Mark’s Young Mother Miranda Pt. 03


Mark was staring at the application. He couldn’t believe someone would write that on their resume. “Reason for leaving my last job: Stealing from the company.” Seriously? He tossed the application in the trash. 253 down, twice that to go. He knew some people were desperate, but don’t be stupid. Nearly one thousand applications came in for the position of one receptionist. Covid had taken its toll on the US.

Mark had started a summer job for many reasons, not the least of which was to try and take his mind off of his beautiful young mother. He was falling in love with her. Not the kind of love a son should have for his mother. She was young and became pregnant with him in her teens. She was only 36 now, and still probably the most beautiful woman in town. It was her long hair and beautiful body he had always compared other women in his life to. Until he stopped, he would never find someone else whom he considered “good enough” to be with.

The infatuation had become more serious this summer. His lust for her had led to two situations where she had given him relief – copious relief – with her hand. It did nothing to make him ease up. It had, instead, inflamed him even more. He wanted her more than ever.

They had always been comfortable talking to each other about sex, but they had never broken the barrier of what his mother called “privacy”. When she finally did give him relief the first time, it was under the pretense of just doing what she did for the old men who couldn’t wash themselves in the nursing home where she worked.

The second time was after a silly accident. She had caught his penis with a pinch that was meant for his leg. It was significantly damaged, in his esteemed medical opinion, but she had repaired it and now it seemed perfectly fine.

Her tender loving care during that time of repair was what started his mind down the dangerous path on which he now found himself. Seeing her meticulous work and focus made him realize what a bright and talented person she was. She was also so dedicated. The first night she wouldn’t leave his side. He knew she was one of God’s special gifts to the earth and it didn’t seem fair that he had to choose from lesser mortals.

He had told her, of course. They didn’t keep a thing from each other. Finding out your son was falling in deep, romantic love with you was still an uncomfortable discussion, however. Neither of them were very religious, but they believed enough to know their souls may burn for eternity if they continued.

What finally slowed him down was her sense of practicality. Were they simply going to marry and pretend they weren’t mother and son? He did want children someday, and was surprised to find out she still was hoping to possibly have one as well. She certainly was young and healthy enough. To get together and start having children sounded like some bizarre solution, however. You only came across stuff like that in medieval history or video games like The Witcher.

They needed to find a way to curb his lust and possibly redirect his love. That is how he ended up at the law firm of Liebowitz and Howell.

“Now Mark, what did I tell you about putting applications in the trash?”

Mark looked up. Ms. Klein was taking the application he had tossed out of the trash. It was a sight to make any red blooded american male stand up at attention. He was no exception.

Ms. Klein was a tall, slender blonde with legs that never seemed to end. As she bent over to pick up the application, he could see up her tiniest of skirts all the way to the strip of skin between her garters and hose. As if she knew he was watching, she started to read it while still bent down. Did she just wink at him through her legs?

“Stealing from the company?” she laughed. “No wonder you put it in the reject file.” She handed it back to him and he looked up into her blue eyes. She had a smart, short haircut and a splash of freckles across her nose. Her lips would make Angelina Jolie jealous and begged to be kissed. Or rubbed up and down his penis as he came.

“I’m sorry Denise, I keep forgetting things today. Mom is about halfway through the test by now.”

She gave a soft smile and sat on the edge of his desk. Her breasts were fairly large but natural. Her blouse simply opened up to let him see a light bra struggling to contain them. “She will be fine, Mark. Miranda and I have been friends for nearly 10 years now. She is a very smart person. You and I both know her talent was wasted at that nursing home.”

“Not all of her talents,” he thought.


Miranda smiled and felt happier than she had felt for some time. She had not only passed the very difficult certifying exam, she had been offered a position in the ICU on the spot. She started next month. The orientation would be brutal. She would have to take time to prepare starting immediately.

That meant less time with Mark. He already must feel neglected as she had spent most of Lefkoşa Escort their time together studying. Soon he would be back to his school over a thousand miles away. A tear came to her eye.

But that was how they decided it would be best to proceed. When he told her he was falling in love with her the red flags started raising all over. They simply could not do such a thing. She did love her son, but not in that way. His body was certainly capable of getting her wet and she had twice now come close to insisting he fuck her with that huge cock of his. But she did not want to marry him.

They still hadn’t sat down to discuss why she had been so weepy when he first arrived. Since arriving in this town over a decade ago she had been alone. At first she was too busy balancing Nursing School and a young son. When he grew older she decided to take the job offering in the nursing home thinking it would give her more flexibility as he became a teenager. It did, but most male employees of the home, including the doctors, were creepy, fat and disgusting. A few had tried to grope her. It was bad enough when she had him to talk to. During the six months he had been off to college she was miserable.

That was all about to change. She decided it was the perfect occasion for some champagne. Mark wasn’t old enough yet, but a little couldn’t hurt. He had become even more strapping as the gyms had started to slowly open again. Surely the alcohol would have a tougher time filling all of that body mass. She knew better, but she would keep an eye on him.

She started to feel a small amount of guilt for what she was putting him through at Liebowitz and Howell. That made her smile. The one good friend she had found since coming to this town was Denise. They met at the nursing home when Denise had to let her mother go and a bond had formed between them that lasted to this day.

And she was mind blowingly sexy. Miranda didn’t expect her to sleep with her son, but Denise had a way of making men simply stop speaking and start to drool. She was a bisexual who preferred women, but wouldn’t refuse a man if he had a nice body and a huge cock. Miranda was sure Mark was getting eyefuls of skin and a rock hard erection this very moment.

When Miranda mentioned to her Mark was having issues finding a date, Denise had laughed. “Don’t make the poor kid grow up too fast,” Denise warned, “you will turn him into some geeky horndog.” She hadn’t seen Mark since his return from college. When he came in the door, Denise turned quickly to Miranda and said, “have him in a suit and ready to go 8am sharp Monday morning at the office.”

Denise also tended to hire young, attractive females in the office she managed. “The poor boy,” Miranda thought, “Surrounded by some of the most beautiful young ladies in town, and a Yvonne Strahovski lookalike guiding them to boot.” If this didn’t take his mind off of her, nothing would.

As she turned into her apartment complex, she thought to herself, “In a short time I should be able to afford a better place, but do I want to?” The small apartment had more than the average family’s memories. She had come here to try and escape the life she had in the past. That was hard to forget, but perhaps it was finally going to happen.

She adjusted her bag and the champagne bottle to fit her keys in the door.



Mark felt his heart soften to see his mom so happy. Denise had planned the whole thing. Most of the party would be at Denise’s large house with a pool and hot tub. They couldn’t just tell Miranda to go directly there, however. The surprise would have been spoiled.

What Mark didn’t understand was why Denise hadn’t invited any other men. There were plenty who worked in the office. “Sucks for them, I guess,” he thought as he took in the fact that most of the women in the room were quite attractive.

He had asked Denise about it earlier that day as they planned the party. She simply brushed it off and said, “Honey, your Mom is about to have one of the nicest changes in her life. Not only will she be getting more pay, she will be surrounded by some of the finest and most eligible doctors in town. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have one of them around when she nearly decapitated your Johnson?”

He was mortified. “She told you about that?”

“Honey, your Mom tells me about everything.”

Denise took the last bite of her lunch and the peach juice dripped down the side of her lip. Her blue eyes seemed to turn a silvery grey, making her swatch of freckles more enticing than ever. He jumped when she touched his arm. “Back to those applications you big hunk. Your mom was the one who earned a new job today. You still work for me.”


Miranda and Denise busied themselves in the kitchen, refilling trays of hors d’oeuvres and stacking up dishes. They were stark naked and dripping water on the floor, but it didn’t seem to bother Girne Escort Denise.

In reality, they were spying.

It had been close to three hours and Mark hadn’t shown a bit of interest in getting more than a polite conversation going with the young women. They had all stripped out of their clothing and were lying around the pool. Mark seemed to be enjoying the show as his naked erection swayed in all directions, but he looked like he was too timid to try anything further. The ladies were not shy at all, keeping their legs where they lay no matter what might be exposed. Mark was the center of attention, even getting a few “accidental” brushes across his cock with a leg, or hand.

One of the women, Coral, did seem to be garnering a mild interest. They had spent most of the evening talking to each other, but nothing else. “Is she oblivious to the stiff rod he has maintained all evening staring her in the face?” Miranda thought.

“If nothing happens soon I’m pulling Frankie Goes to Hollywood out of the attic,” Denise groaned.

“I don’t think it has the same effect on these guys,” said Miranda. “The kids today have heard far worse. Look at us, acting like a couple of old fossils in here spying. We should just spike the champagne with heavy doses of aphrodisiacs.”

“Already been done.”

“No! You didn’t!” Miranda looked astonished. She was getting a bit tipsy. What is it?”

“Best stuff I have. A mix of 7 herbs.”

“And spices.”

“You did not just say that.”

“I did!” Miranda looked at Denise and realized that she had never seen her completely nude. They were roughly the same age, but Denise was nearly twice her size. She bore a striking resemblance to the actress Yvonne Strahovski. In her younger days. Miranda had to admit that even she found Yvonne Strahovski arousing to look at in those early episodes of Chuck.

She wondered what all those die hard geek Chuck followers would give to see what she had in her view right now. Denise was leaning against the sink, making her ass point up and her legs look even longer. She was scrubbing away at the final dishes, boobs jiggling from side to side. Miranda only had a view from the back. Someone looking from the front would probably lose their load in seconds.

“Are you checking out my ass, Miranda?”

Her face turned beet red.


Coral looked at Mark and said, “finally, I think the rest took the hint and went home.” In The Witcher books Coral was the name of a beautiful redhead who seduces the main character. In doing so, she joined countless other sorceresses. He got around. The latest attempt to make a TV series out of the books on Netflix had failed once again to capture the idea that the sorceresses were all ravishingly beautiful and sensual. The actresses were OK looking, but the Mary Poppins style outfits made them look ludicrous.

Coral the secretary looked plenty attractive to Mark. Her pert little body just didn’t seem to be doing it for him, however. Like the TV series, the sensuality was off. Was she too eager to laugh at his jokes and give him an attentive eye? Girls who wanted to marry did those kinds of things. Could she not restrain it for even one night?

Still, he had been stiff for hours now. He wasn’t quite sure how he was maintaining it. Coral had not touched his penis. Some of the others had brushed against it, but they had all left. He was tempted to ask her to at least take it in her hand, but the vision kept coming to his mind of her slipping a wedding ring around it and clipping on a leash.

Maybe it was time for the Gold Standard. His mother.

When Denise had suggested they all lose their clothing, Mark felt extremely uncomfortable. The Champagne had started to kick in a little, but he was the only guy there! The younger women were beautiful, Denise was a sex bomb, and his Mom was on a pedastal above them all. How could he hold off getting an erection in front of them?

When his mom suddenly slipped off her bikini, it didn’t matter. He had only seen her in wet panties before. Now he was looking at her neatly trimmed but fluffy bush. He wasn’t just looking. He was staring. Miranda noticed and walked right up to him. “Your turn Mark”, she said and dropped his trunks to the ground. He was already rock hard.

The last to doff her clothes was Denise. At the time Mark didn’t think it was possible to stop him from trying to catch glances at his Mom’s bush. Denise surprised him.

She often wore such revealing outfits that little seemed left to the imagination. That was not the case at all. He realized now she carefully picked each of her outfits to reveal just a tease of what lay underneath. You thought you were seeing a lot, but you had no idea.

Denise’s breasts were actually quite large. Unlike most natural large breasts, however, they didn’t sag and have nipples pointing towards the ground. It was as if someone had taken his mother’s perfectly shaped Magosa Escort breasts and just made them larger. Much larger.

Her bush didn’t exist, and he thought he kept seeing something glinting between her lips as she walked. Wait, she was going to sit down? Yep. There it was in all of its glory, a beautiful pussy with the coolest looking set of rings. “Mrs. Klein, I think you are trying to seduce me,” went through his head. He had no idea how he remembered that old movie.

“How about we go inside and check on the old crones?” he asked Coral.

“Why not?” She got up and bounded toward the house. She did have a very nice ass.


As they entered the house, it seemed as if someone might have broken in. The screen door from the deck was left wide open. Someone had been doing dishes but one was simply left sitting between the two sinks, suds and all.

A soft sound came from the room next door. A moan. Coral gave him a sshh and held her finger to her lips. He started towards the door, but she pulled him down a hallway towards their left. As they tiptoed down he saw why they had gone that way. The hall opened up into a beautiful living room, with a sunken floor and sumptuous couches. They had a perfect view of the large couch. On it lay Denise on her back. Her magnificent pussy was in full view. On top of her face was a beautiful sapphic goddess writhing in ecstasy.

His mother.

He started immediately to head in, but Coral gripped his arm and shook her head furiously. She motioned to a comfortable looking throw pillow lying on the ground that was big enough to seat, and conceal, them. He hesitated, then joined her.

Mark had never seen his mother like this. It was the second time tonight he had seen her extremely happy, but not grinding away on another woman’s face! She kept undulating and clutching at her hair, breasts and bush. She didn’t neglect the large breasts of Denise either. She would lean down and run her tongue completely over and around the nipples.

Denise was loving this. Her nipples were harder and longer than Mark thought a woman’s could possibly be. Her pussy was covered in her juices and she had half of her fingers inside. She was pistoning in and out and you could hear her muffled moans underneath his mother’s beautiful pussy.

Was his mom a lesbian? Denise’s tongue could be seen working on his Mom’s clit when his mom pulled at her hair and lifted the labia up a bit. He had never seen any indication of it. He knew Denise was, but her mom had never shown her any interest.

Then it came through like an instant comet. All the tears. His mom was lonely. She worked with such losers at the nursing home and most men her age were intimidated by her youth. It didn’t look good to bring someone that looked like she could be in High School when you went on a date with your 35 year old friends. Working at the hospital downtown should change all that. Once people got used to her, the Docs would be lining up.

The moans were getting louder. He looked over at Coral. She was entranced. He knew his mom was not really a lesbian, but he wasn’t so sure about Coral. Denise must have put something in the champagne that made them all horny little goats. He should have been upset, but he wasn’t. His mom deserved this. He looked in and she was about to cum. He wished it could be, but it wasn’t him doing it. That was good.

Watching it, however, made him once again rock hard. Miranda started rocking her hips and pressed against Denise’s face so hard he could barely see her chin. She reached down and grabbed her own breasts, kneading them deeply. How he wanted to help, but Coral still had a vice grip on his arm. Finally, his Mom let out the deepest moan and screams he had ever heard her make. She was too tiny to make those kinds of sounds!

He was dying to be the next person in line to hear such a symphony, but they had a plan. He looked at Coral. Would she be willing to take him right then and there?

It was as if she had read his mind. Reaching behind her, she pulled out a condom. Where on earth had she been keeping that? She handed it to him.

Now he was in trouble. He had no idea how to use it. He had never had the reason to do so. He wasn’t lying to his mom when he said that nothing had happened in college. What she didn’t know was that nothing had happened before then either. His girlfriend in high school wanted to stay a virgin. She wouldn’t even give him a handjob. Maybe that was why he came so fast when his mother touched him. The only other orgasms he had were from his own touch.

He gave Coral the best look he could think of to say, “I don’t know how”. He was sure she was going to laugh. Instead she gave him a “ooh you poor boy” look and beckoned him over with her finger.

She swung around to sit next to him and whispered in his ear, “It rolls on. Think of a woman putting on her hose.” He had never seen that, except in movies. He would figure it out the next time.

Her breath in his ear seemed to double the size of his cock. She really did have a nice body. As she reached down to get hold of his cock, he noticed her nipples were cute little buds, like someone had stuck a little red ball on top of her areola. They were getting him quite hard.

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