Subject: Robbie’s True Love III Chapter 21 21. Hello everyone and so sorry for the huge delay for this Chapter. Getting back to work and busy in the house, everything just got away as it tends to do sometimes! Then I was going to start writing again but my damn computer sort of went BYE-BYE for a while, and after 5 phone calls to Apple and three messed up appointments (their mess up) I finally got it fixed. PRAISE BE!!! Then when I thought I got things sorted, I then found out that this Chapter did not make it back and have had to re-write it over again DRAT!! Still having some problems, and I think I need to bite a huge bullet and buy a new computer� OMG!!! Have you priced the new Mac’s yet?? OMG, again!! Sometimes a think I want to go back to a stone tablet and chisel. So here we go with Chapter 21. Thanks for your understanding AND patience. So read on and cheers everyone!! Sam and Daryl dried each other with some kissing and light fondling and finally got dressed for the day. It would be good to go out for the day, thought Daryl. He wanted to see some of Santa Barbara and spend time away from the ranch with his lover Sam. He was falling deeper in love every day and really wanted this to work! Daryl put on a pair of tan Dockers, a medium green polo shirt and tan deck shoes, sans socks. They had shaved and brushed their teeth. Sam put on a pair of nice Wrangler jeans that hugged and showed off his fabulous ass and his great bulge in the front. He also added a tight-fitting polo shirt in light blue and a pair of blue deck shoes. They were ready to head out!! They drove into town in Sam’s silver pick-up. Daryl couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was. The ocean sparkled and the architecture was fabulous showing a very heavy Mexican influence. They held hands as Sam drove. Sam was taking Daryl to the Sant Barbara Mission, one of the most famous Missions in California. The Mission is pale pink in color and has two large bell towers. It was founded by Fr. Serra in 1786 and was consecrated in 1787. It is the only California Mission that has two bell towers. The men toured the grounds and Sam bought a history book about the mission for Daryl. What a wonderful experience it was for both men to share. They stopped at a caf� for coffee and chatted. They toured some of the shops downtown and Daryl bought a beautiful scarf for Elsa and one for Alma, his real Grandmother. He had them wrapped and was delighted with the look. They passed a silver shop and Daryl wanted to look in, so in they went. Daryl saw a beautiful silver bolo tie for Sam and had it wrapped for him when Sam was overlooking some other things. It was nearing lunchtime and both men were hungry. Sam wanted to take Daryl to a real authentic Mexican restaurant for lunch. He decided to take him to Los Agaves, which has an award-winning flare and great food. They specialize in Margaritas in many different flavors. After looking over the menu they decided to have Guacamole and Nachos to share. Daryl ordered the Fajitas Del Mar, which had mixed seafood. Sam ordered the Enchiladas Mole. Both came with beans and rice. The men dug in and shared bites all through lunch. Daryl loved every bite but loved being with Sam even more. They held hands under the table and gazed into each other’s eyes. They were totally falling more in love with each passing minute. Sam paid the check (with protest from Daryl) and they left to walk around some more. They got back in the truck and Sam took them to see Walk Stearns Wharf, Built in 1872. There were shops and restaurants and an expanse of Pacific Ocean that was gorgeous. The men window shopped and then stopped and had a coffee and just enjoyed more of the day. Sam looked at Daryl, smiled and said, “This day so far has been magical and I know we will make more magic together. Daryl, I am so in love with you and I sincerely hope you are falling in love with me too!!!” Daryl was delighted with Sam’s plea and he just smiled and even with all the people around he leaned over and kissed his Sam saying in a quiet voice, we still need to spend time with each other, get to know each other better. We both have a distance problem to figure out and I know we will find away. After all, it has ensest seks hikayeleri only been three days and now I totally believe in love at first sight!! I need to discuss this with not only Robbie and Tommy, who have turned into my best friends, but also my employers. There are two women in my life that are very important to me, more than I can say. First you met Elsa who is like a second grandmother to me and is my real Grandmother Alma’s, best friend. They were Bridesmaids in each other’s weddings and have raised me together. I love them both beyond words!!!” A tear ran down Daryl’s face but he also had a smile on his face as well. He reached up and caressed Sam’s cheek with love and tenderness. They got up after they finished their coffees and walked a bit more and threw caution to the wind and held hands, acting like they didn’t have a care in the world. There were looks of course, but quite a few smiles as well. After all, both men were tall, buffed and just plain gorgeous. And each carried a look of total contentment on their faces. They walked back to the truck and Daryl said, “Let’s go back to the ranch for a swim and then get dressed up fancy. I want to take you to dinner tonight! So darling man, do we have a date??” “Yes my love we do so let’s git and have a dip in the pool and then maybe some play time in the shower. We’ll dress up elegant like and I’ll let my love treat me to a fabulous dinner!!” So back they went to the house for a quick cool off in the pool and to let Elsa and Miss Ellie know they were out for the evening. While Sam drove back to the ranch, Daryl pulled out his phone and called Robbie to check in and let him know what was going on and then to see how things were going in Beverly Hills. Robbie answered on the 2nd ring and was delighted to hear Daryl’s voice. “So, talk to me Daryl and let me know what is going on?” “Well Robbie, I have a surprise for you both. I am now officially dating again and have fallen hard and fast. He is beyond words and you already know him!!” Robbie put the phone on speaker and had Sam come to listen too. “Well, are you going to keep us in suspense much longer? OH Wait, is it Sam, oh please let it be Sam, WELLLLLLLL?” Yes, it is Sam and we haven’t left each other since the first night. Right now, we are driving back to the ranch after a whirl wind tour of the city, the Mission, the wonderful wharf followed by window shopping and tonight, we’re getting dressed up and I am taking him to dinner, (although I don’t know where yet) but I will let you know. “I know just the place and you will love it. One of our favorite places, Intermezzo at Wine Cask. I know the owner and Chef, Josh Brown, and will make you a reservation for say 8:00. Does that work for you both, and Daryl, you have our total blessing about Sam. I Have known him for years and he is the real deal. I think he is perfect for you and we can discuss this more when we see you!!! I’ll call you back with the reservation time. I will take care of everything! Have a fine large, beautiful evening!!” and he rang off. The men were holding hands and Daryl looked at Sam and smiled, “Looks like Robbie is taking care of a reservation for us tonight at a place called `Intermezzo, by Wine Cask’ at 8:00 tonight” Sam’s eyes got huge and said WOOOW, that is one of the most expensive restaurants in the whole town, and it has a great rating, like 5 stars! I hope you can afford it!” “Don’t worry about anything, I get a huge salary and don’t pay for rent, food or anything other than my clothes and any gifts I need to buy, so I want to do this for you. Let’s just enjoy!!!” Bit of time passed as the men drove back to the ranch, still holding hands. Robbie called and told Daryl they had reservations at 8:00pm for 2 in a secluded corner. Daryl said “Thank you, Boss Man. I know we will have a great time tonight. When are you coming back to the ranch and when are we going down to the desert to see what is going on there?” “Well things are shaping up here and we should be back there within the week. There has been nothing but problems here, but we now have it under control�I HOPE!!” Daryl closed the call and told Sam about the reservation for tonight at 8:00. It was now just going on about 2:30 and they had time for a dip in the pool and a bit of a nap before they got dressed for their evening out. Both men turned toward each other briefly and together they said at the same time, “I love you!!” They made it back to the ranch and they first headed to the house to see Elsa and tell Miss Ellie they wouldn’t be in for supper as they had a date night planned. Both women smiled and said it was just fine. They went to Tom’s small, cute house and after they closed the door, they embraced tightly and kissed deeply. Daryl looked at Sam with big eyes and said he was so very happy. The men changed into their swimsuits, grabbed towels and walked to the large pool area. Putting the towels down, they dove into the cool refreshing water. There were a few others who worked on the ranch at the pool enjoying the afternoon. They were allowed to swim any time as long as there were no other guests staying. Daryl had met a few and the other’s he was introduced to. They were a friendly bunch and asked how he knew the family? Daryl blushed and said that he worked for Robbie and Tommy as their houseman for both houses. He came here for a vacation while they were in Beverley Hills doing business at their restaurant. The men smiled and Sam and Daryl played in the pool for a bit. They sat in the sun also and had the sun dry them off. They held hands and gazed into each other’s eyes lovingly. A few men noticed, smiled and the men didn’t care, since many were couples themselves. After a while, Sam and Daryl got up and walked to Sam’s house for a lay down and then a shower to cleanup and then dress for dinner. After entering the house, the men once again embraced and kissed deeply and very lovingly. While this was all going on at the ranch, Tommy and Robbie had put in a full day and things were starting to return to normal. They had hired several new personnel and had a meeting with the whole staff in the morning. They were going to re-open again on Saturday evening with a huge sign: `UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT’ The men collapsed in chairs with huge glasses of iced tea. Robbie had to go pee, so he got up and went back to the bathroom area. Took out his phone and called the Concierge at the hotel and explained what he wanted done and that they would be back after dinner around 8-ish. John, the Concierge, said it would be taken care of post haste. Robbie said “Thank You” and hung up. When Robbie got back to the table, Tommy suggested that they go to the Polo Lounge for an early dinner and Robbie agreed. They were dressed in nice slacks and button-down shirts so they could eat there with no problem. Then Robbie remembered they had sport coats in the car and all for the better. The men looked at the time and it was pushing onto 6:00, so they bid everyone good night and left to go to dinner. They arrived at the Beverley Hills Hotel and valet parked their car, saying they were having dinner only and not staying. They walked into the Polo Lounge and were greeted by the Ma”tre` D. Daniel. “Ahh, Mister Blackford, it is nice to see you and Mr. Gilman again. I have a lovely table for you, just this way. The men were seated and given menus and water glasses were filled and a breadbasket was also brought. Their server, Tyler, came over and asked if they would like a pre-dinner cocktail. The men thought a minute and Robbie ordered a Grey Goose Martini, very dry, shaken – not stirred with three olives. Tommy ordered a Dewar’s Scotch with soda and a lime twist. They drinks came shortly and both men sipped while each gave a deep sigh of contentment. Each man immediately felt like the world had lifted off their shoulders. They gazed at the menu and Tyler came back and asked if they wanted starters. Robbie ordered Escargot and Tommy ordered the house-made Pate. The men were relishing their cocktails when two men walked up to the table. “Robbie and Tommy, what in the world are you both doing here?” It was their friends George and Frank from San Francisco and regular customers at their restaurants in the city. They were just arriving and meeting friends for dinner. Robbie said there were some problems with their Beverly Hills restaurant and we were preparing things and re-opening on Saturday evening. Then they were headed up to Santa Barbara to the family ranch, and going down to Palm Desert as they had another new restaurant there as well. We also bought a house down in Palm Desert. If you both are still around on Saturday stop at `Blackford’s at Blakes’ for dinner on Saturday. We would love to see you more!! Please try to come. Appetizers were finished and they had ordered Steak Diane for two and a small butter lettuce salad with a vinaigrette dressing. The steak Diane was prepared at tableside and it was spectacular and oh so delicious as always!! The men had a lovely Cab from Alexander Valley that was also outstanding. Ma”tre D came over as they were having their coffee and asked if everything was wonderful? Robbie said that Tyler was a wonderful server and the food was superb, as always� Tommy asked for the check and it was brought and were surprised that the wine was compted and so was the coffee. But the bill was still expensive. Tommy paid the check and left a overly large tip for Tyler, their server� Robbie said he was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel even if it was early, so they were off to the hotel for some cuddles and possible a hot bubble bath for them both!! Sam and Daryl got the restaurant and were delighted with the d�cor. They were greeted and asked if they had a reservation. Daryl spoke, said yes and it had been made by Mr. Robbie Blackford. The head waiter smiled and said yes, it was here and to follow him to the table. It was a nice banquet table with a view, but yet secluded. The men were seated and given menus. Water and a breadbasket soon appeared with flavored butters on the side. Their server approached and asked if they would like a cocktail before dinner. Sam ordered a Lager and Daryl asked of a rum and coke, with lime. The drinks soon appeared. The men talked about their day and each said they had a really good time, just being with each other, They perused the menu and decided on the Pate` de Campagna to share and then followed by a roasted beet salad. The Daryl chose a Panko crusted Chicken dish with shaved fennel and a Meyer lemon vinaigrette, while Sam chose Gambas al Ajillo. Prawns with parsley, sherry and grilled Ciabatta and chose a side of grilled asparagus. They had the wine steward come over to suggest a good white wine to drink with their dinner and a Duckhorn Chardonnay was selected. Dinner was beyond words! Both men relished each bite and shared bite with each other and were totally delighted with the food. The empty plates were removed and dessert menus were offered along with coffee service. They each ordered coffee and Daryl chose one of his favorite desserts, Lavender Scented Cr�me Brulee, while Sam chose the Strawberry Mousse. Both desserts appeared with relish and coffee cups were refilled. The service had been fabulous and the dinners were outstanding. When everything was finished and both men were full, Daryl asked for the check and a folder was brought. When Daryl opened it there was a note from Robbie saying dinner had been taken care of by he and Tommy and they hoped they had a wonderful time. The pair would see them soon and sent their love as well. Both Daryl and Sam were astonished. They then kissed discreetly and got up to go back to the ranch after a bit of a walk around as they were both full. They walked down the block holding hands and kissed again and Sam said quietly, “I love you Daryl, so very much.” Daryl smiled and said, “Me too lover.” They walked back to the truck and drove back to the ranch while holding hands. Robbie and Tommy made it back to the Blackford Arms, went to the elevator and exited on their floor and walked to the suite. Robbie pulled out the key card and opened the door for Tommy and as he walked in, he was astonished at what he saw! He was speechless and Robbie quietly closed the door to their suite. I hope everyone enjoyed this Chapter and I promise to get the next one out sooner. I hope everyone is well and safe and getting your lives back to some normalcy. Please continue to play safe and be careful out there. Be kind to others and above all be yourself as you can be no other. Happy Belated Pride to all. I as always need to thank my dear darling Allen for his work in editing this mess. Please donate to Nifty. Cheers for now, Your Sexy Chef

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