Joey Finds a New App Ch. 08


Chapter 8

It was mid-morning when Joey pulled back into the mall, this time with his girlfriend for the day in the passenger seat. He parked, got out then opened the door for ‘Andrea’ and got a great view of her legs as she slid out of the car. The pink thigh highs were really driving Joey crazy and he was going to have trouble keeping his beast under control. As Andrea stood, she leaned in and kissed Joey on the lips softly and sensuously, while discreetly sliding her hand down the front of his pants to lightly rub his cock.

“Don’t worry, Joey,” she said in a breathy whisper,.”… we’ll take care of this soon so you can relax a little.”

Joey was smitten with his date and cheerfully locked the door as he accompanied her into the mall. They held hands and started down the main path looking at different stores, arriving first to Aeropostale and excitedly entered the store. They went into the girl’s section and started looking at some casual sundresses and shirts.

“So, what are you thinking you’d like to buy, Ad…. Andrea?” Joey asked.

“Well, Rosie gave me a suggested shopping list so that I’d be ready for anything we might want to do today or another day,” Andrea answered. “I like many of these clothes, but we will need to hit a couple more stores after this. Hope that’s OK, my sweet man,” she said with a flirty smile.

“Absolutely! I’m excited. I almost can’t contain myself,” Joey replied picking up on the comment ‘another day’.

“Clearly….” she said looking down at his crotch and raising her eyebrows high.

Andrea picked a couple of dresses, a few cami crop tops and a pair of jeans to try on. Joey’s eyes were drawn to the shorts, and he asked if she needed any shorts too.

“You pick. Two pairs,” Andrea said as she smiled at Joey and heading back to the dressing area.

Joey picked out two pairs of denim shorts, low-rise shorty shorts read the label; 1 pink and 1 denim color and followed her back to the dressing rooms. In the dressing rooms, Joey waited on the bench with the shorts in hand to see which room Andrea was in. A clerk came by, took the shorts from him, went down to room 3, handed the shorts into Andrea, and went back out to work the floor smiling at Joey as she passed.

Andrea came out with a floral-patterned sleeveless dress that really looked cute and came down to just above the knees. Joey was thrilled watching his girlfriend model clothes for him and smiled as she turned around awaiting his approval. Joey excitedly nodded his head. She went back in, and Joey waited for the next outfit. In a few minutes, Andrea came out in the pink shorts and a white Cami-crop. Joey’s eyes popped and he sat with his jaw open looking at the beautiful girl before him. Joey whistled quietly, raised his eyebrows and nodded trying to express what he was thinking in his look; which was that he wanted to jump back there and join Andrea to have some fun right now. Instead, he fidgeted a little while Andrea went on to the next outfit. This continued over the course of about 30 minutes and by the time they had their selection of clothes, Joey was about to explode with excitement. They paid for their clothes and walked on to the next store.

Andrea looped her arm inside of Joey’s and pulled him close as they walked on. Next stop was a shoe store, and they went right to the girl section to pick out some new shoes. Andrea looked at flats first and selected a black simple pair that had a small black bow on the top. She then moved on the sneakers and landed on a cute pink and white pair that looked cute. Lastly, she picked a pair of white heals that looked like pretty high heels by Joey’s judgement.

She took her shoes to the end of the row, sat down, and opened the first box. Joey pulled up a stool, picked the heels from Andrea, and started to unpack them so she could try them on. She lifted her leg and Joey reached out to take her shoe off and put on the new one. She switched legs and Joey put on the other shoe for her. She stood and walked a little down the row, wobbling slightly as she tried to learn to walk in the higher heals. Joey whistled softly, appreciating the way the heels made Andrea’s curvy legs look. She smiled at him as she walked back and sat down. Joey leaned down and lifted her feet one at a time taking off the heels, she took them and returned them to the box. Joey picked up the next box and removed the flats and one by one put them on so Andrea could again walk up and back to get a feel for how they fit. She sat again and Joey took the flats off and handed them to her while unpacking the sneakers. He untied the sneakers and brought her foot up to his lap while he worked the sneaker on her foot. He pulled the laces tight and started to tie them in a knot. When he put that foot down went to get the other sneaker, she lifted her foot and put it in his lap pressing into crotch. She was leaning back, pushing her foot forward, and now rubbing her foot up and back along his cock. Joey stopped and watched her smile at him as a pained grimace grew on his face. He reluctantly picked up her foot and started to put the sneaker on her foot. She opened her a legs a little extra so he could see up her dress and Joey looked wide eyed Küçükçekmece Escort at the her cute pink panties, which had a small wet spot in the center. Once he tied her shoe, she stood, smiled and bent down to kiss him. She walked a little in down the row again and then returned where he removed the shoes. Again, she teased him with one foot while he put her pink heals back on.

“You’re in trouble,” Joey teased while helping her up and retrieving the boxes. “So, are we buying all three?” Joey asked.

“Yep. I think you’ll like the next stop so let’s get moving,” Andrea said.

She smiled and skipped a little up to the front of the store waiting for Joey to pay for the shoes. Joey paid for the shoes and then joined Andrea back out into the mall. They walked along further into the mall and Joey found himself being led into a lingerie store with Andrea smiling back at him. They perused several racks and Joey followed along dumbfounded while she picked up sexy garments, examining and at times holding them up to her waist or in front of her. She kept peeking at Joey to see if he was paying attention. Some things she kept, others she put back. Altogether, it looked like she had selected 5 sexy outfits consisting of a mix of garters, bustier, chemise, romper, robe along with a dozen pairs of matching bras and panties. Joey noticed the fact that she selected her bras in a B-cup size, which surprised him, as he felt confident, she was an A-cup. She finally led him up to the counter to pay and he looked at her somewhat surprised.

“No dressing room?” Joey asked.

“No. I think we’ll try these on at home. Maybe save some for next week too,” she answered smiling up at Joey.

Joey paid for the garments, and they collected their bags and moved back out into the mall.

“What’s a girl gotta do to get a meal from her boyfriend?” Andrea teased.

“At your service,” Joey smiled and bowed to her. “Let’s go lock this stuff in the truck.”

They walked together out to the car and locked the bags in the back of the hybrid SUV. Andrea pulled Joey to the back door and pulled him in the back seat.

“I need an appetizer,” Andrea said as she scooted over and pulled Joey in. Making sure they were pretty well covered by tinted windows and only a few people walking around the parking lot, Andrea dropped to her knees in front of Joey squeezing her dainty body between him and the front seat. She reached up, unzipped his shorts, and scooted them down and off. Andrea practically pounced on Joey, grabbing his shaft and bringing it up to her mouth moaning excitedly while doing so.

Joey leaned back and spread his legs to allow his girlfriend to have full access to his huge, hard cock watching as Andrea hungrily gobbled on his dick. She was stroking him at the base, sucking more, and more into her mouth, then her throat like the one she had done early in the morning. Joey laid down across the back seat and gave Andrea room to work on his cock. She was moaning loudly now.

“Oh, Joey!” slurp…” I love sucking your dick”…slurp….”.. I want it so much.”..slurp…” I haven’t stopped thinking about.”..slurp…” Give me your cum, please,” she said in between swallowing his cock.

Andrea climbed up on the seat between Joey’s legs and proceeded to deep throat him taking it all the in her throat as she had learned to do this morning. Joey just moaned and rested his hand on her head lightly while she worked on his cock. He looked down, mesmerized by the view of his completely feminized brother now sucking and deep throating his cock. It had been barely two days since he started using the app and he had already lost his virginity fucked two of his friends and had multiple blowjobs from his brother, friends and mother. He wasn’t sure he could keep up at this pace without dying of exhaustion or mental overload. All he knew right now was his brother was sexy as hell and sucking his dick to get him to fill his throat.

“Andrea! I’m gonna cum!” Joey exclaimed.

Andrea went all the way down and began licking his balls with her tongue, holding there to coax the cum from his cock. She was moaning with a hungry, guttural sound. Joey lost it and began pumping his cum directly into Andrea’s throat. He throbbed burst after burst which Andrea competently swallowed until he was finally finished.

“Phew… Wow, Andrea. I really needed that,” Joey said after he finished his orgasm.

She pulled up off Joey’s softening cock and sat where Joey was sitting a few minutes before. She pulled the mirror down from the ceiling to make sure her hair and face were presentable. Joey sat up and pulled his briefs and shorts on, then sat back and smiled at his brother.

“Andrea, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I think I’m getting addicted to you,” Joey said. “I don’t know if I want you to go back to being a boy. Not that I can stop you or anything, but man do I really like seeing you dressed up. Particularly when you are between my legs,” Joey finished.

“I like it too, Joey. I’m not sure where we are going with all this, but today I might be having the best day of my life,” Andrea replied to him.

“I’m Maltepe Escort having a great day too, Andrea,” Joey said. “Let’s go get lunch now that you’ve had your appetizer.”

They exited the car and went back into the mall heading to the Cheesecake Factory. They were both holding hands and walking together into the restaurant and the hostess seated them at a quiet table in the back.

Joey and Andrea ordered sandwiches and sodas and spent the next hour talking about everything that had happened so far. Joey confided that Mom had given him a blowjob this morning before they left. Andrea talked about Mom taking her measurements and helping with some friend underpants and a bra. She also said she would help me with taking me to the doctor to talk more about it if I really wanted to become a girl.

They finished lunch and went back out into the mall together where they shopped a bit more. Andrea bought a few outfits that are more casual and some jewelry to have on hand. They stopped and bought another perfume and make-up as well and then decided to head on back home.

Joey and Adam (Andrea) arrived at home and with little hesitation, they both got out of the car with their shopping bags and headed into the house. When they entered the house, their parents were sitting in the living room watching TV. They were both staring wide eyed as the Joey and Adam walked in with hands full of bags.

“Wow,” both Mom and Dad said in unison as they inspected Adam’s makeover.

Joey urged Adam up the stairs after greeting their parents and followed him into his room, setting the bags on the bed. Joey took Adam in his arms and held him tight telling him everything would be OK, and he would talk to Mom and Dad first. Adam was shivering a bit and clearly shaken at his first encounter with the rest of the family dressed as a girl. He held onto Joey tightly and sighed into his chest as they hugged.

“Thank you, Joey. I had a great day and I hope we can have some more fun times together,” Adam said quietly.

Joey’s head was spinning. He didn’t want Adam to have to go and hide in his bedroom all night.

“Andrea. I want you to give me 5 minutes and then I will come back here, OK? Don’t get changed or anything, just wait for me,” Joey asked enthusiastically.

“OK. What are you gonna do?” Adam asked timidly.

“Don’t you worry? I’ll take care of you, OK?” Joey assured her.

Joey went downstairs and called his dad into the kitchen.

“Dad. I know you might be freaked out right now, but Adam and I have had a fabulous day. Maybe the best day of our lives,” Joey said excitedly. “She…. I mean he…. Adam is going through some heavy stuff right now and needs some time to think about things. He REALLY needs all of our support,” Joey pleaded.

“Well, what do I need to do?” asked their father.

“Just listen to him and don’t tell him he’s wrong or messed up,” Joey continued. “Right now, he needs the courage to be the person he wants to be.”

“OK. Go sit with Mom and I’m going to talk to Jane,” Joey said heading back upstairs.

Joey went directly to Jane’s door, knocked and then entered after a few seconds.

“Hey. I didn’t say come in,” Jane said in mock anger.

“Sister. I don’t have time for goofing around. Adam has something going on and I need you to be part of it,” Joey interjected.

“What? What are you talking about Dork?” she said.

“Listen. I need you to go downstairs with Mom and Dad and wait for Adam and me. He has some stuff to say, and YOU can’t be mean! I mean it! Just listen and then support him! Do you hear me?” Joey said insistently.

“OK, OK. Don’t be so weird,” Jane said. “I’ll be down shortly”

Joey left Jane’s room and went back to Adam’s room who was laying on the bed, curled up. Joey went and sat beside him and started rubbing his side and arms to soothe him.

“Hey… you OK?” Joey asked.

“Yeah. I mean…. I’m not sure. Joey, how is this going to work?” Adam blurted out.

“Hey! Look at me!” Joey said while holding Adam’s face with both hands and looking him in the eye.

“Everyone in this house loves you and they will happily support anything you do… including the outfit… the make-up and hair… the stuff we’ve been doing together… ALL of it!” Joey exclaimed.

“You’re not making any lifetime decisions tonight, right now you’re asking you family to love and accept you, regardless of how you present,” Joey said.

“So, what should I do now?” Adam asked shyly.

“Let’s go downstairs and tell everyone about your day and all the fun we had. We both agreed it was one of the best days of our life, right?” Joey said encouragingly.

Joey stood and gently took Adam’s hand and led him to the bedroom door and then slowly down the stairs. As they walked down the stairs, his parents and sister watched Adam with heightened interest. They were clearly all surprised by Adam’s look. Joey sat Adam down in one of the large chairs and said on the arm next to him, with his hand on his shoulder.

“OK everyone. Adam and I are here to talk about where we are and answer any questions you might have,” Joey started.” Mecidiyeköy Escort First off, I need to tell you that today might have been one of the best days of both of our lives. Adam was my date today and for the rest of the night for that matter and I just couldn’t be happier about where we both are after spending a whole day together”

“Joey’s right. I did have one of the best days of my life today, being who I wanted to be…and… falling in love with my brother,” Adam said bravely. “I know I’m not supposed to wear girl’s clothes or play around with my brother, but I DID….and it was the best thing I’ve ever done,” Adam continued. “Everything Joey did today made me feel like more a person than I’ve ever felt. I don’t know if that means I’m gay, or trans or just that I love my brother but what I do know is that I’m happy.”

Joey’s dad stood up, went over to Adam, and invited him into a hug. This was quickly followed by hugs by Mom and Jane. The next hour involved Adam and Joey telling everyone about their day including the salon, shopping and a few hints at playing around several times today. A little while into this Adam went up to his bedroom and shortly thereafter; Joey received a text that was clearly an invitation to come up. It was a selfie of Adam in the bed dressed in white thigh highs, garter, and matching panties and bra.

When Joey got to his room, he thought he’d take a risk on updating his brother’s settings ahead of schedule. He pulled out his phone, went to his brother’s scheduled changes, and changed it to take effect in two minutes. Joey went through his room and into his brother’s room where he was laying in the bed waiting for him dressed as he was in the picture. Adam lifted his finger inviting Joey to bed with him. As Joey came toward him, he removed his clothes and climbed in the beds naked and hard as a rock. Adam reached for Joey and brought him in for a slow and sensuous kiss. They both caressed each other while kissing and Joey was getting excited while stroking Adam’s ass, hips and legs. The curves were soft and supple. Joey ran his hands up to Adam’s chest and covered his slight breast, surprised to feel it also slightly soft although nowhere near size enough to fill the bra he was wearing.

Suddenly, Adam shivered in Joey’s arms while they were kissing, and Joey recognized the similar feeling he had on that first night when making his changes. He felt Adam’s breast increase slightly in his hands as teased and played with his newly forming tits. He pulled away and looked at Adam to see how he was reacting.

They resumed kissing and Joey slipped his hand below the bra and squeezed Adam’s breast tissue and nipple which triggered a moan and a needy sigh. Joey continued moving his kiss down Adam’s neck, slipping his hand behind him where he fumbled with the bra hook to unlatch it. He, Kevin and Steve had practiced two years ago on Julie’s bras so they wouldn’t feel like idiots should they get a chance to take one off in real life, so he wasn’t completely inexperienced. Doing this with his brother, was more exciting than it was back then, but Joey was also recalling how Steve seemed to jump at the opportunity to wear a bra in front of his friends. Once he got the bra unlatched, he climbed on top of Adam between his legs and kept kissing his way down to his chest. Joey could feel his cock rubbing against the silky nylon of his brother’s thick legs and it encourage him even more as he began sucking and licking his brothers’ slight breasts and puffy large nipples. These were clearly feminine breasts and Joey was really enjoying them in his mouth. Adam moaned and pushed himself into Joey while also holding his head. He lifted his knees, so he was in the missionary position now and wrapped one of his legs around Joey as he suckled on his breast. Joey was imagining his brother with more and more breasts and couldn’t wait to get his mouth on them again and again. He certainly loved large and fat tits, but something about his brother having small A or B cup tits with large fat nipples drove his cock to lurch in need.

“I want you, Joey,” Adam said in a breathy voice. “I want you inside me.”

Joey looked at Adam who was staring at him with complete and utter lust on his face.

“I want you too, Andrea,” Joey said in a growling low voice.

“Can we try? Maybe go really slow so we can enjoy it?” Adam asked.

“Yes, Andrea. I want to fuck you,” Joey replied.

Adam pushed Joey up and climbed on top of his legs, reached down and started sucking his cock with his growing expertise. Adam was making a point of deep throating him, leaving his cock soaking wet with saliva on every stroke. Joey reached down and spun Adam’s ass up towards him so he could reach into his panties and grab his ass. It was so soft and sexy he could have cum by just stroking his ass. Joey probed between the fat sexy cheeks of Adam’s ass and found the sweet spot he was looking for. He brought his hand up to his mouth and filled his fingers with spit before returning his fingers to the spot of both of their desire. He rubbed it softly and then pushed slightly until he felt Adam open himself up for more, which he followed through, with more of his finger. He probed like this for a couple of minutes and at one point added more saliva to his efforts. Adam stopped sucking Joey’s cock and reached over to his nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out some lube and filled Joey’s fingers with it. He then laid on his back and slid his panties down revealing his small, dainty, hard cock and begged Joey for more.

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