Bisexual Pride Pt. 03


Mary climbed off the sofa revealing my sister’s drenched soaked face. Both Mary and Billy looked at each. “Time to take this to the bedroom. Separately this time boys in one girls in other?” The idea Mary proposed.

“Sounds like a good plan. Doors stay open of course?” Billy replied with enthusiasm.

“Absolutely.” Said Mary. “Love to hear each other moan groan beg and plead”. She laughed. Mary grabbed my sister pulling her off the sofa and Billy lifted me off the floor. Pushing us in front. Mary spanked Amy’s ass. “March”. She said. Billy did the same to me spanking my ass I followed back into the hall.

The rooms were next to each other both head boards sharing the same wall. One a neat and tidy, girls room, the other a bog standard excuse of a boys room. With both receiving another spank from them both. Amy was encouraged to into the girl’s room as I was encouraged into the boy’s. Glancing back both Mary and Billy high five each other before spanking each other butts before remarking. “Go get them”.

The best bedroom was slightly clean. The bed was partially made plenty of trainers kicking about the place. The odd pile of clothes dumped in a corner. On his bed side table was range of dildos each one progressing in size the further they get from the bed. Buttplug to horsecock.

Initially terrified how much is he going to destroy my ass. One beauty of the room was the fact at the end of the bed was a floor to ceiling wall to wall mirrors. My room was similar with a large mirror facing my bed so I could see myself being naughty and I loved it. So this really turned me on.

Billy turned me to face him pushing my ass onto the bed, he knelt down grabbing my ankles lifting them up over my head spreading them forcing me onto my back. My ass opened up on the edge of the bed he leaned in closer spat a big dollop of spit on my butthole. Licking is lips he dived in to my ass furiously licking it in and around my hole. Once again another first for me someone licking my butthole and oh my god I was in love. “Oh yes…” I begged. “Lick Lefkoşa Escort my hole make it nice and wet.” Not too disappoint he licked and smothered every inch of my hole making it all slobbery.

Getting up he reached for lube on the table. Squirting some on his cock and his fingers he rubbed in it in his cock and onto my hole. Lining himself up the head of his cock pressed against my somewhat virgin ass. He asked me staring into my face. “Are you ready? After this you can no longer say your straight and you’ll be a cock hungry anal slut just your sister and mum”.

It would be at that precise moment I would hear my sister scream. “Oh come on you bitch fuck me harder”. With my heart racing his cock was ready my hole was hungry.

Nodding to him I said. “Fuck me! I want to be a slut like them.”

Plunging his cock into my ass. My hole stretched wide with little prep work I could feel the strain it was hot it was tight it maybe of been too much. A break or easing was required but if I got him to stop I might stop all together. Burying his cock deeper and deeper inside me I thought to myself fuck this a lot bigger than I thought. “How much more?” I pleaded and groaned.

“Just about there” he said feeling his hips against my ass I knew he could go no further. Taking in loads of deep breaths. He kept it there for a bit for me to relax which was difficult thinking I needed the biggest shit imaginable. After a minute or two he pulled out gently not completely he added more lube and began inserting back in still pain but not as much. With 5-6 pumps of my ass the pain eased the pleasure arrived and his cock was sliding in and out with little resistance. “Mmm… now this feels nice.” I said. Billy smiled spanking my ass. He soon picked up his pace now slapping more of his hips into my ass a good rhythm of slapping noise followed. Holding on to my hips he started fucking me like a slut.

His cock sliding in and out no problem. “Oh yeah” he shouted. “You’ve got such a lovely tight ass.” With every thrust Kıbrıs Escort and slap of skin it was like he was knocking me further away he had to keep pulling me back. Soon his legs and hips got tired asking if I could get on top.

Billy pulled out and oh my god that release of pressure on my ass was there. My hole seemed relieved it was out but my body cock and mind wanted it back in. Billy laid the bed pillows behind him. Pointing his cock upwards. As I got up that’s when I noticed how hard my cock had gotten it was in its second life like it not been touched in weeks ready to cum.

Straddling him either on my feet facing him I squatted over his cock. Having been out my ass no more than 30 secs my ass seemed tight again offering resistance once again but I was in charge now. Lowering myself I guided his cock into my ass getting through the initial phase it soon swallowed it up. Taking my time I began bouncing in his cock. The head rest a good support to pull me up and down. “Oh fuck. I’m convinced it’s going deeper now.” Looking down and seeing my cock flopping around the place up and down left to right slapping against both our stomachs. I should of been hanging on to it stroking it like mad. However, I just felt it wasn’t needed an ass full of cock was enough.

Abandoning my feet I chose to rest on my knees which made it easier to bounce and grind on his cock. Billy grabbed my butt cheeks spanking them spreading them. “Come on ride me into battle.” Looking over my shoulder I could see as clear as day his big thick delicious cock submerged deep into my ass in the mirror. As I bounced I could see it slide in and out like it was nothing. Like it was always meant to be.

Continuing to bounce deep and hard on to his cock my mission was to break him or the bed as I bounced. “Oh…yes”. I screamed. “I love cock in my ass. Fill me up send me home full of cum make my mummy proud.” Billy loved it thrusting himself upwards forcing me higher to come back down harder and deeper.

“You want it from Lefkoşa Escort behind? You want cum in your ass from doggy?” I knew fine well I did.

Climbing off, he moved out the way. Bending over resting on my elbows and knees. My ass pointing in the air. Checking myself in the mirror paying particular attention to my ass and what I could see was a lovely gaping hole winking back at me.

A huge smile grew across my face if I need any more evidence that I was cock hungry slut I’d be stupid. My cock was still rock hard underneath my balls were tight almost felt ready to cum with one simple stroke of my cock. Billy now on his feet got behind slipped his cock in my ass like a glove. Dropping in balls deep no resistance. Holding my hips he immediately started pounding my ass fucking me furiously. “Oh yes fuck me harder”. I pleaded.

Spanking my ass and trying his hardest to get deeper with every thrust. Gliding in and out with ease. He shouted at me. “I’m going to cum in your ass”. Never been more happy to hear those words.

“Yes please cum in my ass I want to be naughty boy and dirty slut”. I begged. With a few more rapid pumps and some longer strides of his cock, I felt it firing deep into my ass. “Oh fuck”. We both cried out. A warm sticky big load of cum was filling my ass. Billy pulled out slowly ensuring most if not all of his cum stayed in my ass. His cock still smothered in cum and my asshole had some seepage dripping out.

My own cock was no exemption without it being touched it to started spurting out cum all over the bed. Billy got down from the bed and took his cock to my face. “Go on suck it. Clean it all up and try ass to mouth.” He ordered. Licking my lips I couldn’t think of a naughtier way to finish I leaped to his cock wrapping my mouth around it and began sucking and licking him clean. It was strange but I thought he tasted more delicious than before. Getting every inch of his cock clean he spanked my ass few more times just for fun.

Now that our fun had stopped the girls grunts, moans and groans could be heard a lot more obviously. “Shall we see what they are up to?” Billy walked out and I quickly followed but the sudden move and pace my ass began twitching “oh…ah”.

Guessing after being torn a new one my ass needed time to recover and walking or pacing around didn’t seem a good idea.

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