Passing the Torch


James Reynolds sighed with satisfaction as he finally put away the contents of the last box. It had been two weeks since and his fiancé Janet had moved into their new home in Boston and things were already looking promising for the couple.

He had been given a new job on the east coast and had before long found a beautiful 4 bedroom house well within their price range.

He then set to straightening the living room area, his sister on her way over. The only male in his immediate family, Jimmy had always been accustomed to being man of the house and still took that duty seriously.

It wasn’t long before Janet came downstairs, her 38D tits bouncing in her tight lime green sweater.

“Hey baby,” she said with a warm smile, “when’s Victoria supposed to get here?”

“About an hour,” he replied, “she said she had some errands to run.”

Janet nodded. “We’ll be sure to let me know as soon as she arrives. I’m dying to meet her.”

Jimmy nodded, Janet continuing on into the kitchen to make herself a snack. He looked down and wasn’t shocked at all to see his dick was rock hard in his shorts.

Though a casual observer would’ve assumed it was due to his hot fiancé who had just left, this was not the case. Beginning on his 18th birthday, young Jimmy had been a sex slave to both his mother and elder sister.

Not that he minded of course. Blessed with a fat and thick 8 inch dick, he was more than pleased to be his mother’s around the clock boy toy following the death of his father.

Victoria had soon gotten wind of the situation and shortly after had fucked her eager younger brother when they had the home to themselves. Before long, Catherine had gotten wind of her kids’ activities and Jimmy found himself not only keeping the both of them satisfied but also each of their friends as well as various family members.

He sexual deviancy continued throughout college, there only having been a handful of girls who hadn’t experienced his cock firsthand. Meeting Janet hadn’t changed anything either. Shortly after they first moved in together, Catherine had paid them a visit and fucked her son in the kitchen while Janet was in just the next room.

On another occasion, the two fucked in the shower of the bathroom as Janet was sleeping and yet again, Jimmy felt no remorse or shame. He lived purely by the will of his dick.

After all, though he loved Janet deeply, she simply couldn’t do it all for him. They had met in college and sure, the sex had been great for a time.

But soon just as his mother had foretold, his sexual craving had only increased, well beyond the vanilla abilities of Janet.

It wasn’t that Janet was bad at sex. On the contrary, fucking with her was quite enjoyable. Her pussy was always nice, wet and tight and her orgasms were always fantastic.

However her religion prohibited her from anything aside from vaginal sex. No oral, no titfucks and perhaps worst of all: no anal.

Jimmy loved ass. And Janet’s was just perfect. It was huge and round, jiggling with each step. It was like it was constantly begging him to fuck it.

Catherine had sensed his frustration on her visits, her son using every moment they had to fuck her senseless. Not just because he wanted to, but as if he had to.

She had often told him, even begged him to either leave Janet or fuck outside the relationship. But Jimmy just couldn’t, unable to bear hurting her.

Unlike anyone else in his family however, he looked beyond just using women for pleasure, seeing past their juicy, mouthwatering tits or perfect round asses.

He looked for substance as best he could but the urge to follow the way he’d been raised grew stronger daily, especially due to that he felt so unsatisfied at home.

He sighed and lay his head on the box, trying to shut out his frustration just as the doorbell rang. He composed himself and went to open it, nearly blown away by seeing his sexy older sister at door.

Victoria smiled as she took her tall and handsome younger brother, his eyes quickly taking all of her in. She wore a pair of yellow chic sunglasses, short cut denim shorts and a tight and thin yellow tank top, stretched to the breaking point by her massive bust.

“Hey little bro,” she greeted him, pulling him in for a long and deep kiss before he could even process it.

“Who’s at the door?” Janet suddenly called from the kitchen, unable to see the front door where Victoria continued to make out with Jimmy and had her hand inside his shorts, playing with his swollen dick and nuts, only pulling back as soon as Janet rounded the corner.

“Oh hey Victoria,” Janet greeted with a warm smile.

Victoria smiled back, seeing Janet gave a nervous glance to her much much larger rack. Before Janet could react, Victoria approached and wrapped her in a tight hug, pressing her huge tits against her.

“Thanks so much for letting me stay a few days!”

“Oh uh… it’s no problem…” Janet replied, obviously uncomfortable with the hug. Victoria then released her upon Janet gave a nervous smile and returned Lefkoşa Escort into the kitchen.

“Oh no…” Victoria said as she left the room but turning toward Jimmy, “the pleasure is all mine…”


The next morning as Janet slept, Jimmy was in the bathroom, his shorts around his ankles as Victoria sucked his morning wood.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned, gripping her hair in his fist.

Victoria sucked and slurped eagerly on his dick. He shuddered as she gagged and pulled back, licking from the underside of his balls to the head of his cock.

“Remember when we were younger?” she said seductively, twirling her tongue around his head, “you sneaking in my room in the mornings and slipping this fat cock in my ass?”

He nodded, groaning again, the pleasure to great to allow him to speak. It was then however he heard a knock at the door.

“Honey,” she called behind the locked door, “are you in there?”

“Um yeah babe,” he replied, “just uh… brushing my teeth.”

Victoria chuckled at this as she hummed around his cock.

“Oh okay,” Janet replied, “have you seen Victoria this morning? I was just about to cook us some breakfast.”

“Fuck…” he groaned in a whisper, feeling he was about to cum.

“Jimmy?” Janet called again, snapping him back to attention.

“Uh she went for a jog I think,” he answered, “she should be back soon.”

“Well alright,” she replied, seeming convinced, “I’ll go ahead and get started.”

Hearing her walk off, he lay his head back and began fucking her face, Victoria gagging with each deep thrust into her throat until he let out a stifled yell and came down her throat.

The orgasm was the best he’d had in weeks, way better than he’d had with Janet’s pussy.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned softly as he pulled his dick back, soft and satisfied.

“Mmm…” Victoria said with a smile, licking her lips, “still just as delicious.”

She stood and made sure the coast was clear before donning a tight sports bra and shorts and slipping out the back door.

Jimmy pulled his boxers up and made his way to the kitchen, seeing Janet scrambling some eggs.

“Morning baby,” she said, leaning over to kiss him.

At that moment, the front door opened, Victoria entering having apparently taking a lap through one of the neighbor’s sprinklers. A sheen of moisture covered her face and huge tits, even having begun to soak through her sports bra, making her nipples slightly visible.

Seeing this, Jimmy’s dick was soon hard again. Victoria noticed this and smiled. Unbeknownst to them, Janet noticed too, seeing the odd look passed between brother and sister.

“Well,” Victoria said, breaking the silence, “I’m starving.”

Janet nodded and set the food on the table, her mind full of curiosity and worry.


That night, Jimmy was fucking Janet, her legs around his waist as he energetically slammed his dick inside her pussy.

“Oh… oh…” she moaned with each hard and deep thrust.

Jimmy was in heaven. Sex with Janet had never felt so good. Lust was rushing through his veins as he fucked her, his mouth sucking her nipples. He knew full well the reason however. Seconds before he had asked her to fuck, his phone had chimed with a message from Victoria just down the hall.

She was posted in front of the large mirror in the guest room, dressed only in a black lace bra and matching panties, one hand on her hip and the other holding the phone.

Underneath was the caption: ‘Missing You Fucking My Brains Out.’

Instead of following his instincts, Jimmy was now trying to relieve his desires by Janet but despite his efforts, could notice she felt critically short. She just fucking laid there, taking it as out of a sense of duty. She just rubbed his back, taking about half of his hard cock.

His thoughts had began to wander to his sister, the way her hands could caress his dick, the way her mouth triggered every nerve. The way she rode his dick until he could barely remember his own name.

His enthusiasm soon waned and his at first powerful and long strokes slowed to almost a boring crawl. Janet noticed this and looked at him.

“Did you ever fuck Victoria?” she asked plainly.

Jimmy was startled she asked this but decided to play it off. “My sister? Hell no. Why would you ask that?”

“Probably the fact that your dick got even harder when I said it?”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” he said, trying to avert suspicion.

“It’s the way you look at her Jimmy,” she replied, “and the way she looks at you. I know I’m not crazy.”

“Well you must be,” he laughed, “because there’s no way.”

Angered, she bended her knees and pushed him out with her feet.

“I know you’re lying. I just can’t prove it.”

“What?” he laughed, “Do you want to actually see me fuck her? Would that make you happy?”

Janet gasped at this but said nothing, merely pulling her pajamas on and turning away from him. Jimmy then sighed and turned off the light, waiting until he heard Girne Escort Janet’s soft snores before beating his dick to Victoria’s selfie barrage.


The next morning when Janet awoke, she had an odd feeling. She could heard the shower running but saw Jimmy was gone from his side of the bed.

Strange, she thought, Jimmy never having been an early riser. She got up, donning her robe before stepping out into the hall and approaching the bathroom. She could hear Jimmy’s voice, muffled behind the door and water but soon heard another voice. A feminine one.

“Fuck me baby… fuck me… shove my dick in my wet pussy!” the voice begged.

At first Janet assumed he was watching porn again, which she greatly displeased of. However, she soon heard Jimmy.

“Oh fuck yeah…” he groaned, “it’s so fucking good!”

She entered the bathroom quietly, the room steamy but she soon saw the unmistakable sight of two bodies colliding behind the shower doors.

The one in the back was Jimmy, his dick pounding the woman as her instantly recognizable huge tits were in his hands.


He slapped her ass, Victoria crying out and taking him even deeper as they fucked savagely under the water, their lips colliding in a fiery kiss. Janet couldn’t speak or move, simply shocked at the sight of her fiancé fucking his own sister in the home that they shared.

She finally could take no more and sweet make to their bedroom, sitting silently on the edge of the bed as she heard them go at it for hours, their moans and screams filling her ears.


Once they finally came down, Janet was fixing breakfast, seeing their glow after their hardcore fucking in the bathroom.

“Morning baby,” Jimmy said, giving her a quick peck on the lips.

Janet saw Victoria smile at her and she smiled back, wanting to throw something at both her cheating scum of a fiancé and his slutty bitch of a sister. She kept her composure however and breakfast went by smoothly. They were so brazen, Victoria rubbing her foot up his leg as they ate.

As she washed dishes afterward, Jimmy and Victoria went into the living room, Victoria wasting no time is pulling his pants down, beginning to jack him off.

“Fuck Vic,” he moaned, “Janet is just in the next room.”

“I don’t fucking care,” she replied, continuing to beat him off, “she can come join us if she wants. You know I like girls.”

She kissed him again, smiling as she felt his dick get even harder.

“Oh you’d like that?” she teased, jacking him faster, “maybe me fucking your prude wife while you fuck me from behind?”

“Fuck…” he groaned, just before they heard Janet approaching.

They quickly broke apart, Jimmy pulling a pillow over his hard dick as Janet entered and sat in between them.

“So uh…” she said, “what do you two have planned for today?”

“Nothing really,” Jimmy said, “I mean I guess I’ll chill here before work tomorrow.”

“Same, same,” Victoria said.

Janet nodded, realizing she had to catch them in the act. She excused herself to get a drink and went back into the kitchen.

Barely had she made it out of the room that Victoria had snatched the pillow away and was voraciously sucking Jimmy’s cock.

He groaned in pleasure, gripping her hair as she sucked him off.

“Oh fuck…” he panted, Victoria’s head a blur as she bobbed up and down, reaching over to squeeze and slap her ass.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” they soon heard, Jimmy looking in the doorway to see Janet standing there, her hand shaking as she held the glass.

“Babe wait…” Jimmy began.

“I FUCKING KNEW IT!” Janet yelled, lunging forward and grabbing Victoria’s hair, pulling her off his dick.

“How could you Jimmy?!” Janet sobbed, “With your own sister you sick freak?”

She then jammed her finger in Victoria’s face.

“And you… how could you come under my roof and fuck my fiancé? Of all the brazen and detestable things…!”

“I think you’re making too much of this,” Victoria said calmly and with a wide smile, “I mean obviously he’s unhappy with you. Otherwise he wouldn’t feel the need to fuck other women… let alone his own sister for that matter.”

Janet was stunned to silence, angered by Victoria’s confident smirk.

“Why don’t you just leave my fiancé alone?” Janet yelled.

Victoria smirked again. “And if I don’t?”

Janet saw red. In a flash, she gripped Victoria’s arm and yanked her down the hall, Jimmy left sitting alone with a hard dick.

After about 15 minutes, he still sat there, having heard nothing since his fiancé and sister had exited the room. Curious, he stood quietly and proceeded down the hall.

As he did so, he could hear a soft moaning sound. He was unsure as to what they could be so he approached his bedroom door soon hearing a soft,

“Oh fuck…”

His mind racing, he peeked through the ajar door into the room and was shocked to see Victoria and Janet writhing around the bed. Magosa Escort Both were fully naked, Janet on the bottom and moaning as Victoria was on top, fingering Janet’s pussy and sucking her tits.

Jimmy’s dick, which had been hard before, only swelled to near painful levels of arousal as he began to jack himself off. Janet moaned again in pleasure, playing with her tits as Victoria kissed down her body before reaching her wet pussy, flicking her tongue over her enforced clit.

“FUCK…” Janet moaned, though trying to remain low in the case Jimmy could hear.

Janet gripped the sheets and moaned as she came hard into Victoria’s mouth. Jimmy watched as his sister moved back up and began make out with Janet before they began to scissor one another.

“OH! OH FUCK!” Janet cried, screaming into a pillow.

Jimmy beat his dick so hard he felt as if he risked breaking it off. The soft moans of Victoria and Janet had him hard beyond belief. He then looked on shock as he saw Victoria on all fours, Janet eating her ass as Victoria moaned in pleasure. Both were clearly unaware of Jimmy’s presence, Janet not rapidly fingering Victoria’s wet pussy as she remained on all fours, Victoria moaning loudly as she played with her own tits.

“OH FUCK!” she cried, “OH MY GOD!”

Janet then pulled her back and kissed her, the two getting into a scissoring position and instantly going at it hard.

“OH FUCK!!” Janet screamed, Victoria grinding her pussy against her as they groped each other’s tits.

At that moment, Jimmy was yanking harder and faster on his dick, loving to see and hear his fiancé and sister going at it. Janet shot her eyes to the doorway, suspecting or sensing that Jimmy was watching and staring, suddenly very embarrassed despite being at too poor an angle to see him.

Victoria could sense his presence though and couldn’t wait to come in and bring out more of the slut in Janet.

“Just imagine if Jimmy were to come in here and see us now,” Janet moaned as she came down from another thrilling orgasm as if she had read Victoria’s mind. “I mean can you even imagine how he’d respond?”

“Well let’s see about that,” Victoria said, signaling Jimmy to enter.

Janet, still scissoring Victoria, finally opened her eyes to see Jimmy standing the room watching them, beating his hard dick.

“Hey there you fucking perv,” Janet said, too overcome with lust to get mad or embarrassed that he saw them.

Instead, she grabbed his shirt, pulling him onto the bed and kissing him deeply as Victoria immediately set to licking all over his cock before sucking him down.

Jimmy groaned into Janet’s mouth, their tongues clashing as they kissed. Victoria then pulled them apart and yanked Janet’s head until her mouth was inches from his dick. Jimmy was shocked as she sucked him in without hesitation, her hot, wet mouth engulfing his dick.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned, Victoria kissing him lewdly as she rubbed his chest.

“Liking the way I’ve turned your lady on?” she whispered seductively in his ear.

“Yeah but how?” he groaned, Janet bobbing rapidly up and down his cock. Her technique wasn’t perfect, but pleasurable nonetheless.”

“Same way I did to you,” Victoria replied with a grin, quickly swinging her leg over his head and shoving her wet pussy to his mouth.

Jimmy moaned as her delicious pussy juice washed over his tongue and he slapped her ass, Janet slowly learning how to better suck him off. She loved the way his dick tasted, hard and rigid as she took him in her throat, Jimmy moaning into Victoria’s pussy. She then pulled up, licking up and down his shaft before sucking his balls into her mouth. Soon, Victoria dismounted, laying opposite Janet and taking turns licking and sucking his cock.

“I’ve got an idea,” Victoria then said, standing and exiting the room before Jimmy shot up, pulling Janet to the edge of the bed on her back and quickly sliding his dick into her pussy.

Janet moaned loudly as he began to fuck her, groaning as he squeezed her soft tits.

“Ohhh fuck…” she cried, Jimmy fucking her faster.

He drilled her hard, choking her as she cried out louder, loving as his hard dick finally was able to fuck her pussy the way he needed, his nuts smacking against her ass.

“Room for a third?” Victoria suddenly asked, Jimmy and Janet looking over to see her brandishing a large pink strapon.

Jimmy pulled out and quickly positioned Janet in all fours, sliding into her pussy as she began to suck Victoria’s dildo.

“OH FUCK!!” she screamed as she was fucked hard from behind, Jimmy and Victoria making out.

Soon, she had flipped around, Jimmy groaning as Janet sucked him off, Victoria fucking her hard. She loved every second, her throat full of Jimmy’s cock as her pussy full of rubber cock.

“Suck that dick, bitch!” Victoria yelled, gripping her hair, “fucking choke on my brother’s cock!”

Victoria then lay back, Janet beginning to ride her in a reverse cowgirl position as Victoria fucked upward into her, squeezing her tits as she began to suck her brother off.

Janet was screaming at the top of her lungs, the dildo bringing her intense pleasure as she bounced on it hard, Victoria pounding her cervix. Jimmy then pulled from Victoria’s mouth with an audible pop, leaning down to kiss Janet and squeeze her tits.

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