Watching Parents Have Sex Ch. 02


REWIND: In the previous chapter, I have mentioned my experience of Watching my Parents have Sex in front of me inside a hotel room during our trip to the mountains.

From my point of view, it was absolutely amazing to see my mom feeling so ‘Horny’ that night, and further, then seeing my dad getting turned on by her high sexuality.

Their entire sex act was so steamy and sexual, that even me, who was their own son, had got sexually aroused by what I had witnessed LIVE in the darkness of night.

We had experienced a real calming release of loads of “CUM”. In the end we went off to sleep satisfied and gratified.

Now I continue narrating the experience from where I left off in the last chapter..


After dad switched off the room lights, all of us settled in our beds and within a very short time, dad and mom went off into deep sleep. I could hear their loud snoring very clearly.. I too went of to sleep shortly there after..

I remained in very deep sleep mode until around dawn. This is the time when I just about woke up. Before going back into my sleepy sense, I just glanced around the room. I noticed that the Sun was rising fast, and the entire room was getting lit by the brightness of the first rays of Sun.

I also casually looked towards the bed on which my parents were sleeping. It was just a 1 second casual glance.

And as I looked towards their bed, I was simply stunned.. What I saw was really amazing.. It woke me up totally…I saw my mom sleeping completely NAKED, just few feet away, on her side of their bed..

Yes. My mom was still totally NAKED. . Just imagine, she had slept naked all through the night and now into morning in front of her own son………

And the best part was that, The Early Morning Sun light was directly falling on her naked body.

I saw her looking absolutely stunning and beautiful. She had such a PERFECT BODY CURVES AND WITH MOUTH WATERING BREASTS, and as I stared at her nude figure, I nearly managed to utter the word “WOW”…..I felt my lips getting wet and a huge gulp in my throat…

She was sleeping on her back. So Her MOUTH WATERING BREASTS were looking like twin round mountains formed on her chest, and the black small nipples seemed like they were the mountain peaks.

She seemed to be in deep sleep.

I kept looking (no staring) at her for long.. And soon was getting totally turned on by her nakedness. Frankly, on first sight of her nakedness, I had immediately got stiffness in my penis.. And as I kept viewing her Breasts, I felt my penis getting painfully rock solid and demanding some attention soon.

My sexual arousal was getting out of my control, and then at a point I could not take the hardness any longer. I decided to just ‘CUM’ quickly while watching her quietly.

I decided to use my favourite method of masturbation – “PILLOW HUMPING” – to attain sexual pleasure…

So, I took one of the two pillows from below my head, and I placed it on the centre of the bed. I then removed my blanket, pulled down my pants and released my aching penis free into the coolness of air. At that moment, my Penis was like a solid stick dancing to and fro as if it was attached to a spring….

I then quickly climbed over my pillow and placed my penis on its lower edge side. I then covered my naked ass (and most of me, up to my eyes) again with the blanket.

I lay still on my stomach for few minutes, so as to let my penis feel the softness of the pillow.. The feel of the pillow below my steaming hot penis was like cold water poured over ice… It had such a cooling feel.

As I was busy adjusting my penis over the below, I suddenly heard mom cough..

I totally froze, and turned my eyesight towards her..

She was still sleeping totally NAKED on her backside. But, now I noticed that she was not in as deep sleep as before…I saw her hands move a little as she coughed couple of times.

So I decided that before she wakes up completely, I should quickly release my pent up sexual desires by masturbating on my pillow while watching her sleep naked..

So I quickly started adjusting my penis on the pillow..

These adjustments made my bed rattle a little and squeak loudly.

And then, before I knew it mom turned herself sideways and was facing me directly..

As I quickly looked towards her, Girne Escort I saw her eyes open a little to see what was making the rattling squeaky sound..

I froze. Here I was – lying on my stomach, without my pants under my blanket.. And that I had mounted over my pillow, with my penis pushed deep into it. – And I was now in this position in front of my now awake mom.

I knew not what to do. I had my eyes partially closed to make her feel I was still sleeping.

Every part of my body except my 2 eyes was under the blanket, but my only worry was that my pillow was very big.. Due to this, I could not manage to hide it completely with my blanket.. Actually around 50 percent of my pillow under me was visible to mom.

And as mom herself used pillow to masturbate, I knew she had realised why I had kept my pillow under my belly..

I kept pretending to be asleep, and with only very partial eyes open I could see mom looking in my direction and that she was busy tickling her breasts softly…

She kept squeezing her breasts and started massaging her nipples. Her breasts were sagging downward a little as she was turned sideways… I could see their luscious shape clearly.. I just wanted to touch and squeeze them once..

I could not hold on any longer, and due to my excess stiff penis, I was forced to adjust myself on the pillow.. The cotton like softness of the pillow automatically made me hump it a little. It was a complete reflex action to the build up sexual tension within me..

As I humped a couple of times on my pillow, I peeped with eyes softly opened.. I looked towards mom, to see her staring at me with her eyes wide open. But now she was not playing with her breasts any longer. She was simply staring directly at me as I humped my pillow softly..

I got a little bold, and started humping a little more on my pillow. I humped the pillow with very soft thrusts at first, but then increased the intensity to some real harsh thrusts into the pillow..

What I was thinking was that, I try and masturbate with my eyes near shut (just enough open for me to see mom, but not mom to see my eyes open). I wanted her to believe that I was masturbating in my sleep.. And this would make her feel free to stare at me and enjoy watching me masturbate..

She indeed fell for this.. I noticed her looking continuously at me. She kept looking in my direction without moving a muscle..

But, then after few minutes the unexpected happened.. I saw her move her fingers towards her sexual organ.. And as her hands touched her sex a little I could feel her getting aroused.. I could certainly tell that she was sexually aroused by my sexual actions..

So here was a mom getting aroused watching her son masturbate..

I felt so aroused by this.. I just wanted to release my cum so as to soften my stiff my penis was even feeling hard on the soft pillow….So I decided that now I should just continue humping my pillow softly and see what happens later..

So I carefully covered myself under my blanket in such a way, that mom thought I was totally under my blanket.

But actually, I had kept just a whisker of a gap near my eyes, so as to watch mom watch me without she knowing I am watching her back..

This gap between my eyes was so tiny that I could barely look toward mom.. But then if I looked at correct angle, I could see the entire body of mom.

I was very sure that mom could not see my open eyes under the blanket, which were watching her watch me..

As I watched, I saw Mom purely staring at me.. This time towards my face.. As my face seemed totally covered with the blanket from outside, she got bolder and bolder..

Then again she did something I did not expect..

She took 1 of her pillows from under her head and placed it on the bed… And just like me climbed on top of her pillow, and was sleeping on her stomach while looking at me. That sight made me so sexually aroused that I nearly leaked semen without even humping on my pillow..

I never expected something like this would ever happen, and yet it was..

I decided to make most of it.. I pushed my hands on my penis, and adjusted it a little over my pillow. I now wanted to rub my penis in such a way that my penis skin ‘Open-Closed’ over my rectum.. Actually, this was a little difficult and sometimes Kıbrıs Escort a little painful masturbation technique for me. But believe me, this technique gave me the greatest pleasure. This was due to the fact that, the blood vessels inside the penis were in direct contact with the pillow, and I rubbed them over the pillow, the sensation created would result in bringing out the best sexual sensation possible..

After some adjustments with my right hand, I had my penis on the edge of my pillow which allowed me to get a deep intense sexual feel and calmness..

As I adjusted myself, I saw my mom had already commenced masturbation. Unlike me, she was quick in her pillow adjustment.. 70 % of her pillow was squeezed within her thighs and the remaining 30% of the pillow including the sharp pillow edge was neatly rubbing roughly against her sex organ as she humped it.. And I could clearly see her getting real turn on humping.

While peeping on her, I felt myself feeling erotic and so sexual that I decided to hump quickly and aggressively too… So I too started humping my pillow quickly and this resulted in act becoming very visible to mom…

As I started humping aggressively, I looked through the mini-gap in my blanket. I looked at mom’s Breasts as they were so sexily quashed on the bed below her. I could see her right hand, under her right breast.. I saw her squeezing her own Breasts, and pressing her nipples softly.. I could see her play with her breasts and nipples to arouse herself..

And as she did that, I could see droplets of milk forming near her nipples. Breast Milk was surely oozing from her breasts, for very soon I saw her breasts being covered mostly by her milk. And as it mixed with her sweat, the bed sheet below her breasts was getting wet too…. I found this very sexy……

I imagined my own lips all over her nipples sucking her tasty breast milk as I mauled and squeezed her boobs roughly..

And as I continued watching her, her current masturbation action was clear, and her pillow under her bed was getting all the beating it could get from her sexual organ. She HUMPED HER BODY ON THE BED continuously. and wildly…First, she humped in slow random pushes inward, then slowly increased her pace of rubbing into wild aggressive humps on pillow.

As I watched her, I could see her humping was getting really very aggressive… She was humping her pillow in such a way that her Sexual Organ was over the Pillow edge……I could see her move UP and DOWN her pillow again and again and again, without any breaks.

I saw her Humping up and down the pillow again and again…… And as she humped deep in her pillow, I could see her ass cheeks opening and closing, opening and closing, opening and closing in very quick successions..

I closed my eyes, and thought what it would be like actually humping her with my long erect penis… I imagined that I was dad and my penis was his penis.. I remembered watching dad as he kept pumping his penis roughly in & out of mom’s sex organ last night.. I imagined myself humping mom instead…

And as this imagination flowered into a stronger sexual feel, I started humping my penis very very strongly into my pillow..

During the process of my humping, I opened my eyes a little to see mom really in the final stages of her masturbation session. I could make out that she was coming close to an orgasm as now she was deep breathing strongly, and her movements made her really humping the pillow very roughly..

I could see clearly mom was pushing VERY HARD into the pillow, and it felt just like watching mom being over dad, and she humping herself continuously deep into dad’s penis during their sex act last night…

So she was actually still HORNY LIKE HELL……

I saw mom, was so so horny that I could see her right hand ticking her right breasts and pressing herself deep inward down below.. She was rough and strong, and as she moved UP & DOWN her pillow,

She had set herself into a good rhythm of going UP & DOWN on bed.. And as I looked at her, I saw that she was still looking in my direction, and keenly watching me masturbate on my pillow under my blanket.

She kept looking at me, and she kept humping her pillow.

I bet from her point of view, she was watching her son, masturbating under his blanket. She Kıbrıs Escort would be thinking that her son was having a kind of sexual dream which he was using to please himself, unaware of his mom watching him…

She would have thought that I was so busy under the blanket, that I knew nothing what mom was doing on her bed, just few feet away from me…..

As for me, I continued my humping, and now was in good rhythm too. I kept pressing my penis on the edge of the pillow again and again, and thus was able to get an immense sexual and erotic feel of each hump.

I bet mom could see all my humping movements so very clearly.

This mutual masturbation continued for sometime.. We both kept masturbating and now our movements were now very bold and getting rough and aggressive..

I suddenly, saw her turn and face dad. I realised that this entire sexual feel would have been too much for her and that she was about to get a massive orgasm….

And now she wanted to look towards dad, and get the sexual release.

After she turned towards dad, she had to adjust herself a little over her pillow and then resume her pillow humping.. While Dad was busy snoring in deep sleep, mom about to reach a sexual climax (now facing and watching him)….

I then saw mom suddenly jumping up and down her pillow.. I know this kind of moment.. This happens when the mom reaches an Orgasm.

I then heard mom moan loudly couple of times, and then heard sounds of her legs as they twitched loudly and strongly. I could see her buttocks move inward very strongly. And as her ass cheeks closed completely, I heard Mom made a\one final loud grunting sound. I saw her push herself deep into the pillow edge, and her ass cheeks remained closed of couple of minutes as her entire movement slowed down and then she became absolutely still.

At that moment, I could imagine that mom’s pillow would be getting filled completely by her Sexual juices…..The pillow would now become like a soaked dripping cloth….

And now that mom had completed her orgasm, she eased from the pillow. She was resting quietly on the bed, getting her breath back..

After couple of minutes, as she regained her composure, she took the pillow from under her and threw in down on the ground near my side of bed….

So I concluded that mom had successfully masturbated while watching son and then her husband in the process…….

The sight of her reaching an orgasm was too much for me, and I was wildly masturbating.. I did not even stop as mom got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself….

As soon as she went inside the bathroom, I quickly uncovered myself and within couple of seconds, exchanged my pillow with the pillow used by mom.. I took her pillow and put the pillow soaked with her sex juices below my penis..

I climbed over this pillow and restarted masturbating…

I was so turned on by what I just did… I could feel her sex juices touching my naked penis as it rubbed against the pillow… I again covered myself and started aggressive masturbation..

I was nearing orgasm too..

I saw mom come out of the bathroom, and now finally takeout her night dress from our bag and after wearing it came and sat on the bed…

And as she dressed up and came and sat on her bed, I was about to climax too… I could see her again watching me…

And this made me go over the edge and I had such a massive orgasm…

I moaned a little too… And I pushed my penis deep into the pillow.. I imagined for a second as if I was pushing my penis deep into mom. And as I imagined that rockets of semen was injected into the pillow… I felt myself inject around 4 to 5 jets of hot sticky semen into mom’s pillow…

Now this pillow was a mix of mom’s sexual juices, and my hot semen….

As I calmed my nerved post my orgasm, I relaxed and felt relieved of this long pending sex release.

After few moments, I looked in the direction of parent’s bed, and I saw mom had turned towards dad and was in trying to go to sleep again……

As she was no longer looking at me, I decided to come out of my blanket.. I got myself out of blanket, and then got off the pillow which was under me… I again wore my shorts. And then quickly exchanged pillows with one kept on the ground. I took my pillow back and placed the pillow with mine and mom’s sexual juices to dry on the pillow cover back on the ground.

I then turned and prepared to go to sleep too..

It was already morning time by now, but I bet a couple of hours of sleep would be required to refresh from all the sexual sessions experienced all through the night and day…

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