Weather Day [I-18] Pt. 01


I suppose that I’m your typical hazel-eyed person, because I’m promiscuous and I definite like to please, especially in bed. To me sex is something that should be enjoyed. No one should place an arbitrary limit on sexual partners. After all we each have our own unique needs and desires. But, we each have a duty to take care of ourselves, keep ourselves clean, respect ourselves and have all the sex we want in any manner that we want it.

I’m not making any excuse or justification for it. I also do not feel guilt or regret. Okay, so I’m a slut. Sue me, but I can’t get enough sex. I can’t help it being so horny. I was born this way.

And as for not having any morals, well okay you got me there. But how can I fulfill my needs and stick to a strict code that doesn’t allow for the fulfillment of my needs? Huh? Can you answer me that? Didn’t think so.

Let’s take the snow day that we had last week for example. It wasn’t my fault that Dustin left his door open. And was it my fault that I saw him pulling his little peter? No, definitely not. But I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? Well, I’ll start at the beginning.

It had snowed all night so they had called off school before most of us had even gotten out of bed. My brother Dustin was a senior at the local high school and I was a freshman at the junior college.

So Dustin and I were all set for a nice Wednesday off.

Mom was so jealous because they never call off work around here, not even for a blizzard. So she and Dad were stuck going back to the grindstone while Dustin and I got to sleep in. I got up about quarter of ten, stumbled down to the kitchen and stuffed some shit in my face.

Hunger sated, I ambled back up stair to shower. Wearing nothing but a towel, I headed back to my room. Dustin’s door was ajar and as I walked past I couldn’t resist peeking in. When I saw Dustin, I know I shouldn’t have but I asked, “So, is she good or what?”

You should have seen his face. He was so stone cold busted. His eyes were as big as saucers and his mouth wouldn’t close.

I should have stopped, but I was still hot from the shower and I felt like playing. I noticed his cock was beginning to deflate, so I said, “What’s the matter? Can’t keep it up? Maybe this will help.” I turned around and hoisted my towel up over my ass and wiggled it at him. Now what possible harm could that do? I hadn’t shown him anything important and he could go on with his little jerk off. I didn’t think anymore about it and went to my room to get dressed.

Now it’s not my fault that he followed me, is it? I mean I’d just been trying to be helpful? I let him get his little cock back up so he could keep pulling on it. My part was done, right? Well, apparently not. Dustin started banging on my locked door almost as soon as I closed it. He kept shouting about staying out of his room and leaving him alone.

I yelled back, “You should close your door if you want to fuck himself.”

That’s when he crossed the line. He said, “You have a fat ass.”

I don’t know what possessed him to say that. I’m a knock out at five foot six inches tall and weighed a tight one hundred and twenty pounds. And according to half the boys at my junior college, Lefkoşa Escort I’m a true peach, with soft-as-satin skin, natural honey blonde shoulder-length hair, wide-apart pale indigo eyes. I have a firm 35-23-35 figure without an ounce of body fat which was amazing because other than sex I never exercised. My breasts are firm, my flat tummy is solid and I have beautiful shapely legs and an ass that wouldn’t quit. Fat ass my Aunt’s patutie … half the girls in town would die for my ass.

Dustin kept making so much noise that I decided that I was going to fix his little red dickhead, but good. I slipped into the ribbed tank top shirt that I cut down so that my flat stomach showed. The one that I don’t let Daddy know I have and wear only when I really need to get laid. Anyway, I also fished out a pair of ‘daisy-duke’ cutoffs that are so short and so tight that they could double as panties.

Since I was trapped in the house, I didn’t bother with underwear, not that I wear panties very often anyway. You should have seen Bonehead’s eyes when I opened the door, dressed in almost nothing.

All he had on were boxers and no one would call him a slut, would they? So just how are things fair at all, again? Can you tell me that one, huh?

I pushed past him making sure that he had a good look at the goodies and went downstairs and turn on the TV. There wasn’t much of anything good on. I tried everything, even those stupid talk shows, but I wasn’t interested in any of them. Finally I turned to the most likely other choice, naturally, the porno channel. Mom and dad had a block on it, but Dustin and I had figured out the access code years ago.

There was this really hot redhead getting her ass spanked by a blonde chick. Personally I love getting spanked. The mix of pain and pleasure is really hot. Speaking of hot, I was starting to wish I had that showerhead in my hand.

Then my boneheaded brother, Dustin came downstairs.

The slob didn’t even look up. At least I don’t think he did. But I know the pig went into the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal. I know this because he plunked down on the couch next to me and spilled it on my leg. I smacked him on the back of the head and got splashed again.

“Lick it up, pig,” I sneered at him.

He mumbled a ‘Fuck off’ in my direction and kept stuffing his face Frosted Flakes and staring at the movie.

Now the redhead was eating the blonde’s pussy. That’s my second favorite. I was starting to get hot again, like in the shower, but Asshole was sitting right there so I couldn’t play with myself. I tried to pay more attention to the movie. Big mistake, now two hot guys came in and started fucking the girls as they continued munching on each other.

By now my damn nipples were all crinkled and stiff. I know Bonehead could see them because my half shirt is like a sports bra, but not as thick and my breasts sort of stick out the bottom. I wished to God he would go shower his scummy self. All I needed was a few minutes alone and things would be okay.

As it was, all he was doing was sit there beside me stuffing his face with cereal and watching the tube.

I did, though, catch him Girne Escort sneaking peeks when he thought I wasn’t looking, so I know I was getting to him. Sure I was trying to make him hot and then not do anything about it. He deserved it, after all. He’d said I had a fat ass. It would serve him right.

I was getting ants in my pants. Right then I wanted nothing more than to slip my hand into the front of my pants and finger my swollen clit to an orgasm.

Then I happened to glance at Dustin and the tent that was pitched in his lap. His virginal little eighteen year-old cock must have been hard enough to cut diamonds. How he sat there paying no attention to it, I’ll never know. ‘Wouldn’t some of that be nice, something deep in my depravity mind asked?” My gut reaction was a quick and a definite no, but my swelling clit spoke up louder.

Without waiting to see if I really wanted to do it, I unbuttoned and unzipped my Daisy-Dukes. I swear to God, I saw steam rise up out of my bush. All I know is, when my fingers trailed through my curly pubic hair, all I could think about was getting off.

It was about then that a little bell went off in my head. Why use my fingers when there was a perfectly good … and stiff I might add … cock within reach?

This time I didn’t say no. I simply reached for it. As Bonehead stared in open-mouthed shock, I slid my hand up his thigh and seized his beautiful little cock in one quick motion.

Don’t you understand? I needed that stiff cock. I simply had to have it. I looked into my little brother’s eyes and silently pleaded for the fucking I so desperately had to have.

He looked awfully scared, so I kissed him.

I know he was horny because I could feel the pulse of his cock throbbing in my hand. But he still needed convincing. When, with my other hand, I took his brutish paw and placed it on my left breast. I think he giggled, but we were still kissing, so who knows?

What it did, though, was get his ass in gear. Within seconds he was ripping my top up, over my head and off, revealing my perfect breasts and my delectable nipples. As soon as he saw them he started sucking on my nipple like a wild man. God, did his lips felt so good.

I stopped stroking him. I mean, what good would it have been if I didn’t get him inside me, where he definitely belonged?

He didn’t like that much, until I pulled off his boxers and lay back on the couch. The couple on the screen were banging up a storm and making me frantic for some hard cock.

I took Dustin’s little cock and used its swollen head to trace the lips of my damp slit.

That was all he needed. Hunching forward, he clumsily stabbed at my pussy with his virgin cock … missing the hole every time. After getting punched in the belly a few times I reached between us and guided his hard little cock into my pussy. His cock felt swollen as my hungry pussy sucked him in. we melted together as we ground our hips.

The whimpering sound he made wasn’t anything I’ve ever heard a human make, but he’s an animal anyway, so that’s okay. My pussy was happy and that was all that really mattered. Well, almost.

I cummed pretty quickly, but Magosa Escort I needed to be quicker. It occurred to me that he was going to cum in me if I didn’t do something and fast.

That would definitely make the ‘All Time Bad Things’ list.

How the fuck would I explain that Dustin knocked me up?

So I pushed his little ass off me. It wasn’t as easy as it used to be. I guess the big-lung was finally growing up. I have to admit, I was mighty impressed with his growth lately.

Even though he was pissed at me, I didn’t even bother to explain. I just popped his cum coated cock in my mouth and finished him off.

I loved the way he almost screamed when his teenage balls exploded and flooded my mouth with cum.

After swallowing and then licking him clean, I said, “You need to learn to be more careful, Shit-head.”

He just smiled and walked naked over to his jean jacket hanging on the back of a chair. I didn’t know what he was doing and I didn’t really care. I was starting to get hungry and a cigarette sounded like an idea. Then my bonehead little brother came back, with a joint and a pack of rubber no less.

“Gee, he said. “Guess I’ll get to use this after all, huh?”

I … whack … smacked him on the head, took the joint from him and ran naked as a wood nymph up the stairs to my room.

With a laugh, Dustin gathered up all our clothes and eagerly followed me up the stairs. I didn’t bother to shut the door as I slid into bed.

As Dustin crawled in right behind me, I grabbed his hair and guided his face to my crotch. I couldn’t believe how good someone so young ate my hot fuzzy little pussy.

Two orgasms later, still guiding him with my fingers twisted in his hair, Dustin kissed his way from my damp crotch back up to my breasts. I loved the Bonehead’s soft lips. As soon as he had them wrapped around my hard nipple, I cummed so hard I almost peed myself.

Then he moved up and started nibbling my neck.

As my excitement mounted, I couldn’t stand it. I reached between our bodies and grabbed his stiff cock. Kneeling between my parted legs, Dustin watched as I guided his hard cock towards my pussy. Placing its swollen head against my slit, I moaned, “Uuuugh,” as I worked its engorged head between my puff lips and into my sizzling pussy.

Rocking forward, Dustin eagerly drove his hard, un-cut, seven and a half inch cock into my pussy all the way to the hilt.

As I felt Dustin penetrating me, I hunched up and met him.

When he started pumping in and out and I felt his balls slapping against my ass, I pulled my knees up against my chest, then placed them on his shoulder.

Suddenly Dustin was bottoming out and I was going off like a machine gun. With a roar, Dustin pounded my hot pussy until I was screaming out in pleasure.

Later, as we lay there catching our breath, I leaned over and started kissing his chest. Then with a wicked grin, I moved my mouth slowly down his torso, licking his nipples and kissing his stomach.

When I reached his hairy crotch, I started flicking my tongue around the head and started to lick our combined juices off it’s the length of his shaft.

Then I parted my lovely red lips and engulfed his now throbbing cock. I fondled his ‘cum’ swollen balls, as I slid my eager mouth ever so slowly up and down its rigid length. By the time I took his limp cock out of my mouth, his balls were no longer cum filled. I’d sucked them dry.

So, he’s my brother? What the fuck? I’m a slut.

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