A Loving Family Ch. 09


Katrina’s eyes were watering, her cheeks red, she wasn’t used to taking me so deep for so long. My glistening cock plopped out of her mouth as she choked and coughed, slowly getting her breath back. She used her hands to rub my shaft and buy herself some more time.

‘Babe, you never deep throat, what’s come over you?’ I knew what it was but I wanted to hear her say it.

‘I know you like throat fucking and I wanted to give you some before you went. You need to remember that I’m your wife and I give you what you want, you might be fucking mommy today but you’re mine and I will do anything to keep you satisfied.’

Katrina had eventually agreed to let me fuck my mom Cindy. She wasn’t ecstatic about it but knew it was important to me. Since she agreed she had been trying all sorts in the bedroom to make sure she didn’t ‘lose me’. Today it was gagging and choking on my dick to show me she could deep throat and to be honest it was better than Becky. Her sister has no gag reflex at all so I just fuck her throat until I get bored and move to another hole. With Katrina, because she struggled, the spit, tears and choking noises added to the pleasure and got me really horny, I had to keep pulling out so I didn’t cum. I wasn’t complaining about all the things we were trying but I also made sure I reassured her that she wouldn’t lose me, she was my wife and no one came close to her. We set our ground rules for my encounter with Cindy and agreed on no cumming inside and limiting the level of ‘romance’, by that she meant not too much kissing or cuddling. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be romantic sex because the fantasies I had about my mother had always been filthy; I was planning on fucking her like I had wanted to as a teenager, not make love to her.

Katrina dropped a huge mouthful of spit and thick phlegm on the tip of my dick and attacked me again, this time she took me too deep and had to pull out to wretch. I let her calm down and reached to kiss her. ‘I love you hun I’m going to go now.’ It was nearly 2.45 and I was going to be at mom’s at 3. Katrina pulled my joggers up as she stood, she looked anxious, I kissed her again and told her I loved her and I would be back for dinner. I grabbed a hoody and a pair of trainers and left out the front door to take the short drive to my mom’s, she had asked for me to dress casually and to be comfortable which was the complete opposite to when I fucked Val, for that session I dressed up as if we were going out. I still made sure I was showered, my balls were shaved and my clothes were fresh. I hadn’t really thought about how today would play out, once Katrina had given me the ok I text Cindy to tell her that we were on and to arrange a date, we picked this Saturday because dad and Darren were both out of town and we had no chance of being disturbed.

I pulled up to the house and walked up the steps to the front door, I had my own key and let myself in but I couldn’t hear the TV so I called out to see where mom was.

‘Up here hun, I’m in the spare room.’ The guest room was right at the top of the stairs to the left, it was only small, with a spare bed and a couple wardrobes. Under the bed was a load of crap that always needed organizing but no one ever did.

‘Why are you doing that today mom?’ I asked as I walked in, there were boxes all over the room and Cindy was kneeling moving things from one to another.

‘Sorry hun.’ She paused as I leant down to kiss her cheek. ‘I started sorting out the wardrobes and thought I could get these done too before you came. Give me a hand and then we can chill.’

I laughed to myself; she was calling what we had planned a ‘chill’ out. I sat on the floor and handed mom old clothes, boxes of photos and odd ornaments. Some were to go in the loft, some to the charity shop and some to stay under the bed. When the room got a bit tidier I noticed how mom looked, her dark hair was straightened, it looked freshly styled, she had a little makeup on but just standard lounging clothes, a cotton v-neck t-shirt and lightweight joggers, I couldn’t make out her lingerie.

‘Ok put that pile of stuff on the other side of the landing to go in the loft, that pile goes out to the garage to take to the charity shop and I’ll put these back underneath.’ I loved organizing stuff, I got that from mom because she was the same, and we always felt better after a tidy and when everything had its own place. Carrying the boxes across the landing and down the stairs to the garage was making me warm; as I walked back upstairs after taking the last box I thought that my crotch might be a little sweaty for later. Neither of us had mentioned that I was there for sex and I was about to ask mom when we were going to get down to business, as I turned into the spare room I saw mom’s huge round butt cheeks poking out from under the bed. She was pushing boxes back into place and her legs were spread, the t-shirt was riding up and I could see her creamy Bakırköy Escort love handles hanging over the joggers. She didn’t have any socks on and the smooth soles of her feet were bare. Her joggers were slipping down a bit and I saw the top of her little g-string poking out over the top, the black string met in the middle of her ass crack in a triangle of fabric with a leopard print on it.

I started to grow in my boxers, I thought back to all of the times I watched her bend over in the past and smiled that this time I knew I could actually do something about it. I immediately slipped my cock over the top of my joggers and started to stroke as I watched mom’s fat ass jiggle. ‘Tony are you there?’ she asked ‘I need you to pass me the last boxes so I can slide them in.’ I heard her but I wasn’t listening properly, I was horny teenager Tony again and my response was mumbled while I focused on pleasuring myself to the sight of my mother. ‘One minute, I cant yet.’ I carried on jerking my cock while I watched her struggle to reach the box to her right, she had to back out from under the bed but she was still too far. Instead she just crawled out completely, she grabbed the box and shouted at me ‘c’mon you could at least hand me the box while I’m under there!’ She turned to look back at me and I did nothing to hide my swollen brown shaft.

She smiled as she took in the image of her son pleasuring himself over her. ‘I take it this is what you always wanted to do when we did things around the house?’ I nodded and smiled back.

‘Well, actually when you used to bend over in front of me before I used to want to pull down your trousers and bury my face in your huge ass.’ I laughed. ‘To be honest, me standing here rubbing my cock is quite tame compared to some of the fantasies I had about you.’

Mom laughed. ‘You know tidying up this room was something I set up deliberately so that we could do things like the old days, that’s why I asked you to dress in comfortable clothes. I was hoping it would bring out the fantasies of things you always wanted to do to me before.’ She had fully turned now and knelt facing me across the room.

Still stroking my cock I laughed ‘What was your plan, were you going to do that ‘help I’m stuck under the bed’ scenario and hope I come to fuck you?’ We both laughed now and I lowered my joggers to reveal more of my cock. Cindy was crawling slowly over to me.

‘Oh my god you still have a dark cock don’t you? Look how smooth your big balls are.’ She grinned greedily and stopped right by my crotch, her wide eyes right under where my hand was stroking my shaft. ‘I can’t remember the last time I had a cock in my mouth, let me have a taste.’ She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of my head, a line of precum stretched from her tip to mine. She tasted and swallowed before coming back and licking from the tip down the underside of my shaft and stopping at my balls. Her hands pulled my joggers and boxers around my ankles and she pressed her nose and mouth where my cock and balls met and took a deep breath. Her sudden movement knocked me back against the wall, her face pressed into my crotch, as she smelt my musk and her warm hands rubbed the sides of my thighs. She kissed my balls gently and left little wet marks all over them until she started licking with the full width of her tongue. She covered my hairless balls in her spit before plopping them into her mouth one at a time, her lips gripped my sack and she used her tongue to lick by scrotum all over.

Mom’s hands still gently rubbed my thighs, I was in heaven, and she had only worked on my nuts so far. I felt a sudden coldness on my balls and looked down, she had taken them out of her mouth and was staring right a the eye of my cock, she licked her lips and slid down my shaft in a slow controlled move, taking all 6 plus inches in her mouth and into her throat. She swallowed right to the base, she pressed her lips around my shaft and pulled back out slurping up all of her spit and leaving me moist and shiny. Pulling her hands off my thighs she wiped her face.

‘C’mon lets put these last boxes away.’ She turned and pushed the last two under the bed and climbed under after them. Her ass was still in the air and her t-shirt rode up again, the leopard print panties peaked out and I did what I had always wanted to do all those years ago. I got on my knees behind my mom and pulled the joggers down until they were at her knees revealing her massive white ass, I had wanted to do this for so long. I pressed my hands on her and felt her soft skin, rubbing in circles I massaged and kissed her cheeks, they were so big I was mesmerised, I leant down and bit her left one and I heard a little gasp from under the bed, then I slapped right and I heard a louder gasp. ‘Not so hard.’ I spread mom’s cheeks and found where the string was lodged against her asshole and pressed my nose in and smelt, Başakşehir Escort at the same time my hand moved to her mound and I felt her damp pussy, she was enjoying all of this as much as me. I maneuvered my tongue around the string and licked her hole while I rubbed her slit over her panties using my thumb, Cindy moaned in pleasure. I stepped back to pull my t-shirt over my head and as quickly as I was topless mom had climbed back out and pulled her joggers back up.

‘All done in here. We’ve got a few more jobs to do.’ She walked out and across the landing towards her bedroom leaving me gawking at an empty room without a shirt on. ‘Come on I need help in here.’

I hurried after her and put my shirt back on; when I got into her bedroom there were piles of clothes on the bed and her wardrobe doors were open. ‘ I need you to help put these away, I’ll hand you these piles can you put them down there.’ She gestured towards the lower shelves in the wardrobe. I got down on the floor and turned back as she leant over to hand a pile at a time, as she leaned down I could see her heavy cleavage through the neck of her t shirt, she was being deliberately slow in handing me the piles and it gave me so much time to stare at her huge jugs. They wobbled and strained to get out of her bra, I grabbed the pile and turned to put it way, eager for her to pass another, this carried on for half of the piles on the bed, I got one face full of tit after another.

‘Ok the other clothes need to go at the top but I’ll put these away, just hand them to me’. She stood on a stool and I grabbed a small pile at a time, moms not too tall so even on the stool her tits were at my eye height. I stared at them through her t-shirt as she turned to me, every time she turned away towards the cupboard, her t-shirt rode up and her joggers had dropped down so her belly pouch and love handles slipped out. The joggers falling had given her a whale tale and the string was riding up her body. By the time I handed her the last pile I couldn’t help myself. I buried my face gently into her belly and started to lick and kiss her stomach, my hands slipped up her t-shirt and rubbed her back, reaching down I gripped her ass while I pressed my face into her crotch and smelt her heat. Looking up at her she had her lips parted with her tongue resting behind her top lip, she loved it. I kept eye contact while I slid down her joggers again, revealing the tiny panties; how the material was holding her huge ass and thick body I don’t know.

I pressed my mouth into her crotch again and breathed in the smell of my mothers beautiful cunt, she smelt hot and musky. I began kissing the tops of her thighs all the way to the inside of her groin stopping at the edge of the panties before licking the crevice, I got the faint taste of salty sweat. I repeated on the other side before stopping and moving around behind her. She was still on the stool so her ass cheeks pressed into my chest, my face kissed the small of her back and my hands reached under her shirt at the front and began to molest her huge breasts. This bra was purely decorative, as it had no wire to support her huge mass, I could feel her hard nipples through the silk and I squeezed and groped until she moaned.

‘Let me get down.’ Mom stepped off the stool and on the floor taking off the joggers completely I followed suit and lifted my t-shirt off and went in for a kiss, she pushed against my chest and shook her head. ‘No not yet, take off your joggers.’ I complied. ‘Get on your knees.’ I did as commanded. Mom grabbed the edges of her t-shirt and lifted over her head, it got stuck at her tits and she gave it another tug to lift over her head completely, as they were released her juicy boobs bounced with the momentum. She stood confidently with her hands on her hips, the D cup boobs were barely covered by the leopard print bra, it was more of a bralette with triangular shaped patches of fabric covering her nipples, the edges had a little lace border which went along the inside and underside of her breasts.

‘You look beautiful mom.’ I looked up at this goddess and gently stroked my cock. ‘Honestly, I’m being so careful because I feel like I could cum already.’

She smiled down at me and I decided it was my turn to give her some instructions. ‘Sit back on the bed.’ She complied, shuffled backwards and sat down on the bed. I moved up in front of her, still on my knees, and gently grabbed her calf and lifted her foot to my face; mom had beautiful small feet with French tips. I started to gently lick them, she didn’t even flinch, I started to suck each toe individually, slipping one into my mouth after the other, my tongue slid in between them and then I licked her soles. I stopped every now and then and kissed up to her ankles before I switched to the other foot and gave it as much attention as I did the first, she moaned with pleasure and by the Bebek Escort time I was done both of her feet were slick with spit.

Spreading her legs I moved towards the bed, my hands snaked up her thighs and I told her that I was going to worship her body. I lifted her to stand and told her to put her right leg up on the bed, bent at the knee. Her left leg was standing straight on the floor and her thick thighs were spread. I got on my knees and positioned my mouth right under her crotch and started to lick her opening through her underwear. It was already damp and I could taste her salt on my tongue, as my mouth added more moisture, her panties became heavy and her breathing heavier. She put her hands in my hair playing with my curls as she moaned and called out my name, I stopped and told her how good she tasted before going back to licking her.

The flavor and smell brought back memories of those days when I would spend hours with her used underwear on my bed tasting my mother and using her scent to pleasure myself. I needed to breath so climbed out and asked mom to turn around and bend over the edge of the bed. She did as asked and I spread her big white cheeks with my hands to find the tiny string stuck to her skin. I pulled it out using my fingers and gently pressed my tongue against her beautiful asshole, licking in circles she moaned in pleasure.

‘Oh Tony, I’ve never had my asshole played with before, your dad never touches me there, oh it’s so dirty fuck my ass with your tongue.’

I always knew that my mom wasn’t a very hairy woman, she didn’t have to remove anything from her arms or legs, never had any peach fuzz on her body and even had to draw in her eyebrows. Now that I was buried in her pussy and ass I noticed that she hardly had anything down there either. I stopped and pulled my nose out of her behind to ask her. ‘Mom do you wax down here, there’s literally no hair.’

Looking back over her shoulder she answered. ‘No Tony, I don’t get any hair down their at all, the occasional random ones that I trim away but apart from that its as smooth as it is now. You like it?’

‘Fuck yes I do.’ I slapped both her cheeks and moved myself onto the bed, lying down. ‘Sit on my face, I have wanted that huge thing on my nose for years.’

The panties were off, she climbed onto the bed and lifted her heavy legs over me, her knees were either side of my shoulders as she gently lowered her body onto my face, it was heaven. Her weight squashed me down and I stuck out my tongue to fuck her slit, I used my whole mouth to rub, lick and nibble on her lips, clit and skin around her asshole. Suddenly she sat down with all her weight and I couldn’t move, then I couldn’t breathe, my nose was in my mom’s huge ass and her puffy pussy smothered my mouth. I started to claw at the bed and slap her sides but she didn’t move, instead she just pressed down harder and started to grind on my face. I could her hear moaning and it felt like my face was getting more and more slippery, she was using me to get herself off! Normally this would be hot but I was getting light headed and had started to stop fighting back until I felt several feelings at once, the sweet taste of fresh air suddenly poured back into my lungs as she lifted off me, my ears fill with a loud moan of my mother cumming after fucking my face and then my cock was enveloped in the wet embrace of mom’s mouth and throat. In one move she came, lifted off me and then fell forwards into a 69 position. Immediately now fucking my cock with her mouth.

I could feel how aggressive she was being with me and could hear the sound of her gagging while she throat fucked me, even better than my wife. Every few strokes she pulled off to breathe and once I caught my own breath back I started to work on her pussy again, licking the lips up and down before attacking her hole and clit. ‘Mom I need a second, I don’t want to cum yet. Come and lay on your back.’ She was getting me really worked up and I still wanted to fuck her before I came, it had just occurred to me that we hadn’t even kissed yet. Mom lay on her back across the bed and I went into her en-suite, returning with some baby oil I proceeded to squirt a load over her tits. I knelt next to her and began to work it into her huge boobs, I used two hands on each one and covered them in the oil, rubbing in circles, in between and getting right underneath. Once they were suitably covered I started on her nipples, first with gentle circles before I pressed harder and harder, eventually I was pinching both of her nipples while I pulled her tits away from her body.

‘Fuck yes baby that’s it.’ She snarled at me while I roughly played with her breasts. ‘Don’t stop I love it.’ It appeared she liked rough boob play, the opposite of all the women I had been fucking recently. I released her nipples and began to aggressively massage and squeeze the whole boob, one hand cupped from the bottom and the other from the top, I squeezed until her tit turned red. ‘Uhhhhh yes that’s it baby.’ I moved my mouth closer and started to lick and suck her nipple. ‘Keep going.’ My mouth covered the nipple I started to suck harder and bite the tip she still didn’t even flinch. Eventually I let go and started on the other one and was just as aggressive. ‘Climb on me and fuck these tits.’

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