Sally and Giggles


She told me that if I ever wanted to come back and play again, all I had to do was arrive at her door and knock. But after the last time, I swore to myself that I’d never see her again. But she had haunted my dreams and all of my masturbatory fantasies. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and all she had done to me.

Not even a week had passed before I found myself taking small steps toward her front door. I’d already masturbated earlier that morning, but that didn’t stop my little penis from becoming stiff when I reached out and timidly tapped on her front door.

The sound of her heavy footsteps walking toward me made a shiver shoot up my spine. My heart was racing in my chest and I could feel myself beginning to perspire. If she hadn’t opened the door when she did, I would have darted down the street as fast as I could. But she did open the door. And the smile that spread across Sally’s face was that of satisfaction and pleasure.

She sounded cheery when she said, “I knew you’d be back, Giggles!” During my first visit to her home, she began calling me Giggles and it looked like the name was going to stick.

While standing there in front of her outside her home, I was reminded how much taller she was than me. If I were to stare straight ahead, I’d be looking right at her vast cleavage. But she wasn’t only taller, she was bigger than me in every way. She more than doubled my 110-pound weight. She had enormous breasts, each larger than my head, wide hips, and big, thick thighs. None of which I’d seen without her clothes covering them. Her face was chubby which made her mouth, nose, and eyes appear a little out of proportion. Her once-brown hair had long ago begun the transformation to grey and was cut in a short style women her age often wore.

She reached out and offered me her enormous, chubby hand. My skinny, pale arm was shaking when I raised it and laid my small hand with its slender fingers into hers. Looking up at her big brown eyes, I said, “Um, Sally, I didn’t want to come back. But, but…”.

She grinned while gently pulling me into her home and closing the door behind me. “I know, Giggles. You couldn’t stay away. I bet you’ve been thinking about me and the things we did last time ever since you left.”

Without waiting for a response, she kept hold of my hand and guided me straight through her living room, down a hallway, and through a door. From there, we descended a stairway into her basement. After we’d taken that last step onto the carpeted floor, I bit my lower lip and raised my chin until I saw the padded massage table sitting right where I remembered it. The straps dangled from each corner of the table and cuffs hung from each strap.

I bit my lip and almost began to say that going back there had been a mistake, but Sally set her hand on my lower back and propelled me toward the table. I spun around as she moved in close to me. Sally slipped her hands into my armpits and lifted me onto the table. While sitting on the edge of that padded table, I leaned back against my hands to keep my balance. She took one of my legs in her hands and began untying my shoe before removing it, along with my sock. When she started on my other shoe and sock, she glanced up at me and asked, “Have you been a good boy since our last visit, Giggles?”

Biting my lower lip nervously, I squeaked, “I-I-I think so.”

Sally grinned, “How often have you been playing with your little penis?”

I felt my face blush and my entire body became warm when I answered, “Every day. Twice a day. Three times on some days.”

“And what naughty things have you been thinking about while touching yourself?” She then helped me down from the table before undoing the buttons on my shirt.

I whimpered softly, “I’ve been thinking about you and what happened the last time I was here.”

“Am I the only one you’ve been thinking about?”

Biting my lower lip, I answered truthfully, “Yes. I couldn’t think of anyone else.”

“You have been a good boy.” She smiled while sliding my shirt off my shoulders and setting it aside with my shoes and socks. After putting her hands in position to undo my pants, she paused and asked, “Still no girlfriends, right Giggles?”

I bit my lip and whispered, “No. No girlfriends. I’m still…” I let the thought trail off without finishing it. She knew what I was about to say.”

She popped the button open on my pants while I held my skinny, pale arms out of her way. She looked down while sliding my pants and underwear down in one swoop. “You’re still a virgin. You’re still a 19-year-old virgin who has never had a girlfriend. You’ve never even been kissed.”

While she spoke those hurtful, but truthful words, my pants, and underwear fell around my ankles. The thin, short prong of my penis popped out. It was completely erect but sadly undersized. The soft pouch of marbles was shrunk up tightly to the skinny shaft even though it wasn’t at all chilly in the room. Sally only grinned when she saw it. Slipping iskenderun seks hikayeleri her hands back under my armpits, she helped me back up onto the table.

Sally went right to work and secured each of my wrists and ankles into the cuffs on each corner of the table. I didn’t bother to resist, it was too late. I was back in her home and there was no escaping until she decided we’d finished. After snugging them all tight, I found I could hardly move at all, just like last time. My little penis was pointing straight up and every time Sally glanced at it, she grinned. When she’d nearly finished securing me in place, she said, “During your last visit, you were here for thirty minutes. Giggles, this time it’s going to for an hour.”

I whimpered softly, “Can’t we do just 30 minutes again? Please? Pretty please?”

She stepped away to a cupboard after double-checking all the cuffs. When she turned back toward me, she was carrying a familiar glass bottle of a clear oil. After removing the glass cap from the bottle, she poured a large amount of it across my chest and down my stomach. I squirmed on the table while the thick, warm oil pooled on my skin before running down my sides. After returning the cap to the bottle, she explained, “I know we’ve already discussed this. Every time you come back to visit me, you’ll spend thirty more minutes on the table than you did the time before. The next time you stop by, you’ll be on the table for ninety minutes.”

Sally began rubbing the oil over my chest, stomach, and down my sides. She eventually picked up the bottle again and poured oil down each of my legs. She rubbed the oil into my thighs and shins with her large, warm hands. The more she touched me, the hornier I got. She made sure to cover my feet with the oil which had me squirming and thrashing on the table, I was terribly ticklish. My reaction made Sally smile brightly.

She went back to the bottle and poured it down each of my arms. She made sure to let her fingertips dance around in my armpits tickling me once more, making me squirm and struggle to get away. After she’d rubbed oil into them, she picked up the bottle one last time. She poured a large heart shape around my rigid penis. I was moaning and whimpering on the table when her hands next touched me. She completely avoided my penis. Instead concentrating on my upper thighs, hips, and over my pubic hair. She hadn’t even touched my penis and I was already extremely horny.

She stepped away back to the cupboard and came back with a kitchen timer. After entering in 60 minutes, she showed it to me. “Are you ready to start, Giggles?”

I whined while trying to grind my hips up toward her, “I don’t know!”

After filling her palm with oil, she pressed the start button on the timer. She immediately took my small erection in her fist. My entire penis disappeared in her gasp. She pumped her chubby hand up and down quickly while my eyes rolled up into my head and I began thrashing around wildly. I began chanting, “Oh Sally! Oh, Sally!”

She asked in a condescending tone, “What’s wrong, Giggles?”

I squealed out in a high pitch, “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

She spoke very calmly, “No you aren’t. Not for 89 minutes and 15 seconds. She kept pumping her hand until the last possible second, she then released my erection and let it throb before her eyes. It was only one stroke away from cumming when she let go! I was gasping and whining and fighting against my bonds.

Sally didn’t stand there for long. She moved right up beside my shoulders, reached across my chest, and dug her finger into my armpits before wiggling them around. I squealed loudly and began giggling uncontrollably while pulling and fighting against the straps. I was extremely ticklish all over my body and Sally was going to take advantage of that just like she did during my last visit.

I heard myself screaming and begging her to stop while her fingers tickled their way down the sides of my ribs. I knew my penis was still very stiff and throbbing. I never knew how turned on I got while being tickled until my last visit with Sally. I’d always thought I hated to be tickled. After a time, it began to hurt. But Sally knew when to tickle and when to tease my penis to send me into the stratosphere. She could read my young body to keep me teetering between orgasm and torture.

Sally dug her fingers into my hips and wiggled them around making me try to kick and do anything I could to get away from her. She kept wriggling into that hyper ticklish area until tears began rolling down my cheeks. Only then did she take my skinny erection back in her hand and slide it up and down as quickly as she could.

Before I got too close to cumming, she asked, “Do you love me, Giggles?”

I squealed, “Yes!” I hardly knew her, but at that moment, I thought I did love her.

She slowed her stoking while asking, “Do you want to be my boyfriend, Giggles?”

My mind was already fuzzy and I was sure it hadn’t even been five minutes yet. Sally was probably twice my age, about as old as my mother. I knew very little about her. I didn’t know her last name, where she worked, if she worked, if she had family, or how long she’d lived in the city. But at that moment, I didn’t even hesitate before squealing, “Yes!”

She smiled brightly while slowing down the pace of her stroking even more. Her free hand drifted up my slippery body until she held a nipple between her finger and thumb. She pinched hard and I whimpered in pain.

“I’m so glad you want to be my boyfriend. From now on, this will be the only way you get to squirt! And Giggles, you’re never going to lose your precious virginity as long as we’re together.” Her hands slid quickly down my body until she’d dug the fingernails of both hands into the insides of my thighs. I squealed and thrashed about while she tickled me savagely. She asked, “Do you promise that you’ll never cheat on me with another girl?”

While tossing my head from side to side and laughing so hard tears were pouring down my cheeks, I screamed, “YES! YES! I promise I’ll never cheat on you with another girl!”

She began tickling the insides of my thighs even more aggressively while asking, “Do you promise you’ll never cheat, especially with a younger, skinnier, prettier girl?”

I thrashed about and writhed while tears poured down my cheeks and my penis throbbed uncontrollably. “I promise I’ll never cheat on you! Especially with a skinny, younger, prettier girl! I promise! I swear! I love you, Sally!”

Her fingers left my thighs and slithered back to my rigid penis. She teased it slowly with the tip of one finger along the underside of its squishy, pink head. I’d been horny on the way to her home. But now, laying on her table, I was indescribably horny. My skinny prong bucked and jumped against her finger, trying to get as much friction as I could. But she was in control and she wasn’t going to let anything happen that she didn’t want to happen.

While my penis leaked out its excitement onto my oil-covered stomach, she teasingly slid her finger up and down along the neck of my petite length. In a soft, sing-song voice, she asked, “Giggles, if I asked you to marry me, would you say yes?”

I groaned, “Yes! Yes, I’d marry you if you asked!”

She watched as my penis throbbed in desire. She touched me only enough to get me close, but never allow me to get too close to cumming. “What would your family and friends say about you marrying a woman who would never let you have intercourse or a proper orgasm?”

I squealed, “I don’t know! Really!”

Sally reached up and pinched one nipple then the other with her free hand. She alternated between them while still teasing my little erection with her other hand. “I’d have to tell them, Giggles. I’d be so proud of you. I’d have to tell everyone.”

My hips bucked up and a large drop of my dew appeared on the tip of my skinny penis. Sally pulled her hands away and began lightly tickling across my sides and hips with her fingernails. I thrashed about and pulled against my bonds while gasping, “I know! You’d have to tell them! You’d have to tell everyone everything about what we do at home!”

She continued to tickle me while moaning, “Good boy.” Her fingers drifted over my slippery flesh like a breeze making me laugh and giggle and beg her to stop. I used all my strength to break free from the bonds, but it wasn’t ever going to happen. “Do you know what I think would be special? If your mother escorted you down the aisle to me while you were completely naked.”

An image of her thought appeared in my mind and I moaned softly while squirming to get free. “Oh, Sally!”

She moved her hands back to my skinny penis and stroked it extremely quickly several times before going back to tickle my armpits. I screamed out and bucked my hips from side to side as hard as I could.

She kept focused on my armpits while saying, “Everyone you’ve ever known would see you walking down that aisle to me with your stiff little penis pointing the way.” She moved one of her hands back to my penis and began sliding three of her fingers down over the top of my hard prong like a hat. “Your mother, father, sister. Your aunts and uncles. Your grandparents. Every friend you’ve ever had. Every friend of your family. Your co-workers, the teachers you had in school, everyone would be there. Wouldn’t it be nice for everyone to know who you really are? You’d never have to pretend to be anything you aren’t.”

Her fantasy had crept into my mind. The image of our wedding was crystal clear and surreal. Not only could Sally read my body, but she had also worked her way into my mind and was twisting all my secret fantasies making them her own. I squealed out in a high pitch, “Sally! Please stop!”

She ignored my plea, “At the reception, we’ll bring along this table and let everyone have a chance to tickle and play with you. Who do you think would be first in line?”

I gasped, “My Aunt Beverly!”

Her fingers continued to gently slide down over the head of my penis at a very slow pace. Her other hand had moved back to alternate between my nipples, pinching and twisting them just enough to make me flinch. “Why Aunt Beverly? Should I be jealous?”

I gasped, “No! She just kisses me on the lips, pats my bottom, and smushes my head between her boobs when she hugs me.”

Sally grinned and said, “Well, that sounds innocent enough. But I’m still going to have to talk to Aunt Beverly when I see her.”

Her teasing of my penis had gone farther than she expected. I felt my orgasm welling up inside of me. I moaned loudly and arched my back. I chirped out, “Sally! Oh, Sally! Please don’t stop!”

But she pulled her touch away just in time and was able to stop it from finishing. I was left lying there desperately horny and my mind racing with thoughts of my relationship with Sally.

She stood beside the table looking down at me for several seconds, she was smiling the entire time. Glancing away from me, she smiled even wider while picking up the timer and showing it read forty-six minutes. Only fourteen minutes had passed. We weren’t even halfway done!

After setting the timer back down, she moved toward my feet and looked to my tear-filled eyes, “Shall we talk about our honeymoon now?”

For the next forty-five minutes, I remained strapped down onto that table. Sally tickled me relentlessly while teasing my skinny penis to the verge of orgasm dozens of times. She talked about our honeymoon and what our lives would be like upon our return home. I was a complete mess those last few minutes before the timer went off. My penis was leaking its excitement like a faucet. My little marbles were pulled up tight against my skinny shaft. I was covered in a thin layer of perspiration and had never wanted to cum so badly.

When that timer did finally go off, Sally removed her hands from my body and turned it off. She then came back to me laying there writhing in frustration. She set the pad of her index finger against my penis, just under the head. She didn’t move it all. She just set her finger against me. While she stared into my eyes and I stared back into hers, I began to thrust my hips up and down while flexing my penis as hard as I could. I was working terribly hard for the least bit of friction.

She teasingly asked, “Don’t you want to squirt? Sweetie, don’t you want to squirt for me?”

I groaned, “Just a little more! I just need a little more! Please! Please, Sally!”

She knew exactly what I needed and instead of giving me that little bit of friction I needed, she continued to tease me and said, “Tell me you love me.”

I squealed out, “I love you, Sally!”

She grinned, “I love you too, Honey.” She pressed just a little harder against my stiff penis while I continued to buck my hips trying to finish what I desperately wanted. She spoke softly, “Promise you’ll come and visit me again tomorrow. Promise you’ll come back so we can play for ninety minutes.”

I moaned, “I promise!”

She asked, “What time will you stop by?”

I groaned, “Nine o’clock! I’ll be here at nine o’clock in the morning.”

She whispered, “Baby if you’re not here tomorrow morning at nine or before, I’ll never let you back into this house again. Do you understand me?”

I screamed, “Please Sally! I swear I’ll be here before nine! I swear it!”

She cooed, “Good boy.” Sally then did something she hadn’t done during my last visit. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips. It was a quick kiss at first, but then I felt her tongue slipping between my lips. I moaned into her mouth while she kissed me for the very first time. Her large, warm tongue slithered around in my mouth while wet sucking sounds echoed around the room. When her lips left mine, she grinned while whispering, “Now I’ve been your first and only kiss.”

After our kiss had ended, Sally stood above me and pressed just hard enough for me to near my long-overdue orgasm. As it grew inside of me, she knew it was happening. When I needed that last little bit of friction, Sally pulled away. I was thrusting my hips and my penis was throbbing and flexing like crazy. And then it happened. My orgasm blossomed inside of me and spewed out slowly from my lonely penis. It was standing straight up while my creamy juices flowed out and ran down my penis. I whimpered and whined while straining against my bonds and flexing my hips trying to get any friction at all.

Sally stood there watching it happen. While I was still fighting to make it somewhat of a normal orgasm, she whispered, “Tell me you love me.”

I fought against my bonds while my penis continued to gently flow its juices. My voice was squeaky when I said, “I love you, Sally.”

She stood by and watched as I unsuccessfully fought for every bit of pleasure I could get. When my ruined orgasm had come to an end, Sally moved to the cabinet on the wall and retrieved a clean, neatly folded hand towel. She didn’t say a word while wiping up the creamy mess I’d made on myself. Nor did she speak while unfastening the straps binding my arms and legs to the table.

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