Fathers Orders


Kelly winced and exhaled a relieved breath as the 10th and final blow fell and she lifted her naked body off her father’s lap. She stood, sniffling, and looked at her father, his gauze gradually softening from the one he’d been wearing for the last thirty minutes. She reflexively covered her exposed boobs and sex, but dropped her hands to her sides quickly after a stern, wordless glare from her father. Experience told her this was not a battle she should try to win, and after all- she knew she was guilty.

Standing there in the buff, she briefly lamented the trouble she has caused not only to herself, but to her poor brother as well. Kirk stood against the wall, equally naked, head down and arms at his side, thick penis dangling between muscular legs. Ever since her chance encounter with it a few days ago, Kelly had been obsessively trying to catch another glimpse of that strange organ. It still seemed huge to her, even though it was considerably smaller than when she’d accidentally walked in on her brother. Now that it was clearly on display just a few feet away, she could not bring herself to do more than steal a quick glimpse of it, avoiding her brothers’ eyes.

“Against the wall, Kelly,” instructed her father, and she took her place next to her brother, the two contrite teens awaiting the lecture they both knew was coming. Kelly wasn’t sure whether it was worse to know at her age she still got spanked, or that because of circumstances that were all her doing, she was now being punished together with her mostly innocent brother. Kelly felt absolutely awful. She had begged, pleaded, and cajoled her brother using every trick in the book, playing on the fact that she knew he adored his little sister. She had batted her eyes and played on his affections to engage him in the little conspiracy that was the reason for their current predicament. Kirk was really a great brother- always there for her, always looking out for her, and utterly adored by her other girlfriends as much for his good looks as for his always friendly demeanor. Some of them had big brothers too, and none got alone with them as well as Kelly and Kirk.

Having to undress in front of her male family members was just one of those things that Kelly has learned to live with; the two had been punished together for most of their childhood, and were used to seeing each other in such an exposed state. Kelly had always been secretly fascinated by his body and now that she was older, she knew that there had been just the slightest hint of sexual excitement at their shared nudity. It’s not like she was particularly prudish, and as her body had filled out, she got a kind of perverse pleasure in making her brother uncomfortable waking around in a towel, or skimpy nightly, showing off her changing body. It was a safe way to explore her budding sexuality with someone she trusted and loved. She thoroughly enjoyed his attention, and was secretly delighted to catch him looking at her when he thought she wasn’t paying attention.

Their punishments were not something they talked about with each other; much less something they shared with their friends. Their dad was a strict, old-school disciplinarian and only rarely punished them anyway, which made their current situation all the more traumatic. They had not expected this kind of punishment at 18, but ‘Lying to Father’ was at the very top of his list of punishable transgressions, and apparently, ‘Getting a tattoo on your twat’ was the new second place entry, beating out last year’s ‘Throwing a Rager when dad was out of town.’ That punishment was just as bad, but at least then she still had her thick, dark bush- which she only recently discovered had offered a considerable amount of visual protection. That time, Father had spanked her nude and Kirk had just been sitting in a chair nearby observing. Even then, she was secretly proud of the effect her naked body had on her brother, and she could see him squirming in his seat, though she could not remember if she had actually seen his erection through his pants.

Father was lecturing them on choices, responsibility, consequences, and a bunch of other stuff Kelly was perfectly happy to ignore; especially when it came to getting something she really, really wanted. She had been discussing her tattoo with her friends for months, and with her brother for weeks; wearing down his arguments and finally breaking him down to the point where he even agreed to lend her some cash and give her a ride to the parlor where the ‘deed’ would be done.

Kelly glanced down at the still red Rose tattoo just above her freshly denuded sex. She had really not intended Beşiktaş Escort for her brother to ever see it, though of course he knew about it. She had certainly not considered having her Father see it at all. “It was worth it,” she thought. “But I’m going to have to make this up to Kirk. Really.”

Kelly briefly met her brothers’ eyes before he looked away again. His embarrassment from their earlier incident was still fresh and raw. Kelly had walked in on Kirk unexpectedly- catching him mid-stroke masturbating to porn in his room. He had been lying on his bed, watching something on his TV and his erect penis had looked huge in his hand. The dark purple head had been clearly visible above his clenched fist, the shaft glistening with some lotion he was using for lubrication. “Was that my expensive skin cream?” Kelly had randomly thought. His balls too, seemed absurdly large between his legs, and the shock of the encounter temporarily froze them both. Kelly had just stared wordlessly for several seconds before Kirk thought to pull a pillow over his lap, after which she mumbled a quick ‘Sorry!’ and ran off to her room.

For days afterwards, the image of her brothers’ cock had been burned into her mind; its size, its shape, the glistening wetness, the very “maleness” of it made her nipples hard and her own sex wet in response. She was still a virgin, though she had let a few boys slip their hands under her shirt and she had even let one slip a hand into her pants, though his awkward fingers had considerably difficulty navigating the dense foliage to find her treasure. Kelly had laid in bed and rubbed herself to a very satisfying orgasm with just the image of her brothers large, erect cock as fantasy material.

Perhaps not realizing what she was doing, she had been teasing him relentlessly the last few days. In the throes of her little mini-obsession she wanted to see his penis again, wanted to feel that rush of sexual energy, wanted to feel that tingle deep within her pussy. She had walked into his room wearing just a bra and panties to casually ask him a question, but with the real intent of seeing how he reacted to her semi-transparent attire. She knew her dark bush and nipples would be visible through them and that her bush peeked visibly above the low-cut waistband. He noticed, but she had left before her nipples had hardened and the small damp spot had become obvious.

Father’s lecture was over, and Kelly snapped back to reality, sneaking another quick glance at Kirks long, limp penis dangling beside her. His thick pubic hair reminding her just how naked her own sex now appeared.

The small bedroom in which they now stood, which as kids they’d called the ‘Spanking Room’ was sparsely furnished; a few chairs and two dressers being the only furniture. On one table sat a small, mechanical timer- the kind used in kitchens for timing eggs. Kelly glanced briefly at it, dreading where Father would be setting it in a few minutes.

Their punishments always too place here and always involved both of them, even if only one was being punished. Their father believed that seeing a sibling punished was a good deterrent so one always witnessed the punishment of the other. Also, punishments always followed a strict ritual, which was why Kelly was particularly nervous; she knew what was coming…

The ritual began with the punishment. Usually a spanking, though there were nuances depending on the nature of the misdeed. It might be a simple pants down, over-the-knee session of a few swats, or it might be a fully stripped, bend over a chair affair with a switch or as today- a fully stripped, over-the-knee session. There was something particularly humiliating about walking toward your father fully nude, laying across his lap and presenting your exposed rear for punishment. You never knew how much he could see though your closed legs, or how much he felt hard nipples pressing into his legs. Could he see wetness? Could he smell anything? Kelly wondered randomly if Kirk had ever gotten an erection when being spanked. She could not remember seeing that, but when she thought about her own spankings and the sometimes-unwanted sexual sensations they inspired, she had to wonder.

After the punishment was the lecture. The lecture was never long; he had long ago spelled out what was expected of them as members of this household and the lecture was usually just a short recounting of where they had failed to meet his expectations. This particular lecture had a short section on unnecessary body modifications and a few passages regarding her intimate Beylikdüzü Escort areas that had made her blush.

It was the final step that had Kelly in a panic.

As the lecture concluded, she grew aware of her body and mumbled “Oh crap,” looking down to confirm what she already knew. Her nipples were rock hard. Two dark red nubs poked out visibly, the circle of her areolas highlighting them against the pale globes of her modestly sized breasts. Their state of arousal was hard to miss. She turned briefly and caught their lewd shadow on the wall behind her. “Great,” she thought and felt her face flush as she took a sideways glance to see if her brother had noticed them too. He had. As their eyes met, he turned quickly away, looking down and she thought for a moment he closed his eyes, as if praying or concentrating on something.

They both looked up, knowing what came next and dreading it for different reasons: Kirk, because he did not want to get a boner in front of his sister, and Kelly because well, wasn’t having your nipples and pubes on display bad enough?”

“OK. Assume the position” their father instructed, picking up the small kitchen timer, pausing for a moment, then setting the dial to 30 minutes and setting it back onto the dresser, which seemed to amplify the mechanical ticking sound it now emitted. “30 Minutes” he announced and left, closing the door behind him.

The “position” they had assumed was the dreaded part of their punishments. They stood, naked, face-to-face, with their hands on each other’s shoulders. The intent was for them to stare silently at each other, no talking, no moving, until the time was up. This was bad when they were both clothed, awful when only one of them was naked, and now- with both of them nude, terrifying.

Kelly glanced down to her newly shaved pubes. She had shaved for the tattoo because she had wanted to make sure it would be below her bikini line. Looking down between their arms, her eyes also took in her brothers’ penis- looking huge from this angle -much larger than she had remembered. Of course, it was only a few inches away now too. Her eyes came back up and she saw that her brothers’ eyes had followed hers down and when the met again at eye level he looked embarrassed. “I’m sorry about all this” Kelly whispered.

Kelly was painfully aware of her nipples. Usually, she loved them and the attention they garnered when she wore a thin shirt. Of course, she hated that her body sometimes betrayed her; those super sensitive nubs growing hard and visible at the completely wrong time; like when she had rubbed against her father’s lap during her spanking. Or, now…

Worse than her nipples were that uncontrollable spurts of wetness that sometimes also happened at completely the wrong time. She didn’t usually think much about it; her dense bush usually hid it, making the slick wetness her private little secret to enjoy. Now, there was no hiding it, and she was indeed wet.

“Shit!” she thought as her focus shifted to stickiness between her legs. She resisted the urge to reach down and adjust her lips. She thought back to one stroke where father’s hand had come down just as she twitched, the blow landing intimately within- rather than upon -the globes of her rear. She could not recall if her legs were open, if her pussy was sticking out from between her legs. Had she felt his hand there? Had she felt wetness there? She could not really remember. “Oh God” she thought, “Had -he- felt wetness there?”

As she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, she heard the faint muffled slicking as her wet pussy lips re-arranged themselves between her legs. He was close enough that she could feel his warm breath and was certain he couldn’t have missed her beacon-like nipples, but Kelly was not sure he’d seen or would even recognize her wetness.

Kirk was considered a good-looking guy. He was athletic, and not a few of Kelly’s friends had made it clear what they’d like to do with him. However, she knew he was not very experienced with girls, and did not think he had even ever had sex. She was not dating anyone at the moment either so was more than a little aroused by being this close to a naked guy- even it was her brother.

Kirk, for his part was equally horrified. He tried to think of anything else -football, calculus, car repair, but it wasn’t working. Sure, it was his sister but she was also a very pretty, very naked teen-age girl with nip-hard breasts just inches away, and a very obviously well-manicured pussy. Kelly’s teasing of late had been quite effective, Beyoğlu Escort and her various accidental indiscretions had made him more than a little curious. His penis didn’t care that this was his sister and he knew his friends would lose their minds to see what he was now seeing, although he wished he could be almost anywhere else.

He looked his sister in the eyes, fear plain on his face as his erection pulsed and thickened. He gave Kelly an embarrassed smile and whispered “Sorry- I can’t help it,” and looked between them in horror as his penis grew in size. Kelly saw it swelling and, afraid it would hit her gasped and moved back involuntarily as it swelled. With her hands still on his shoulders, the movement caused her upper body to pitch forward and she stumbled into her brother driving her nipples into his chest.

The sensation of her bare breasts and hard nipples pressed against his chest along with the fresh, clean smell of her hair, drove Kirk into full hardness, and Kelly regained her balance and moved back looking down to get that view she had been dreaming about for a week.

The full, up-close look at the dark purple head, seemingly alive with its own soft movements, caused her brain to swim. It was pointing straight up between them, only inches from her wet sex. The sight re-stiffening her nipples and eliciting another warm spurt of wetness below, making her shift nervously.

The two stood there awkwardly, Kirk’s erection now almost painful, and his member throbbing with his pounding heartbeat. Kelly could not help but look down in fascination as she saw it pulse and sway. She’d never really had the chance to observe a penis ‘in-the-wild’ so to speak.

“Kelly! stop looking at it, you’re embarrassing me!” Kirk whispered urgently but she was hypnotized by its shifting movements and before Kirk could react, and before Kelly had time to think about what she was doing, one hand dropped down and grasped his rod firmly, the other pushing into his shoulder for balance. Kelly tugged on the stiff flesh, causing Kirk to stumble a bit as he re-balanced himself. They both stared silently at her hand as it slowly rubbed up and down the length of his shaft.

To her, it seemed a gigantic and amazing thing. After all, the only thing she really had to compare it to was the thin, smooth slit of her own sex; a slit that until recently had been buried in a thick matt of black, curly pubic hair- rendering it almost invisible. Her own sex seemed featureless unless you actually got up close, opened it up, teased it a bit until it puffed up. But this, this giant thing screamed its maleness at her. She gushed to think how her own small little opening might handle something that big.

She ran her hand along its length, rubbing and kneading it. “Kelly! what are you doing?” he gasped, but her movements continued, fingers running lightly along the skin, then grasping it tightly and stroking it, then releasing and once again lightly brushing its length. Kelly was entranced that even though it was hard in one sense, the skin was also incredibly soft. She immediately imagined what it would be like to have it in her pussy, or her mouth, and more wetness leaked from between her legs. She looked down, seeing the glisten of her engorged lips, and released her other hand from his shoulder to push her finger into her own wetness.

“Kelly?” Did You. Did you just-pee?” Kirk asked, astonished- seeing a bead of moisture drop from her slit onto her milky thighs. Kelly looked up at Kirk and smiled, “No- that’s not pee” she said, and grabbing his hand, led it down to her leaking quim and cupped it tightly against her bare flesh. Kirk gasped as he felt the intense heat her body was generating and his middle finger- seemingly of its own volition- lifted into her, entering her tight, slippery tunnel. Kelly’s knees wobbled as the sexual energy shot through her from this forbidden act. Kelly had not let go of Kirk’s penis, and as his finger rubbed her, hers rubbed him and the two naked teens diddled each other in silence.

As she stroked him, Kirk almost hypnotically duplicated the movements, his fingers entering her in rhythm to her strokes, the wet flesh closing around his fingers. Kelly was raising and lowering herself on her toes, the motion helping her brothers’ fingers diddle her more thoroughly. Kirk was mesmerized by the feeling of his fingers in his sister’s warm sex, and he felt a growing urgency in his groin as she stroked him.

“Kelly” he whispered, “you better stop, you’re going to make me-” and at just that second, the alarm on the dresser went off. The sound so startled them that Kelly squeezed hard, causing a thick rope of cum to shoot into her hand. Her own orgasm followed a second later, legs shaking and her pussy squeezing hard against his still inserted finger as her body collapsed against him. A loud knock on the door sent them both into utter panic. “Ok Kids, times up. Get upstairs and clean up. Dinners in 15 minutes…”

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