The Start of a New ANR


“You mean like… breastfeed me?”

“No! I don’t know! Not really!” Casey stammered.

The young couple were settled into bed for the night recovering after a good round of sex when Casey finally broached the topic of her fantasy. She had been waiting for the right time to reveal her nursing kink to her husband Alex. She wasn’t sure why she was so nervous; as a couple they quite adventurous when it came to sex. They were young and both had matching high libidos and kinks: freeuse, anal, and recently pee play to name a few. They also owned a growing collection of sex toys. Casey had no real reason to believe that Alex would reject trying this one but still she had been nervous. Maybe it was because her nursing kink wasn’t purely sexual, it was intimate. Or perhaps it was because it was a bit of a reversal from their typical “roles” in the bedroom. On average Casey liked to be more submissive in bed. She liked being cared for, or told what to do, or straight up used in bed depending on the day. She liked being pushed around and she liked being fucked hard. Alex on the other hand was happy to do all those things. Of course this wasn’t their only dynamic in sex, but if forced to guess Casey would probably say that’s how their sex went a slight majority of the time.

“Lately you’ve been sucking on my nipples more than usual when we have sex and it really turns me on. It makes me feel really close to you, its very intimate” Casey was getting a little turned on just talking about it.

She continued “I’ve been reading about it online a little bit, people call it dry nursing or ANR, Adult Nursing Relationship. But I don’t have to produce milk, you just suckle as if I was. I kinda like the idea of providing for you”

Alex nodded, he was very into this idea. He had been sucking on her nipples a lot lately. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t thought of nursing from Case before and he noticed she enjoyed the extra attention her nipples were getting. He was excited, but he didnt want to seem too eager.

“Okay, I’m down to try it”

“Yay!” Casey felt a little tingle in her clit. Her nipples hardened as if they knew what was coming. They needed to be sucked. She removed her shirt uşak seks hikayeleri and bra, keeping her sweatpants on.

“Okay, put your head on my lap”

Casey’s breast hung right above Alex’s mouth. His heart was pounding. Of course he’d sucked Casey’s tits before but this was different. The context was different, it wasnt purely sexual. He lifted his head and sucked the entire thing into his mouth.

“Huuuuuhmmmmmm” Casey let out a half sigh, half moan.

Immediately Alex felt a tingle deep in his brain as his body relaxed. His mouth naturally suckled on Casey’s boob, trying to draw the nonexistent milk into his mouth. He heard himself let out a little moan and closed his eyes. He felt safe, cozy.

Casey was experiencing a calm bliss of her own. Alex’s mouth was engulfing her right boob, sucking rhythmically. She felt him shift as he nuzzled into her and relaxed. Occasionally his tongue would swirl around her nipple sending waves of pleasure to her clit. It was if her nipples and clit were directly connected. Alex looked so peaceful, so calm. She didn’t want to produce milk but she was imagining milk flowing from her breast into his greedy mouth. Her pussy was starting to get very wet at the thought. She felt so close to Alex on every level, it felt very nuturing.

Alex’s body was on autopilot, he wasn’t thinking about a single thing. His mouth was automatically sucking on Casey, his body was completely relaxed except for his hand which was resting on Casey’s boob and squeezing gently every few sucks as if to squeeze all the milk out. It felt so natural for him. He hadn’t noticed but his cock was stiff despite cumming inside Case not long ago. After a few minutes and without thinking he switched to Casey’s other nipple. Again he engulfed her tit into his mouth and repeated the process. He heard Casey moan softly again.

Time was standing still for both of them, each lost in the moment. Casey opened her eyes and noticed Alex’s erection. She was too overwhelmed with the sensation to act on it right now but she made a note of it. Alex was seemingly too relaxed to take care of it as well. Alex was squeezing her breast again. She imagined milk spraying into his mouth a little harder with each squeeze. Her pussy was becoming harder to ignore, it wanted to be filled with a cock.

Before the sexual tension could boil over Alex started to slow his sucking rhythm. It was late, he was tired, and suckling was lulling him to sleep. Casey could see his eyes flicker, she was also feeling tired. She pulled the covers over Alex and turned off the bedside lamp.

“Ready for bed sweet boy?”

Alex could only nod. Casey laid down and had Alex rest his head on her chest, her nipples puffy from all the suckling. She felt Alex nuzzle in again, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed his head.

“Goodnight love”

Later that night Alex woke up to find his head laying on Casey’s left breast and Casey still sound asleep. Groggy from sleeping he replayed the events of a few hours ago in his mind. He remembered how relaxed he felt, how close he felt to his beautiful wife, and how natural it all felt. His cock strained against his underwear reminding him of two more things: how aroused he felt while suckling and how he fell asleep before he could take care of his erection. With his decision making impaired by his sleepiness and his growing arousal Alex did something that surprised even himself. He placed his mouth gently over his wife’s nipple and started sucking again, this time gentler than before. Immediately the warm buzzing feeling returned to the back of his brain. This felt so good, so natural. He removed his underwear, releasing his cock. As he suckled he also started slowly stroking his now throbbing cock with the same rhythm.

After a few minutes Casey woke up to the sensation of gentle tugging on her boob and a thoroughly wet pussy. As she got the rest of her bearings she noticed that her body felt relaxed all over under the weight of her suckling husband. She was pleased that Alex was comfortable suckling when he needed, that’s what she wanted. She wanted to nurture him.

“That’s it baby” she whispered. “Get what you need. I’m here to give you what you need.”

Alex let out a mixture of a moan and a whimper. He was so wrapped up in suckling all he could do was stoke his cock in unison.

“That’s right. Stroke your cock for me. I want you to feel good. I want you to make yourself feel good for me.”

“Mmmmmmm” another deep moan from Alex but he didn’t break from Casey’s nipple to deliver it.

Casey could just barely see him working his cock through the darkness. Finally she yielded to her pussy, she needed to cum too. Her clit was engorged just begging to be played with.

“Babe, I’m sorry. I need to grab my wand.” She rolled over, retrieved it from her nightstand, and returned to her position.

“Okay sweet boy, you can suck me again”. As he pulled her boob back into his greedy mouth Casey flipped the vibrator on.

Holy shit. It was electric. Her clit felt incredible. Each suck of her nipple went straight to her clit now. It was Casey’s brain’s turn to feel fuzzy now. It was hard to describe the emotions she felt watching her husband. She felt so deeply connected to Alex, so protective of him. At the same time her orgasm was building. From his sounds she could tell that Alex’s was too.

“That’s it baby… that’s it… yeah… oh fuck… good boy… huuuuuh… yeah drink from me. Take what you need… huuuuuh… oh your gonna make me cum baby…”

Casey’s words were pushing Alex over the edge. He wanted to cum for her, it’s the only thing he could bring his mind to think about. He continued stroking, nearing orgasm with each stroke.

“Huuuuh…yeah jerk your cock for me as you drink… make yourself feel good baby… I want you to feel good… oh fuck yes milk me… such a good boy… oooooh God yes…huuuuh… fuck I’m cumming…. Huuuuh… huuuuuh cum with me baby cum with me…”

An orgasm ripped through Casey. It lasted what seemed like minutes but she lost track of time. She was moaning praise and encouragement to Alex as she came. Somewhere in the middle of her orgasm Alex started cumming as well. He shot thick loads of cum all over Casey’s legs and torso as he moaned into Casey’s boob refusing to break his latch just yet. Casey came even harder at this. Eventually both orgasms subsided and the couple laid next to each other for a few moments, just enjoying the silent post orgasm bliss. Alex cleaned the pair up and got back into bed. He spooned his wife, and pulled the covers over them. They kissed goodnight and they drifted back to sleep.

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