Waking up Auntie


I was just a regular inner city kid with fairly large family. It is me, my 2 brothers, 2 sisters, my mom, her mother and her sister in a three room two story house. As you can imagine, privacy was at a premium—and a minimum. Not a whole lot of me time in that house. My grandmother and my aunt were a little down on their luck as they lost their place due to my aunt’s gambling. We were all angry with her for playing around with their rent money. At any rate, we were informed we would be having company for a few weeks until they could get another place.

My aunt is the older of the two sisters by almost six years but they look almost identical. People often confused the two of them. My aunt Selena is about five six 160. She has my mom by an inch or two and bout 20 lbs. They both are honey caramel complexion. They even sounded alike. The only real difference is that my aunt has bigger tits .Because of the age gap they weren’t extremely close, so she didn’t come around a lot. My aunt’s work schedule threw us off too. My mom worked a 6-3 shift, and we were all in school in the mourning. My aunt worked the graveyard shift so she slept in the day time. My grandma slept with my mom and my aunt slept on the sofa. I wasn’t uncommon to see her asleep Lefkoşa Escort in her night gown on any given mourning.

Anyway, in school that day I found out that a homeboy of mine has having a basement party that night a Friday night. I called home to ask mom if I could go. I was out kind late the last party and punished me till I was 20. But she has been doing that since I was ten. She said that I could go as long as I was home before 11. 11, what’s that about, but whatever better to have a little social life than none at all.

My friends and I hung out at the mall after track practice; I needed an outfit for the shindig. The party was real chill. No D.J. but dude had a bomb ass system and a mad cd collection. Nothing real major was happening, no smoke, no drink, just a bunch of high school kids’ vibing. I couldn’t hang out anyway so I cut out at about 10. I got home at about 10:30, with plenty of time to spare.

I went in and clicked on the light thinking of it, but my aunt was still asleep on the couch, and still in her nightie. She was supposed to be at work that night so I figured she over slept. She was lying on her side so I shook her shoulder and called her name.

All she did was roll over Girne Escort on her back. That’s when I noticed that one of the straps on her night gown wasn’t over her shoulder and one of her breast was completely exposed. Now, I know that this is my aunt and I shouldn’t be looking, but it was beautiful. The way the light from the lamp hit made it look better. As far as I was concerned, at that moment, she was almost a stranger. She moved a little more and exposed a little of the other breast. I stopped staring and tried to wake her again. No luck.

Something came over me just then, she’s sound asleep and I can’t wake her, so I’ll cop a feel. She won’t feel it and she’ll never tell. Now I admit I have only seen tits up close one other time, at that party I came home late from. But that was a high school girl’s. This is a full grown woman in front of me. I took a deep breath and went for it. It felt really soft and warm. The ring around it was larger than any I’d seen in magazines. While I was rubbing it she rolled over again onto her back.

I thought I woke her up so I dove across the living room onto another chair. Nothing. She was still asleep. Now, anyone else in their right mind would left well enough Magosa Escort alone but– not I said the cat. I went back over there. I wanted to see if the other one felt as good as the left one did. Problem, this was the one partly covered. But as long as she was on her back I could get at it. Jackpot, it was just as soft and warm as the left one. But the nipple on this one was harder than the first one.

I wanted to compare the two, so I put a hand on each one of them and sure enough that nipple was hard too. She started to roll over but she quickly back onto her back. That movement loosened the strap on her right shoulder, so I slid it down and exposed her breast fully. I was amazed at her nipples so I began to roll them in my fingers. I liked the way they rose and fell with her breathing. I must have been out of my mind, because I unzipped my jeans and started to masturbate. For some reason I wanted to feel her on my dick, so I rubbed my dick head on one of her nipples. In my limited experience this felt really good.

At the risk of going completely past the point of no return, I tried to reach her other nipple with my dick. No way. I couldn’t do that without climbing on her, and that would wake her for sure. So I rubbed it on the right tit a little longer. I can’t cum on my aunt can I. I started to feel a little sheepish so I put it back into my pants. I left a little pre-cum on her nipple. Did you enjoy that? I almost jumped out of my skin. I spun around and I saw my older sister Valerie standing on the bottom step.

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