Anything Ch. 01: For Mommy’s Boy


Copyright 2020 by Limnophile

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This is chapter 1 of my series ‘Anything’, “Anything for Mommy’s Boy”

Chapters 2 and 3 should drop in the next few weeks, if they haven’t yet.

If you want a plain vanilla story with kindness and romance, this is NOT it.

If you like most or all of the following, please continue: Alcohol, Anal, Bondage/Spanking/BDSM, Mother-son incest, Non-consent/Blackmail, Oral sex, Pee/golden shower, Poop/scat, Porn, Public sex, Smoking.

You have been warned.


“Absolutely not! There’s no way I’ll ever trust you again, Mom! Not after what you did!”

“You know my Kurt was always Mommy’s favorite. Have lunch with me and you can see Karen, and little Kimmy and Kelly. I know you want to see your sisters again. Say yes for Mommy, baby.”

“Okay, okay, but just lunch!” I hung up and tossed my phone on the dresser angrily. DAMMITT! She was talking down to me, like I was five years old, and it still worked! How the HELL did she always do that?

Before my father passed away, he told me that on their second date, Mom blackmailed him into marrying her, saying she’d tell the police he raped her if he didn’t. She’d given him enough sex to keep his interest but fucked around with at least three other guys while he was working.

Every Thursday morning, she’d screw a bartender in the tavern storeroom after they got the weekly delivery, then walk home with a bottle of booze in each hand or a case of beer. For anal favors each week, a jewelry store owner gave her an expensive ring or necklace on every major holiday. She also had an affair with the high school football coach, just for fun. It was a perfect start to her career as a skanky grifter. She got even sluttier after my older sister started school, and began screwing some of the neighbors too.

She was still my mother, and against my better judgement, part of me instinctively loved her. I looked through the heap of dirty laundry on my bedroom floor, trying to find something relatively clean to wear. I’d been in a dark mood since dad passed away three months earlier. At the time, I had more important things to worry about than taking care of myself or the house.

Eventually I found a pair of jeans a bit less filthy than the rest, and a shirt that didn’t stink too badly. With my college courses and all the doctor appointments, medications, and care dad needed, I had been busier than I could really handle. I didn’t even have a girlfriend since the last time Mom and my sisters left, three years before.

Until I finished my engineering degree a month earlier, jerking off to porn on my computer ten minutes in the morning and ten at night was all the romance I had time for. After, it quickly climbed to four hours of porn a day. I realized I’d been acting like a horny, moody teenager long enough. I needed to get a girlfriend, or at least a bigger computer screen, and a job or hobby to occupy my time.

The bell for the back door rang as I was pulling on some semi-clean socks. It was only 10am! Through the window I saw Mom had her long red hair fluffed and heavily sprayed, in the style of the ‘big hair’ 80’s rock bands. I thought it looked a little old-fashioned, but still very pretty.

I moved a stack of pizza boxes so that I could open the door for her. I reminded myself that since I graduated, I had time. I’d need to clean the place up and take the trash out sometime soon. As I pulled the door open, she pursed her lips and blew on the heart locket I had given her for Mother’s Day when I was nine or ten. She wiped it with a tissue. When she let go of it, the shiny pendant fell back to its position above her impressive cleavage.

Her black blouse made her skin seem even paler. She wore a pastel green miniskirt and green 4-inch heels, along with light green eye shadow and bright red lipstick, which strongly accentuated the blue green of her eyes and the red of her hair. The upper third of her breasts were exposed, and I could see the shape of her big nipples through her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra, just a bustier or something to hold them up, like honeydews on a shelf. She looked ridiculously hot and sleazy for almost 40.

If any other woman looked like Mom, and looked at me with her facial expression, I’d immediately know that she wanted to fuck me. I’d also be happy to cooperate. I knew my mother was an untrustworthy slut and had to be after something, probably money. She’d run away a few months after she got pregnant with my twin sisters, then kept popping up whenever she was in trouble or broke. Other than their sporadic visits of a few days or weeks, it was just dad and I since I was 14.

Mom looked up at me with a smile. “I’m so happy to see my baby boy again! You don’t know how much Mommy missed you!” The tone in her voice and the look on her face said, “I want to ride you.”

“You missed me so much you didn’t Nişantaşı Escort call for three months? Other than dad’s funeral, the last time I heard from you was you asking me for money the day I turned 21! Dad was sick and heartbroken for years, and I had to take care of him until he passed. You put us through hell!”

“I’m so sorry for that, baby, but things can change. Can we come in, please?” I noticed her perfume, something musky with citrus. I liked it.

“Ok, but just lunch.”

“Of course, sweetie.”

“So where should we order food from?”

“I’ll cook for you. I’ve learned a lot since the charcoal birthday cake.”

I laughed, as I remembered my 6th birthday. She had cut the burnt outside of the cake away, but it had still tasted like ashes with frosting.

She kissed my cheek and turned to my older sister. “Set the groceries in the fridge for now, Karen. We need to clean up a little before we cook.” I was surprised they brought groceries instead of asking me for money. I wondered, ‘What’s she up to?’

As Mom walked around the kitchen, I could see a bit of her red panties at the bottom of her short little green miniskirt, and a little of her butt cheeks a few times. She was a nasty slut, no question about it. I was disgusted at myself for being turned on a little.

My older sister Karen was dressed much more conservatively, wearing a light blue dress that only revealed a small bit of her more modest cleavage and fell to just below her knees. Her long red mane descended in a ponytail to the middle of her back, and she wore only a little makeup. She had stolen money from me, but only once. I didn’t have enough fingers and toes to count Mom’s various thefts and scams. Mom’s antics had made Karen’s life very tough too. She was my sister, and I still cared about her.

Kimmy and Kelly were seven years old, and cute little bundles of energy. Kelly grabbed a lipstick from Mom’s purse, snuck up behind Kim, and put a smear of red on her cheek. Kim objected and gave chase, “Hey! Why did you do that?”

The two of them ran around the kitchen table, getting in the way, as Mom and Karen cleaned the place up. I grabbed Kelly as she tried to sprint past me. I hugged her tightly with my left arm, pinning her elbows to her sides. I took the lipstick away and drew a smiley face on her forehead. Kim and I laughed like crazy, and Karen and Mom joined in.

Kelly struggled and complained; “What did you do to me?”

I set her down. “Go look in the mirror.”

Kelly laughed too, then cleaned it off.

Karen informed me, “Mom let them have sugary cereal for breakfast again, and they’ve been nothing but trouble. Kim, Kelly, go do something outside with him, you’re just getting in the way. Lunch will be ready in two hours.”

I asked, “Two hours?”

Mom explained, “Chicken parm takes some time if you make it from scratch.”

I LOVED chicken parmigiana, but I wasn’t going to fall for her tricks. “That sounds good, but you’re still leaving after lunch.”

She smiled, “Of course, baby.”

Kelly asked, “Can we go to the pool? We haven’t been swimming in a long time!”

Kim held my hand and tried to pull me toward the door. “Yeah, can we go swim? PLEASE!”

I didn’t see why not. “Fine. Do you have swimsuits?”

“No. Can you get us some?”

I had plenty of money, but I was a bit suspicious. I knew Mom and maybe Karen would try getting money from me, but I didn’t think the two little ones were like that, at least not yet. Some clothes would be far from breaking the bank.

“Sure. Grab some towels from one of the bathrooms.” They ran around looking, but there were no clean towels in the house either.

“Fine, towels and swimsuits.”

Karen reminded me, “And sunscreen. The little brats burn easily.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

After a quick shopping trip, we went to the big public pool a few miles away. In addition to the items the girls needed, I bought a big bag of candy that I’d give them when they left. It would be a treat for them, and a little payback for Mom. I smiled to myself, imagining Mom going crazy as the two of them ran around yelling.

I sat in a chair by the edge of the pool. I saw them splashing each other and playing with some other kids. An unattractive bleach-blonde woman a year or two older than me walked up, leading a young boy by the hand. She commented, “Looks like your daughters are having a lot of fun. They’re cute.”

“Sisters, not daughters. I got stuck babysitting.”

“Oh. Well, have fun.”

I noticed she had a mark on her ring finger, but no ring. She must have divorced recently. I mused, “Another single mom, out to get what she can.” She got in the pool with her boy and glanced at me frequently, but I did my best to ignore her.

My attention was drawn to a brunette lifeguard on the other side of the pool. She had a nice face and some small but perfectly round breasts. If she wasn’t obviously 17 or Pendik Escort 18, I might have talked to her. I was 22 and wanted a woman instead of a kid.

In my suspicion, I partly expected Mom and Karen to have run off again, taking anything of value from the house. When we returned home, there had been a miraculous transformation. The kitchen and living room were organized and nearly spotless. I heard the clothes dryer and the washer both running, along with the dish washer. Wonderful aromas filled the air, freshly made marinara, bread baking, and chicken frying on the stove.

Mom said, “It’s almost ready. Go change back to your other clothes and put your swimsuits in the laundry, girls.”

Karen took me aside and quietly told me their situation in the living room. “Mom’s boyfriend caught her cheating and threw us out last night. We slept in the car a couple miles away, then went back to get our stuff when he left for work. We got groceries with the last of the social security money she got from dad. We have almost nothing!”

She put her hand on my shoulder, and a tear sat at the corner of her eye. “If you won’t forgive me or Mom, please at least think of Kimmy and Kelly. Will you take the girls in, please? Or if you could at least get them a computer and some clothes they can wear when school starts?”

“I… I’ll have to think about it.”

She kissed my cheek and hugged me. “Please, little brother? They still love you, and I do too.”

“Okay, I’ll help you and the girls out. You three can stay here. But Mom?”

I let out a big sigh, then growled like an angry dog.

Karen giggled. “I know exactly what you mean!”

We enjoyed an excellent meal. There was a Mediterranean-style salad, chicken parmesan, tortellini, and fresh bread with garlic-flavored olive oil. I hadn’t eaten so well in years!

When I was finished, Mom walked around to me. She leaned over, giving me a great view down the front of her top, and said, “Come talk to me a minute, please.” She led me into the bedroom she used to share with my father. “Have a seat.” She nudged me toward the bed, as she locked the door.

“You don’t trust me, and I understand why. I know you’re still hurt and angry. I also heard you haven’t had a girlfriend in years.” I just nodded, sadly and silently.

“Mommy can make everything better. If you let us stay with you and be a family again, Mommy will do anything you want. After the twins are asleep, you can do whatever you want with me. Anything at all.” She took her top off, and I could see most of her breasts, including her big pink nipples and areolas.

She removed her skirt and stood facing mostly away from me. “If you’re still mad at Mommy, you can spank her.” She slapped her ass lightly, as I stared at the delicacies exposed at the edges of her red bustier and panties.

“If you’re horny, you can use my mouth. Or the wet hole you were born from. Does my boy want to crawl back inside Mommy dick first?” She puckered her lips and took a cigarette from her purse. I watched carefully, as she lit it and took a big puff. The sucking motion was VERY suggestive.

I knew what she was doing and wasn’t going to fall for it. “There’s no way I’ll ever trust you, after all you did! And… and you’re my Mom! Us having sex would be disgusting!” It bothered me that it took so long for me to realize the second part of my statement.

She had an answer and pointed to my crotch. “I’m glad my boy grew up to have a big dick! His big cock thinks it would be fun. I think my boy should listen to his dick!” She giggled and lightly stroked the tent in my jeans. “If you don’t trust Mommy, you’ll have to tie her to the bed, so you can use her body any way you want. Even her tight little butt. Anything.” She kissed the tip of my nose, laid across my lap in only her underwear, and slapped her ass again. She took a big puff from her cigarette and blew the smoke in my face.

She saw I was surprised and very dubious. “Don’t you want to be a bad boy, and fuck your naughty Mommy? And stuff her ass after you spank it? I know you’ll let us stay, so you can be a dirty boy, and use your Mommy’s sexy body every night. Right, sweetie?”

I DESPERATELY wanted that, but venting the years of hurt and anger was even more important. I slapped her butt cheeks over and over, telling her about my pain, and how much I missed out on.

She excited and disturbed me with, “Yes! Spank your dirty slut! Be a man for me! Be my strong, handsome, sexy man!”

I let out the emotions that I bottled up far too long, spanking her, and telling her what I felt.

“I hate you so much! I missed you so much! I loved you and Karen, and the twins, and you took that away! You’re so hot and sexy, but I can’t fuck you, because you’re my Mom! I can’t trust you! I had a happy life, and you ran off and wrecked it! After years you came back, made me and dad happy, then abandoned us again! You hurt us so bad!”

By the time Rus Escort I finished, both of my hands and most of her butt were bright red. The rest of her ass was purple and starting to bruise. The anger faded away and I cried like a little kid. She got up and sat next to me, holding my face to her cleavage. Mom was crying from the pain, but said; “It’s ok, sweetie. Mommy will make everything ok. Just suck on me, like when you were a baby.”

I held her and sucked on one of her big nipples. She stroked my hair, comforting me. “There, there, it’s all right. I’ll fix the problem in your pants, too. I got the birth control implant, so no more babies for three years. You can do whatever you want.”

She unzipped me and started stroking my penis through my boxers. It felt very good, and I wanted more, a lot more. As I tried to nurse from her, I put a hand between her legs. Her panties were soaked, and she pushed the side of my hand against her slit forcefully.

“Mmmmm! Yeah! Make me come! Be Mommy’s hot stud!”

Suddenly I was terrified that she’d take all my happiness away again. I jumped up. “Stop it! Finish cleaning the house! Have the twins help. I need to talk to Karen.”

I zipped up quickly and stormed out of the bedroom. I saw Karen unloading the dishwasher. “Come talk to me outside a minute.” I led her to the swing set in the back yard.

“Sis, do you remember when dad set this up, and pushed us on the swings for the first time?”

“Yeah. That was a great day! I think I was six, and you must have been five.” She reached and held my hand.

I told her, “Mom made me an offer, and I don’t think I should take it. You know we can’t trust her. It’s tempting, but…”

Karen said, “Did she offer you blowjobs, if she could stay here? She told me she was thinking about it.”

I nodded, as I turned red. “As much as I want.”

She reminded me, “You know that’ll last a week, maybe a month, until she finds a drug dealer or hot ex-con to run away with. And she’ll take all your money too.”

“You’re probably right. But it’s so tempting, I’m a little worried about my sanity.”

My big sister followed as I went to the safe in my closet and gave her two thousand in cash. “This is just for the twins. Help them get clothes and a laptop for school. Don’t give Mom any of it, not a cent!”

She kissed me on the cheek. “I should use some to get more groceries. The kitchen is nearly empty, and the mountain of boxes by the back door told me you’re probably sick of pizza and Chinese?”

I opened the safe again and gave her another five hundred. “If I eat rice or pizza again this year, it’ll be too soon! Take your time shopping. I’m gonna try Mom out, before I tell her ‘No’.”

Karen laughed and went to find the twins.

I called Mom to the big bedroom and had her strip as I locked the door. I tied her wrists and ankles to the bed with some of dad’s old neckties and stuffed my underwear in her mouth as I finished undressing. I saw she was very nervous. I asked her, “So will you stay with me, always?”

She nodded furiously.

“And will you do anything I want, any time?”

She nodded again.

“Good. And you understand that I need to punish you for what you did? You’ll still love me, no matter what I do today?”

She looked afraid but nodded again. To me, getting my feelings out was even more important than fixing my arousal issue. I yelled dozens of obscenities at her, pinched her nipples painfully hard, and slapped the sides of her face. I even pinched her clit, making her scream into the boxers in her mouth, then cry.

“You hurt me and the family so bad, you untrustworthy slut! Do you like how it feels! That’s what I felt like! You didn’t hit me, but you made me hurt even worse! You were supposed to love us, but you tore apart our family!” I took the flyswatter from the wall and hit her with it, smacking nearly everything from her toes to her neck.

I started to cry, matching her tear for tear. “You made us suffer so much! So much!” I sobbed and started blubbering like a toddler. “You hurt me, Mommy! So bad! Why did you hurt me so bad!”

I cuddled up to her and rested my face between her breasts, enjoying the calming feeling. I sucked one of her nipples a moment then said, “I just wanted to love my sisters and my Mommy! Never take your love away again! Never!” I fell asleep with the side of my face in her cleavage.

She shook me awake an hour later, as she tried to yell through the dirty underwear. “UMMMFFF! EEMMFFF!”

I pulled them out, and she begged; “Please! I need to pee! And I’m SO THIRSTY!”

I untied her and was terribly ashamed, as I saw red marks on her chest and belly and small bruises on her legs. I was glad I hadn’t left any marks on her face or arms, so she would be able to go out in public.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I shouldn’t have hurt you so much! You were terrible to us, but…”

She cut me off, as she jumped up and ran for the bathroom. “Come and watch Mommy pee, like a dirty boy!”

I watched as the urine left her pussy. It felt disgusting and naughty, watching the yellow liquid spray from the opening that birthed me, but also very sexy.

“I still love my baby boy. Just don’t hurt Mommy again, sweetie.”

I shook my head slowly. “No. I’m sorry. I was just remembering so much pain and unhappiness.”

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