes up, you cut her clothes off of her and toss them aside, then you start to play with her. Maybe take that bag of clothespins Pam has and put them all over her body, in her nipples, on her clit, and laugh as she screams and tries to get away. Then you’ll turn her around, bend her over the lawn-mower, take that spare fan belt, and start whipping her big, white ass. And when her ass is all red and striped, and she’s dropping tears all over the seat of the mower, you’ll pick up the bottle of motor oil, screw the spout onto it, and shove it up her ass.” Saundra moved her feet apart and bent her knees, and as she pulled her nipple so far out Bob thought she would pull it off, she shoved three fingers into her cunt.

“Ohhhhh god! Oh! Oh! And then… and then you’ll hook up the jumper cables to the battery and shove one end into my cunt and rub the other one all over my body and laugh as I scream and dance. Rip the clothespins off so you can whip my tits, maybe take the ping-pong paddles and bat my tits around, is that what you’ll want to do to me, Bob, is that it? Treat me like a fucking slut, make me take off my clothes, and walk through the park? Tie me up and beat me, then fuck me and beat me some more? Go to a bar and drink a six-pack, then meet me out back and piss down my throat? Stick your piss-hard cock into my mouth and piss, then fuck my mouth until I eat another load of your cum? Is that what you’re going to do to me? Ohhhh God!”

Saundra’s fingers plunged deep into her cunt while she pulled her nipples into fleshy cones, her excitement as plain as the rivulets of juice ran down the inside of her legs. Bob was dumb-struck by the sight, a large tent in the front of his pants a clear sign of his excitement.

“You can have it all, Bob,” Saundra said as she opened her eyes and looked at him. “I got a great fucking body, and a body great for fucking. I get off on being used like a cheap blow-up fuck doll, three holes, no waiting. And I’ll do whatever you want me to do, no questions asked, no commitment to worry about. You can bend me over and fuck my ass three times a day, and after thirty days, I’ll just be gone.

“So, what’s it going to be, Bob? A new house for the family plus a piece of ass for a month? Or are you going to pass on this offer?”

Thoughts flew wildly through Bob’s head, and images of his wife played across his eyes. It seemed like an eternity, but it was only a second before he blinked his eyes and replied, “Yeah, sure, I’ll buy the fucking house.”

Saundra smiled. “Most deals are sealed with a hand-shake. I like to seal mine a little differently.” And with that, she dropped to her knees before him.

It took a little convincing, but Bob and Pammy signed the papers on their new home five weeks later. A beaming Saundra handed them the keys and said, “Congratulations, and don’t forget to call me if you need help with anything. Oh, and there’s a surprise waiting for you in the kitchen.” She caught Bob’s eye and winked.

The two new homeowners went straight to the house, where they discovered a chilled magnum of champagne and a vase of roses sitting on the counter. They toasted the house and their agent and spent the afternoon wandering around discussing their plans while finishing the champagne.

That evening, while Pammy shopped for suitable curtains, Bob exercised the unwritten part of his Buyer’s Agreement and fucked Saundra on his office desk. It was the beginning of a beautiful month for all.

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