The Proposal Pt. 04


I stopped by the grocery store on my way home to buy some Tuna and a litter box. When I opened the front door I was greeted by the pleasant odor of cooking, but the best thing was seeing my wife at home doing the cooking. Hobo jumped out of my arms and immediately ran to Allie meowing and rubbing against her leg.

She smiled and said, “You men are all the same. All you think is if you rub on me just right you’ll get your way.”

I just stood there so happy all I could do was choke out, “Hi.”

“That’s it? Hi? After a month that’s all you have to say?”

“I was surprised to see you… Are you home to stay?”

“That all depends on a lot of things.”

“If you leave again it will probably kill me.”

“Don’t be so dramatic… What are you planning to feed this cat?” She asked pushing Hobo away but he was relentless.

I sat the bag on the table and pulled out a tuna can. She laughed and said, “Did you even consider buying cat food?”

“Cats eat tuna…don’t they?”

“Here…give it to me. How did you manage to survive without me?”

“One day at a time.”

“I’ll bet the gym is a disaster.”

I hesitated to answer but knew I better tell her everything. “Actually, I was a bit overwhelmed so I hired some extra help.”

“Oh yeah? Who?”

“A young college student named Denise.”

“Let me guess…she’s gorgeous.”

“That’s not why I hired her. Besides, she doesn’t compare with you.”

“Yeah sure. What else?”

“Well, I also rehired Martin on a temporary basis.”

“Oh really? After all that has happened between us? Why?”

“I have been overwhelmed since our membership has doubled in just the last three weeks. You know Martin is a capable instructor and Denise is accomplished doing the daily office work. Plus, she is leading the spin classes that were yours.”

Hobo found his way to my recliner and was contently licking himself after polishing off his dinner.

“It doesn’t appear you even need me anymore.”

“Well, you’ve got that wrong. I need you in ways that far surpasses anything concerning that damn gym.”

“I bet you do. When’s the last time you did laundry?”

“Actually, the cleaning service did it yesterday. You know I’m not domesticated so I hired it out.”

“Doesn’t that cost a bunch? A cleaning service, new hires at gym, a cat…what other surprises should I expect?”

“That’s about all on my end, how about you? What are your surprises?”

“Later for that conversation. Go cleanup for dinner. I can smell you from over here.”

I opted to use the downstairs guest room shower since I had moved all my things out of the master bedroom. It was too painful for me seeing her clothes and personal items on a daily basis. I silently prayed that she was home to stay. The hot water didn’t wash away my anxiety. I wasn’t sure what the future of our marriage would be but after over a month of separation I was prepared to make practically any concession she’d ask for. I loved ther that much.

“Smells wonderful,” I said walking into the kitchen still buttoning my shirt.

“You must really hard up if your appreciating my cooking,” she replied with a smirk.

“It beats the hell out of eating takeout.” I said pulling her in for a kiss.

She put her hands on my chest and pushed me away saying, “Later stud…eat my meal first.”

We ate while just making polite conversation. I talked about all the changes at the gym and she caught me up on what was happening at the hospital. She also expressed a desire to get back to work and update her nutrition program. We talked but didn’t really talk, skirting the real issue of what brought us to this point. As strange as it seemed, it was like we were a couple on a first date feeling each other out. After our meal we cleaned up in virtual silence. In an effort to break the tension I said, “Get your jacket.”


“Let’s take a walk and watch the sunset. I remember we use to walk after dinner all the time.” I replied helping her put on her wind breaker.

The sky was just starting to flair with an array of breathtaking colors. It reminded me of how people tend to take some of the best things in life for granted. We live on a beach that people travel thousands of miles to see and I can’t remember the last time I surfed or even walked barefoot along the ocean edge. I thought, was it that same overfamiliarity that lead me to fantasize about something different in my marriage?

Allie took my arm in hers and snuggled close as we walked along the promenade. The crash of the breakers and salt mist made me feel small compared to the enormity of nature.

“Thank you Jason,” she said looking up at me, brushing her windswept hair out her face.

“For what?” I asked, stopping to look her in the face. Her gaze was mesmerizing as our eyes locked together.

“For… trying to work things out with me… for us. I really do want to get back to normal.”

“You mean our normal overworked and over stressed life?”

“No, smart ass. You know what I mean.”

“Yes kütahya seks hikayeleri I do know what you mean Allie. But I’m not sure we can go back, at least not the way it was.”

“Why not?” She asked raising her voice above the breaking surf.

I stopped walking and pulled her to me and said, “Because there has been too much that has happened to go back. I think our only option is to move forward.”

“I agree but there is still much we need to discuss about our past. It appears we still have a lot to discover about each other,” she said barely auditable.

The sun was almost down and the the temperature was dropping quickly. I suggested we go to the little deli on the the way home and get some coffee or coco. She readily agreed. I put my arm around her and lead the way back on the cobblestone walkway. The shop was almost empty. Allie chose a table as I ordered a couple decaf coffees. I watched her in the mirror behind the bar. She pulled down her hood and shook out her hair. I thought how fortunate I was to have such a gorgeous wife and wondered how things got to where they are. I remember how Martin once told me that it was inevitable that Allie would eventually find a lover because it was in her nature.

“There ya go, just like you like it.” I said setting her large coffee on the table.

“Big and black?” She chuckled.

“Actually, I was thinking more like sweet and rich… speaking of big and black, what do you think about me bringing back Martin to the gym?”

“I…I’m not sure. After what occurred I am puzzled why you rehired him.”

“I figured we’d have to confront what happened eventually… and until we do I don’t think we can move forward. Allie, what do you envision our future to be?” I asked lowly trying not to be heard by a couple just sitting down.

“Well, I need to finish my nursing degree, you know that. After that I’m not sure. I guess finding a job at a hospital or going back to my nutrition business at all the gym. It depends on a lot of things.”

“That’s all pretty much a given. I was referring to us. Things like starting a family for one.”

“I don’t think I want kids right now. There are too many things to yet work out in my life… in our lives, before I start popping out rug-rats.”

“You mean working out things like what happened with Martin? I asked bluntly.

She stared at me motionless. I could see her processing my question. When she finally answered it was calm and measured, “Are you asking me if I still want to fuck him?”

“I wasn’t actually going to ask it like that but… yeah, that’s an important question.”

“No-I don’t know. What if I do?”

“Well… that would certainly change things for sure, big time.”

“Could you deal with that?”

“Honestly, I don’t really know. I was uncertain as to what I wanted when all this began and I’m still not sure. It really depends on your desires.”

“When I saw how you reacted to my confession about Martin it was confusing. Instead of you raging and threatening divorce, you apologized to me. I was confused. I immediately processed that as you not caring enough to to even get angry. You set me up and now want to pretend it never happened. What is it you want from me?”

I noticed that the place was was starting to fill. I stood up and offered her my hand saying, “Let’s continue this discussion at home in private.”

Fifteen minutes later we were back in our place. On the way back I had made it clear I’d do anything to repair the damage I did to our marriage. I didn’t actually go as far as including her being with other men but I’m pretty sure she understood that everything and anything might be on the table.

Allie immediately went to the kitchen and started to finish up but I told her to go get ready for bed and I’d do it.

I knocked on the bedroom door frame, not being positive about our sleeping arrangements. She stepped out of the dressing area wrapped in a towel with her hair still damp from the shower.

“Don’t just stand there gawking and clean up and shave,” she said picking up the hair dryer.

Just the thought of us getting some normalcy back in our lives made me smile. As hot water stung my cheeks, I thought how it had been over a month since I had shared a bed with my wife. When I got out of the bathroom the bedroom was dark, lighted only by a single scented candle on the dresser. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. I saw the bed was stripped of it’s covers with Allie’s naked figure silhouetted on the sheets. I started to speak but she cut me off saying, “Shut up and come here…”

Needing no further prompting I slipped into bed and pulled her to me, our bodies instantly molded together. There are times where the mood demands hast but this was not one of them. This moment was to be savored almost like a fine wine. I don’t know why I was whispering to her. I guess it was almost a spiritual moment for me. Something I definitely prayed for. As we kissed, her flavored lips tasted of mint as her tongue sought mine. She took charge rolling on top. Her huge tits swayed above my face tantalizing me to cup them as her mound ground against my stiffness.

“Ohhh, I missed this.” She panted with her plush hair dangling in my face.

“Let me taste you.” I panted. She responded by sliding up and straddling my face. Damn I missed this. I thought as my tongue found a life of it’s own exploring her soaking wet folds. I didn’t always like the taste of her juices but I guess it was an acquired taste and I now found my face saturated with her wetness. She was always easy to get off with a little stimulation on her clit. I thought how seldom it was that she orgasmed vaginally.

“Oh god, oh god. I missed this so much,” Allie cried out holding onto the headboard. She proceeded to slide down my body until the tip of my cock was positioned at her entrance.

unique thing about Allie is that she always wants to be in control, both in bed and out. It never really bothered me in the past considering it to be nothing but a personal preference. However, lately she has all but rejected anything but female superior positions. I didn’t know if that was a critique on my lovemaking skills or just her personal preference. I decided to change things up and flipped her over, driving into her like I was spearing a fish. It felt unbelievable as I took her with authority. When I rose up and looked into her face, she had an unmistakable look of Indifference. The last thing I wanted was to turn her off, so I rolled back over which seemed to please her greatly. Her hips resumed their rapid undulating motions as the sound of our squishy coupling and her cries of pleasure filled the room. I cupped her rocking breasts as the pace quickened. Sometimes it is if she’s on her own and I’m nothing more than her human dildo.

“I’m almost there don’t stop. Keep going,” she moaned. I was trying my hardest to hold off but I’m only human. It was welling up like an unstoppable force of nature. I thought, “I bet Martin probably wouldn’t blow his load so quickly.” I was never so happy in my entire life as to hear Allie screaming out her orgasm just before flooding her with my pent up seed. She rolled off gasping for air. I wanted in the worst way to hug and cuddle her, but one of her idiosyncrasies was that she didn’t like to be held after sex. I knew if I gave her a few minutes to recover we could snuggle so I waited patiently.

“Can I get you something to drink?” I offered turning on my nightstand light.

“Some white wine would be perfect.”

“Okay. Anything else?”

“Yeah, some more of what you just gave me,” she said with a grin.

I looked back at her propped up on her elbow and thought she was the most gorgeous women on earth. She saw me staring and asked, “What?”

” I was just thinking how beautiful you are.”

“Thanks. You’re not bad to look at either…On second thought, just forget the wine and bring me some tea. We have a lot to discuss and I want to be clear headed.”

“Okay…two sugars or honey?”

“Surprise me and hurry back… we need to talk.”

As I waited for the tea to steep my mind was muddled with a million thoughts, mostly concerning my immediate future. I was trying to visualize what our marriage would be like if I didn’t take control of this mess. All I knew was that I’d do virtually anything to keep my wife but what that would look like was up to her.

She was sitting up against headboard eyes closed with Hobo cuddled in her arms when I returned. I was careful not to disturb her as I set her tea on the nightstand. Getting Hobo to move was another story. When I attempted to quietly move him he let out a “Grrr-owl” and swatted at me.

Allie’s eyes snapped open and she said with a laugh, “I think I finally found a guy that doesn’t want to share me.”

“Not funny!… Move…you useless ball of hair!” I said firmly but he responded by twisting his head and rubbing against Allie’s hand.

Instead of arguing with a cat, I took Allie’s makeup table chair and sat next to the bed saying, “Okay, let’s talk.”

She sipped he honey-laced tea and waited for me.

I gathered myself and asked, “What are we going to do?”

“Good question. It really depends on what you want. We can’t ignore what has already happened. I think we might need outside council.”

“Didn’t you tell me you’re already talking to someone?”

“Not officially. I just briefly discussed or dilemma with my professor’s wife.”

“Do you trust her opinion?”

“I do, but you might want to meet her and find out for yourself.”

“Okay, I’m game. Now, move over I’m coming to bed. Allie gently set Hobo on the floor. I could see by his turned back ears he wasn’t a happy kitty.


A week later we were sitting in Dr. DeeAnn’s waiting room for our first couples therapy meeting. I was curious to what she looked like. I always thought of female counselors to be older women with horn rimmed glasses and a German accent. Actually, I didn’t know what to expect. When we were told to come into her office I followed behind Allie. I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover she wasn’t at all what I imagined. Standing to greet me was a stunning women that appeared to be in her late thirties or early forties. She wore a stylish hip hugging grey skirt and white blouse that did nothing to hide her more than ample bosom. I could immediately see her self confidence in the way she carried herself.

“Jason? I’m DeeAnn. It’s good to finally meet you.” She said looking me over. “Your wife has totally understated you. Won’t you please take a seat?” She said with a smile.

“Thank you and I can say the same about you.” I replied offering her my hand before sitting in the plush leather chair in front of her desk.

“You’ll find I’m fairly direct in my approach to counseling, so I’ll be upfront and tell you I’m somewhat familiar with your situation from my previous discussions with Allie. To begin, I would like to hear from each of you and what you hope to accomplish through counseling.”

We looked at each other and neither of us spoke as Dee patiently waited for our reply. I always thought that patients was a great quality in a councilor but wished she’d say something. Finally Allie said, “I’m here to try and save my marriage, if that is possible.”

“What about you Jason? Why did you decide to try therapy?”

“Of course I’m here for the same thing but I know that’s not going to be easy. I think we have much to work through, both individually and as a couple.”

“Can you elaborate?” Dr. DeeAnn asked writing down a note on her legal pad.”

“Well, there are some things in my past I’ve struggled with, even before I met Allie.”

Allie’s expression changed when she interrupted saying, “Things like sharing me like a common whore?”

“You’ll have your turn Allie. Let him finish.” DeeAnn said taking control.

Allie crossed he arms across he chest in disgust and sagged back in her chair glaring at me.

“Go ahead Jason. Continue,” Dee prompted.

“These feelings have little to do with Allie. I’ve had them long before I ever met her.”

“Exactly what are those feelings?”

“It’s something that’s existed since my first real girlfriend in high school. Her name was Becky. I met her in my freshman year and we quickly became an item. She wasn’t allowed to date so our relationship never progressed beyond kissing and hand holding. One day saw her with a guy that was a senior. They were making out in his car parked in the school parking lot.”

“That must have hurt you. What did you do?”

“Rather than confront them, I peaked in the back window at her giving him a hand job. We eventually broke up and I never did tell her about witnessing the incident in the parking lot.”

“How did you react to catching her in the act?”

“I’m embarrassed to say I found it exciting.”

Abbie looked angered and half shouted, “I’m not some high school bimbo. I’m your wife.”

Dee said sternly, “You’ll have your turn. Let him finish…Jason, it says here your parents divorced but remarried. While they separated whom did you live with?”

“I lived with Mom, my brother with dad. It was a tough time for our family.”

“Did you miss not having male influence in your life?”

“Not really. I still saw my dad occasionally and my mom had lots of…well…boyfriends. Some stayed longer than others but none were what you call father figures.”

“I see…how did you feel about that?”

“I can’t lie. It was tough, as you might imagine. One day my life seemed normal and the next day my world is upended. When my dad left us for some bimbo half his age my mom kinda freaked out and started going out with virtually any guy that paid her a compliment. She’d bring home some of the biggest losers you could ever imagine. I had to listen to them grunting and groaning as they pounded my mom in the next room.”

“Interesting…How did that make you feel?”

“How the hell do you think I felt hearing my mother degrade herself like that? I really don’t care to discuss this any longer. This has no bearing on my present situation. All this is just some psychobabble bullshit,” I said standing up and starting to leave.

Allie grabbed my shirt tail and said, “Just like you to run… If you leave, just keep on going and don’t come back.”

I could tell she was serious, so I settled back down in my chair disgruntled. I was confronted with the possibility that my twisted history, that I tried so hard to forget, might have some influence on my marriage and future.”

Dr. Dee turned to Allie and asked, “How much of this did you know?”

“Not much. Jason is guarded about his past. We seldom visit with his folks and when we do there is always a feeling of extreme discomfort, unlike my family that is probably overly open.”

I interrupted this time and said, “Yeah, your dad openly tells me how his darling daughter made a huge mistake marrying below her station.”

“Well, he doesn’t pretend does he?” She countered.

“Hold on guys…remember what I told you about being civil. Allie, you have the floor. Explain your thoughts about why you’re in this situation.” Dee said taking control.

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