The Hole in the Attic Pt. 05


The following chapter is the continuation of the previous chapters. Everyone participating in sexual conduct is eighteen years or older. As with other chapters, there is incest, oral and anal sex, a threesome, and some erotic coupling with people not previously mentioned.

Maggie called to let me know she had arrived safely at Mom and Dad’s home in Marietta. She was concerned that Bubba might track her cell phone and show up unannounced. She didn’t want to put Mom and Dad through an ugly scene with Bubba. I assured her that would not happen because I had again hacked her phone and used the app I had installed to report her location as the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN. I told her that if Bubba began harassing her on her cell phone, I would set it to intercept incoming calls from his number with a message that reported her number was no longer a working number. It’s incredible what I can do with my app and a computer.

I informed my supervisor that I needed some personal time off to deal with an urgent family matter. He granted me a two-week leave of absence with pay. I didn’t even have to reveal any details about my family matter. I booked a seat on the next flight to Atlanta and then went to my condo to pack. I arrived in Atlanta early afternoon and took a cab to my parent’s home. Maggie was busy preparing dinner for Mom and Dad when I walked in the door. She gladly set another place for me at the table. I had never seen Maggie so excited to see me. She hugged me close to her body and held me tight. It had the usual effect on me, and I am more than sure she felt my erection.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I could have picked you up at the airport,” Maggie scolded and then hugged me again.

“I wanted to surprise everyone,” I laughed.

“Why DID you come, Jimmy?” Maggie said as she stepped back and looked me in the eyes. “You have a vital position. Are you sure the company and their clients can do without your services while you come to console your big sister?”

“Nothing is more important to me than my big sister. Besides, I wanted to be here when you meet with your attorney. They may have questions about the videos I obtained.”

“You didn’t do anything illegal, did you, Jimmy?”

“Maggie, stop asking me that question and just know I am here to protect my sister no matter what it takes,” I barked gruffly and then softened it with a gentle kiss on her cheek.

“Okay, I won’t ask again but know that I do not want you risking your career to look out for me. I will never forgive myself if I hurt you or your career,”

Mom and Dad arrived home for dinner at about the same time. They were thrilled to have Maggie and me back home at the same time. Dad promised to find a good movie for us to watch together after dinner. The conversation flowed freely, and it brought back happy memories of our younger years as a family. All through dinner, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Maggie. She wisely ignored my ogling. Thank God Mom and Dad didn’t seem to be suspicious of my stupid drooling over my sister.

Dinner was pleasant but tense in some ways. As usual, I caused the tension by my constant ogling of my sister. I knew Maggie could feel my eyes on her throughout the meal, yet I couldn’t help staring. Whenever she looked at me, I would smile and wink. At one point, Maggie’s face became red. Then she looked guiltily over at Mom and Dad, who seemed not to notice. Maggie gave me the big sister ‘warning look’ and then mouthed, your room later. When dinner was over, Maggie got up and said, “I’ll clean the kitchen and meet ya’ll in the living room to watch the movie.”

Maggie seemed almost relieved when Mom and Dad left the room. My conduct during dinner appears to have frustrated her. I felt guilty and wanted to make up for my recklessness. I volunteered to help her with the cleanup. As Mom and Dad moved into the living room, I helped Maggie carry the dishes into the kitchen. After clearing the table, we stood side by side at the sink. Maggie rinsed the dishes, handed them to me, and I placed them into the dishwasher.

“Jimmy, I wish you wouldn’t look at me like that when Mom and Dad are around,” she whispered.

“Like what?” I feigned innocence.

“You know very well what I am talking about, Jimmy,” Maggie growled under her breath. “You lusting over me like a hormone-crazed teenager. And don’t think for one minute Mom doesn’t know what’s going on in your horny little mind.”

“I can’t help myself, Maggie. I hadn’t had you in my bed since the night before you were married. It’s been killing me. I love you so much and miss you so much I don’t think I can stand it any longer.”

“I know you miss being with me, Jimmy. The first time you visited me in Miami, I knew you wanted to take me to your room and ravish me. I wanted the same thing, but I was trying really hard to be completely faithful to Bubba,”

“Maggie, you don’t know how hard it was for me to get on that plane back to Dallas and leave you there with Bubba. I knew things weren’t right between the two of you, but I couldn’t do anything about it at the time.”

“Jimmy, Lefkoşa Escort let’s go watch the movie with Mom and Dad, and if you behave, I will come to your room after they go to sleep.”

“Is that what you mouthed to me at dinner? Were you saying you will come to my room and… you know?”

“Yes, Jimmy. That’s what I am saying exactly. I want to be with you just as much as you want to be with me,” she smiled and then kissed me on the cheek.

The movie was another of Dad’s favorite John Wayne classics. I had seen it with Dad, so many times I almost had all the lines memorized. The movie seems to last forever. I couldn’t wait for it to end. I wanted Maggie in my bed immediately, if not sooner. I excused myself, telling Mom and Dad I was exhausted after the flight from Dallas. I wasted little time getting to my old bedroom, but Maggie stayed behind talking with Mom. I assumed she did that to thwart suspicions. I must be getting paranoid. There was no reason for Mom to be suspicious. Maggie and I have had the same sleeping arrangements since childhood.

I had almost given up hope that Maggie would keep her promise when I felt the bed move and her slender frame slip in beside me. Maggie was naked as usual as she slipped into my room and bed. She climbed on top of me and pressed her lips mine. A lot of good memories flooded my mind.

“I think Mom and Dad are still awake, so don’t get too loud, Jimmy.”

“Do you have to say that every time you slip into my bedroom? This is not our first time together, Maggie, and just how loud do you think I would be?”

Maggie didn’t answer. She slid her cameltoe along my stiff cock, which was flat against my belly, coating it with her juices. She enveloped its length in the crevice of her vagina.

“Maggie, don’t you want me to eat your pussy first?”

“Just shut up, Jimmy, and kiss me! I have waited too long to have your cock in me again.”

Maggie and I kissed. It wasn’t forceful like two lovers who had been apart for a long while, but patient and sweet and deep. I could feel her kiss pass through my stomach, my balls, and down through my toes. After a time, she moved back and looked at me in the dimly lit room. I could see her dazzling smile and the affection she had for me on her face.

“This is nice, isn’t it, Jimmy. I have missed you so much.”

“Yeah, it is,” I answered. “But you couldn’t have possibly missed me as much as missed you, Maggie.”

“Oh, but I did, Jimmy. I had to fight hard not to break my wedding vows and find a reason to come visit you.”

“Really, Maggie?” I couldn’t hide the surprise in my voice. “Why did you never say anything?”

“Because, silly, if I didn’t admit to myself how much I wanted to go to you, it was easier to keep myself under control.”

It took me a minute to fully digest what she had said. Maggie still lay sprawled across my chest, so I rolled her over onto her back, kissed her lips, and dropped my head to lick one of her nipples with the flat of my tongue. I then blew a stream of cool air on it and watched her nipple transform into a hard little nub.

“Oooohhhhh, shit, Jimmy. That felt wonderful. That’s another thing I missed about you. You know just the right things to make my body respond.”

“I have never forgotten how sensitive your breasts are, Maggie and how I was able to make you cum by playing with your tits.”

“I have always loved that you know the secrets to my orgasms, Jimmy. Bubba never seemed to figure it out.”

Opening my mouth wide, moving it close to her breast, I exhaled, the warm air flowing over her wet nipple in a gentle warm wave.

“Uuunnnnhhhhh, Jimmy, I love it when you do that?” Maggie


I trailed the tip of my tongue along the bottom of her right breast. I paused long enough to flick that nipple with my tongue. Maggie giggled, so I continued along the bottom of the other breast before kissing my way up the middle between her breasts. I licked the sides of her breasts then brushed my lips over the left nipple before switching from one to the other. She squealed, and I had to caution her not to get too loud. I raised my head, kissed her lips, and then returned my mouth to her breasts. Maggie continued to squeal and giggle as I explored one of her nipples with the tip of my tongue, flicking up, down, and around it, tracking its shape, its contours while caressing her other breast. Then with the tip of my fingers, using the lightest of touches, I caused goosebumps to erupt on her naked breasts.

“Oh god, that feels good, Jimmy,” Maggie moaned. “I can’t begin to tell you how much I missed your skilled lovemaking.”

I start in the middle of her stomach, then lick up and over her right breast with the flat of my tongue, pushing down hard as I roll over her nipple again. I did the same thing with her other breast.

“Oh shit, Jimmy. You’re going to make me cum.”

I pinched one nipple, and I sucked, methodically, more diligently, on the other. Maggie pushed her breast into my mouth and shrieked.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Girne Escort mmyyyy, God!” She wailed.

Maggie undoubtedly does have sensitive breasts, and I decided to push her toward a nipple orgasm. I held a nipple between my teeth, sucked on it, licked it, then bit down on it with a bare minimum of pressure. Her reaction was immediate.

“Oh god yeah, I love that, Jimmy. Don’t stop! Do my other tit that way!”

I switched to her other tit and applied pressure on that nipple. I rolled it back and forth between my teeth. Maggie’s head dropped back, her breathing deepened, and she began to quiver. I quickly bit down on her nipple, and she wailed as an orgasm shook her whole body.

“Oh god, Jimmy so good, yes, yes, yes, but I’m ready now. I need you inside me. Don’t tease me any longer; it’s been a while since I’ve had your cock in me.”

On my knees between Maggie’s legs, I sat back on my heels, my erect cock wiggling in the air before me. I wet my index finger in my mouth and ran it along her labia, spreading her juices all around. When I reached her clit, I flicked it; she squealed.

Then I asked, “Are you ready, big sister?”

“Yes, you son of a bitch. I have been ready ever since I crawled into your bed. Now stop teasing me!”

I moved my middle finger inside her with a wiggling motion. Her pussy lips were swollen and hot, and her vagina was wet. I took my time, making sure she was ready as I slipped my finger inside her bit by bit, giving the walls of her vagina the chance to stretch and adapt and lubricate.

Once my finger was deep inside, I leaned forward and kissed her. Maggie’s tongue moved along my bottom lip, and, as she had taught me years earlier, I parted my lips, welcoming her tongue into my mouth. She explored, slid, danced, and curled her tongue around mine. God, I loved kissing her.

Moving my finger back and forth, in and out, I started finger-fucking my sister’s tight pussy. Maggie tilted her head forward, brought her mouth to my ear, and ran her tongue on my earlobe. When she blew in my ear, my cock quivered, and I almost blew my load.

Maggie whispered, “Go ahead and fuck me, Jimmy. Don’t make me wait a minute longer.”

“How bad do you want it, Maggie,” I teased.

Maggie slapped my arm and said, “Stop teasing me, Jimmy. Your big sister wants it. She wants it really, really bad.”

“Do you want it bad enough to beg?” I laughed.

“Damn it, Jimmy, cut the bullshit and stick that big cock of yours in my wet pussy! I mean it, Jimmy. Stop fooling around.”

“Put it inside you, Maggie,” I said. “If you want it so damn bad, then shove it in there where it belongs.”

“My God, Jimmy, I am beginning to think you are reverting to a kid. A child, a hormone-controlled young teenager!”

Maggie placed my cock at the opening of her pussy and rotated her hips, getting the head of my cock wet with her juices. Then she asked me to lay on my back. I rolled over, and she straddled me. She took my cock into her hand and rubbed her slit along my shaft, smearing her warm, slick ooze over my rigid flesh. Placing one hand on my chest for balance, she guided my cock with her other hand then lowered herself down my shaft, sending electrical sparks of pleasure down into my balls and up my spine.

“Oh fuck, Maggie, that’s amazing.”

The walls of her vagina locked tight onto my cock. I could feel the pressure as she squeezed my cock with her vaginal walls. She giggled, raising her hips so the head of my cock was barely inside her. Maggie moaned and slammed back down on my cock, then suggested I roll her over onto her back again but asked that I not pull my cock out of her. She also requested that I take it slow and easy.

“Don’t worry, Sis, we have all the time in the world, and I don’t intend to rush this,” I answered as I switched to long slow strokes, driving my dick to her cervix.

Grabbing the back of my head with both hands, Maggie pulled me into the nape of her neck and whispered, “Yes, just like that, Jimmy. Keep fucking me just like that.”

I tried to match her pace and enthusiasm without having a premature orgasm. Maggie ground her hips into mine, letting out a tiny, charming giggle each time my pubic bone rolled over her clit.

“Fuck me, Jimmy, fuck me,” she panted.

I gradually increased the length of my strokes until my entire cock moved within her. I ground my cock into her pussy, catching her clit with my pubic bone every chance I got. Maggie wrapped her legs around my waist, pushing her pelvis into mine, increasing the pressure on her clit. Maggie flexed her legs, pulling me even deeper still.

“I love your incredible cock, Jimmy. Fuck me, fuck your big sister.”

I rhythmically slammed all I had into her; She could barely get her words out with me pounding her so vigorously. We found the perfect rhythm and fucked on and on. As I listen to Maggie’s moans grow longer and louder, sharper and more insistent. Maggie’s body began shuddering and shaking.

“I’m cumming, Jimmy. Oh, my God, I think I am going to explode.”

Maggie’s Magosa Escort spasming vagina clamped down on my cock, but we continued our orchestrated sexual frolicking. Then, minutes later, she pitched back on her shoulders, jammed her pussy into me, and growled, “Cumming, Jimmy, cumming again. Oh, fuck yes, oh fuck yes…! Please don’t stop, Jimmy!”

Maggie wrapped her arms tightly around my upper back, pinning me to her, while she continued to gyrate her hips. “Oh god, yes, just like that. Jimmy, please keep fucking me just like that? Oh my God, that feels wonderful.”

I couldn’t hold off any longer. All the pressure inside me let go, and I blasted cum inside my sister with a hard grunt in one, two, three powerful spurts, then I collapsed. My brain seemed to short-circuit.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes, Jimmy,” Maggie sang.

That orgasm ripped through her and me at the same time. Maggie’s body shook and quaked. Despite being trapped under me, she dug her nails into my back and shrieked, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, that was good, Jimmy!”

I rolled over on my back, stared at the ceiling, and gasped, “Did I do a good job, Maggie?

It took a while for us to catch our breath and recover. I hadn’t been that exhausted since the night before Maggie’s wedding when we experienced our first anal together. After a minute, Maggie gave a quick peck on my lips and said, “You did just fine, as usual, Jimmy. I couldn’t ask for a better lover.”

“Is there any chance we can do this a few more times before I have to head back to Dallas?” I asked.

“You can count on it, little brother. I’ll soon be a single woman again, and I expect my little brother to keep me happy,” she giggled. “I may have to make frequent trips to Dallas or maybe meet you on the road when you travel.”

The following morning, Maggie and I spent an hour and a half with her attorney going over the evidence I had collected on Bubba’s infidelity and financial holdings. Her attorney is a bright young woman who graduated top of her class at Vanderbilt Law School. She was amazed at how I was able to obtain so many damaging videos on Bubba. When I tried to tell her, she cut me off and made it clear that I should keep it to myself unless ordered by a judge. She felt the same about Bubba’s financial records. She wanted to hear what I had accumulated but not how.

I sat a banker’s box on the attorney’s desk and said, “These documents will show that Bubba went out of his way to conceal his net worth from Maggie and led her to believe he was only saving for a rainy day. They will also prove he has hidden assets in a dummy corporation to mislead their true wealth further.”

“Okay, Jimmy, leave that documentation with me, and I will have our accountants go over it and prepare a presentable case for the judge.”

“Do you want me to meet with your accountant and answer any questions he may have?”

“No, Jimmy, that won’t be necessary. And I would prefer you disavow any knowledge that these documents exist. Maggie has every legal right to have access to them under marital rights. How she obtained them should never come into question. Thank you again for diligently looking after your sister’s welfare.”

I felt like Maggie’s lawyer summarily dismissed me. It hurt my feeling, and it pissed me off. But I understood she was only trying to protect me and at the same time strengthen her case.

On the way home from Maggie’s divorce lawyer, we stopped for lunch. She casually brought up her high school friend and Maid of Honor at her and Bubba’s wedding.

“Hey, Jimmy, do you remember my best friend in high school, Gina? The good-looking one you drooled over? The one you were lusting after every time she came around?”

“Yeah, what about her?”

All of Maggie’s friends were good-looking and sexy, but there was this one girl named Gina who really turned me on. She was an Italian girl who tanned beautifully in the summer. She was 5′ 4″ 110 pounds with wavy brunette hair that hung just below her shoulders. Gina had curves in all the right places, but her boobs were a bit large proportionally to the rest of her body. When she walked around the pool in our backyard, they would bounce and jiggle as though they would jump out of her tiny bikini top. I wanted to see her bare tits as badly as I wanted to see Maggie’s.

“Well, I spoke with her on the phone last night, and she may come over this afternoon and lounge around the pool with us,” Maggie remarked. “You did bring your bathing suit, didn’t you?”

I recalled I couldn’t keep my eyes off any of Maggie’s girlfriends in their skimpy bikini swimsuits. Watching them smear sunblock all over each other’s bodies was better than watching porn. I had a ringside seat watching those beauties touch each other in ways I could only dream.

“I don’t think I brought a bathing suit with me, but I am sure I have one in my room somewhere,” I replied.

In high school, Gina knew I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, so she delighted in teasing me when they sunbathed. She would lay on her stomach, untie her bikini top and rise on her elbows when talking to my sister. She was careful not to expose her nipples. I was able to see just enough of her dangling boobs to drive me crazy. I think Maggie conspired with Gina just to get me hard because they would giggle and sneak a peek at the bulge that would instantly develop in my bathing suit.

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