Dark Roots Ch. 05


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Ch. 5 – Seeking Answers

Seattle, Washington

7:00 PM

DeSanto Residence

“I didn’t know that you already prepared yourself something earlier before I got home. You must have been hungry my poor baby” Lisa told her son

Albert sat at the dining table with his mother with just a glass of water and some quesadillas on a small plate in front of him.

“How was work today mom”

“It was good sweety. How is Indigo feeling, you know about everything that happened.”

“Actually that was the first question I asked her after school finished,” Albert answered.

Lisa perked up on her seat and her eyes were focused on her son. “And?” she asked.

“Well she said, uhm well, to put it bluntly, she said you made her feel good. Really good. In fact, you made her feel better than I ever could.”

Lisa looked more hurt and not proud or surprised.

“She asked what I thought about sex with you. And I was honest with her too.”

“What did you tell her,” Lisa asked softly.

“I told her that you felt tighter inside of you. That you give off little electrical shocks of pleasure to me.”

Lisa blushed deeply and looked off to the side to hide her smile. She was embarrassed to hear this coming from him. But she focused on what she wanted to tell him.

“Listen, son, I don’t want you to think that you are not good enough for your girlfriend. I don’t want her to think that she can’t measure up to me. If you don’t want me to be a part of your lovemaking sessions with Indigo, I will respect your decision.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, mom. She seems like she’s already addicted to you even if she didn’t tell me directly. I guess I felt it more than heard it.”

“I’m not surprised by her response. I have lived a very long time baby. I tend to have that effect on the women I bedded. The men that I have lain with have all told me what you just told me. Sometimes it was different for them. Sometimes my…well, my vagina was just too much for them. Still, the look women give me in particular when I grow my cock, it’s always either one of utter shock or pure amazement. Either way, it’s always a priceless reaction.”

“I love you, mom. I really do.” Albert said.

Lisa’s face went red as she stopped eating and held her spoon up halfway up to her open mouth. For a moment she saw him, her one and only husband sitting right there where her son was sitting at. It was like when she first met him. Same age and very similar appearance.

“Ami–Baby. Do you really mean that…”

“Yes mom, I do. Why would I lie to you.”

She looked to be getting emotional, for more emotional than he thought she would be. So he decided to change the subject.

“Did you want to know what I did today?”

“Yes, of course, tell me, sweetheart.”

“These two guys in dark clothing came and knocked on the door. They came asking for you.”

Lisa’s entire demeanor changed, from sweet and shy to sharp and focused.

“Let’s go to the living room and finish this conversation here son.”

Lisa and Albert walked into the living room from the dining room. He took a seat on the couch. The living room was dark. None of the lamps were turned on. The only light coming in was the light from inside of the dining room, casting shadows on the walls. He tried turning on one of the lamps, but she told him not to. Lisa Ataköy Escort stood in front of him staring at him with the coldest look in her eyes he had ever seen on her.

“Did they tell why they were looking for me?” she asked as she began to unbutton her blouse shirt.

“They didn’t say for any reason in particular. I think they were hiding their purpose from me. They said they came from a government agency. They didn’t tell me from which though. Again, I think they were lying to me or hiding the truth from me. They look like they came out of those 1950’s movies.”

Lisa threw her blouse off to the side and lifted up the hem of her skirt so she could straddle her son.

“Do you want to know who those men were son?”

“Of course mom. If it relates to my mother I want to know everything.”

“Those two men were not human. They were spirits donning the skins and bodies of humans. They finally learned that you are not human. My only problem is I don’t know how they found out about you exactly.”

“What are you talking about mom”

“I don’t know for certain, but I think these men might be neutral spirits. Celestial powers have been around since the creation of the universe. But they never got involved with major and minor events involving the other great celestial powers. They weren’t involved with shepherding the new human race. They did not hear prayers or led life astray. They were mighty observers, nothing more or less. They do something though, and that keeps order by acting as middlemen/negotiators. And I think they may want to recruit you.”

“Recruit me for what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe they’re interested in you and not so much in me. They know who I am and what I am. And they’ve probably been watching me for a long time. And when they realized that I was with child and taking care of a little baby. They might think…”

“Think what?” Albert inquired, desperately wanting to know.

“They think you may be like your ancient cousins. Have you heard of the Nephilim, baby?”

“The Nephilim—aren’t they talked about in the bible? I admit I haven’t read all of it.”

“Yes son they do appear in the Bible, but they’re mentioned only in a few lines. In another book, called The Book of Enoch. They were the children sired by the sons of God and the daughters of men. Giant men of great heroism, savagery, and brutality. Few had the ability to reason, comprehend, and feel empathy and sympathy like you. The rest were nothing more than just brutal mindless animals with superhuman strength that did nothing but kill everything and ate every one.”

Lisa pulled his shirt off him as she continued to explain to him. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled his boxer briefs down his legs. She removed her bra and let her large breasts hang down. His eyes moved from looking at her eyes down to her hanging breasts. She took his semi-erect cock in her mouth and licked and sucked.

“Oh God, mom…ahh, mmm. What about the story…?”

“You like that son, you like it when I take your big cock inside of my mouth.”

“Oooh, ah, yes mom. Take it. Fucking take it!” Albert moaned.

Albert took a hold of his mother’s head and thrust his pelvis nack and forth, slapping his hanging balls against her saliva covered chin.

“Mmm, mmm, ohghosh alsjhert!” Lisa mumbled around his thrusting cock.

“Deeper! I want to fuck your mouth even deeper mother!” Albert shouted. He stood up from the couch and pushed his pulsing cock Ataşehir Escort deeper down his mother’s throat. Her eyes watered and the whites of her eyes turned red. She gagged and coughed around his cock as her lips were practically smooching the base of his cock.

Lisa wrapped her hands around his ass to support herself up. She could feel the muscles in it tighten and relax all while fucking her throat. The vision of her son became obscured as the tears she fought to keep back clouded her vision. Her son was but a blurry image as he violated her tight undulating throat. She felt his climax coming and did a little something for him that his father, unbeknownst to him, enjoyed. She spread his butt cheeks apart and with a middle finger, pushed it inside of her puckered asshole and stimulated his prostate. Albert felt a jolt of something akin to lightning fire from the base of his soles to the crown of his head and yelled out as his climax shook him to the bones.


Lisa gagged uncontrollably as her son filled her mouth with an inhuman level of cum that escaped from her nostrils and around her lips. Her breathing was very labored. Her large chest heaved. Finally, after satisfying himself, Albert pulled out of her spent mouth. He held her and caressed her face as he looked directly at his mother’s cum filled mouth.

“Drink it all mom, drink it.”

“Yes, my…baby…(GULP)…ahhh. What a sweet and salty dessert.”

“I love you, mom. You’re never going to leave me are you” he asked her.

“Never. I will never permit you to leave me.”

-In the Night-

Albert was sleeping in his room peacefully. Lisa cleaned herself up and finished the rest of her dinner. Lisa closed her eyes and shapeshifted into a vulture inside of her bedroom and flew upwards, phasing through the ceiling and roof of her home. She perched herself on top of the chimney and looked around for something. She spotted two ravens perched on the power lines across the street. They flew away as they noticed her watching them.

“I can’t know for certain who they are. But I know they were actually there to see him and not me. I made sure I did everything I could to hide his presence and his Elioud powers and abilities right when he was conceived. Had he been a Nephilim, he would be impossible to control even with all of my power. Nephilim are children of Angels and humans, more specifically Angels and Women. Earthly wombs bore these divine tragedies and unleashed them onto the world. The Nephilim who were not prone to violence or degeneracy could have children of their own, thus creating a quarter angel, a human hybrid.

When an angel takes female form, which is already exceptionally rare, and bear children. We are able to remove the worst of the angelic makeup and human genetics while the fetus is incubating. Thus an Elioud is born. Children who are of average human size with majority supernatural powers that remain dormant until they hit a certain age. Whereas Nephilim excels in physical prowess, Eliouds become powerful sorcerers. Although some Eliouds still tend to carry the violent gene, regardless of how much we try to remove it. Sometimes it comes back and sometimes it stays gone. I neglected to tell him this for good reason. I wasn’t sure if he would believe me or if he did if he would keep this a secret. His father Amidio, was just a regular man if only he could have met him. If only you could have met our child, my love. Still, I imagine his presence Avcılar Escort became known to them because he has come of age already and has already started having sex with Indigo and me.

It started making the seal I placed on his spirit weaker. I hope that these are only sentries of the order for order looking to recruit him to join them in keeping order. But if they are who I think they are, I only hope they grant him a quick and painless death. Curse me for having left my proper estate. If only you had not looked up and prayed in my direction. If only.”

When Lisa felt that the spirits were gone and there were no more lurking about in the neighborhood, she returned back inside of her home. Back inside her bedroom, she received a call from Morania, her ancient Vampire lover she met centuries ago.

“Hello, Morania what’s going on.”

“Ugh listen, I just had a horrible argument with my husband and he’s really driving me crazy. Would you like to go outside with me and have a little fun? You can bring along your son if you want.”

“No, I can’t bring him because he’s sleeping. But there is a place I was looking to go tonight if you’re willing to join me.”

“That sounds amazing. I’m actually outside of your house right now.”

“Oh really? Okay then just give me a few minutes and I will be out there.”

A few minutes went by in a hitch for Morania as she watched Lisa come out of her home looking like a badass biker chick. She locked her door behind her and rushed over to Morania and hugged her.

“Wow, you feel so warm,” Morania said of her friend.

“And you feel just as cool as I first remembered. Literally. You barely radiate any bodily heat.”

“Well us vampires are like that. I almost forgot something else.”

“What is it?” Lisa asked.

Morania pulled in the blonde beauty for a deep passionate kiss. Her hands ran up and down her back and squeezed and slapped her ass that was in tight black leather pants. Lisa kissed back and groped and squeezed Morania’s ass.

“So, how would you like to travel, shapeshift or car?”

“I think Shapeshifting is better. Just follow me.” Lisa told her. She turned into a vulture and Morania turned into a bat.

Unbeknownst to the both of them. Albert had woken up and phased through the ceiling and roof of his home, and watched from high above his mother kissing another woman. His eyes looked flat as if he was in some sort of a trance. He followed them through the clouds.

-The Black Pit-

Lisa and Morania arrived at a shady bar in the outskirt of the city. There was only one dirt road that leads to this remote bar that appeared to be In control of Bikers. It was of modest size, very unusual for a biker bar. Lisa presented a special black card with gold inlay lettering to the man guarding the back door. He nodded at her and opened the door for them. They stepped inside and watched the door close behind them. Inside the darkroom, torches lit themselves automatically. It looked more like a dungeon from Morania’s time. There was an automatic elevator that they stepped on and lead them down to the very bowels of the earth. Albert was above the bar and turned himself invisible, just barely, and phased through the surface of the ceiling. He descended to the very bottom of this long pit that seemed to stretch down into the earth forever.

When he reached the bottom, he saw a whole underground civilization of various human and nonhuman species living together. He saw his mother and friend being escorted by a goat-man into a black palace carved into the walls of the earth. He hurried over to them. Once inside he followed his mother and her friend into a large room where they stood before a giant snake woman who was seated on a black throne. Words were exchanged, then he watched his mother and this same woman begin to undress each other and start having sex.

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