Sucked, By My Husband’s Son


I met Ivan after he separated from his first wife, Kelly, he was almost 50 and I 25. Ivan had taken on a more uninhibited side of his intimate life, this was what made us closer, we both wanted to try new sensations, new experimentations. Until then Ivan was nothing more than a well-behaved family man, but apparently routine and age led him to live a new life. That’s when I showed up.

He was the father of a boy a little younger than me, Jack, taller, stronger and yes, certainly better looking than Ivan. It caught my attention, but the son was very reserved, the opposite of his father’s behavior and obviously I didn’t want to get into trouble with my husband.

Even because what was not lacking in our relationship was strong emotions, between us and also with other partners of a good fuck. We lived the craziest sexual experiences, we even created a special room for our BDSM practices and other perversions.

Besides, it was fact that Jack didn’t like me; he thought I was the reason for his parents’ separation. This was not true, I met Ivan some time after the separation. And besides, our very active sex life made the boy even more annoyed, I didn’t know if it was just jealousy or if Jack deep down was curious about our more liberal ways. Several times I saw his gaze on me, or on father. A mixture of anger and disgust, at least I understood it that way.

Anyway, my relationship with my stepson was not the best, we hardly spoke to each other. Jack looked at me like that with a face of few friends, but as time went by I noticed other looks… new ways of looking at me. Even though he spoke little to me and when he did it was only to despise me, but it became clear that part of it was also to defend the mother.

In short, there was in him a mixture of several different emotions, an internal struggle that left him both tormented and very attractive at the same time. I love to analyze people, possible lovers, and it’s no wonder I majored in psychoanalysis.

But I certainly didn’t expect much from Jack, I thought at most it would be a mix of attraction and jealousy and it wouldn’t go beyond that.

But one day it happened, a Saturday afternoon, as always Ivan was insatiable, there was no time or place, even more so at home. It started with some caresses and little by little it got hotter, as always he asked and I climbed on top of him, riding him as he liked best.

But that day, while Ivan was moaning, grabbing my breasts, twisting their nipples and I was riding him… I heard a noise. I looked through the crack in the open door and noticed a presence, a look…

A scared, embarrassed look… That was when I moaned the most, I thought it was one of the maids, I thought I was still at home… I thought of a threesome… late afternoon, nothing better than an unexpected ménage… That was when I realized that it was a man… it seemed… I didn’t know… Ivan was more than moaning, he was yelling… he was screaming.

“Slut! Whore! Bitch!”

I increased the pace, spanking Ivan with my ass, swallowing the stalk deeply, digging my nails into him and scratching his chest… I imagined that doing this would attract whoever was looking at us from behind the door. Whoever it was, man or woman.

“Come Ivan, cum… fill me with milk… Aaaaaa…. AAAAaaaaaannnnnnhh!!!!”

He loves it when I talk like that, the guy can’t hold on, he explodes. It didn’t take long, he came and cum all over, wetting me all over, inside and on my thighs. I lay down all sweaty and drooling, a little frustrated, after all, if it had been one of the girls, things would have been more interesting. But the person simply left.

We ended up sleeping, I don’t even know for how long. I woke up with the sun disappearing, took a shower, put on a robe. I chose the short red silk one and went downstairs, I went to the kitchen and when I entered the visiting room, there he was… Jack… sitting in his father’s armchair. Staring at me, with that way of few friends, I entered…

“You, here? I thought I heard someone, was it you? Have you been here long?”

“Yes, it’s been a long time.”

Sat down in the armchair across from him, facing his gaze. He was uncomfortable.


He didn’t expect my frankness… you had to see his face. A mixture of disgust and shame.

“Did you like what you saw?”

“They had already told me that you were a… well, Mom said so.”

“She say? Only that your mother doesn’t know me and has no idea what I’m capable of. Answer: Did you like it? Did you cum?”

“What ab… absurd! I’ll tell Ivan, will he know who you are?”

“Tell! Tell what, kid, that you saw us having sex, fucking? I know you stayed until the end, I saw you behind the door. I thought it might be one of the maids, but I was in doubt, it looked like a man with a hand job, was or wasn’t? Wanking while watching me with your father.”

“You bitch did his head, didn’t you? It was you who made him separate from my mother, wasn’t it?”

“Come on Jack, it wasn’t like Küçükçekmece Escort that. I only met Ivan afterwards, I swear. Jack, Jack… such innocence. You don’t know anything.”

I leaned back in the armchair and the short robe opened, my thigh appeared. I took the boy by surprise, he wasn’t expecting it, I tested the kid… I didn’t cover myself, I stared at his face, appreciating his discomfort and laughing… I put my hand on the other thigh, smoothed it, went up, covered it… I covered my little fluffy still on the red silk… I showed and squeezed, very shamelessly.

“Does it bother you… a woman, ‘your father’s’ wife… doing that? My hard-on… got bigger when I saw it was you… you there, Jack.”

He swallowed, crossed his legs trying to hide his discomfort and his grown cock. I said what came to my mind, didn’t even think.

“Let see, I’m curious.”

“Stop being crazy, you pervert.”

“Stick out the cock… take out and show me, is there a problem? It’s for your own good… show.”

“I’m leaving! You naughty girl… mom will know, see! And then dad.”

“Know what? That you’re in… in love with me?”

“Crazy, you’re crazy! Liar!”

“Then why did you spy until the end? I bet you cum, didn’t you?”

He turned red, increasingly uncomfortable, without looking, trembling, making faces of crying, of fright… as someone caught committing a crime.

“Let me help you Jack, I know these things, I know how they are. I’m a psychologist, I specialized in sexology…”

“Vivian, stop! That’s enough!”

I got up, sat down on the little table between us. Eye to eye, I stretched out my arm and held and caressed the boy’s hand on your knee. He shook scared… I opened a friend smile, lover.

“Talk! You can talk, I swear it’s just between us.”

“Why do you want to know? Why …. Fuck! I did it, I did it.”

“That’s nice! No need to be ashamed, everyone would do it… Who wouldn’t? Now, take it off, show me. Let me see, I’m curious.”

“Vi, Vivian… and dad?”

“Your father… now only tomorrow, don’t worry. It’s like it’s just us here.”

He moved, changed position, tried to hide his gaze. The erection became more solid, visible, there was no way to hide it. Even with his eyes lowered he unbuttoned and opened his pants.

I savored the moment, the power, the sight of him pulling out his cock, freeing the stalk, the phallus, bent like a hose, until a thick, white, purple-headed pole emerged. I enjoyed it, more beautiful than his father’s.

“Beautiful… I think a man like that is beautiful, revealing himself, without fear…”

“Don’t talk like that.”

“Do it for me Jack. Do it like you did when you were watching us, watching me ‘give’ to your father.”

“Why? Why is that, Vivian?”

“I want, I like to see a man, one just like you. Revealing himself… without shame, without limits… Do it for me, do Jack. Hold and grab, then squeeze and touch yourself, jerk off like you did behind the door. “

“I want you… I want…”

“Say it… say it all Jack, let it out, whatever comes to your mind… let it out…”

“Show… let me see your body.”

“That? The breasts… my the little breasts you want to see, is it?”

I opened a smile and held the breast, squeezed the beak, still inside the robe, and made it hard… I opened it enough, and showed the whole breast… I used my fingers to excite the nipple. I did this without looking away, the tension was rising, the hard-on was taking over. Jack began a light handjob that became frantic, agitated, anxious.

“Easy Jack, easy! Calm down, baby, you don’t appreciate to cum so quickly. Do slowly… play, caress your cock, don’t be in a hurry. Yes… a caress, show that thick head. Pass the tips of your fingers light, very light, just smooth the head… slowly… so as not to cum, show that you are in the mood, that you really want it. You want to fuck your stepmother.”

“And you have no desire, Vivian? Don’t you want to?”

“You want to see me, do you? It’s good, isn’t it? A woman doing it in front of you, have you ever seen?”

He said no and I undid the knot of my robe, opened it, without taking it off, leaving only a strip of my body in view, part of my breasts and the whole pussy with nothing, I passed my hands on the inside of my thighs, I made a caress on my crotch. I moved my knees apart and put my toes on the floor, just so he could see my vagina, his stepmother’s pussy. I showed my little fluffy with its folded, fleshy, pink lips.

I ran my tongue between my lips and the boy could not stand the tension. I couldn’t stand the hard on!

“Oh, I wish I could, I wish I could Jack. To have you only for me… just for me… if I could… if we could…”

“What? Say it!”

“I swallow… and lick… suck your balls, boy.”

“Then come! Do! Please do it! Nobody’s done it yet!”

“No? Not even Bianca, the girlfriend?”

“Not her… no one else.”

“Honey… Maltepe Escort I can’t, I can’t, honey… your father… you know I can’t.”

“That’s mean, you provoked me and now… give up. No, damn it! I want you!”

“Who knows one day, another day. Think, what boy has the chance to see his stepmother like this, that way… touch herself… caress, just for him… Huunnh? Annnhh?”

My fingers were going up and down, opening and showing the folded lips revealing my flesh, caressing my clit. Sticking, sinking and scratching inside. Jack went frantic, agitated squeezing that long-long reed…getting brighter and brighter.

“Beautiful baby… beautiful, beautiful, do for me, do it. Do for mom. Beat… that’s it… beat, peel, flay… that cock, but come, cum only for me. Let come… Jack! “

“I wanted to eat you, eat in bed, eat on all fours, I wanted… Aaaahhhh!”

“What did you want? Say it… let it out… boy… say everything, do everything my darling.”

We were going crazy, without notion, the hard-on was rising, taking over and the masturbation gaining pace. My little fluffy was sweating, drooling, as Jack’s cock turned hard red and tight in his fingers… until he came… he screamed with his eyes closed and cummed… and he came a lot, beautiful, beautiful… my stepson was dominated for his hard-on for me.

What woman wouldn’t be proud to know how leave a man like that. Seeing the cream running down his fingers, his hand, wetting his thighs and balls, every woman likes to know that she left a man in that condition… But it wasn’t just him who couldn’t stand it, I showed him my fingers, showing off my wet hand.

“Just by seeing you, see how you left me too.”

“Don’t tell dad.”

“No, I won’t. That’s okay, it’s our secret.”

I took courage and held his hand, squeezed our fingers, our sweet pleasures mingling. Without looking away, laughing… I didn’t think… I took his hand in my mouth and licked it, licked his finger, swallowed it whole, felt the taste and the aroma of his cum mixed with my candy.

“Come, hold me close, give me a kiss, Vivian.”

“I can’t, honey, not yet. Maybe one day, another day, another time. Your father might wake up.”

Even so, I don’t know where I got that from. I stood up, got rid of the robe, took a step, ran my hand through his hair. Jack understood, wasted no time… like a savage, an irrational one he came, came as if he wanted to fuck me with his face, his mouth and his tongue… he came with all his tare. I grabbed, I pulled, I shoved his face into my body, between and deep inside my legs, moved, rolled over like a whore in a movie. I grunted, moaned, said things I hadn’t even thought of.

“Go! Think of a tongue kiss, think! Do it… a dirty kiss Jack, a very dirty kiss… stretch out your tongue and move it… aaaiiiiiiiii… MMmmmmmm… AAAaaannnhhhhh!!! Uuunnnnhhhhhh!!!!”

Didn’t even take long, was so intense and strong, I blinked… blinked my pussy uncontrollably, a short, strong jet came out… AAaaaahhhh. An immense relief came… I cum inside, deep inside my stepson’s mouth. Mad, crazy, I commanded.

“Drink Jack! Drink it all… swallow my juice. Do it for mom, do for me.”

“Vi… Vivian… let me eat you.”

“No way! No! Sorry it wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

“Let fuck you here in the room.”

“Not today, honey. It was much more than it should have been.”

I didn’t even have the courage to look back. I grabbed my robe and ran up the stairs and disappeared. There are times when I do things that I don’t even know where they come from. It even seems that I am someone else.


Weeks went by without Jack showing up at the my house. I was even ashamed of all that craziness, but you know! The flesh is weak, and how it is. Just remembering I masturbated reliving the scene. Even I wasn’t sure why I didn’t take Jack to bed: respect, fear or shame, who knows? Anyway, as the days went by, it frustrated me that I have not tasted the boy more. Even though I suspected that Ivan would not like having his own son in our bed.

He loved seeing me with others, but someone so close, I don’t know. I suspected he wouldn’t.

The fact is that Jack disappeared and I kept dreaming, wishing that one day I could at least see the boy. Delight in the shame stamped on his face. I guess that would be more exciting than fucking him.

When I least expected it, one Sunday morning he showed up.

Ivan was packing up his things in the garage. That’s when Jack arrived, come to help his father. I didn’t see the boy until he was already in the kitchen. He saw me and was that like, his dick hard and best of all, embarrassed.

“You here? It’s been a while, you disappeared, kid!”

“Ivan called out to me.”

I looked at his stewed pants, the tent was set up, and I made like a fool.

“He’s outside, honey.”

He didn’t even answer, disappeared. All I could hear was their voices Mecidiyeköy Escort in the garage and the racket they were organizing the cupboards. I took advantage of this and went to the pool, thinking about him, thinking about them. Even felt like going to bed with both of them. Imagine father and son having sex with me.

But of course it wasn’t going to happen, not that day, but it was a dream, a good dream. I was going to masturbate, but there was something in the air, something that told me that the day was promising. I decided to save myself. Seeing how Jack stood in the kitchen, by the looks of it he was at his limit. A beautiful limit… hard. I recalled the boy’s honeyed fingers and my jets in his mouth…. It was hard to take.

But I gambled, I knew Ivan would sleep after lunch, even more so after the work they were doing. Ivan was no longer a young man, he loved to sleep, almost as much as he loved to fuck, or watch me… fuck.

They finished, I heated up lunch and poured some wine to spice up the mood. I took advantage of this and took a shower, put on a short dress, showing off my legs and the volume of my breasts, and completed with heels. Ivan was excited, crazy, but I knew he couldn’t stand it, after lunch he always hibernated like a bear, only wake up after 6:00 p.m. The wine was just a reinforcement to guarantee privacy.

Ivan said goodbye and went to bed. Just as I had imagined.

“So, how are things, how is Kelly doing?”

“I’d better go.”

“No way! Stay… stay. What are you afraid of?”

I looked him right in the face, Jack looked away, looking annoyed, even scared, as he covered himself so I wouldn’t see how he was, but I could imagine. The silence was embarrassing, but that’s what I wanted, to make my stepson more and more uncomfortable, even more so with me showing my legs, my thighs, swinging my high heels and looking naughty. The type I liked the most, the ‘aunt bitch’ type, or better yet the ‘stepmother slut’.

“You disappeared, didn’t come here anymore. Why didn’t come?”

“You know why.”

“Shame or guilt?”

“What difference does it make… That was absurd, a mistake. Imagine if Ivan knows.”

“Imagine if Kelly mistrust.”

“You won’t tell, will you?”

“I won’t! Why I would tell? Our secret, not even your father needs to know. It’s grown up stuff, people who love each other.”

“But you didn’t want anything, you just made me do it.”

“Only! And you think it’s not enough? And me, what did I do? What more did you want?”

I looked him right in the eye. Jack became even more intimidated, even more clumsy, scratching his pants, ready to say, confess, I just waited, I love it when they get like that, that way almost overflowing, eager to tell.

“I asked. I asked to fuck you.”

“And wasn’t it good? Good, just drink me, for starters.”

Jack wriggled around on the couch, uncomfortable, but it only raised the temperature, his cock got hard on the spot, it was cute…just the way I wanted it.

“Did it taste good? Not like that, tell me, you drank straight from the source, straight from me, from my…”

“Stop Vivian, don’t talk like that.”

“Why not? Your father and I love it. Too bad I don’t know if he would like to see me with you. I would love it, both of you. Who knows one day the three of us? Go ahead, tell me about?”

“I masturbated in the room after you left.”

“Swear! You did it, two in a row? I’m proud of you. And then, how was it?”

“You know how it went. You know, don’t you?”

“Did I leave you like this, pervert then?”

He laughed embarrassed, in that way he has. That was all I wanted. I put aside my care for Ivan, today I sucked and sucked and gave…took the delay with the boy, my borrowed son.

“Go, show… let me see him again.”

“Come on Vivian! Daddy’s in the bedroom.”

“You know how he gets on a Sunday, especially today. He’ll sleep all afternoon. Show, let me see.”

I looked deep into the young man’s eyes, smiled, and unbuttoned his pants. We crossed a brilliant gaze, mine more slutty. Jack breathed anxiously, tense, hard, he pulled out, that beautiful hose, caught in his fingers, the little purple head, glistening taut.

“More beautiful than I remembered.”

“It’s a sin, Vivian!”

“It’s tasty, Jack. Yummy… You’re so hot and I’m hungry.”

“Don’t talk like that… dad… mom!”

It happened, I knew it, we kissed, with him peeling one… I licked the bottom of his mouth, showing how I liked it, biting my tongue and feeling him jerk it with all his strength. I didn’t even look, I let that forbidden kiss with my husband’s son roll on, it was until I couldn’t resist, still kissing…

I grabbed his cock and rubbed it hard, I squeezed the boy’s cock, he moaned tasty in the bottom of my mouth, it even seemed that he had cum. It was delicious to feel the goo dripping from my hand and the tongues that were looser and crazy inside our mouths.

Jack moved trying to put his hand up my dress, I was without panties, but didn’t want it that easy either, I had to value myself, just to make the little animal even more anxious… depraved indeed.

When his hand went into my legs I crossed our fingers and squeezed, I made him moan in my mouth, my tongue got even more agitated, I spit in the boy’s mouth, he went crazy, his cock got my fingers even wetter.

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