My Nudist family

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My nudist family,

I am a 25-year-old girl and I am going to share my nude experience.

One night, there was a power failure in our area. So the electrician came to repair it and said they can only repair it in the morning. I was 20-year-old.

So we were worried about how we could survive this high temperature without electricity. So my mother told me to sleep naked.

First, I hesitated but due to the heat I accepted my mother’s proposal and started stripping down. I became completely nude but no one was able to see me due to the dim light of the candle.

We didn’t have dinner yet, so we had a candlelight dinner.

Me, my father and mother are totally naked while eating and feeling like a nudist family.

I was hesitating, so my mother said “dear, why are you worrying? We saw you naked.”

I can see in their eyes, but I was enjoying it too.

After finishing my dinner, I sleep in between mother and father. I was sleeping naked, still I am feeling hot so I can’t sleep properly.

So in the morning electricians repair at 5 am and complete their work at 7am and electricity comes back at 7am.

So when electricity came back at 7am my mother told me where to dress and then go to sleep but I was feeling sleepy so I didn’t listen to my mother and without wearing clothes I went back to sleep.

After that I don’t listen to my mother. She washed my clothes that I was wearing last night. I continue to sleep till 10 am. At 10:15 my mother’s friends come to my house with her son (20years) and her Taksim Escort daughter (19year) to meet my mother to invite our family for some function.

She gives an invitation card to my mother and after that she wants to meet me. Then my mother took her to my room and her kids and she was surprised to see me sleeping naked.

Her kids also saw me naked. Then my mother woke me up and I was surprised to see her and then I stood up and namaste to her then I realized I was standing naked in front of them but I didn’t panic.

Her son and daughter were staring at my boobs and pubic hair. After that, my mother and she went out of the room but the boy stayed in the room and mother told me to play with them and to remain naked till I bathed. It was a strange situation.

I used to bathe at 1 pm on holiday. So I think I will remain nude till 1 pm. The guest left our home at 12pm. I play with them wearing no clothes.

And I told them I am a nudist and our family is also a nudist.

After they left home, my mother asked don’t you feel shame then I said no. Then my mother became angry with my answer, then she told me I will remain naked for that full day and I will open the door when any guest. Thank god no guest arrived that day.

In the evening my dad came and rang the doorbell so I opened the door naked.

He was staring at me and said, “why are you naked, dear?”

I said “I became a nudist.” (slowly in his ear)

He smiled and entered the house.

He Ümraniye Escort was continuously staring at me, and I was passing, smiling.

He asked my mom, “How did you permit her to be a nudist?”

Before she said anything I said “I had taken permission from mom and mom is also becoming a nudist but she was hesitating and told me she will strip in front of yours.”

Mom was shocked, and I think was also willing.

Dad asked her to strip.

Mom unwillingly stripped, and I asked dad to remove his clothes.

Dad removed all his clothes and his cock was hard now.

I asked mom “now can I taste this cock?”

Before mom says anything, dad said, “of course, nudists can fuck anyone and get fucked from anyone.”

I grabbed my dad’s cock and started giving him a blowjob.

He started moaning and said “your mom didn’t do this to me, enjoyable.”

I asked him to lick my pussy. He came on my virgin pussy and started licking.

My mom was getting angry at seeing us.

I was ignoring her and started enjoying the moment.

I was like in heaven.

I asked dad to put his dick on my pussy.

He hardly pushed his cock into my pussy, and it was paining like hell and bled too.

Mom angrily said, “enjoyed dear? You were enjoying the pleasure, enjoy the pain now you will enjoy your ass pain too.”

I laughed and dad didn’t stop yet. It stopped painting now, plus I came too.

Mom said to my father “fuck her ass.”

But dad didn’t do so mom held his cock and firstly rubbed on my ass after placing it on my asshole and told dad to push but could not go inside my tight ass.

Mom sucked dad’s cock and made it wet.

I didn’t know how much it would hurt.

Mom placed cock again and dad hardly pushed the entire cock in my ass in one shot only.

I screamed loudly. Mom said “you bitch enjoyed it now, laugh-laugh now.”

I was crying and begging now to remove the cock, but dad didn’t stop.

After sometime dad came in my ass and removed his cock.

Now my ass is looking like a big hole.

My mom took a pic of my ass.

My mom again started sucking my dad’s cock and made it hard.

My mom now sucked my asshole and spat inside my ass.

It was painting, but I was enjoying it. Then dad again put his cock in my ass but my mom thought it didn’t hurt me but I started moaning like I was enjoying it.

She was shocked and said “even I didn’t let him fuck my ass after once I fucked from my boyfriend.”

I was shocked and said “mom you had a boyfriend?”

Mom said “yes, why is it not paining you? Your dad has a bigger cock than my boyfriend.”

I said “daddy, has the great technique to fuck.”

My dad again filled my ass.

My dad fucks my mom rarely because she didn’t like me fucking from dad.

My mom always gets jealous when I fuck from dad.

We became a nudist family now.

I always get nude at home and wear clothes when I go out only and I was waiting for my mom’s friend’s son and daughter to come next time.

So, one day they came.

I will tell you about this incident in my next story, please comment if you like and advise me to continue.


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