******** This story contains themes of femdom, mild cuckold, mild incestual desires, and mild non-consent. It took way too long to write, and I still don’t feel like I got the main character’s cuck feelings quite right…. but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. After this, I’ll probably be returning to my IT Guy series since it was so popular on here. Or maybe a gay-dom story since I haven’t written one of those in so long. Thanks for all the love from everyone. More stories to come! *************


My first Spring break in college was approaching, and me and a guy named Donny I had met last semester were absolutely pumped! We had been loosely planning a trip down to the Gulf of Mexico, hoping to get deliriously drunk and pick up loads of chicks.

We were young and naive and just kind of assumed that if we could just show up, girls would naturally flock to us.

There were a few ‘minor’ flaws in our plan, of course, the first being that neither of us was old enough to drink. Donny was slightly older than me, having just turned 20, and I was still only 19.

The other big hitch was that we both still lived at home with our moms. Being college students with no real jobs, we didn’t have a lot of money (or any for that matter), so we were kind of relying on them to “loan” us the money for the trip.

We figured a week stay down at the coast, factoring in gas money, a room, meals, and alcohol…..we’d probably need about $500 each.

Like I said, we were young and naive. We had no idea how expensive the rooms were down there or how crowded that area was around Spring break.

But, we presented our plans individually to each of our moms and began asking for the money early on in the semester.

My mom, Julie, was not having a bit of it at first.

“You’re fucking idiots!” she said, laughing as I hashed out our plan sitting at the bar in our kitchen. You’re gonna need a grand at least.”

“Okay,” I insisted. “So, loan me a grand.”

She laughed loudly at that. “You really think I’m just gonna blow a thousand dollars so you and your boyfriend can run down to the beach and get your pee-pees wet?!”

I stuttered and stammered, trying to explain the merits of our plan.

She just shook her head. “You two’ll wind up in jail…or worse. In a bathtub full of ice with your kidneys missing.”

I let it drop, figuring it was a lost cause. For the next few minutes, she quietly sipped on a glass of wine while I tried to think of another way we could go.

“Where were you two gonna stay at anyway?” she asked casually.

I looked up at her, confused by the question, and she rolled her eyes impatiently.

“What were you morons gonna do, just sleep on the beach?”

“We were gonna get a place,” I said defensively. “Once we got down there.”

“Dammit!” she spat, laughing bitterly at our ignorance. She downed her wine, poured a little more, then took a long swallow, finishing it off as well.

For a mom, Julie did not act or look the part. At all. She was slim, tan, and toned from regular exercise outdoors. She always wore tight leggings or daring booty shorts, sports bras or other revealing tops. She was very comfortable with her body, sometimes a little too comfortable, I thought.

She was a blonde, but her hair was always meticulously highlighted and styled to perfection while at the same time giving a wild appearance like she’d just rolled out of bed.

“You know, I think I can get you a cabin on the beach,” she said slowly, then began looking me up and down as if sizing me up. Speaking almost reluctantly, she said, “It’d cost you though.”

“You know I don’t have any money.” I barely got the words out when she shoved me, hard.

“You think I don’t know that?!” she said. “I know your ass is broke! There’s other ways to pay though.”

I looked at her dumbly, clearly not catching her drift.

She looked at me half disgusted and half reluctant to go on, as if she hadn’t quite made up her mind about something.

Finally, she said, “Look, maybe I know someone, an older lady who’s got a place I think she might let you all use for the week….in exchange for certain favors.” She said that last part with an odd sort of nervous smile.

“What kind of favors?” I asked, growing suddenly tense myself.

She shoved me hard again, giving me a lewd wink. I couldn’t tell if it was the wine kicking in or if she was being serious.

I screwed up my face, suddenly getting it. “Mom! I’m not having sex with some old lady!”

She laughed a little too loudly at that. “C’mon!” she said, landing a punch to my shoulder. “Think about it. You two are trying to get laid anyway. Maybe she’ll let you tag-team her!”

Okay, that had to be the wine talking. I humored her though. “Oh, I’m sure she’d really like that. Excuse me, ma’am. Can my friend and I use your house for the week? We don’t have any money, so maybe in exchange, we can just bang you.”

My mom threw her head back laughing, then quieted down Kıbrıs Escort and started to pour another glass of wine.

“Come to think of it,” she said, “I haven’t gotten laid in awhile myself. So, do you want me to set this up?”

Ugh. We did need a place to stay, but this was sounding shady as hell. “Maybe ask her if I can work for her,” I said. “Surely she’s got some odd jobs I could do.”

More wild laughter from my mom. “Oh, I’m sure she’s got some pretty odd things she’ll want you to do to her. How flexible did you say you were?”

“Mom!” I yelled in disgust.

I let her finish another glass of wine before asking, “So, I take it that means we can go then…. you’ll get us that place and loan me some money?”

She fixed her cool blue eyes on me, and I grew suddenly uncomfortable under her stare.

“It’s been a really, really long time since I got laid,” she said. “How hot is your friend Donny?”

“I don’t fucking know!” I yelled at her. “Can I go or not?”

She smiled sweetly at me. “Sure you can baby. We’ll all go. You. And me and Donny.”

“Mom,” I glared at her, “You can’t go with us. I forbid it.”

She slapped me, a light playful slap but it stung nonetheless. She giggled drunkenly. “Tell your friend he better rest up, he’s gonna need his strength if he’s gonna keep up with me.”

“Mom,” I tried to reason with her. “The whole point of this trip is for me and Donny to get drunk and get laid…. like all week. And we can’t very well do that with you hanging around.”

She looked at me with a lascivious, drunken smile. “Yeah, you can. I promise. Leave it to me and you’ll both be neck deep in pussy, more of it than you can handle. Besides, someone’s gotta keep you two horn-dogs in line.”

I didn’t know exactly what she was planning, but we needed a place to stay, and I needed money for the trip. And if she could get us laid, well… all the better. So, I reluctantly gave in to her.

The next day, as we were listening to a lecture in class, I told Donny what my mom had said, how she thought she could get us a place but in return she wanted to come along with us.

Donny’s mom had just straight up given him cash for the trip. Everything seemed to be lining up perfectly, and we began daydreaming about all the sex we were going to have.

“There’s gonna be thousands of scantily clad, thirsty college girls just waiting to bang us,” Donny said, keeping his voice low so no one around us would hear.

“We can still pick ’em up, we’ll just go back to their place instead of ours,” I said. “Or better yet, just have sex on the beach!”

An older lady next to me shot me a momentary look of disgust, then resumed listening to the lecture.

I couldn’t help it. Just thinking about all those girls got me antsy. Screw my mom! We were gonna get laid!

As the day of the trip approached, I noticed a change come over my mom though. She began working out like she was prepping for a marathon. Every time i saw her, she was jogging, pumping weights, or in the living room doing aerobics, yoga, pilates, some kind of weird dancing Zumba thing.

But also, she began researching sex like crazy. I know this because she wasn’t shy about watching videos on the topic with her volume maxed out, not even pausing them or anything when I walked in the room. When she wasn’t watching videos, she had her head buried in a book, again not bothering to even attempt to conceal the titles she was reading.

So, I knew for a fact that she was studying a lot of material on sexual positions, how to improve her sexual endurance, and some new workout called kegels.

Particularly disturbing was her newfound interest in sexual dominance. This I learned when she began to leave collections of erotica laying around that all seemed to center around that same topic.

From then on, she started watching videos on dominance in the bedroom, even gradually beginning to watch full-on femdom porn.

As the day of the trip approached, I walked in on her one night finishing up a set of pelvic thrusts in the living room.

“Is your friend Donny ready for me?” she asked with a devilish smile, sweat beading all over her body.

“I thought you were joking about that,” I said. “Mom, you know me and Donny are planning on getting with girls our own age right?”

My mom smiled teasingly. “We’ll see…..” she said, continuing her exercises.

Later that night, I was woken by cries coming from her bedroom. At first I thought she was just having a nightmare, but she continued to cry out, and I thought I better investigate.

As I approached her room, I could hear she had a video loaded up on her TV. A female narrator was saying, “In order to establish dominance in the bedroom, it’s important to humiliate your man.” This was followed by masculine groaning noises.

My mom cried out again, her bed shaking almost violently. I peered in through the crack of her door and about fell over. She was on her bed facing the TV but on all Magosa Escort fours with a pillow wedged between her legs. As the video continued to play, my mom humped herself on the pillow, crying out as she neared climax.

I slowly backed away from her room but immediately froze in my tracks when I heard her begin to moan Donny’s name as she came all over her pillow.

I did not sleep well that night. Every time I closed my eyes, the image of my mom’s naked body, pleasuring herself on her bed would float into my thoughts and refuse to leave. The more I resisted it, the more it stuck…and, worse yet, I began to feel myself getting aroused until my dick was painfully hard.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I did something about it, so in the end I gave in….. imagined it was my name my mom had been moaning. I began to rub myself, imagined her slipping into my room. “Do you think you can keep up?” she asked, then climbed on top of me, began riding me. I never came so hard.

The next day, my head still spinning from the previous night, I decided I’d better warn Donny. I wasn’t sure if it was out of genuine concern for him….. or jealousy. But either way, I didn’t like the idea of him and my mom getting together.

“You have to promise me something,” I said. We were sitting in the cafeteria, finishing our lunch.

“Sure, what?” he asked.

I looked him dead in the eye. “You have to promise me, no matter what happens, you won’t have sex with my mom on this trip.”

Donny spat a mouthful of Coke out, laughing hysterically, then saw I wasn’t kidding.

“Look,” he said, sobering his voice and trying to show he was serious. “I have zero interest in banging your mom.”

“You don’t understand,” I said. “It’s been awhile for her. And she knows we’re going down there to get laid. I think she just kind of sees you as an easy target.”

Donny smirked. “I am pretty easy…… you got a picture of her?”

I punched him hard on the arm.

“Dude,” he said, clasping my hand in his. “I promise you. I will not fuck your mom.”

I exhaled deeply, probably a little too relieved. “Hell, there’s bound to be lots of guys down there looking to get laid just like us,” I said. “I hope she does get some. Really, I do. Just not with my best friend.”

“Awww, you’re gonna make me cry,” Donny joked. I punched him again. Smiled. And tried to convince myself of the lie that it was just him I didn’t want her getting with.

The day of our trip, I raced home, packed like a wild man, and doused myself with cheap cologne. Any minute, Donny would pull up to our house in his used beater Mustang, a bright yellow chick magnet essential to our plans to lure in the ladies.

Except, instead he showed up in a minivan.

“A fucking minivan?!” I yelled as he piled out of the driver’s seat, apologizing profusely.

“I’m so sorry man,” he said. “My mustang crapped out on me and my mom insisted we take her car.”

“A fucking minivan though?!” I cried out, already seeing our plans turning to dust.

My mom came out then, easily toting three pieces of luggage and casting me a sidelong glance.

“Run inside and grab my other bags,” she ordered me. Her eyes fell on the minivan.

“Oh. Hell no,” she breathed. “Is that what you boys were planning on picking up girls in? Where were you headed, the nursing home?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Julie,” Donny said, his face suddenly flushed with embarrassment.

Her eyes fell on him, seeing him for the first time. “Well hello, Donald,” she said, eyeing him up and down approvingly.

She wore torn cut-off jean shorts and a hot-pink sports bra with black letters that read SLIPPERY.

Donny’s jaw about hit the floor. “It’s my mom’s car,” he said numbly.

“Relax,” she said. “We can take mine.”

My mom owned a large black SUV. It was ‘souped up’, shiny, loud and powerful. An aggressive car for an aggressive woman.

We piled our bags in the back, and my mom threw me the keys. I shot her a questioning look, figuring she’d drive since it was her car.

“Sorry,” she said with a not so innocent shrug of her shoulders. “I had a few glasses of wine earlier. No way I’m driving.”

I turned to Donny who was already throwing his hands up. “No way,” he said. “I don’t want to be responsible for damaging that. Sorry man.”

Reluctantly, I climbed into the driver’s seat. My mom hopped up front with me, leaving Donny to sit in the back.

I started to head out when my mom said, “You’re gonna make Donald sit in the back all by himself? Nuh-uh.” Before either of us could react, she had climbed between the seats and plopped down on the bench seat next to him.

Well played Mom, I thought, feeling suddenly hurt that I was being left up front all by myself. Hurt, but also just the tiniest bit jealous too. I proceeded to pull out of our drive, intending to keep an eye on them from the rearview mirror.

“This is gonna be a long trip,” my mom said, kicking off her sandals Girne Escort and turning to a laying position on the bench seat, bringing her knees up so as not to take up too much space.

Still, there was only so much room for two people to sit, and she was forced to place one of her feet with its perfectly manicured toes up against the side of Donny’s bare leg, just past his knee.

This unexpected touch of course startled him, causing him to glance her way. From his position, she was laying spread eagle, practically exposing her jean-clad crotch to him.

His eyes met hers, and she held his gaze, forcing a serious expression. There was an awkward moment, and he started to look away.

This would not do. “So Donald,” she said, eyeing him like the tasty piece of meat he was to her, “I bet you’re excited.”

Donnie shifted uncomfortably in his seat, tried to be polite if disinterested. She lifted her right foot up, gave him an eyeful of her wrinkly sole, her scrunched up toes, then brought it down slowly again, rubbing it up and down on her other leg.

Donny turned his gaze away, stared straight ahead. Not giving up so easily though, my mom pressed her toes back up against his leg.

“So,” she said in a playful, seductive voice, “what are you gonna be when you grow up?”

“I don’t know Miss Julie,” he said, nervous now. “I guess I hadn’t much thought about it.” He was fidgeting, suddenly very interested in his hands.

She pressed both of her feet up against his leg.

I watched all this from the rearview mirror, trying to decide if I should jump in and save Donny. Now seemed as good a time as any.

“Mom,” I said, “he probably doesn’t want your stinky feet all over him.”

That struck a nerve. She glared at me angrily.

“My feet are NOT stinky!” she yelled and actually managed to give me a kick in the side that nearly caused me to swerve off the road.

“Hey!” I complained, but she had already turned back to Donny.

“I’ll have you know that I soaked these kittens right before we left,” she said matter-of-factly. “See for yourself, they’re all soft and perfumey.”

She raised her left foot up, brought her toes right up to Donny’s nose. “Go ahead, have a sniff.”

I glanced back at him. Donny looked super uncomfortable.

“Mom?! Seriously?”

She gave me another kick with her right foot, and I swerved dangerously. “Will you keep your eyes on the road?!” she spat.

Back to Donny, she brought both of her feet up to his face “Sniff them,” she ordered. “I promise you, if they stink at all I’ll give you…. a thousand bucks.”

That sold Donny on the deal. He turned in his seat to face her, allowing her to bring her feet right up to his nose. He breathed in deeply, hoping to catch even the slightest foot odor. In response, she pressed her toes flat to his mouth, began kneading his lips with her toes.

“See? Soft, aren’t they? And not a hint of stink.” she proclaimed, eyeing him with her big innocent blue eyes.

She seemed to wait for his confirmation, kept her feet to his face until he shook his head. “I don’t smell anything, Miss Julie,” he said. “At least, nothing bad.”

I think he would have said anything to get her feet out of his face. Suddenly I remembered the line from the video my mom had been watching. ‘In order to establish dominance in the bedroom, it’s important to humiliate your man.’

My mom was smirking up at Donny almost victoriously as she slowly lowered her feet from his face, returning them to rest on his leg. “I thought you’d like them, Donald.”

“Can we talk about something normal now?” I asked from up front.

My mom rolled her eyes. “Sure,” she said. “Normal. How about college?”

She eyed Donny with a look of almost motherly affection. ‘You know Donald, when I was in college, I made a lot of bad choices. I mean a LOT.” She stared at him until he looked her way, letting him know without saying as much just how bad she’d been.

She began to knead the top of his leg with her toes as she continued. “That’s why I think it’s so important to find a mentor, someone older than you who can introduce you to new things and show you the ropes.”

She brought her left foot up again, slowly stretched it toward him, and then let it drop, suddenly resting her heel on his crotch.

Donny’s eyes widened, shot her way, startled by the sudden pressure on his junk. She met his gaze with a look that was just…..naughty, promising everything if he wanted it.

Her eyes still wide, lips parted slightly, she asked, “Do you like trying new things, Donald?”

“Jesus Mom!” I yelled.

She glared at me. “Why don’t you turn on the radio and give us some privacy back here?”

“Oh I’m sorry!” I yelled. “I didn’t mean to interrupt you and my best friend on our road trip!” It was a sulky, immature response, and I knew it.

But Donny actually looked relieved that I’d intervened.

“It has been a long day,” he said. “Maybe we could just chill out, listen to some tunes.”

“Fine!” my mom relented. She plopped her feet back on the floorboard, sat up straight.

I tried to find something semi-tolerable on the radio. Mr. Blue Sky came on. Donny and I sang along to it, at least the parts we knew. I actually started to forget about my mom for a second.

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