Sheila , Bruce


“You know Sheila, just because we’re in the same family doesn’t necessarily make you my sister. And anyway you’re only 18 which is a long way from my 21.”

“OK Bruce. I know you’re big and you’re bad just like the ‘B’ in your name.”

“Whatever” said Bruce. “As long as I don’t have to sit next to you at dinner tonight, you can say and think whatever you want.”

Back in her room, Sheila though more about what Bruce said and wondered if he really thought she was some sort of lesser person because of here age. “I’m 18 and have seen a lot more maturity than most. When I walk into a room people take notice. That much i know.”

And with that thought in mind, Sheila changed out of her school clothes and headed for her closet.

Bruce, meanwhile, couldn’t shake off the sting he felt from Sheila’s comment. I like Sheila like a sister he thought. Actually, Bruce found himself thinking about Sheila a lot more than perhaps he should. Sheila knew how to find the spotlight, that much he knew. Invariably, when ever the family went out, no matter where or when, Sheila took center stage, and for reasons he did not understand Bruce found himself attracted to Sheila’s spotlight.

Unfortunately, the day to day reality was that Bruce Kıbrıs Escort had to share a bathroom with Sheila. This led to more than its share of awkward moments. True to form, Sheila assumed the world around here understood her proclivities and for that reason, never thought to lock the bathroom door or otherwise take any precautions, when it came to an expectation of privacy. In other words, she expected that Bruce respected her needs

When Bruce heard the water running in the bathroom, he thought to himself “Well, I guess I’ll be the last one dressed for dinner tonight. I might as well take my time about it.”

Standing in front of the closet mirror, Bruce pulled off his T shirt. His hair was dark and smooth. It looked better than normal today, because of the nice style he’d received from his mother’s hair stylist.

Sheila’s mother on the other hand was the classic MILF. She traveled in the ratified air and knew all the right people. If Bruce needed a haircut, Sheila’s mom snapped her fingers, and an appointment with her stylist, mysteriously appeared on his phone calendar.

Sheila took her time in the bath. The freestanding tub suited her. Deep enough to relax and long enough to stretch Lefkoşa Escort out her feet, which Sheila liked to do. “I wonder if Bruce has ever noticed my nail polish, Sheila thought to herself. Sheila gazed at her feet and admired the peach/apricot hue of the polish.

“It’s way better looking than pink,” Sheila though to herself.

“I’ll need to find some open toed shoes for tonight. Bare legs require a close shave.”

Bruce took his time getting dressed; he listened for any sound or sign from Sheila, that may signal his turn for the bathroom. Bruce let his pants and underwear drop to the floor in front of the mirror. Bruce admired himself. He thought about his height. Tall enough for most of the women I’ve know, he though.

Sheila was tall too; but at 6 ft. still well below Bruce. Bruce stood in front of the mirror and looked down at his equipment. He stared in the mirror, and watched as the blood begin to flow to his erection.

Bruce imagined Sheila down on her knees in front off him. Her hair wet, her legs shaved smooth.

The thought of Sheila, bare and obedient on her knees, did its job, and Bruce let his blood do the rest. “I’m big and hot,”

Sheila shaved her Magosa Escort legs in the tub. She touched up the small patch of hair that invariably sprouted from her big toe and then turned her attention to her pussy. “Bruce’s mom is a baldy and so am I,” Sheila said to herself.

I bet if I were older and a MILF like my mom, Bruce wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off me, Sheila thought.

Sheila finished her bath, and for once made it a point make a show of letting the water drain from the tub. She pulled up and down on the drain twice, assuming Bruce would hear the clatter and take his turn in the bathroom.

“You can come in if you want,” Sheila said to Bruce through the crack in the bathroom door.

Sheila made a point of letting the door open just enough so that Bruce could see her and her robe which covered almost nothing, but enough to be considered decent, at least when standing still.

Standing still was exactly how Bruce found himself at that moment. Naked, standing in there front of the mirror, with his junk in his hand. Bruce left nothing to the imagination and Sheila took it all in.

“Oh, I don’t know you were busy. I though you’d just take a sweat bath tonight, like you usually do.” said Sheila.

“If I’d known you wanted to use the bath, maybe I would have offered to share,” said Sheila.

“Why waste the bubbles if you know what i mean,” said Sheila.

“And if I’d known you were bringing your hot poker, I might have invited you in sooner rather than later,” said Sheila.

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