Mommy’s Boy


Mommy‘s Boy. Chapters 1-7

This story is the property of the author and can’t be used without permission. The topics are incest, non-consent/reluctance, mild bdsm, and humiliation.


The things I do for my son, Miranda thought as pretty, blonde, blindfolded 18-year-old Cassie licked and sucked her cunt. But there are definitely advantages as Cassie’s tongue grazed her clit.

“Ohhh my! Keep licking Cassie, keep that mouth on me!”

Miranda taught high school drama and for the last 10 years had picked a single student to “take under her wing” to help the student improve as an actor. For the first 9 years the results had been spectacular. 3 of her students got selected to Juilliard, 4 had careers in the either the music or film industry, and the last 2 were full time actors.

This year’s pick had been a tall strawberry blonde on the girls’ volleyball team. She took the drama class because she had to, not because she was interested in a career. So, it had been a surprise to all when Cassie was announced two weeks later as the pick for the academic year. It definitely wouldn’t have been her choice, but her choice ended two months ago after her son turned 18 the summer before his senior year in the same school where she taught.

Just thinking about her son brought a flood of wetness which quickly ended up all over Cassie’s face causing Cassie to groan and start to suck harder on Miranda’s clit.

“Yes! Such a good girl! Miranda moaned as she pulled Cassie’s face deeper into her crotch. “Again you little lesbian slut!”

Being called a lesbian slut had Cassie orgasm. It wasn’t a huge one but it was totally different than any of the thousands she’d given herself or received from other women. She loved having the hottest teacher in school “manhandling” her with such authority. “I can’t help it” Cassie thought as she slid her right hand off Mrs Pollard’s left thigh and started to rub herself.

Miranda Pollard almost immediately grabbed Cassie’s size B breast and pulled hard on her nipple. “I told you, you greedy little slut, you can only orgasm with permission!

The pain only increased Cassie’s pleasure and caused her to have a long explosive orgasm. ‘…I CAN’T HELP IT! I’M CUMMING! OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING FOR YOU MRS POLLARD…

Miranda quickly stopped yanking on the girls nipple and instead lovingly massaged her breast as she petted the girls head. And that was it, Cassie dropped into a deep and exhaustive sleep.

Chapter One

“That was beautiful mommy. I loved watching my two sluts orgasm” her son Marshall said as he entered the room with his gorgeous cock leading the way. Just hearing his voice and seeing his cock had Miranda’s nipples get harder and her clit tingle. She felt like she hadn’t orgasmed in weeks even though she just had.

“Off the bed mommy. Help me tie Cassie up.” Marshall quickly flipped Cassie on her back and spread her arms and legs towards the corners of the bed. Tying her down was simple. They pulled out from under and fastened the cuffs that were permanently attached to the big four poster bed. Marshall then put a sheet and light blanket over Miranda who hadn’t really woken up during their positioning of her.

After ensuring the blindfold was still in place he turned to me and said, “Come here cunt.” I quickly went to my son and gave him the open mouth kiss he demanded from me every time he wanted sex. As usual it ratcheted up my desire to obey my son and let him use his mommy as his personal cum bucket. Also as usual he grabbed a fistful of my long hair and yanked my head back so he could kiss one of my many weak spots, this one on my neck just under my ear. Then he turned me around so his hard 7 and 3/4 inch cock was on top of the crack of my ass. It would never fit in the crack because he was unbelievably thick–almost the size of a 12 once can of coke.

He whispered in my ear, “Look at her mommy, look at pretty Cassie. Do you notice anything special? No?! Well let me explain. What color is your hair mommy? That’s right, it’s strawberry blonde just like Cassie’s. What color are her eyes mommy? I’m sure you remember even though she’s blindfolded and asleep. That’s right, her eyes are just like yours mommy, a light green. What kind of body does she have mommy? Her body is also like yours, taller and thinner than the average woman. Of course, you’re a MILF so your breasts and ass are a bit bigger and softer. But I’m sure her B cup will become a very big C cup like yours when she’s older.”

The more he talked the more I whimpered and squirmed. I was panting loud enough to be heard in the next room. The smell of an aroused woman filled the room. Unlike Cassie I was well enough trained to not touch myself even though I desperately wanted to. He pushed me to my knees and and started to fuck my face. I got even more excited being used like this by my own son. He continued to talk to me about Cassie while alternating between slapping Silivri Escort the sides of my face with his cock and fucking my mouth.

“Everyone will believe that she’s your daughter and my sister, mommy. Especially since both of you are such sluts. I’m going to fuck both my mommy and my sister. You’re already my cum bucket, my sister will be soon. Do you know why mommy? Because you’re going to help me turn her. That she’s a dyke can’t be argued—everyone in school knows it. But you’re going to help teach her how important it is to be a cock whore, aren’t you mommy slut? He pulled me off his cock and tilted my head so I would look him directly at him.

I knew he demanded a response, I also knew it wouldn’t matter what he told me to do—I would do it as if it were my own fervent wish. “Yes master, I can’t wait to turn her. I’ll train your sister. I’ll train her to allow your use of every one of her holes as your personal property. I can’t wait to have my daughter eating my pussy while you fuck her from behind.”

I guess I told him what he wanted to hear because he simply pushed his cock in my mouth and pulled me tightly against him as he came down my throat.

“Go put the clothes you wore to school yesterday back on. Then crawl back here like the mommy slut you are. For the rest of the day I’m not going to call you mommy and you’re only allowed to call me sir. And don’t you dare touch yourself. You’ll get your orgasm when I let you. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir!”

Chapter Two

As I dressed I knew not to bother with the bra or panties I was wearing when Cassie showed up this this Saturday morning for our first “help” session. So, it didn’t take long for me to put on my tight black pencil skirt and opaque white blouse that I wore to school yesterday. A quick stop in the master bathroom to tinkle and put on whorish red lipstick and I was ready to go.

When I crawled back in the room Cassie was moaning and pulling against her restraints as Marshall ran a handheld battery-operated vibrator all over her body. He motioned for me to get on the bed between Cassies legs. Then he pointed out where his cell phone was [no doubt filming everything like the room camera system] and mouthed that I should start talking.

“You’re doing so well for our first day Cassie. It didn’t take anything more than my unbuttoning one button of my blouse before you went straight to your knees. It takes a total lesbian slut to act like that, doesn’t it?”

“Yes ma’am, I’ve wanted to suck your cunt since middle school.” Her tight body was bouncing up and down as she tried to keep contact with the vibrator Marshall was using on her. “You’re the center of most of my fantasies Mrs Pollard, when you gave me that look and boldly started to unbutton your blouse I just knew that I would do anything at all for you.”

“And you were on your knees in a second weren’t you slut Cassie? I had to force you to put your hands behind your back because you kept reaching for me. And when I showed you the blindfold what did you do little Cassie?”

“I had an orgasm ma’am. I’ve never had an orgasm without touching myself and I’ve had two today. I’ll do anything to make you happy Mrs Pollard.”

She was being such a good girl that I had to lick her. That my son had grabbed my neck and forced me to is beside the point.

“Ohhh FUCK! THANK YOU, Thank you for licking me ma’am, nothing has ever felt so good!”

It was obvious Cassie was just about to orgasm, so Marshall yanked my head and the vibrator away from her body. Tell her to call you mommy, he mouthed.

“Cassie, do want me to finish? Do you want my fingers, and mouth, and tongue to get you off?” I said as I lightly stroked the inside of her thigh.

“YES! Please, Mrs Pollard, please suck my slutty cunt and make me cum. I need it so bad.”

I used my hands to gently wander all over her tight 18 year old body. She was going crazy when I added in blowing lightly on her wide spread pussy. “From now on you will ONLY call me mommy when we’re alone, do you understand slut?


“Silly little slut, Daughter can’t cum until mommy’s satisfied.” Then I turned to the 69 position and started grinding my pussy all over her face. She quickly had me on edge but my son was just shaking his head no. It was pure torture—the absolute best kind of torture but torture nonetheless. Finally, he nodded and I released a ton of cum onto Cassie–she never stopped licking and I couldn’t get enough of her licking. He indicated I should get Cassie off now so I slapped her pussy and told her to cum for mommy. As soon as Cassie started cumming Marshall pushed my head into her hot little cunt. Each of us went through multiple orgasms as we ate each other out.

My son pulled me off the bed, bent me over and rammed his cock in cumming immediately. Then he shoved me to my knees to clean him. Then he dragged me out of Şirinevler Escort the room and back across the house to the master bedroom to give me instructions.

Chapter Three

I came back into the room and went into the attached bath to return with a warm wet washcloth. I took off Cassie’s blindfold and started kissing her as I cleaned her up. “You’re such a good daughter Cassie. You made mommy cum so hard.”

“Oh my God, Mrs Pollard, I have…..”

My hard slap right on her belly shut her up for a moment. “WHAT did you call me?”

“Mommy! I’m sorry mommy I thought that was just when we’re having sex.”

“Silly daughter slut.” I said as I climbed on top of her and shoved my tongue down her throat and started French kissing her madly as I began grinding my still wet cunt on the top of her pubis bone. “From the second we’re alone, ANYWHERE, we are having sex. Even if it’s only the mental buildup, you’re my daughter slut sex slave at all times.”

As expected, this totally hot 18 year old was suddenly raring to go again as soon as I started French kissing her. She kept humping upward trying to move my body down so we were clit to clit. Needless to say I wasn’t going to allow that to happen, master had given me strict orders.

I laid down next to her on my left side and slowly started to tongue her right ear as I talked to her.

“Is my hot daughter a virgin, has a male cock ever pierced your pretty little pussy?”

“No ma’am, men are gross. They’re too—manly I guess. They’re hard, strong, and stinky, and they have deep voices. I just want to smell, and touch, and feel a woman’s soft body.”

I had been lightly running my hand up and down her tied down and spread eagled thighs. Now I started using my fingers to caress her pussy before suddenly shoving my ring and middle finger as deep inside her as I could go.

“Yes! Fuck yes mommy!”

I pulled my fingers out and pushed them into her mouth. She started sucking and moaning and once again humping her beautiful tied down body into the air.

“Ooh, you like the taste of yourself don’t you daughter slut?”

“Yes! I love the taste of my pussy mommy. I love the taste of pussy. But no one comes close to your taste mommy.”

“We’ll discuss that in a minute. How come I can’t feel your hymen you little slut? I’ll bet you love dick in you and that’s why you don’t have a hymen. Do you have any idea what punishment mommy has for little cunts that lie to her?” I started to go back and forth on her nipples. Pinching, pulling, and twisting them, harder and harder. Her increased moaning and a fresh burst of aroma from her tight little pussy proved that master was right, that she enjoyed pain and saw it as an aphrodisiac.

“NO Mommy, no, I would never lie to you! Everyone in school knows I’m a lesbian even if I haven’t officially come out yet. I love what you’re doing to my nipples mommy, I just love the way you take charge of my body!”

Of course, I immediately stopped the nipple play as she groaned in disappointment. “Then why don’t you have a hymen? When did it break?”

“I broke it with a dildo mommy. Three days after I turned 18 I went to the adult store across town and bought one.”

“How big is your dildo my darling daughter?” I fetched a 7 inch one that had a small diameter from the night stand and showed it to her as I lovingly sucked on it. When I had it halfway down my throat I stuck out my tongue and showed her how to lick the underside of a cock as you give a blow job. Then I showed her that I could deep throat the dildo and keep licking as I did.

She was shaking her head and moaning and humping the air as another waft of arousal came from her hot little pussy.

“Mine’s a little bit smaller mommy. The lady at the store was so helpful and she suggested I start with something about the size of an average man—even after I told her I wasn’t interested in men. She showed me DVD’s of women wearing a dildo and fucking other women. Would you do that for me mommy? Would you wear a dildo and fuck me? I love how you control me mommy—me coming on your dick would be sooo hot.”

“Have you ever had sex with anyone?”

Her face immediately blushed up and she softly said, “Yes mommy. I’ve kind of gone crazy since I turned 18.”

“And has any of you partners worn a dildo and fucked you?”

“No mommy, but we have used dildos during sex.”

This was seriously turning me on. Master said I could use her body to edge but absolutely no orgasms. It was going to suck either way but edging was bound to feel better than not. I got back on top of Cassie and started to rub my cunt up against her pubic bone again. But this time I grabbed her breasts roughly and started kneading them mercilessly.

“No daughter of mine has a fuck partner without my approval! Do you understand that daughter cunt!? You’ll be tied to this bed and not allowed to cum if you don’t start talking now. Who has dared Şişli Escort taste you before me!? WHO!? I want to know every single one of them!

“Ohh YES! Use me mommy, I just love being your daughter. I won’t ever fuck anyone again without your permission mommy! Ms Deatrich was the first mommy. About three weeks after Senior year started she called me into her office and I knew immediately why I was there because she was dressed so sexy. I’d never seen her in anything on but her gym or coach clothes on. It didn’t take her long at all to have me under her desk licking her pussy. The following week she had me under her desk again after school, and I was fully clothed, when the Captain of our Volleyball team, Angela Day, came in her office. Coach held my head to her cunt and told me to keep going. Soon after she told Angela to join me. Angela, by far the hottest girl in our school was naked mommy—oh shit I think I’m going to cum!”

I immediately got off her and said, “NO YOUR NOT!” Thank God she didn’t cum—she tried to but the lack of any stimulation at all held her back. “Good girl! Mommy is so proud of you for holding back. We call that edging—and you’re going to get a LOT of experience with it.”

Cassie was shaking her head back and forth, non verbally saying no as she continued to struggle against her bonds. As usual, master was one step ahead and had been so smart to put in really wide cuffs with felt lining to prevent marks on her wrists and ankles. “Don’t you worry dear daughter—when Mommy does let you cum all the edging will be worth it. But it’s pretty obvious you need to cool down—so I’m going to go watch the news.” Poor girl just kept moaning no as I left.

Chapter Four

I went straight the master bedroom that my son moved into with me the day he broke me, he turned away from his computer where he was watching the action in the guest room with a monstrous hard on. I went to my knees and engulfed his cock saying prayers to the sex gods that he would let me cum now. My prayers were answered as not two minutes later he pulled me off his cock and told me to spread myself on the bed. He then cuffed me just like Cassie and I knew the role I was to play.

I said, “Oh mommy, I’m so fucking hot for you. Please mommy, please fuck me with your dildo.” He nodded giving me permission to cum. As soon as he slid that huge piece of meat into me I started cumming. I have no idea how he held himself back from his orgasm but he did and his powerful strokes kept me cumming even as he whispered with a girl voice into my ear. “You’re cumming all over mommy’s big cock aren’t you dear? Let’s face it, you have a greedy little cunt that will never get enough cock as well as cunt.”

“Yes mommy, I LOVE your cock. I LOVE your cunt! You’re so perfect.” As soon as I said that, Master was filling me with sperm. We both came a lot and when he finally slipped out of me we were both exhausted.

Master left me there and went and got a warm cloth to clean me and then brought me a cold Coke. He knows it gives me a quick pick me up. “You rest while I take a quick shower” he told me—and I’m pretty sure I was asleep before he left the room.

When he woke me as he was undoing the cuffs he told me to drink the soda and he also told me how proud he was of the job I was doing. He told me to make her use the bedpan because there was no doubt she needed to pee. Then get back to work he told me. “It’s almost one so she’s been tied down for almost three hours. Use the afternoon to get more details and ensure she tells you everyone she’s had sex with.”

When I moved back into the room Cassie was fast asleep with a smile. I can’t get over how beautiful she is. I kissed her awake. “I brought you a bed pan daughter.”

“Um, mommy I have to go number 2 as well as number 1.” I just looked at her and she followed up with,

“Mommy, I never want to leave here—I just loved being tied down and at your mercy. I’ve the best orgasms of my entire life ever since I walked in the door. Please trust me mommy.”

I made a command decision to untie her and help her move into the bathroom. Then I left to give her some privacy. Her phone was still downstairs in her purse so I wasn’t worried about that. As expected Master was at the door to the room. He gave me a smile and thumbs up and my heart just sang—I am so in love with that man. That I birthed him never ceased to excite me when he wanted to get sexual and showed me his big cock.

After about 5 minutes I heard the shower start. 5 more minutes and she crawled into the room with wet hair but smelling so clean.

“On the bed daughter, mommy has more for her greedy little daughter slut. But now I want you face down.”

Before I cuffed her, I put the largest of the pillows under her stomach. After cuffing her I turned on the vibrator and let it rest against her pretty little hole. Of course as soon as she felt it she moved and it fell over. That’s when I pounced and completely covered her body with mine. She started to go crazy and the smell of another burst of her horniness filled the air.

“Silly little slut. You can’t feel the vibrator if you keep moving—-and you sure haven’t earned me tying it against you. Only because this is your first time I’m going to set it up again—if you move or cum then of course mommy will have to punish you.”

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