Wash Day


This story is purely fictional and therefore the characters are above the age of consent and willing participants.

I purposefully left out names and descriptions for two reasons;

I am not forcing my preferences in terms of hair colour or body types onto you, you add your own.

So you can place yourself as one of the participants in the story.

She Goes Out

“Dad, I’m off round to Gillian’s for the afternoon, see you at tea time.” The door slams shut, as usual she didn’t even wait for a reply.

It was Sunday afternoon, and he was alone in the house as usual. “Oh well” he said to himself looking at the clock “Just enough time to get the washing on before the football.” He made a quick tour of the house collecting all the dirty clothes he can find and goes back into the kitchen where he starts to sort through the pile.

As he was dividing the clothes up he picked up a pair of her pants, as he had countless times before, however this pair were warm. He looked down at them in his hand, white cotton panties, nothing unusual there; after all he’d seen them before. Yet the feel of the heat from them pulled at him.

He slowly lifted them to his cheek feeling the soft material next to his skin, he pull them away quickly, “What the fuck are you doing?” he shouted at himself. Yet he didn’t put them down, he held them tightly in his hand. It’s then that he noticed they were slightly damp. He opened his hand and stared at them, she must have just taking them off before she left.

He didn’t know why but he lifted them slowly to his face again, this time however he placed them under his nose and inhaled, smelling her sweet tangy scent. Again he pulled them away quickly, “OK what are you doing?” he asked himself, “Those are your daughter’s panties you’re sniffing.”

He lifted them to his nose once again and held them there, the smell is intoxicating, he was hooked on it. His cock stirs in his jeans; at least it knows what’s going on. He unfastened his jeans and let them fall to the floor followed by his boxer shorts, holding her panties to his face with his left hand he started to stroke his cock with his right. The smell of her pussy fills his head as he gently stroked his cock.

He stroked faster as he imagined knelling between her legs his nose buried in her pussy sniffing it. The image sends his over the edge as he feels his balls start to tighten and he can feel his cum start to flow up the shaft of his cock. He quickly pulls the panties from his face and holds them over the end of his cock. He starts to fill them with rope after rope of cum. “Oh yeah baby, let Daddy fill his little girl’s panties with his cum, oh sweetie.”

He finishes cumming and wipes his cock clean with her panties. As he throws them in the machine he catches a movement out the corner of his eye and look up to see a leg moving away from the kitchen door, seconds later the front door slams shut.

She Returns Home

He hears the door open and listen to her shuffling around in the hallway. He can tell she’s trying to decide to come into the living room or not. He stares at the TV as she slowly walks in and sits on the sofa across from him. He can feel his face burning, his mouth is dry, he wants to say something but can’t find the words.

“Sweetie about …”

“Daddy I …” their eyes meet he can see tears starting to well up in hers, he hangs his head, his shame over powers him and he weeps.

He feels her sit on the arm of his chair; her tender hand rubs the back of his neck.

“Sweetie I’m so sorry, I don’t know what got into me.”

“Why daddy?”

“It’s hard to explain, I still can’t understand it myself.”

“You were … you said …”

“I know what I was doing and what I said, I promise it’ll never happen again.”

“Daddy ..”

“Listen sweetie, try to understand, since your mum left, I’ve been busy trying to get our lives back together, busy making sure you’re ok.” he looks up at her young face, she smiles down at him.

“I’m ok daddy.”

“It’s just I still have wants, needs and I just never seem to have time these days for anything.” She nods her head. “It’s just they were still warm and then I felt the damp spot and I just couldn’t Kıbrıs Escort help myself, I couldn’t stop myself.”

“Daddy …”

“As for what I said, don’t even ask where that came from, I know it was wrong to do it and even worse to say …”

“Daddy will you shut up and let me say something?”

“Sorry sweetie.”

“Ok first stop saying you’re sorry, I think I understand.” Her voice takes on an almost motherly tone. “I know you have wants and needs; I know that you’re busy with the house and work, busy making sure I have everything I need and that I have as normal a life as possible. Which has meant that you have had no time for yourself.”

It’s his turn to nod.

“If doing that with my panties helps you then I guess I can live with it. But …”

He stares open mouthed at her. “You mean you’re …”

“I haven’t finished yet.” She take a deep breath, her cheeks redden. “I wasn’t sure how I felt when I first saw you, I was shocked, then I started getting a funny feeling in my tummy, my nipples started to get hard and I started getting wet between my legs.” He stares at her in amazement. “Then went you started talking and all that stuff came out, I thought I would wet my panties.”

“Sweetie …”

“Daddy shut up, if I let you use my panties again can I …”

“Can you what?”

“Can I watch sometimes?”

He’s totally stunned. “You want to watch me play with myself and cum in your panties?”

“Yes daddy I do and I want you keep saying all the things you said before.” Her little cheeks are crimson. “I know about some things do to with, you know sex, but other things I don’t, so I want you to explain it all to me as well”

“Ok let me see if I have this right, you’ll let me use your panties when I wank, and in return I’ve to let you watch, say that I’m thinking off you and explain sex to you?”

“Yes daddy that’s about it.”

He stares at her for a couple of minutes. “Well if you’re happy with that, I suppose I can live with it. But it may take a little while to get used to wanking in front of you.”

“I thought you might say that, cause I though how strange I would feel doing it, so how about this. Any time you want to wank, ask for my panties, then I’ll leave you alone for a bit, you know so you can get started, then I’ll come and join you.”

“You have been thinking about this haven’t you?”

“Yes I have.” She’s almost proud of the fact her plan seems to have worked. “You’ve been thinking about it to.” She nod her head towards his lap, he looks down at the bulge in his jeans.

“Sweetie can I borrow a pair of you panties?”

She stands up, giggling, as she reaches under her skirt and wiggles out of her panties and hands him her white cotton panties. As his fingers touch them he gasps at how wet they are, he looks up at her as she strikes her cute embarrassed little girl pose. Then she starts to walk from the room as she reaches the door she looks over her shoulder at him, gives him a cheeky grin, “I’m going to my room for a while Daddy.” With that she skips from the room.

The First Time In Front of Her

He sniffs her damp panties and can’t believe how better this pair smell, beingsofresh. He can still see her tacky juices lining the inside of them. He sticks out his tongue and tastes them, his cock twitches in his hand, they smell and taste wonderful.

He takes off his jeans and boxer shorts and lays back in the chair and slowly strokes his cock as he smells, licks and sucks her panties losing himself in the intoxicating juices.

“Oh sweetie you smell and taste so good, Daddy loves sniffing and licking your panties.”

He closes his eyes giving himself to the fantasy imaging his little girl standing in front of him, lifting up her short skirt and rubbing her little pussy through her panties, before slowly pulling down to her knees, then opening her legs as far as the panties will allow and letting him see how wet her panties are.

“Sniff them Daddy, put your face against my panties and smell my pussy.”

He imagines himself sitting on the floor in front of her, placing his nose and mouth on the wet gusset of her panties.

“Sweetie you smell so good.”

“Play Lefkoşa Escort with you cock Daddy, let me watch you take your cock in your hand and stroke it while you sniff.”

He sees himself fully naked and moves so she can look down and see his cock as he strokes it, her wet panties covering his mouth and nose.

Lost in his fantasy he’s shocked when he feels warm breath on his balls and opens his eyes to see his daughter kneeling between his legs, her mouth slightly open her eyes following my hand as it moves up and down on my cock. “Better view than earlier sweetie?”

“Oh yes Daddy, much better.” Her cheeks redden and she lets out a little giggle. “I’m all tingly, between my legs daddy, is that a good thing?”

“Do you like the tingly feeling sweetie?”

“Oh yes Daddy, I love it, but my … you know … is getting really wet. Is that a good thing Daddy?”

“That’s a very good thing sweetie.”

“Keep going Daddy, keep playing with your …”


“Yes play with your Daddycock for me.”

He continues to stroke the full length of his cock, with his daughter’s face only inches from it. She looks at his cock, her young eyes full of wonder; it is the most erotic site he’s ever seen.

She keeps watching as the tempo of her Daddy’s hand increases, he feels his balls tighten as his cum starts building. “Sweetie you’ll have to move back.”

“Why Daddy?”

“I’m … going … to … cum … soon.”

“Let me see it come out, Daddy, please.” She straights up so her breasts are level with his cock. “Point it at me do it on my t-shirt, Daddy, please.”

How can he refuse her anything, he sits up and points his hard cock at her tits, his cock head purple and swollen. It’s then he sees she’s wearing a pink t-shirt her nipples hard and erect pushing against the material. He looks at her face and sees her tongue licking her lips and he cums.

Thick rope after thick rope of white cum erupts from his cock covering the front of her t-shirt, he hears her gasp, he moans, “Sweetie I’m covering you in my Daddycum. Daddy is cumming on his little girl, oh sweetie.”

“Oh Daddy, I love it!”

She careful take off her t-shirt, hands it to him and he uses it to clean his cock, all the time she’s kneeling in front of him watching closely. He looks up and notice for the first time that she’s are totally naked.

She sees the surprise on his face, “Well you had my panties down here Daddy.”

“So I did.” He laughs.

“Now that you’ve finished, can you tell how to play with your cock?”

“You want me to show you how I wank?”

“Yes Daddy, tell me, how to hold it, how hard to hold it and pull it?

“Come sit on the arm of my chair.” He tells her as he pats the arm rest. “And I’ll tell you all you want to know.”

“That may take awhile Daddy.” She laughs as she sits next to him, Daddy and daughter naked together …

Her First Real Orgasm

They had chatted for a while mostly about how they would deal with the way their relationship had changed. Their love for each other as father and daughter would always last but this new sexual side of their relationship wouldn’t last. She had asked all sorts of questions, she found out that a lot of the things she and her friends thought they knew weren’t exactly right.

“Daddy did you and Mum ever have oral sex?”

He thought for a moment remembering how he loved licking and sucking his wife’s pussy. “Yes sweetie we had a lot of oral sex.”

“Would you teach me how to do it?”

His first thought was “Of course I will!” His second thought was “What little shit has asked her to suck him off?”

“Do you really want to learn how to do that?” He already knew the answer would be yes, but he wasn’t going to force her to do anything she didn’t want to do.

“Oh yes Daddy, I want to learn how suck your cock for you.”

“Ok…. but first I’m going do it to you.”

He kneels on the floor and pulls her to the edge of the chair, gently opening legs. His head moves slowly forward, his eyes never looking away from hers, he can actually feel the heat coming from her pussy and his mouth is still a foot away from it. His mouth moves closer, Magosa Escort 6 inches, he gently blows over her shaved pussy and smiles to himself as she twitches. Her mouth is slightly open, there’s a mixture of different emotions on her face and in her eyes apprehension, fear, excitement, lust – they all mix to give her the most beautiful look he’s ever seen. She can feel his hot breath on her naked pussy, she gasps another involuntary twitch, and she bites her bottom lip.

An inch is all that separates his mouth and her pussy, he waits, still looking up at her, he waits. Her hips roll up, his head moves back, he waits. All background noise seems to have stopped, nothing stirs, and it’s as if the whole world is holding its breath, waiting for his mouth moving the last short solitary inch.

The silence was deafening. He waits. The urge to move forward is almost too much; he has to fight it with ever ounce of his strength. He waits.

A million things happen at once, the world starts up again, the wind blows through the trees, the birds sing again, the traffic rushes by, but they are drown out by one single word.


Her eyes roll back, before they close, her mouth falls open, her hips buck, as his mouth touches her pussy.

He gently kisses each lip in turn from clit to hole, then back up again. The tip of his tongue slips between her naked pussy lips and slowly moves the length of her slit. His tongue circles her tight little pussy hole, before moving back up to her clit. He places a thumb over each lip and gently opens her pussy, as his tongue circles her clit, which is now hard and sticking out from its hood. His tongue moves slowly and deliberately in ever decreasing circles around it, getting a little closer to it, a little closer, a little closer.

“Daddy … daddy … daddy … daddy,” she’s almost breathless. She’s panting, gasping.

The tip of his tongue touches her clit for the first time.


It flicks and teases, playing with the little hard numb of flesh that causes so much pleasure. He increases the pressure slightly, the tempo of the flicks increase. Her breath is coming is short sharp gasps, her body starts to tighten, her hands dig into the sofa.

She squeals, bucks, twitches, wiggles, squirms, shakes, her whole body convulses as it rips through her young body, her first real orgasm.

He sees the tears running down her cheeks as he gently bring her down from the pleasurable natural high that has just tore her apart.

She’s panting heavily as her eyes flutter open, blinking the tears from them.

“Daddy … that … was …”

“Shh baby girl, just relax.”

He holds her tight in a loving embrace and feels her melt into his arms, she shakes a little, he kisses the top of her head. He lifts her from the chair holding her close and walks up stairs to his bedroom.

Once inside he a flick back the duvet with his foot and gently lays her down, pulling the duvet over her, he goes to the other side of the bed and climbs in wrapping his arm over her as he spoons in behind her. Her breathing is deep and steady, he kisses her naked shoulder and she groans softly.

“Sweetie?” he whispers softly in her ear and no reaction, he smiles to himself knowing she’s already asleep. He closes his eyes and drifts happily into sleep his sweet daughter in his arms.

“Daddy?” He hears her sweet voice calling to him, “Daddy?” A gently nudge, stirs him from his sleep.

“Sorry sweetie, what?”

“I need the toilet.”

“You know where it is.”

“Yes but I can’t move you’re holding me so close and tight.” She starts to giggle.

“Sorry sweetie.” He moves his arms from around her. As she gets out of bed he’s suddenly aware of how cold it is without her warmth next to him. He watches her run naked across the room, her little ass wiggling as she runs.

The toilet flushes and she comes back into the room, she makes no attempt to cover her naked body and he just stares at her taking in every line, curve, every movement of his wonder naked daughter.

“Daddy.” She says it so softly as she climbs back into bed.

“Yes sweetie?”

“That was so wonderful, what you did to me earlier, thank you.”

“Any time sweetie.”

“I’ll hold you to that, but can we?”

“Can we what sweetie?” The anticipation of her next words making his cock hard again.

She looks over at him a wide smile on her face, that cheeky little glint in her eyes. “Can we …

(To be continued…………..)

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