Weekends with Dad Ch. 04


He said it couldn’t happen again. No more fucking. We needed to be just father and daughter again.

Dad had allowed his guilt to overtake him in the past month, and now he stood with his hands on his hips. Trying to be gentle but firm. But I wasn’t buying it.

Just minutes before, Megan and I arrived at his house and he gave us both big bear hugs. She had moved in next door to us when we were both 10, and Dad watched us grow up together. We were truly just like sisters, and Dad probably thought of Megan as a second daughter.

“My god, you both look great!” he exclaimed as he stepped back for a full view. It was kind of funny, since he had seen us at graduation just a week before. But now we were in brighter, tighter summer clothing that reminded him that we were indeed women. And hot women at that.

Megan had intentionally worn a snug tank top that made her ample breasts impossible to ignore. Dad admirably managed to keep his gaze on her face, but I’m sure he enjoyed the feeling of her D-cups mashed against his belly as they embraced.

Dad helped us unload our stuff from my car and carry it into the house. Megan trailed behind him at one point and pretended to squeeze his tight butt as he walked.

My father pointed Megan to the room she would use, then followed me into mine. He closed the door behind him, and for a moment I thought he couldn’t wait another minute to get his hands on me. I took a couple of steps toward him, but he held up a finger the way only a father does.

“Jessica, we need to set things straight,” he told me. “What happened between us was like nothing I’ve experienced before. But we have to stop. It’s just plain wrong, and we could very easily get caught. If Megan were to sense something between us…”

I interrupted him with a laugh. “She’d probably get off watching us, Dad. Or maybe join us.”

He crossed his arms and cocked his head as if to say, “Surely you don’t really believe that.”

If only he knew.

I was wearing my orange bikini under a white cover-up dress, and I began to unbutton the front. “Come on Dad,” I told him, “I’m wearing your favorite swimsuit. The orange one that I had on while you watched me from the window. And stroked your big cock.”

The poor guy was shaking his head, but I’m sure his head was full of pleasurable memories. He kept his arms crossed but made no attempt to move as I closed the distance between us.

“I still want you, Daddy. More than ever. I’ve been dreaming of this vacation with you, and it’s been driving me crazy.” I let the cover-up fall off my shoulders. I was only two feet from him now, and only the tiny bikini covered my tanned, athletic body. “I lay awake at night and imagine you on top of me. Fucking me. I get so wet and I have to make myself cum.”

I took one of his hands and he allowed me to place it on my left tit.

“Dad, feel how hard my nipples are. I’m already wet too. And it’s all for you.”

He moaned slightly, either from his inner conflict or pent-up lust. I decided it was the latter as he started to reach for my other breast.

My bedroom door opened and struck Dad’s heels. He dropped his hands just before Megan poked her head in.

“Sorry, Mister Holloway, didn’t know you were in here.”

“Oh — Jessica was showing me her new suit,” Dad said with an awkward smile as he moved away from the door. I’m sure he knew it sounded lame, but quickly changed the subject. “By the way, Megan, we’re all officially adults now. Call me Alex.”

“Got it. I was just wondering… which dresser I should use.” Equally lame, I thought.

“Either one, but don’t unpack everything just yet.” Dad backed up and spoke to us both with a wide grin. “I could have told you to bring an overnight bag, but I wanted this to be a surprise. I rented a beachfront condo, and we check in tomorrow afternoon.”

“That’s awesome! Thanks Alex!” Megan shouted. Then she hopped over and gave him a big wet kiss on the cheek.

“We?” I asked. “Does that mean you’re going too?”

“Yeah, I hope that’s okay. I have a bunch of vacation time built up, so I’m taking two weeks off to escort my girls to the beach. Consider it a graduation present. But I won’t get in the way. We could even take two cars so you can do you own thing.”

I gave Dad a long hug, holding on long enough to whisper a promise in his ear. “These are going to be the best two weeks of your life.”

Dad excused himself to start making dinner. Megan stayed behind to quiz me.

“What was going on in here? Were you guys already going at it?”

“Not so much.” I told her about Dad’s reluctance and how I melted it away. “He was just warming up when you barged in.”

“It’s just as well,” she replied, rubbing her hands together with anticipation. “It’s fun to tease him first anyway. Should we stick with the shower plan tonight, or wait till we get to the beach?”

“I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait that long. I’ve got to have him.”

“Naughty little girl! Maybe you need another spanking.”

Dad Kıbrıs Escort was firing up the grill outside. I offered to help him with dinner, but Megan said she wanted to get a head start on her tan. It was almost six o’clock, so I suspected she only wanted to get a head start on showing my father her petite body full of sexy curves.

Sure enough, Megan came out a couple of minutes later with a tropical-print bikini that barely contained her. She stretched out in a lounge chair just a few steps from the grill and started lubing up her pale skin with sunscreen.

Dad stole a couple of glances as he marinated the steaks in the kitchen. He looked over at me and turned red when he realized he’d been caught.

“What — my tits aren’t big enough for you?” I asked with a playful grin.

“Your body is absolutely perfect, Jess,” he replied in a voice full of conviction, and it was my turn to blush.

“Thanks Daddy, but sometimes I wish I had breasts like hers. Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on them?”

“You shouldn’t talk about your best friend like that,” he said, dodging the question. “But I bet she did turn some heads at your school.”

All three of us were happy and chatty during dinner, the prospect of a long beach vacation ahead of us. We played a couple of board games as we had since middle school, then popped in a rented DVD and watched it together.

Finally, Dad got up and stretched and announced that he was heading to bed. I gave him a hug and loudly sniffed his shirt.

“Daddy, you smell like the smoky grill,” I said with a laugh. “You ought to shower first.” He agreed and excused himself for the night.

Our plan was falling into place. Megan and I had talked and fantasized many times about our first three-way encounter. We had decided to surprise Dad in the shower, much the way I did a month before. Dad’s master bathroom used to have a garden tub, but he converted it into a double-width shower. It was easily big enough for all three of us. Perfect.

I tiptoed up the stairs and waited at the top until I could hear my father turn the water on. Megan followed me to Dad’s room but waited outside. I went in and quickly stripped, not wanting to waste any time or hot water.

“I thought I might see you,” Dad said with a smile as I stepped into the steamy shower. He looked so solid and muscular as the spray washed over his body. We kissed on the mouth for the first time in a month, our tongues swirling and dancing. I ran my hands over his shoulders, back and buttocks, and thrilled to feel his cock beginning to stir against my flat belly.

I squeezed some shower gel onto my father’s chest, then used my hands to build up lather and spread it down closer and closer to his swelling prick.

By the time I reached his shaft it was fully erect and massive. He sighed heavily as I ran my soapy hands along the length of his prick and over his heavy balls.

I coughed — giving Megan her cue — and smiled sweetly at my father. “I have a surprise for you, Daddy.”

No more than two seconds later, a fully naked Megan opened the shower door and hopped in with us. I kept my hands on Dad’s cock and balls so he couldn’t fully turn around or escape. But he didn’t seem to try.

“Why am I not surprised?” he asked while shaking his head. “You never could keep a secret, Jessica.”

“Megan is the only person I’ve told. And that’s only because she’s wanted to fuck you even longer than I have.”

Dad’s eyes widened at my words and at the feeling of four female hands exploring his body. Megan was at least a foot shorter than my father, so her tits pressed against the small of his back. Her hands snaked around the front of his soapy body, rubbing his chest and abs.

“She’s right, Alex. I’ve had the hots for you for years. Then when Jess told me about your massive cock, I invited myself along on vacation. Hope three’s not a crowd.”

I watched with fascination as she reached down for Dad’s prick and began stroking and twisting her small hands around the thick shaft. I stroked his balls while Megan started to give him a soapy handjob. Then I had the urge to make one of her other fantasies come true. I moved my hands to my father’s hips and turned him around.

“Fuck Megan’s tits, Dad. I want to see your huge cock between her boobs.”

“Oh my god, yes!” Megan squealed. She started to kneel but realized she didn’t have to. The tip of Dad’s soapy cock already reached the deep valley between her big soft tits. Megan bent over just slightly to give him full access. I dropped to my knees for a close view and mashed Megan’s boobs around his shaft.

“Oh god. Oh fuck,” Dad groaned as his swollen prick began humping the slippery tits of his daughter’s best friend. He couldn’t tear his eyes off the sight of his fat dick disappearing and emerging from her magnificent cleavage in my hands. “Jess… Megan… you’re both so fucking hot! I can’t believe this!”

I knew Megan liked having her tits fucked, but I doubt she ever had a Magosa Escort cock as big as Dad’s in there before. I could tell it was turning her on something fierce. I was holding her boobs in place, so she reached down with both hands and started fingering her pussy.

“Come on, Alex, fuck my tits good. Fuck ’em hard!” she urged through gritted teeth. It made her look and sound very slutty. I’m sure it was quite a turn-on for Dad, as it would have been for any man.

“You love it, don’t you Meg? You’re gonna cum as hard as me!”

Dad slid his hands beneath mine so he could squeeze her breasts on his own.

“Jessica — why don’t you help your friend?” he asked with a dirty grin. “I think she could use a hand.”

Taking the cue, I knelt behind Megan and pressed my naked body against hers. I slid one hand between her thighs from the front, and the other hand between her full, round ass cheeks.

Megan started moaning loudly as I rubbed her clit in circles and plunged two fingers inside her cunt. She was unbelievably hot and wet, and I immediately started fucking her hard and fast. She bucked her hips against my probing fingers, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she reached her first climax.

My face was just below hers now, and we both turned slightly to share a lover’s kiss. I sucked her bottom lip for a moment, and then our tongues explored each other’s mouth. I looked up to see my father’s eyes wide with delighted lust.

“I can’t believe you girls! You’re driving me fucking crazy!”

With that, Dad stepped back slightly and pulled his throbbing prick out of Megan’s cleavage. The shower spray quickly rinsed away the lather, and Dad gripped the base of his shiny clean erection. I knew what he wanted, and couldn’t wait to give it to him.

I pulled Megan down to her knees and I lowered my mouth to meet hers once again. We were still kissing as Dad speared his cock between our lips, and we hungrily began to devour it.

Megan came first. My finger-fucking and the excitement of our forbidden double blowjob pushed her over the edge.

“Oh god! Oh god! I’m cumming!” She half-screamed, half-groaned, never taking her lips off my father’s rigid shaft. I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers, then releasing a flood of her sweet cream. I kept ramming her snatch and rubbing her clit.

“Oh fuck! Oh shit, yesssss!” Megan moaned, then sighed as she came down from her climax.

But we didn’t forget Dad. His straining prick was still trapped between two eager teenaged mouths. Our tongues raced up and down his thick shaft. We kissed and licked the sensitive purple head. Dad slowly rocked his hips back and forth, reveling in the incestuous pleasure.

That’s when Megan got a little greedy, and I was cool with that. She’d been dreaming of getting her hands — and mouth — on Dad’s cock, and now she wanted it all to herself. She grabbed it at the base and aimed it toward her parted lips, pausing to stare up at my father. I glanced up too and saw him watching her, eyes wide and wild.

“I’ve been wanting this cock for so long,” Megan told him.

“Then take it babe,” he answered. “Take it all.”

Megan couldn’t quite take it all, but she made a valiant effort. She slid Dad’s shaft past her lips and began bobbing up and down its length. Each time she took it in a little deeper until she managed to swallow all but the final inch. Her mouth was stretched tightly around its thickness, and the head must have been bumping against the back of her throat.

For a minute or two I licked and sucked Dad’s balls to heighten his pleasure. But it became hard to hold on when he started fucking Megan’s cock-hungry mouth. She moaned and wrapped her hands around his ass to encourage him, and I could only stare in awe at the pornographic scene.

“God yes! Fuck! Suck my cock, Megan!” Dad groaned and hissed as he pounded his prick into her face. His heavy balls were slapping against her chin.

“Now you know who taught me to be such a hot little slut,” I told my father. I rose to my feet and stood next to him, looking down at Megan from his vantage point. I realized why guys love watching girls suck their cocks. It was so fucking hot to see her on her knees before him, gobbling his huge dick and awaiting his load of cum. She didn’t have to wait long.

“Oh god, Megan… you are a hot fucking slut… I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum all over her big tits, Dad!” I pleaded. “I’ve gotta see that!”

As soon as he pulled his prick from her lips, I grabbed it and began jacking it furiously in my hand. Megan leaned back and held her tits up as an offering to his seed.

“Come on Alex, give me your cum!” she urged. “I want it all over me!”

Dad didn’t say another word. He just moaned and growled as thick ropes of cum blasted from his cock. I could feel the hot sperm pulsing through his shaft as I squeezed and jerked it.

Load after load of Dad’s cum shot onto my best friend’s wet naked body. I enjoyed controlling the blasts and watching Girne Escort them splash onto her face, neck and tits.

“Yes! Fuck — oh yes!” Megan yelled as she was showered with warm sticky cum. By the time I was finished jerking Dad off, he had left shiny globs and trails of seed on both tits and much of her face. The dirty slut had even managed to catch some of it on her tongue, and she eagerly swallowed every drop.

I let go of Dad’s cock and took Megan’s hand, pulling her to her feet. My father watched with a wide grin as I licked his cum off her face and breasts, enjoying my first taste of his salty seed in a month.

The three of us quickly finished showering and dried off as we wandered into the master bedroom.

He normally spoke in careful, measured sentences. But he was nearly babbling in the wake of an incestuous threesome in the shower.

“I can’t believe you too! I’ve never seen — or felt — anything like that!” Then he paused. “How long have… you two…”

“Been fucking each other?” Megan finished for him. “It’s been a while now, but we don’t do it very often. Just when we both need a release.”

“Don’t worry Dad, we both prefer cock. Especially yours.”

“I can’t believe we’re going to be together for two weeks,” he said, shaking his head in wonder. Then he turned to me. “Did you plan all of this?”

“As soon as I got back from that weekend with you. Megan has had the hots for you forever, so I just had to tell her.”

“We figured coming together for a beach trip wouldn’t be suspicious,” Megan added. “And trust me — I won’t tell a soul. But enough talk. Your daughter hasn’t cum yet.”

“Let us help you out, honey,” Dad said with a dirty-old-man grin. He led me to the bed and I stretched out on top of it. My toned, slender body was fully exposed to my father and best friend.

They lay on either side of me and took turns kissing me on the lips and nibbling my earlobes. Both of them slowly, gently ran their fingers over my naked skin, bringing goose bumps to the surface. The feeling was amazing — Dad’s warm, rough hands on my left side, and Megan’s cool, soft hands on the right.

Then together they began to slide down my body, leaving a trail of kisses and licks on my cheeks, neck and upper chest. Megan and Dad worked their way to my nipples, which were already rock hard and begging for attention.

They worked on my tits for several minutes, licking, sucking and gently biting my nipples. My snatch had been wet all day, but now I could actually feel the steaming juices trickle down the crack of my ass onto the bed.

“Want to watch me suck your daughter’s pussy?” Megan asked Dad in a little-girl voice.

“Oh god, more than you can imagine,” he answered. I felt him literally shiver with anticipation and forbidden lust.

Megan dragged her hot tongue down my body, pausing to kiss and lick my belly button. She ran her fingers through my small patch of pubic hair, then teased my pussy with a light brush.

“You smell so sweet,” she whispered, then briefly rubbed the tip of her nose against my clit.

Dad was kissing and sucking my nipples while he watched the sapphic scene unfolding on his bed. He softly chuckled when Megan teased me.

“She’s going to explode all over your face if you’re not careful,” he joked. “Come on, Megan, dive in. I want to see you make her cum.”

Megan smiled and crawled between my long legs, but she wasn’t finished toying with me. She held her right breast up against my wet folds and began rubbing her stiff pink nipple against me. My cunt was throbbing and the contact with her tit sent jolts of electricity through me.

Dad reached down and used one hand to open my flower for Megan. I was moaning and sighing as she stroked my clit with her pillowy breast. Then she pulled the nipple into her mouth and sucked my juices away.

Finally my best friend had allowed me to suffer long enough. She dove down into my pussy, fucking me with her tongue and slurping my sweet cream.

“Oh god! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh!”

Almost instantly, my first orgasm slammed into me. I began bucking my hips and pushing my snatch into Megan’s face. Dad was rolling my nipples between his fingers as he watched me start to cum. Megan replaced her tongue with a finger and began plunging it in and out of my vagina. She quickly latched onto my clit and sucked it hard, pushing me over the edge.

“Suck me Meg! Don’t stop! Oh god! Yessss!”

Dad’s bedroom began to tilt and spin a little, as if I had stumbled into the house after sneaking some alcohol. But I felt like every nerve ending on my body was tingling as my orgasm rocked and pounded me.

Megan’s mouth never left my pussy, so I didn’t even realize that she had spun her body around until I felt her soft thighs around my head. I opened my eyes to see her dripping snatch above me, and I was suddenly hungry for it. I wrapped my hands around her delicious ass cheeks and pulled her down to my mouth. I drank the tangy juices from her pussy while I tongue-fucked her and sucked her labia.

I didn’t know where Dad was, but I imagined him sitting on the side of the bed, slowly stroking his cock as he watched these hot young teenaged sluts locked in a 69. Megan said something, but I couldn’t hear it with her inner thighs pressed against my ears.

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