Mom Creates a Daughter Ch. 02


Training Days

“Women are perverts too.” Mom said to me as she mashed her pussy into my mouth.

Moms’ way of Training me was to have my mouth occupied and not say anything. My ears had to receive and comprehend everything she was teaching me, and I had to be able to multitask with my tongue and both hands. This is how mom got me to decompartmentalize my male brain and let multiple actions, feelings and scenarios guide me to a woman’s multi-faceted way of thinking.

I was rewarded by mom when I did well, and I was punished severely when I did not. I had a strict routine to follow every morning, Yoga and exercise first then my grooming and appearance. I was to look like I was about to go out on a date from morning until bedtime, I was to be the epitome of my female self at all times, no exceptions. Well except when mom was ravishing me, but I had to straighten up immediately afterwards without delay or complaint.

I took 2 hours in the beginning to get ready and that was not acceptable for mom. With some hard work and training I got it down to 35 minutes. I am working on a complete shower, makeup, hair, and being dressed in 30 minutes or at least that’s the goal moms set for me.

Did you know that women have a huge variety of turn-ons depending on their moods, time of the month, even the time of the day? Some women have submissive turn-ons, some women have dominant turn-ons and some women like a variety of both. That was my lesson last night while my mom rode my cock and stuck a dildo down my throat. It was to practice my deep throat, breathing, cock riding and auditory comprehension skills with what I assumed would be an oral test to follow.

We did yoga every morning, I wore my speedo for a while until I found it easier to be naked when mom made me do my erection training. I would have to stand at attention and pump blood into my penis to get an erection, while closing my eyes and touching my nose with my arms extended like a drunk driver test.

I had to fantasize at first to get an erection but as soon as I wasn’t concentrating on the fantasy and had to touch my nose my cock would go soft. Mom taught me how to pump my muscles in my groin to inflate my cock and to deflate it. This worked much better than the fantasies because I could pump it up without losing my concentration on anything I was tasked to do.

At the end of each yoga workout I was to suck my own cock to an orgasm. I had to do it standing and sitting, sometimes lying on my side. I got so good at it I could deep throat my own cock if I was on the couch and let my body weight bring my cock further into my mouth. Mom made sure I swallowed every time and cleaned up my own mess as she called it.

Mom tested me daily to see what I could endure; I think it was her little fetish to torture me. I was ordered to get hard in a cold shower while reciting the alphabet. I failed the first 4 times, but I have mastered it now. I had to watch porn for hours without getting a hard on, this was actually quite easy for me, and mom said that it was a waste of time.

I was getting pretty Cocky (pun intended), so I guess mom had to step up her game. I had to stand at attention and get hard on command and to make it go down on command. Mom inflicted some pain when she wanted me to get hard by squeezing my balls and pinching my nipple. It took about a week before I could zone out the pain and get hard on command. The difficult one was keeping soft when mom was not helping me stay soft, if you know what I mean, and if you don’t know what I meant, then I’ll give you a hint she was “JACKIN ME OFF” and expecting me to stay soft. The best I could do is stay half hard and when she stopped her hand movements I went down immediately.

Mom was really happy with my physical development and told me it would be years of training to fully embrace a woman’s mindset and brain functions, but my physical transformation is almost complete. I had to work on my makeup and hair styling a bit more and I was still having trouble getting the corsets cinching tight, Snug wasn’t good enough for mom.

I had a test coming up this afternoon when I was getting my hair removed by May and a massage after that from Sheri. I have been instructed by mom to get a hard on in front of May and Sheri whenever mom turned away from us or left the room, and to keep it hard until her return when I would let it go soft again. I was not to let mom see my erection but the minute she was gone or turned away BOOM back to a rock-hard iron bar that I could create and control, WHA HA HA HA, I felt like a super villain with superpowers.

May showed up at 1 pm and mom helped set up her massage table for her to work on, it took a while for the wax to heat up; meantime mom and May looked over my entire body for the hair to remove. The second that mom left I pumped up my cook into a hard on. May giggled and said “Oh oh, you bad girl,” with a huge smile and in her cute little Chinese accent.

Mom started Lefkoşa Escort heading our way so down it went, and I could see the relief on May’s face when mom showed up and I was soft again. Mom said she was going upstairs and May started my waxing. I pumped it back up again and kept it hard for the whole waxing job.

May giggled a few more times when she had to touch my cock to move it out of the way to wax around it, but she was very professional about the whole thing. As mom came back down after hearing we were almost done, May slapped my cock and said, “you so bad,” waving her finger at me, with a grin on her face.

Mom showed up as my cock was deflating and inspected the job. May was smiling and I could tell she was relieved I wasn’t hard anymore. Mom thanked her, paid her and out the door she went.

We had a half hour before Sheri was due to show up so I told mom what happened and how May reacted, mom was pleased at my erection control.

Sheri showed up in a little v neck top and a short skirt and I told her where I am hurting from yoga. Mom told her to stretch me as much as she could while she did the massage to loosen up my muscles. Mom went into the kitchen and sat at the table just out of sight of the table, but only 10 feet away.

As soon as mom was gone, I pumped my hard on up to max steel and saw Sheri smiling at me. It was no surprise that she flipped me onto my stomach and started on my legs. I tucked my cock out the back so it was in full view to Sheri the whole time I was lying there.

Sheri never said a word just worked on my body. She was very good, and I relaxed and enjoyed it. She stretched my arms and legs back into almost contortionist’s positions and was amazed at my flexibility. Mom coughed a little and I deflated my penis as she walked into the room.

Mom explained a few more stretches for Sheri to do while giving me my massage and disappeared upstairs. Sheri rolled me over onto my back and my cock shot straight up in the air.

She massaged my legs and feet and then stretched them all the way up to my ears one at a time. She massaged my chest and neck and then sat me up and folded me at the waist until my nose hit the table between my legs. She came around the side of the table and massaged my neck and back a bit more, I rolled my back and tucked my head back into my own groin. She was still massaging my rolled back when I groaned out load and she bent down and said, “Are you alright?”

Sherri had a perfect view of my cock buried in my own mouth. I knew she was amazed at the sight, so I curled my hand out and under her skirt and felt the heat radiating out of her pussy. She tried to turn sideways to dislodge my hand, but I held on tight, and she twisted back again. I started to bob my head onto me cock and slid my fingers inside her under her panties and felt her sopping wet pussy. I worked 2 fingers inside of her and curled them into her G spot.

I was bouncing pretty good on my cock and fingering her hard, I could tell she was going to come soon so I speed up on my fingers and my own blow job. Sheri’s knees buckled but I held on tight and came hard in my own mouth.

We heard mom say something and we both got back into our normal massage positions. Mom asked how it went and Sheri was all Professional in her replies and decorum. Mom walked into the kitchen, and I turned and smiled at Sheri who proceeded to give me a frown. I opened my mouth and showed her it was full of my own cum and swallowed it as she watched in shock.

It took her a few minutes to get herself back together again then she was all smiles. Before leaving she told me how awesome I was and that she had never came so fast in her life.

When she was gone, I went through every detail of the massage with mom and the two of us laughed and laughed.

“Ky we might have to go dress shopping again for a 6 ft tall Blond.”

“Mom you’re the greatest.” I said and gave her a big hug.

The big talk came that night when I was lying on my back with my cock buried in mom and she was making me get soft and hard while I was buried deep in her pussy. We were dead still and she was amazed at how she could feel it grow rock hard and then go soft again, she squealed when I would flex it as it was growing hard inside her.

“That’s the most erotic thing I have ever felt Ky, you growing hard while you are inside of me, taking me from empty to full, the pulsing of your cock as you pump it up tantalizes my whole body.” Mom said with lust in her voice.

I reached up and put my hands on her breasts and gave her nipples a little squeeze, mom did the same to me and as she tweaked my nipples she smiled.

“Ky, do you ever think about, or want to get breast implants, or for that matter how far do you want to go with your transformation to a woman?”

“Mom, I knew this conversation was going to happen one day, I have been a woman for a few months now and have absolutely loved Kıbrıs Escort it. I am a beautiful girl that gets looks from almost every guy that sees me and lots of woman too. I never got a second look as a guy; all everyone saw was this thin wispy micro guy with soft Asiatic features. I am not a very good specimen of the male gender and I always felt like a loser of the male gene pool lottery. I feel sexy and confident as a woman. I walk with my head high and look everyone in the eyes now. All I get back are big smiles and an appreciative or sometimes leering look. I feel like a winner as a woman and I never felt that way as a man, so to answer your question mom yes I want breasts, but not too big, D cups, at the most maybe even C.”

Mom was crying and I stopped her tears by thrusting into her as hard as I Could; she closed her eyes and I proceeded to pound into her hard and fast. I guess emotions can heighten your sex receptors because mom came right away and so did I. Mom sank onto my chest took a nipple into her mouth and sucked my man boob it was very erotic. We talked and laughed about the differences between a man and a woman’s way in the world and afterwards I was positive my days as a man were over.

Mom contacted a friend at the University Medical Center, and we were referred to a private clinic in Austin where she performed Surgeries on weekends. I was very nervous about the initial consultation but with mom with me it was easy.

Dr. Debbie Carr was very good, I stripped to the waist, and she stuck on a big pair of E cups on me that were really heavy. I was instructed to get up walk around bend over and touch my toes and do a few exercises. I sat back down on the table and they both looked at me for an answer.

“There’s no way I am wanting those things on me permanently!” I said.

Mom and Dr. Carr laughed at my discomfort, and we got down to picking ones that would be more realistic. We picked out a 250cc high profile C Cup and she glued them on. They were perfect and still they looked big on my tiny body. We set up an appointment for 6 months in the future as they were booked solid. Dr Carr told us that if they had a cancellation would I be interested in being on standby. Of course I said “yes.”

Mom hugged Debbie and whispered something in her ear, they both laughed for a second and when I went to hug the doctor, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard. She grabbed my ass with both hands and stuck her tongue in my mouth. All I could think of was wow is this really happening. I slobbered my way down her neck with wet kisses and lots of suction. I grabbed her ass and her tit at the same time enjoying the intense feelings that we were creating. My clothes fell from my body somehow and Dr. Carr slid down and took my cock in her mouth. I didn’t need to pump up my cock it was rock hard all by itself. I was almost embarrassed at how fast I came but Dr. Carr sucked me dry and popped back up and kissed me hard.

My sperm was still in her mouth, and she was kind enough to share it with me. We enjoyed the kiss for a few minutes before she pushed me south to have some reciprocation happen for her. I decided to place her up on the table where she put her feet in the stirrups and spread wide for me to eat her beautiful pussy. Mom decided not to just sit there and watch so she strapped the docs legs into the stirrups and told me to tease this bitch for a while, I ate and teased and ate and teased as mom kissed and fondled her tits and mouth. I did my best slow tease of her clit while she was squirming at my every flick of the tongue. Mom reached back and gave me the universal sign to go faster by pulling my hair, forcing me into Docs Pussy. I licked fast and hard, Mom sucked her tits, boom Dr. Carr bounced all over my face as she came hard, making little grunts each time she jerked up and down.

Dr. Debbie receded from her orgasm but was still strapped into the stirrups.

Mom leaned in and said, “Debbie you are now going to witness something truly amazing, something you have never seen before, you will remember it for your entire life!” Doc smiled up at mom but never said a word.

I was so excited to see this new thing, I had no idea what mom was planning but I knew it was going to be awesome.

Mom adjusted the stirrup’s as wide as they would go, and Debbie winced a bit at her widespread legs. “Ky, step up in here and fuck the shit out of this ripe little cunt of hers please!”

I just did what I was told. I stood up and rubbed my cock on her clit for a few minutes until Doc was squirming and then I went inside slowly. I set out a nice rhythm and Doc started flicking her hips to meet me. Mom let us fuck for a few minutes before she came and stood right behind me.

“Debbie, Ky is going to fuck you and eat you at the same time, I might have to help him at first, but he can do it I promise you.”

Mom shoved my head down from behind and pressed her hips Girne Escort into my ass to keep my cock buried in Debbie’s pussy, but I wasn’t at the right angle to lick her clit. I lifted my head and told mom if this is to work, we need to lift her pussy angle up and drop docs body position so it’s like she has a wedge pillow under her ass. Doc grabbed the chair remote control and adjusted the seat to what I was looking for while I never stopped pumping in and out of her sweet pussy.

The new position was perfect I was hitting her G spot with every stroke of my cock. I bent over and could just reach her clit with my tongue, after a few minutes of adjustment I could bend enough to suck her entire clit into my mouth. I could only rotate my hips a little bit, so I wasn’t fucking her in big strokes anymore, but I was right on her sweet spot. I was at the limit of my bending ability, but I was doing it and it was truly amazing. Mom just sat back and filmed the whole act.

Dr. Carr started to shake, and I knew she was going to come, I didn’t want to let go of her clit so I sucked it into my mouth with all the suction I could muster. She went crazy, bouncing and flicking her pussy, I held on for dear life riding her orgasm with her. She was bouncing on my cock as I stretched her clit an inch or two every time she bucked up and down to keep it in my mouth, I never let go.

I was so busy holding everything together my own orgasm showed up and surprised the hell out of me. I bucked and she bucked, and we both shook together. Time stood still, slowly we were shaking less and less until we were spent both physically and mentally. The last thing I did was release her clit with a load pop and she jerked like she was shocked.

Dr. Carr was smiling at me and mom with a huge silly grin on her face, I guess she was trying to collect her wits before she said something.

“Ky, you are the most flexible man/woman I have ever seen, and I I’ve seen a lot. If I hadn’t seen and felt it for myself, I would never have believed it. That was the most incredible sex act ever, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing that with me. How long have you been doing that Ky?”

“That was my first time, I had no Idea I was going to do it or could do it until Mom told me I was going to do it.”

I laughed for a few seconds before I started to put my clothes on. Mom and Dr Carr talked for a minute, laughing and hugging; it was obvious they have been lovers before.

Mom then frowned at me and I looked at her like, what did I do wrong, oh ya I didn’t clean up my own mess. Dr. Carr was pleasantly surprised when I apologized for not cleaning up after myself and let me clean her beautiful pussy for her.

When we got home mom was so happy with me, she let me do it to her as well. I found that if she was on a low work out bench with a pillow under her ass, I could sit and roll my hips back and forth for the penetration part of her pussy and she could push my head down a bit to make sure I could suck her clit with all my strength. (We did it all week until we had perfected it.)

The very next day we got a call of a cancellation this Saturday from Dr. Carr’s office. The lady had been in a small accident and the seat belt had bruised her breasts. Dr. Carr had put me at the front of the line for Cancellations and on Saturday morning I was waiting when they opened.

I was getting ready for the surgery when mom came over and said “Dr. Carr has said she could adjust some of the Bone and Cartilage in your rib cage where it binds, to make it easier to be flexible. No Pressure or anything, it’s just an offer honey.”

After Dr. Carr explained it to me, I was all for it, Flexibility was my bread and butter, my unique calling card if you know what I mean.

The operation was seamless, and I went home that afternoon sporting my new Beautiful C cup Breasts. I also had 8 small incisions where she adjusted my flexibility, and they all were very tender.

Mom couldn’t stop starring at my New Boobs and I could see pride in her eyes as she smiled at me. I had to keep a special bra on them for a week until I went back in and had the stitches removed. Because of my soft olive skin tone, (thanks dad) you couldn’t even see the scars by the second week.

I was really worried that the new breasts would stop me from being able to give myself a blow job and as soon as I was healed mom and I carefully did some stretching to see what I could do. When I curled my head down my breasts squished out the side a bit and I was very happy I could still reach my cock. I could get just as deep as I once could.

I could still get to the back of my throat and that was plenty for me to self fellatio. I had way more range of movement when I would eat and fuck mom at the same time. I could lick the shaft of my cock where it entered her pussy all the way to her clit without any real forcing myself to bend. It was easy and it was very comfortable to stroke my hips and suck her clit.

Life was good.

We made an appointment with Eve, the Dress saleswoman to buy some sexy new low-cut dresses that would show off my new boobs and mom and I planned out what we could do to her while she helped me change in and out of my outfits.

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