Heather Pt. 08


The drive into work provided me time to process everything that had happened last night and this morning. It’s a very good thing that I have to be in the office today, I thought. I need to get this worked out. My daughter had actually said, ‘Can’t you just touch me without fucking me?’

“I really don’t think I can,” I said, out loud, pulling my car into the parking garage.

I put the car in park and grabbed my backpack. I had a feeling, Heather had left a message on my computer. And I didn’t want to risk opening that up at my desk. I powered up my laptop, and noticed immediately that Heather had indeed created a short video for me. She was sitting on her bed, clicking the keyboard on my laptop. Then she looked directly at the webcam.

Heather stood up and centered herself from the waist up in the camera frame. She lifted her tank top, revealing her beautiful, naked breasts. “I know you want to touch these,” she said, staring into the camera. “I WANT you to touch them.” Then my daughter stepped forward and framed only her face in the lens, finishing her video with, “And I want YOU to be awake, next time I touch you.” Heather turned, walked back over to her bed, and closed my laptop, ending the recording.

OK, I thought. I can’t stop this now. I know it. I am going to touch my daughter, sexually. I don’t know if I could ever forgive myself for fucking her. But if she initiates it, I will not be able to tell her ‘no’.

I grabbed my phone and sent Heather a text, Got your message. Will think about it. Promise. Love you.

Good, Heather replied. On my way to CJ’s. Text you tonight. Love you too.

I was very glad I got that out of the way before I headed into my office. The urge to masturbate in my car was so strong, but I resisted. Tonight, I assured my bulge. It will be worth the wait.

A few hours of work was a much needed respite for my bewildered mind. Although, I still had to wrestle images from last night out of the way, at times. I finished up the tasks that kept me in the office, and was able to make an early exit. There wasn’t any real reason to be at home, since my daughter wouldn’t be there. And I knew it was likely that I wouldn’t hear from her for several hours. But I needed to be in my bed, reliving last night’s events.

As I pulled my car into the garage, my phone chimed. It was a text from Heather.

I bought a webcam for my room here. Login is: ItsJustTouching. Password is: awake.

OMG, Heather! Does CJ know?

No. I hid it. He will be in here soon. Will you watch?


From my room?

If you want, I replied, after a moment of contemplation.

Good. Go now. I’m recording that one. You can record the new one.

I carried my laptop into Heather’s bedroom and logged into the new webcam. She had positioned it across the room, the entire bed in the camera frame.

Heather was only wearing a black bra and matching lace panties as she waited Kıbrıs Escort for CJ to come in. The curtains were open, allowing the setting sun to cast my beautiful daughter’s body in a warm glow. I saw Heather look at the webcam, acknowledging she could see me on her laptop. Then she lay her computer on the floor, and slid it under the bed, keeping it open enough to continue recording.

CJ came into the room. “Wow, Baby! You weren’t kidding when you said you weren’t waiting until tonight.”

“Nope,” Heather replied, soberly.

“I love Horny Heather,” CJ teased, as he began undressing himself.

“So do I,” I said, sliding my underwear off.

“You have no idea,” she replied.

“God, you look good. Let me take a pic.”

“OK. Use my phone. I’ll send it to you,” Heather replied, handing her phone to CJ, before rolling over.

“Mmm,” I moaned, loudly. “And send it to Daddy.”

“Mmm. I love that ass,” he moaned, tossing the phone onto the bed and sliding his underwear off.

Heather turned over and grabbed her phone, “I’ll send it to you,” she said.

“Want me to close the drapes?” CJ asked.

My daughter just shook her head and clicked send on the pic. A few seconds later, my phone chimed.

“Ooooh God, Baby,” I groaned. “I am SO sticking my tongue in your ass.” I began thrusting my hips, slowly, driving my cock through my fist. It was turning me on so much, knowing my daughter will be watching me stroke my cock on video later.

Heather tossed her phone down on the bed and commanded CJ, “Now get over here and touch me.”

CJ swiftly laid on the bed and pulled Heather’s body to him, kissing her. She gave her mouth and tongue to CJ for a few seconds, then pulled away, rolling onto her back.

“Touch me,” she repeated. “I want your hands on me. All over me.”

Heather’s eager boyfriend did not need a lot of persuasion. CJ’s hand began taking handfuls of my daughter’s tits, while she moaned in pleasure.

“Oh yes. Grab those perfect, fucking tits,” I directed.

“Mmm I need your touch,” Heather said, quietly.

CJ complied, “Oooh Baby. I love your body. Love touching you. Your tits make me so fucking hard.”

“You ain’t the only one, CJ,” I said, pounding my cock. “Look how hard MY cock is, Baby.”

“Yes,” Heather moaned loudly. “Touch me with your cock. Rub it on my tits.”

“Oh fuck, Baby. You turn me on so much,” CJ moaned, moving to straddle my daughter.

“Mmm, yes. Slide your cock in between them. Titty fuck me, Daddy!”

“Fuck yes, Baby. Daddy is going to titty fuck you and cum all over you,” I moaned.

CJ began thrusting his cock into Heather’s cleavage while she pushed her tits together. Such a hot display of raw lust. “Fuck! You make me so hot when you talk dirty.”

“Yeah? That gets you hot? What else gets you hot, Daddy?”

“Mmm cumming in your mouth,” CJ sexily admitted.

“Hmm. Lefkoşa Escort We can do that,” Heather said slowly, sensually. “You know I want you to stick your cock in my mouth, Daddy. You gonna lick my pussy first?”

“Oh, Heather!” I groaned. “I want to lick your pussy so bad. Taste you. Mmm. Then watch you lay between my legs and suck my dick. Let me watch my cum shoot in your mouth.”

“Oooh, Baby, CJ moaned, as he began sliding down Heather’s body.

CJ positioned himself between Heather’s legs, and slid her G-string down enough to expose her puffy, smooth pussy.

“Mmmm. Look at your smooth pussy. I’m gonna finger fuck that wet little thing and suck on those pussy lips. Moan for me, Baby. Get Daddy’s dick so fucking hard.” My hand was a blur, as I stroked hard and fast.

Heather’s head turned to face the webcam, as CJ’s face disappeared between my daughter’s legs. “Oooooh! God! Yes!” Heather groaned into the camera, then begged, “Eat my pussy, Daddy.”

“I will, Baby. I will,” I said, looking into the webcam in Heather’s room.

CJ’s tongue licked and flicked Heather’s pussy lips and clit in alternating slow / fast tempo. He sucked on her clit, hard, making Heather moan and thrust her hips onto his mouth.

I applied a bit more lubricant to my cock and slowed my masturbation, just enjoying my daughter’s pleasure, as CJ continued eating her out. “Mmm, Baby. You are so beautiful. So sexy,” I admired, for the camera.

Heather’s breathing became panting, when CJ brought her to orgasm on his mouth. I watched and heard her writhe and moan. Then Heather thrust her hips up and wrapped her legs around CJ, keeping his face buried in my little girl’s pussy.

After a few twitches and panting breaths, Heather commanded, “My turn. Lay down. This way.” Heather turned in the bed, so CJ’s head would be towards the camera, her face looking directly at me.

Heather kept her eyes on the camera lens as she bent down between her boyfriend’s legs. She rubbed her tits on his very hard cock, filling the room with both of their moans. Then Heather lowered her face and licked from the base of CJ’s cock, to the tip.

“It’s time,” she whispered, to me. “It’s definitely time.”

Heather brought her hand up to hold her hair out of her face, giving me an unobstructed view, as she slid CJ’s cock into her mouth. My daughter let me enjoy the display of her oral prowess, as she took her boyfriend’s cock all the way into her throat.

“Mmm. Yes. That’s the way, Baby,” I moaned.

When Heather sucked her way back up to the tip of CJ’s cock, she wrapped her other hand around the shaft. She looked at the camera one more time, then began rhythmically sucking and stroking, giving CJ a determined blowjob.

“Oh God, Heather. Yes. Jack me off and suck me, just like that,” I groaned.

I increased the tempo of my own stroking, to match my daughter’s. Magosa Escort Heavy panting in Heather’s room was accompanied by her sucking and slurping sounds, through my laptop speakers. CJ began thrusting his hips, driving his cock in Heather’s mouth. His moans added more pleasurable sounds for both our recordings.

Heather slipped CJ’s cock from her mouth and looked at the camera. “How do you want to cum? In my mouth? Or in my pussy?”

CJ moaned, “I need to be in your pussy, Baby.”

“Yes,” I panted. “I need your pussy on me, Baby.” Then I looked into the camera, stroking my cock hard and fast, “I want to fuck you, Heather.”

“Mmm. You DO need my pussy, don’t you, Daddy,” Heather said, to the camera, as she positioned herself on top of CJ. “You NEED it. You need to…” Heather continued, as she lowered herself, “slide your cock in me.”

“Ohhh, Heather, I said, looking directly at her. Yes, I need it. I need your pussy.”

CJ pumped his cock into my daughter hard and fast. He had been so close to orgasm when Heather was sucking him, there was no way he could go slow. Heather thrust her hips forward and back, letting CJ’s cock slam up into her pussy, making her tits bounce.

“Yes. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard. Fuck me. Fuck me,” Heather groaned into the camera.

“I’m gonna bury this fucking cock in you, Heather,” I said, out loud.

“Oh, Baby! I’m cumming,” CJ moaned.

“Cum in me. Yes. I want all your cum. Give it to me,” Heather commanded to me.

CJ drove his cock into Heather and pulled her thighs down, holding her pussy on him as he came in her. I couldn’t hold myself off any longer.

“You want my cum, Baby? I’m gonna cum for you. I gonna cum so hard in your pussy,” I told Heather. “Daddy is going to fuck his baby girl. I am going to cum inside you. I’m cumming in you, Heather!”

My cock exploded in my hand. Streams of cum shot onto my chest, and the sheets. I stroked my cock, furiously, as my orgasm ripped through me. I finally slowed my masturbation down and just looked into the camera. “Need. You,” I panted.

Heather rolled off of CJ and lay beside him, smiling. “How was that, Babydoll?” she asked.

“Oh, Honey!” CJ started. “That was sooo good. Wow, you really got me going with the dirty talk.”

“Mmm. It’s fun to be dirty sometimes,” she giggled.

“Well, you can do that anytime, Baby.”

“I will,” Heather smiled. “Would you mind if I didn’t spend the night tonight?”

“Why?” CJ asked. “I mean, it’s OK. But I don’t understand.”

“I just haven’t had a night when I wasn’t responsible for Tara, in a long time. I’m not saying I mind taking care of our baby. I love every minute of it. But it would be nice sometimes not to have to be mom, just for a night.”

CJ kissed Heather, gently. “Of course,” he said, quietly. “Yes. Of course, Baby. I’m sorry I didn’t even think about that. I should have offered. You absolutely should be able to do that, sometimes.”

“That’s why I wanted to have sex so early,” Heather smiled and kissed CJ. “I was really hoping you’d understand.”

“OK, Honey. What will you do with your free night?”

Heather turned to look at the camera and said, “Just get in bed.”

End of Part – 8

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