I Want You to Want Me Ch. 10


Hey peeps! This is the big one, the largest chapter I have to a story to date! I have an author’s note at the end so please, please, PLEASE, read to the end!

Linda shook me awake roughly, I blinked and squinted, looking around the dark room. “You’re hogging the blanket,” she complained as she rolled me over and took the blanket from me. I groaned in my mostly sleepy state and looked at the time. It was ten minutes after I normally got up.

Fuck! If I didn’t hurry I’d probably be late, so much for getting there early. I scrambled out of her bed and ran to the shower. Doing probably one of the quickest showers in my life, I ran out still wet, towel in hand to my room. I dried off as quickly as I could and threw on some clothes. I thanked whatever deity I could think of that it was Friday and I could at least get away with jeans and a casual button-down shirt.

I launched myself out of my room and down the stairs at an alarming rate, grabbing my discarded bag from last night and my keys from the hook I was out the door in under twenty minutes. My hair was wet and I was also very thankful for the close shave from Nikki as I hadn’t had to worry about my appearance all this week. I was at my office at my normal time and logged into my computer seeing Kenny and Phil were already bitching about building the servers, forgetting that I was on their group message.

I was about to hit send reminding that I was aware of their bitching, but restrained myself. I deleted the message and sent another email out stating that if they had concerns about the coming week to mention them to me or Linda. I snickered as I sent it and was going to be on the lookout for their message but the warehouse manager called me. He wanted to know how much space we needed and that cabinets had just arrived. We went over the details and hammered everything out. Once that was done another problem came up which needed to be handled, of course.

Soon two hours had passed before I could see the group message again. Not surprisingly, there was more bitching. At least Chelsey was trying to get the crowd to just let it go with the phrase ‘the faster it’s done, the sooner we don’t have to worry about it’. I will remember that she had my back during all this. It seemed Kenny and Phil were the biggest complainers and made a note of that.

Beep, beep, beep, my phone rang and I picked it up.

“Hello this is Scott,” I answered seeing that it was an outside line.

“Well you’re easy to reach,” it was Clara. I suppressed the growl that was at my throat, I simply swallowed it down before speaking.

“And how can I help you?” I asked, trying to sound professional.

“I’m just making sure you haven’t forgotten our arrangement,” she stated, her voice sounding smokey and sensual.

“I haven’t forgotten, but you had better come through,” I hissed quietly at her. “I’m taking all the risk here.”

“Oh don’t worry honey, I’ll take good care of you. Be at the restaurant at twelve sharp.” With that, she hung up. I growled in my frustration before texting Lena on her private number.

Do you know who just called me on the work line? I texted her.

Come by my office, we’ll talk, Lena sent. I double-checked that nothing was pressing and locked my computer before leaving. Sandy smiled as she saw me coming.

“So how’s it coming with your project?” She asked, tapping away at her computer. Sandy was in a rather loose blouse that had one too many buttons open, and I got a peek down her top to the lacey bra she wore underneath.

“I think getting monkeys to build the damn things would be easier, at least there would be less moaning about it,” I joked with her.

“Aww,” she started to tease, “I thought guys liked moaning,” Sandy told me quietly. Was she flirting with me? “Or do you just like girls with their mouths full?” She asked, giving me a dark grin.

“Oh good you’re here Scott,” Lena stated at the door. She wore a tight black blouse and light gray skirt, with mocha-colored stockings on her legs. “The usual Sandy.”

“Saved by the teacher.” She whispered at me as I walked past. This was an unusual update, something to worry about later. I entered Lena’s office and she sat on the desk as I sat in her chair.

“So that bitch called you?” She asked once I was seated.

“Yes she did, how did she get my number?” I inquired out loud.

“Well it’s not hard to get an employee directory, and if she knows your name it’s even easier to call someone in the building,” Lena pointed out, putting a finger on her chin. It was terribly cute. “What did she have to say?”

“She just wanted to see if I had gotten cold feet, more or less. She sounded cool, but I think she was worried I’d bail on her,” I explained, running my hand up and down Lena’s inner thigh. “Well I spoke with Steven in Security and we came up with bad information to give her as well as some spy gear to get her on record.”

“Good, good,” Lena replied softly as she opened her legs. She Bomonti Escort pulled back her skirt to reveal the crotchless silk panties she was wearing. “I hope I didn’t wear these for nothing, master,” Lena told me with that sexy squirm of hers.

“Well I have to save myself for later tonight pet,” I informed her, letting my fingers glide gently over her pussy lips. Lena bit her lip before looking disappointed, I smiled at her. “But you’ve earned yourself a reward,” I told her, she looked confused until I pushed a finger inside her.

She sighed happily as I reached into her desk and found her ball gag. I handed her the gag, which she put in her mouth before I moved the chair closer. Leaning back, she pulled her skirt further up. I leaned down and started to lick her pussy around my finger as I probed her silky folds. I wanted to take my time, but in the back of my head, I knew work was going to pile up. Fuck it, work was going to be there one way or another, I was going to enjoy this as much as Lena. I rubbed her insides while my tongue licked her lips and teased her clit. Lapping up her sweet juices and pleasing her.

Lena arched her back as her legs were propped on my shoulders as her hands pulled my head further into her sweet cunt. She was breathing hard through her nose as I could faintly hear her whimper through the gag. I shoved another finger inside her and pumped her pussy, starting slow but building up the speed rather quickly. Lena leaned back as I started to feel her legs quiver and her body shake.

I clamped my lips down on her clit and sucked hard, the noises from Lena meant she was so close. I rubbed her g-spot, finding the spongy flesh inside her and that brought her over the edge. Lena was practically vibrating as she grabbed the desk and rode out her orgasm, I kept sucking her clit and tapping her spot till I felt she had had enough. I leaned back and pulled my now wet and sticky fingers from her cunt. I gave her a moment before I rose and walked around to take the gag off of her. I presented my fingers and Lena leaned her head up to suck them clean. Fuck, I was very tempted, but I wanted to save my energy for later at home.

Once Lena was done cleaning her cum from my fingers, I cleaned myself up, making sure none of her juices got on my shirt. I pulled Lena up off her desk, put her in her chair, kissed her, and left the office. I had work to do. Sandy gave a smirk that was both exciting and terrifying, did she know I was fucking Lena? I mean it would be null if Monday rolled around and I decided to be exclusive with Becky, and we were pretty careful. I never cried out and Lena had her gag, without any proof it would be all hearsay, but hearsay gets passed around our office like wildfire.

I couldn’t worry about that right now until someone made an issue of it. I was going for longer than I had planned anyway. I, of course, had several emails and requests to deal with when I returned to my desk. I grumbled but put my head down and got to work. Thankfully a lot of it was easy crap, but it sounded like the other IT team was behind with backing up the data off our current servers. They had time but wanted to be done before we were finished with the building. I told them I could help them on Monday and Tuesday, which might get them back on track.

This in turn sounded like if they got back on schedule or even ahead, they could send a couple of extra bodies to help us at the warehouse. This would be a godsend as if we got done sooner it would mean less time in the non-air-conditioned warehouse. There would be much rejoicing, I joked with myself as I kept typing.

I checked the time and figured I’d leave at about lunchtime, which was quickly approaching when Billy came up.

“Dude I need your help,” he stated nervously.

“Please don’t tell me you’re going to ditch me on the server building, I need everyone I can get,” I told him right away.

“What? No, I don’t care about that, getting out of cubicle hell for a couple of weeks will do us all some good I think.” Billy shrugged at my comment. “No I need a wingman,” he told me.

“You need a wingman,” I started, “this coming from the guy who paraded around his conquests loudly across campus every time he got lucky.”

“Normally you’re right, but her friend just got dumped and she doesn’t want to leave her alone. It’s all very noble, I mean not wanting to leave a friend behind and all, but if I want to have any chance with her, her friend needs a date,” He explained to me with pleading eyes. “I mean when was the last time you had a date right? Maybe you’ll get lucky,” Billy gave me a wink, which did nothing to persuade me.

“I just had a date, thank you very much, I’m just not vocal about it.” I shot back and he gave me an impressed look.

“Alright, but are you like dating, dating this girl?” He asked me, trying to sound not so desperate.

“I might be, I’m figuring that out this weekend,” Bostancı Escort I tried to deflect again.

“Ok, so just tell her you agreed to this before you were dating, nothing has to happen. I just need a couple of hours to work my magic is all.” He was trying too hard. “I’ll owe you a favor, one that you call at a later date, which I wouldn’t refuse.”

“In writing Billy, I know how ‘forgetful’ you can be,” I gave him my ultimatum, figuring he would cower out at the last second.

Instead, he grabbed the notepad at my desk, a pen, and wrote out his IOU, and signed it. “Sign it and I’ll text you the details,” Billy told me handing the piece of paper to me.

He must want to bone this girl, I sighed but signed the paper and showed it to him. He reached for it, but I took it back. “So it doesn’t get lost,” I told him folding it and putting it in my pocket.

“Fair enough my friend, once I get the details I’ll send them to you. I promise. Nothing is going to happen. I mean unless you crash and burn.” Billy joked but the look on my face told him to stop. “Ok, ok, you got your IOU and I got my double date. Thanks again man,” he told me before rushing off.

Fucking shit, what did I get myself into… Again! No time to fuss, I had to go. I more or less sent another email telling everyone to stop bitching and get the work done. Logged off my computer and was out the door before anyone was the wiser. I came home to see Linda’s car in the driveway after I parked. I walked in to see Linda in a robe running around the kitchen, she was surprised to see me.

“Oh you’re home sooner than I expected, go shower and make yourself scarce for a while.” She shooed me out of the kitchen. I was about to object but she waved around a large wooden spoon and that meant business. I ducked out of the room and upstairs, getting undressed I got in the shower like I was told to. I was excited to know what was going to happen, and my cock was responding. Under the hot spray from the shower, I gripped my hardening cock and started to stroke it. I groaned as it felt good, with the water, picturing Linda naked and moaning.

I had to stop myself, I couldn’t blow my load by myself in the shower. It was difficult but I got out of the shower and dried off. Heading to my room as Linda was still moving around downstairs and I figured to just chill until she got me. Plus I need to not focus on sex for a while, I got on some loose clothes and waited to see. I booted up my computer and put some time in on my game. It was a while till Linda texted me-

Be fancy, no tie, but fancy, was the text I got. I was confused but just shook my head. I found a dress shirt and slacks, with my normal boxers and undershirt. I resumed goofing around for a while, I heard the front door open but then nothing else. I guess Linda’s surprise had arrived. I wanted to peek out the window but thought better than ruining the surprise. I still waited till it was about our normal dinner time when Linda finally knocked at my door before coming in.

Linda wore a silky red v-neck dress that had a super high slit on the left side, it revealed the tops of the red thigh highs she had on as well as the clips for what I was guessing was a garter belt. She did her makeup in light pink eyeshadow and cherry red lips, with some blush on her cheeks and eyeliner. Her naturally curly hair was a little wavier tonight and she wore a pair of ‘fuck me’ black pumps.

Every time I thought I knew my sister I came to be surprised by how sexy she could be. Needless to say, I was staring at her with my mouth open, which caused her to giggle. “You better close that thing or you’ll catch flies,” Linda told me before licking her lips. “You look pretty good yourself, but come on, we can’t leave our guest waiting.”

I nodded to her, as my mind raced, who was here? Angie, Kris, Ginner maybe? Jenny or Mable, Scarlet perhaps… Holy fuck, the women that were interested in me were getting close to double digits, this was getting out of hand.

Linda took my hand and led me out of my room, into the hallway, and down the stairs. Something smelled delicious from the kitchen, and all the lights were out, but soft flickering from the kitchen. She must have lit some candles and it appeared to be the only light source. We got to the kitchen the first thing I noticed was the number of candles, a few on the table with three place settings, and a good number on the counters to lit up the room. The second thing, which was the most shocking, was Becky standing there. Her outfit mirrored Linda’s, except that her dress and stockings were deep blue. Her hair was in an updo, her makeup was dark purple and she wore the same lipstick from the other day.

Becky smiled at me and pulled out the chair at the head of the table. “Sit down and we’ll explain everything because I’m sure you have questions,” she told me softly.

“I do,” I replied as I sat down. The girls took Esenyurt Escort opposite seats from each other, Linda on my right and Becky on the right. I looked at them in turn, both smiling at me or each other. “So…?” I started but had no idea where to start.

“Ok, well I suppose we should start at the beginning,” Linda stated as she took my hand in hers and Becky took my other one. “So, you remember that Becky used to tutor me, right?” she asked and I nodded my head. “Well we got to talking and I found out that Becky has had a huge crush on you, for like ever.” Becky nodded, which I knew because she told me on our date. “So we started to talk about how to get the two of you together.”

“But your stupid bro-code with Ray was preventing that,” Becky chimed in. “And he’s your friend, but he doubts about us. Which I have rectified with him,” she explained.

“So, now it was about this time that I had my fun with Stacie and James,” Linda picked back up. “And we got to talking one night about it and Becky confessed it would be hot to see you fuck me.”

“So hot,” Becky interjected before she licked her lips.

“Then of course one thing led to another and we started sleeping together. Fuck that night was fun,” Linda stated.

“So fucking fun,” Becky replied. I remember being busy with school, but there were times Linda was at Becky’s house for the night. “Now the question was how could we get all of us together?”

“Well, you threw us for a loop when you spied on me and then asked Becky out.” Linda continued. “So Becky asked for time so we could figure it out, and I planned on seducing you, but we had to move up our timetable.”

“So Linda took the reigns and fucked you, after she was sure you were good and ready I moved up our date,” Becky picked up. “Also she’s told me about your boss and Cassie.”

“I didn’t want to lie to you about that,” I confessed to her.

“I know, it’s ok, but!” Becky shot up in her chair. “You have to promise not to lie or withhold the truth from me again.”

“I promise,” I told her sincerely and I meant it.

“Good,” Becky responded and gave me a smirk.

“So now we are all together,” Linda stated.

“And what now, where do we go, how do we all stand?” I asked them both, looking at one another.

“Well, that’s up to you. We decided, that no matter what, you are the deciding factor,” Linda explained, squeezing my hand.

“I’d be your girlfriend,” Becky started.

“And I’d be your lover,” Linda finished.

“What about Lena and Cassie?” I asked Becky directly, I knew Linda didn’t mind.

“Are you going to leave me for one of them?” Becky asked me, looking into my eyes.

“No, I wouldn’t,” I told her truthfully.

“Do you mind if I play with other girls, as long as I tell you and you tell me when you play with them?” she asked me, sharing an impish smile with Linda.

I did think about this for a minute, with Linda sooner or later we’d move on, but Becky and I had a future together. “Are you going to leave me for one of them?” I asked with a smirk, she just smirked back and shook her head. “Then I suppose there is your answer.”

“There will be rules, and you will need to make time for us, together or separately,” Linda explained, gaining my attention again. “As always ‘no’ means ‘no’, and we’ll want the dirty details.”

“And avoid drunken hook-ups, those just get messy. Unless it is one of us,” Becky stated wiggling her eyebrows at me.

“But that’s it from us, do you have any concerns?” Linda asked me, and I had to think about it.

“So we’re open with some rules,” I mused aloud, “I guess that’s like any other relationship. I think we can do this,” I convinced myself.

“I mean technically we’ve been doing it since the night we fucked, you just didn’t know it at the time,” Linda informed me with a giggle.

“Well I suppose we should make up for lost time,” I replied with a smirk.

“Dinner first, I’m starving.” Becky scolded us, to which we all laughed.

Dinner turned out to chicken parmesan, mostaccioli with a red meat sauce, and Italian sausages. We all ate a fair helping, I told the girls about my plans for tomorrow, and they informed me about their day. I was also informed that Angie was made aware of everything that was going to happen tonight and that everyone at Scarlets knew about my sister and Becky. So there was no point in hiding much from anyone already in the sex circle as it was.

We finished eating and at least put the food away, and started to blow out the candles. Before long the girls were leading me downstairs, they sat me down on the mat, my back against the couch. Linda went back upstairs to get drinks while Becky turned on the projector and some kind of erotic movie started to play. Becky cuddled right up to me while the movie started to play.

The movie was some kind of summer love fling, two girls working at the local carnival, flirting a lot. They spent one evening drinking and one thing led to another. The blond British girl was stern and serious while the brunette was bubbly and fun, it was like a sexy odd couple. The two girls were making out on screen when Linda came down with glasses and bottles of wine. They had me open a bottle and pour us some wine, it was smooth white wine, not exactly my preferred drink but it was fine.

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