Fateful Day Pt. 03


I would like to thank Lady Wrath to accept to review my story and provide me detailed understanding to improve my writing skills for my English readers.

Before I start with this story, I would like to remind my readers that this is third part of the series “Fateful Day” and current part can be treated as a continuation of earlier two parts or also be read standalone.


I was extremely excited to be meeting Sunita again after almost a year. My name is Amit, living in Mumbai, and Sunita or ‘Suna’ as those close to her call her, is my cousin who lives in Ahmedabad that is roughly 10 hrs away by train. She is more than a year older than me and I had just turned eighteen, and for both of us, it was summer break in our colleges.

Since puberty hit few years ago, I’d developed a special interest in girls with long legs and last year had found Suna very attractive; but as we are cousins, I never allowed my romantic feelings for her to surface. I had begun a series of workouts at the gym that had given me a reasonably toned body and hoped that she would notice.

Landing at Ahmedabad station, I realized how hot it was here compared to Mumbai. Picking up my backpack and case I was walking down the steps when I saw Suna in the distance, feeling happy and excited to see her once again. As our eyes met, she grinned, almost running as she made her way towards me.

She looked absolutely ravishing, never having seen her in such a short skirt before, I was unable to take my eyes off her sexy legs and thighs. As she approached me, she pushed my chest,

‘Kya jove che?’ (What are you looking at?) she asked, speaking in our local dialect.

I came to my senses, dropped my case and hugged her tightly, asking her where masa (uncle, her dad) was.

“I’ll explain later, let me take your case.”

Before I could say anything, she had picked it up and had started walking towards the exit, talking nonstop about how happy she was to meet me again.

Coming out of the station, she explained that the car would not start and so she was not able to demonstrate her driving ability to me, instead, we were to go home by “Auto” (a kind of three-wheeler taxi vehicle).

Unfortunately, we could not find one, and so enquired with the tea-stall owner outside the entrance who mentioned that they were on strike. Strikes for those kinds of unions are a common way to show their protest for some or other government policies and it normally settles down within a couple of days.

It left us with no other option but to take the bus. As we waited for it to arrive, I again gazed at my cousin, Suna had changed into a very sexy girl from what I last remembered, her breasts and ass having grown considerably compared to last year.

That short skirt and top showed her best features perfectly and I could see the skin of her midriff where her short top ended, overall, she had a fantastic figure.

“What are you thinking?” Her question snapped me out of my daydream quickly.

“You look like a model in those clothes. Did uncle not object?” I asked

“The entire family has gone to Baroda for a week, but I stayed home as you were coming over.” She replied

“Just you and me at home? What will we eat?” I asked, puzzled by her statement.

“We can always eat each other’s brain out, dumbo! I do know how to cook now.. besides, there are restaurants.” I could only nod and smile. Wow! I was so looking forward to spending time with her.

At that moment, the bus arrived and we pushed our way inside, staying near the rear as it was less crowded there. I put my backpack on the top rail and kept my case between my legs as Suna, who was in front of me, turned so we could continue our conversations.

The Lefkoşa Escort bus continued from stop to stop until a large crowd of people got on, pushing Suna tightly against me. Since both her hands were holding onto the overhead support, her chest was pressed directly against my chest, her breasts bulging from her top. With my one free hand. I tried to push at the crowd to give her room, but it didn’t work. Instead, my hand pressed firmly against her naked skin and I saw Suna’s cheeks turn pinkish, even though she did not say anything.

The fragrant smell of her hair reached my nostrils, an intoxicating aroma, as I allowed my hand to continue resting on her back. It felt like an electric shock running through me as I felt her hard tits still pressed against my chest. Being slightly taller than her, I could see that she was not wearing a bra beneath her top, which made my cock twitch and start to rise. I had no control over it as it became erect, now very close to the top of her skirt and navel and realizing that Suna would sense it against her bare skin.

Suna looked up at me mischievously as she asked, “What’s happening down below.”

Now it was my turn to blush, “It happens, I can’t help it; I am big now.”

“Yea, I sensed you are big.” I confused over what she exactly meant.

From experience, I knew she loved pulling my leg and embarrassing me in front of our family and had done so on many occasions in the past, but this was different, it was just between the both of us. I could feel a sudden rush of blood to my head as the bus braked suddenly and she was pressed even more tightly against me. It was a reflex action as my fingers curled around her back for balance and in doing so, we were pulled into a tight embrace and I felt my cousin involuntarily grinding herself against my erection as the bus bumped over a few potholes.

Her hands gripping the support were still keeping her upright, but most of her body was now firmly pressed against mine, her arms stretched above her. I loved her shaved armpits, though I think hair makes it somehow sexier. She was trying to converse with me as a way to distract from her embarrassment as I tried hard to ignore her body grinding against my constant erection.

“Your arm must be growing numb. Lower it and I will hold you in place.” I changed our topic.

The moment she dropped her hands, she slumped, my erection now pressed against her bare stomach area. Lowering her hand and arm, she attempted to hold the case between my legs but only succeeded in brushing her hand against my inner thigh and very close to my erection as I tried to ignore her touch. My cock was throbbing now after being erect for a considerable time and I tried relaxing by closing my eyes and drifting a bit.

“What do you intend to do with this? Do you need my help?” she suddenly asked, her hand resting against my shaft on the outside of my jeans.

Before I could answer, she started to trace the length of my cock from bottom to head and then back again. ‘Mmmm’ was all I could mutter.

Her thumbs expertly pressed the base of my cock through the material and that further pushed my cock against the zip while her fingers rested over my balls, slowly pressing against them. All the while, I could only look at her, pleasantly surprised by this sudden bold move from her.

Suna now had both her hands in front of her as she opened my fly, my cock springing free now that the constraint had been removed. Slowly, she extracted my length and it scratched against the zipper as it popped out, her fingers curling halfway around it as she looked into my face with those seductive black eyes.

“It’s so big, hard and hot.” “This is all your affect on me.” she grinned.

The fingers of Kıbrıs Escort her left hand rose to its top and pulled the skin from my mushroom head, her right hand softly caressing the base of my shaft, my fingers caressing her side and the feel of her smooth soft skin just below her ribs.

Suna now slid her hand up and down my shaft, slowly jerking me off while her other hand swirled around my knob, teasing the sensitive area beneath its rim. Excitement flooded my body, my cock jerking in her hand as I looked into her passionate eyes gazing at me. I desperately wanted to fuck her right then and there, her fingernails gently raking the length of my shaft and sending shockwaves through my veins.

Slowly and secretively during our journey, she continued to toss me off, keeping my arousal just below boiling point as I resisted the urge to moan out loud and attract the attention of the other passengers on the bus.

Having not masturbated for several days, there was a lot of sperm boiling in my sack as Suna continued to arouse me.

“If you continue doing that, you will make me cum.” I whispered to her.

“I’m here to help you just for that. Wait till I suck your cock!” She exclaimed mischievously.

I began to ask her how, but she slowly slid downwards as if trying to grab the case. Squatting as she was, her face was adjacent to my cock as she started to lick the precum from my knob before expertly sliding my skin down and licking her tongue just below its mushroom top, my cock jerking rapidly in her hand with the thrill of my predicament.

She rolled her tongue over it and then back under, ‘Ooooh, fuck’ It was hard to describe the sensation when slowly, she swallowed my head and lightly sucked at it.

I was in heaven! Her mouth now encompassed more of my shaft and as I hit the back of her throat she gagged a little. She let it slip out a bit, just enough so she can breathe and swirled her tongue under my cock as she sucked it slowly back. This time, her throat was relaxed as the head of my cock hit her back there, she tried but could not let it past that as her eyes began to roll up. Suna drooled as my cock slid back out this time and looking up at me with those sexy doe shaped eyes as she continued to try and take me all the way in.

My hands gripped the back of her head and she got the hint, as this time, she relaxed her throat completely to fully take my cock into through mouth and into her throat. She managed most of it, as the head just passed her throat and her gag reflex kicked it back out.

I was anxious and worried for her; but she nodded back at me and I pushed her further on my cock this time easily passing by her throat and stayed there… all except the base which was a lot thicker for her mouth, was deep inside her mouth and throat. She was throat fucking me and through her gags, still kept it in. Her eyes watered and her nostrils grew as she tried to suck air into her lungs and acclimatize herself to having more than seven inches of hard flesh in her mouth and I could no longer push any further fearing it might harm her.

My knob tickled her throat and I felt the suction of her closed lips as she continued to drool, her head bobbing back and forwards as she gave me the most exquisite blowjob. Her soft hands worked on my balls caressing and fondling them as her mouth worked on my cock.

“I am gonna cum in your mouth” I managed to mutter.

She just nodded and I was about to release my biggest load, all inside her mouth when she suddenly pulled me back to reality.

Suna shook me as she attracted my attention ‘Tari pachal jagah thai gai, besi ja tya’ (The seat besides you has just been vacated, sit there.)

I snapped out of my daydream and noticed that Suna Girne Escort was pushing me towards the seat and making way for the other person to leave the bus.

My cock was still erect, but inside my jeans, as I tried to remember when I first started to dream of Suna giving me a hand-job or better still, a blowjob. I felt very guilty at thinking of my cousin in such a degrading manner so simply followed her instruction and sat down.

With my genitals in a painful position, I had no option but to adjust them.

“What’s wrong with you? Can’t get comfortable?” She grinned at the look of discomfort on my face as I looked up at her, standing very close to me.

Her boobs were just above my eye level and the hem of her skirt at shoulder level, her bare thighs brushing against my left arm as I gazed at her now clearly visible midriff. That was when I noticed her deep navel, the most enticing navel I had ever seen. It was a perfect inverse pear shape, tight, round and very deep on top and then tapering down to a point at the bottom… as though it was an arrow, pointing to the location of her pussy. It had now become my most favorite part of her body, her legs conveniently forgotten.

The bus hit another pothole and Suna’s boobs hit my head while her pelvis crushed against my shoulder. My nose picked up the aroma from her skirt, mixed with something else, she told me later that her juices were in full flow at that point. I turned my head and breathed in a lungful of her delicious scent,

“Do you want to sit and I will stand?” I asked.

“You must be tired, carry on sitting. I am fine up here.”

As the conversation went back and forth between us, my face was so close to her belly that I could have licked just below her navel. My nose was opposite it and the smell was intoxicating as my arousal continued to escalate. With my arm brushing against her thighs each time we hit a pothole my body was currently covered in goosebumps. I could feel the sweat from her thighs, only to be told later that it was the juices from her fanny that coated my arm. As we continued to talk, my eyes rested on the two protrusions made by her hard nipples in the material of her top, as again, I had to adjust my erection, Suna smiling and sensually licking her lips or was licking just my thought.

We were interrupted as the seat by the window became vacant, the woman standing and squeezing past the both of us as I invited her to sit next to me, Suna deciding that she would have the window seat as she deliberately slid past me slowly, her ass right in front of my face.

I wanted time to stand still, overcome by her fragrance, and the close-up view of her buttocks as they passed in front of my face. Once seated, she rested her hand on my thigh, asking what I was thinking about as I had closed my eyes. I lied that I was tired, when in fact I was visualizing how her ass and slit would look naked in front of my face.

She told me we would be there in about another ten minutes and asked if I would like to rest my head on her shoulder. As kids, we had slept on each other’s laps or shoulders many times while chatting, but this time, it felt special to me as I continued to take in the smells wafting from her body. It felt like I had barely closed my eyes before she was gently stroking my cheek and informing me that we had arrived at last.

Thankfully, my erection had subsided and I was able to stand without a tent in the front of my jeans as the dwindling travelers on the vehicle made it easy to move down the bus, our stop swiftly approaching and me noticing that several of the male passengers were ogling my cousin as she passed them.

Once down off the bus, Sunita carried my case while I shouldered my backpack continuing to chat and walk until her house came into sight.


Hope you all are enjoying this read through our experience just like we did. More of what happens at Sunita’s home between the cousins in my next story. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome from all my readers.

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