What You Gave Kevin


This wasn’t right, none of it, and if I ever heard one of my friends tell me they did sometimes like this to their own flesh and blood I would have called them depraved. That’s what happens when you get lonely, I guess.

I suppose it doesn’t help that even though I’m 66 years old, I can still get it up. Not many of my friends can still, I suspect, but I can and do, and it’s a rare day that doesn’t find me popping a load while reading a story on .

Not just any story either. I’ve come to enjoy the ones in the Incest category, and while this is a recent interest of mine, I’ve been making up for lost time. Those stories about grandfathers and their granddaughters really get my juices flowing, if you know what I mean.

I like the tales that are more like real life, because while most young ladies are cute in their own way, not that many are the ravishing beauties depicted in many stories, and that lack of realism makes me lose interest.

My granddaughter Virginia is real. She likes to be called Ginny, so nobody calls her Virginia unless they are mad at her, and I guess she’s like most 18 year old girls these days. She’s moody and mouthy and likes to give my daughter a hard time when she doesn’t get her own way.

I feel sorry for my daughter, who got dumped by her husband a few years ago and became both father and mother to Ginny. Because I live fairly close by and being a retired widower with a lot of time on my hands, I like to help out when I can.

That was how I found myself in the position I’m in now. I went over to their place one weekday afternoon at the start of summer last year. They had screens that needed to get into windows, so because it was a nice day I drove over with nothing but the best intentions.

Well, maybe not all of my intentions were honorable. There was always the chance that Ginny would be in the swimming pool, if they had even bothered to open up the old above ground thing for the season.

Ginny has dark brown hair cut really short, almost mannish looking, and I think many people suspect that she might be a lesbian. Ginny isn’t exactly blessed with a knockout figure either. That much I knew in watching her develop from a child to a young woman. She’s a little plump, with her bottom a bit larger than her top, but that was alright with me.

I suppose that it isn’t that unusual for a grandfather to notice things like that, in a perfectly innocent way. My frequent visits to their home has led me to learn a lot of things that grandfathers don’t know though. Maybe shouldn’t know. I tend to do a little snooping when I’m there.

Ginny wears 38C bras and her pantie size is 8, which translates into an XL. She uses Tampax Pearl Tampons, Teen Spirit Pink Crush deodorant, Venus Embrace Razors and Silky Smooth Shave Gel. She likes these Twilight books and movies and seems to have a crush on some guy named Zac Efron, and who he is or what he does I have no idea.

Ginny’s also a bit of a tease. I’ve caught her several times giving me little peeks down her blouse, ‘accidentally’ of course, and I know she’s caught me taking her up on her not-too-subtle flirting by looking at what she wants me to see.

I also know one other thing about Ginny that a grandfather shouldn’t know. She loves to suck cock.

How do I know that? Simple. I saw her, and judging by what I saw, it was obvious that my granddaughter is no lesbian and that it wasn’t the first time a cock had passed between those full red lips of hers.

It was on that day that I went to install their screen windows. After pulling into the driveway I headed to the garage where they kept the screens during the winter. I noted that the cover was still on the pool, which meant that there would be no glimpses of my cherubic granddaughter in her bathing suit that day.

I remember reaching for the knob on the side door of the garage when I froze in my tracks. My hearing isn’t all that great, but it was good enough to pick up the unmistakable sounds of a guy having a lot of fun.

Having made those noises quite a lot over the years, although not in recent memory, the groaning and moaning got my attention so I took a few steps around to the back of the garage, not knowing what I would find.

Stopping dead in my tracks when I reached the edge of the back wall, I was treated to the sight of some young guy I didn’t know leaning against the back wall of the shed. He looked a little like Maynard G. Krebs to me, skinny, long haired and a bit disheveled, and his pants and underwear were down around his calves.

The girl kneeling before him – her I knew. My precious granddaughter Ginny, who was on her knees in the dirt, fully clothed, was moving her mouth on this guy’s cock like a pro, slamming the guy back into the garage wall every time her mouth pushed forward.

“Suck that cock Ginny!” the kid sneered. “Take it all!”

What did I do during all of this? What I wanted to do was go over and get in line for some of that action. Ginny was deep-throating the guy, and even though it didn’t look like Girne Escort that was a whole lot there to suck, she took every centimeter of it.

What I did was take out this fancy little gadget – one of this things that you can not only load music onto, but can tell you the temperature in London or what the stock market is doing. It also takes pictures, and that what I did until the guy popped his load. Ginny took the spunk in her mouth too, although she spit it out onto the dirt after he was done.

I ducked back out of sight before they noticed me watching, and I managed to look like I was just arriving when the two lovebirds came out from back there. After they said hello and walked past me I heard the kid tell Ginny that they were lucky they didn’t get caught while I went about the business of putting those screens up.

When I got back to my place I made a few prints of the pictures that came out the best and I had to admit that they didn’t come out bad. The best part was that although you couldn’t see the kids face in the photos, there was no mistaking my granddaughter, which was all I cared about.


“Where’s your boyfriend… what’s his name?” I asked, having forgotten the name of the boy Ginny had introduced me to yesterday in passing.

“Kevin?” Ginny said. “He’s working. Not really my boyfriend though.”

“Oh really?” I said while following Ginny out to the garage, having lured her out there on a bullshit premise.

Ginny was wearing a red tank top that allowed me a bit of a view of the tops of her tits, and white shorts that were snug on her full butt. Ginny’s legs were plump but shapely, and I wondered how they would feel wrapped around my hips.

“Because yesterday,” I said while moving in front of my granddaughter as we reached the garage, and she seemed confused when I herded her out behind the shed. “You sure looked like you were really close. See?”

I handed Ginny one of the pictures I had in an envelope, and when she looked at it the expression on her face was priceless as she gaped at the image of herself on her knees in virtually the same spot we were.

After looking back and forth at the picture and at me looking grandfatherly and kind, she ripped up the picture. I wasn’t surprised, although that photo paper is kind of expensive, but it didn’t matter because I had plenty more in addition to having the images stored on my computer.

“Ginny,” I said with an air of grandfatherly disapproval. “That’s not nice. You looked so cute there. It doesn’t matter, because there’s more where that came from.”

“Here,” I continued while handing my flustered granddaughter another photo. “This one is even better. You can see your rosy red cheeks clearly. I’ve got this one as a screen saver on my computer. You’re got his nuts on your chin.”

Ginny’s lower lip started quivering and her eyes welled up with tears. It was a touching sight, and for some reason I also found it arousing.

“Gonna give them to Mom?” Ginny sniffed.

“Why would I do that?” I said. “I was young once myself and I remember what it was like to be horny all the time.”

“Still feel that way a lot, you know?” I said as I looked down on Ginny, who was about a foot shorter than my 6’1″ height, and when I put my long weathered fingers on her plump round shoulder she jumped.

“Then what…”

“Take off your blouse.”


“You heard me. Take off your blouse and then take off your bra,” I said while taking a step back and leaning on the very wall my granddaughter had pinned her friend yesterday. “Rather hot out today anyway.”

“What?” Ginny snapped. “You gonna blackmail me?”

“I didn’t say that. I just want to see your tits,” I snickered. “I’m sure Kevin’s seen them. It’s not like you’re a kid anymore. You’re 18.”

“You’re my grandfather,” Ginny huffed.

“I know,” I said. “Makes it sound even nastier, doesn’t it? I think you want me to see what a big girl you are now – show Grandpa those 38C’s of yours.”

Ginny stood open-mouthed, her head slowly moving back and forth as she tried to comprehend what was happening, and how her grandfather knew what size bra she wore. Clearly, I had no intention of blackmailing my granddaughter, but I suspected that she might use that line of reasoning to justify something that might actually be arousing to her deep inside.

“Here?” Ginny squeaked.

“Why not?” I suggested, pointing out that there was no way anyone could see back there. “Besides, this spot is kind of erotic, don’t you think.”

“I’m waiting,” I said after a moment of us staring at each other.

“You – you aren’t going to take pictures of me, are you?”

“No Ginny,” I said as she pulled the bottom of her tank top out from under her shorts. “That’s it – no – don’t turn around while you take it off. I want to watch.”

My heart was racing as Ginny lifted the top up, exposing her fleshy belly and then the bra that housed her breasts. With her arms raised up briefly, I noticed the faint Kıbrıs Escort 5 o’clock shadow that completely coated the deep hollows of her armpits, and I wondered whether that indicated Ginny had a really hairy pussy too.

“Nice, honey,” I said. “Now the bra.”

Ginny screwed up her face at my request, but I didn’t rush her, instead checking out the ample cleavage that her bra revealed, and it was then that I realized that she should go out and buy some new bras, since she was crammed into that 38C.

“Come now Virginia,” I said, enjoying her reaction to my using her full name. “You certainly have no reason to be embarrassed, seeing as how well endowed you are. Maybe some day we can go get you fitted for some new brassieres. I’ll bet you’re at least a D cup now, and it’s a shame to have all of that natural beauty squeezed into ill-fitting garments.”

The thought of taking Ginny into some woman’s foundations store and watching some lesbian clerk fitting her for bras while subtly pawing at her tits – I think that was from a story I read at – made my cock twitch.

“That’s it,” I said while watching Ginny reach back and struggle with the hooks before the harness lurched forward as her breasts came free.

“Gorgeous,” I whispered as Ginny pulled the straps off of her shoulders and held the bra at her side, allowing me the unobstructed view of a great pair of tits. “Look at those nipples of yours!”

While Ginny’s full breasts were amazing, what capped them off was even better. Her aureoles were the circumference of drink coasters, the crimson nipples in their centers were like bullets, and those pegs seemed to be growing longer and thicker as I spoke.

“Grandpa,” Ginny gasped when my hand came up to feel the giving flesh, and as her nipples burned my palm my heart did a little dance that made my knees tremble.

“Ssh – you love it,” I said softly. “You know you love it. Maybe not as much as I do, but still…”

I loved her just the way she was, but if my granddaughter ever hit the gym and lost a little of the baby fat that was on her thick waist, she would be an absolute knockout.

I kneaded her breasts, reveling in their natural softness, and then stepped away to look around the corner of the garage, just to make sure nobody was coming.

“No no,” I said, stopping Ginny when she seemed to be thinking that we were done. “We’re going to stay back here. There’s something I want you to do for me.”

“Please Grandpa,” Ginny whined as she watched me undo my belt, and my baggy trousers fell to the ground before I even undid the clasp.

“Don’t whine honey,” I said, pausing before unsnapping by boxer shorts. “All I want is what you gave Kevin yesterday. I love you way more than he does, and besides, judging by the way you sucked his cock that was far from the first one you’ve gobbled.”

I smiled benevolently as the snap popped open, and I reveled in watching Ginny’s reaction at what she saw when my faded beige boxers hit the ground. It was the double-take that sent shivers through my body, and though my granddaughter had turned away initially, her head jerked back as I exposed myself.

“What’s the matter honey?” I cooed sympathetically, knowing that it wasn’t my knobby knees that made her do that precious double-take. “I like the shy act but we both know you’ve seen plenty of these before.”

“Not like that,” Ginny mumbled, having given up trying to hide her stare, and her reaction made my cock begin to get aroused.

“What? You mean me not being circumcised?” I suggested while reaching down and sliding back the foreskin to expose the plum-sized glans beneath.

“No,” Ginny said, dismissing my suggestion that she wasn’t aware of the male anatomy while watching my hand slid slowly up and down what would soon be 9 or so inches of thick flesh pointed at her when fully engorged. “You know.”

“No, I don’t know, honey,” I said feigning interested at what it was that had startled her so, and even though it was something that I had enjoyed every time it happened through my life, I never got tired of it.

“Your cock is fucking huge.”

I chose not to chastise my granddaughter for her salty language, and also feigned surprise that my cock was anything out of the ordinary while pulling on my dangling hose innocently. In fact, I was rather aroused already, as well as being much more of a ‘show-er’ than a grower, so that the 9″ cock she was gawking at wouldn’t grow much at all after it got fully hard.

“Nothing to be afraid of honey,” I said as I put my hand on her round shoulder where the bra strap had formed a groove, and as I eased my granddaughter down to her knees I added, “Been a long time for your old Grandpa.”

Holding my cock in my right hand and the back of Ginny’s head in my left, I started to bring them closer together, until the tip of my cock was against Ginny’s pouting face, and I pressed forward, telling her to part those lips and give me what she gave Kevin.

“Skin it back,” I said, but Ginny Magosa Escort was already doing just that, and her lips slid along the head and partway down the shaft, not stopping until almost half of my cock was wet with her saliva. “Good girl. That’s my Ginny.”

The tearful reactions and the way she had behaved earlier – that was long gone. Maybe it was just an act, I thought. Maybe she was playing with me all along just to see if it would make me want her more. If so, like George once said, mission accomplished.

I loved the way she was glance up at my occasionally, and she was go down even further when I smiled my approval. It was feeling too good for me to last very long, but I tried my best to stay control.

“You aren’t going to spit it out after I cum like you did Kevin, are you?” I asked. “Gonna cum soon and I want you to swallow it.”

“No!” Ginny said, pulling her face away from my cock, and I was about to tell her, fine, if you don’t want to that’s fine, but that wasn’t way.

“Fuck me, Grandpa,” Ginny said as she scrambled to her feet and dragged me into the garage, and after she yanked her shorts down her plump shapely legs and pulled down her panties, I learned that Ginny had a nice hairy pussy indeed.

Wet too, I discovered when my hand raked through the thick muff, but Ginny wasn’t interested in much foreplay because she was bringing me over to the back of the garage where an old chair sat. Ginny knelt on the arm and bent over to grab the other arm with her hands.

“You seem to have used this before,” I snickered as I looked at Ginny’s plump ass, and as I spread her cheeks I saw that the hair grew right up to her asshole. “Hairy little thing aren’t you? Want it up the ass?”

“No. My cunt, Grandpa,” she grunted when I dipped my finger in her anus for a moment. “Give it to me in the pussy. Hard!”

I brought my cock up between her legs and without ceremony leaned into her, making the little girl squeal as I forced my cock into her tight pussy. I forced myself to look away as I pushed all of my cock into her before beginning to thrust in and out.

I looked at the gardening tools in the corner, the pile of newspapers to be recycled and just about anything but Ginny, who was making it tough enough by talking dirty and making a lot of noise. Finally I gave up and began pounding into Ginny as hard as I could, making the chair bounce and causing Ginny’s chubby butt to jiggle.

I held onto her fleshy hips as she announced that she was about to orgasm. Actually, what she said was, “Fucking cumming!” and she didn’t say it either, but screamed it, making me hope that no neighbors were home.

She came just in time because I was about to myself, and when she came her pussy savagely crushed my cock and made me start to ejaculate inside of her. After a few spurts it struck me that there was a chance I could still fire live rounds, but by then it was too late so I leaned over and reached under my granddaughter, squeezing her jugs as they dangled below her until I was spent.

“That was good, Grandpa,” Ginny said as we untangled.

“Yes,” I wheezed as I stepped back and leaned against the wall while Ginny looked around for her clothes.

“Damn Grandpa,” Ginny muttered as she reached down and scooped the cum that was oozing out of her pussy with her hand, shaking it on the ground and laughing as more drooled out and hung on her pubic hair. “You really shot a load in me.”

“You can’t get – you know?” I asked.

“No,” she said while musing. “That would be something though, wouldn’t it?”

“That chair,” I said. “You seemed to have mastered that maneuver.”

“Yeah, you’re tall enough,” Ginny said. “And you older dudes like to fuck standing up I guess. Easier on the back and it makes you feel more like a predator. What, you thought I was a virgin or something? I was just playing with you before. Not easy playing innocent. I’ve wanted you for a long time.”

“No, I – well I don’t know.”

“Yours is the biggest one I’ve had though,” Ginny admitted. “No way would I take you in the ass, at least not sober.”

“Oldest one too,” I said while trying to get my pants on.

“Um – how old are you?” she asked while thinking. “66? Yeah, I think you’re the oldest.”

“You’ve been with other old guys?” I asked.

“Not nice to fuck and tell,” Ginny said. “Need help with that?”

“No, I’m okay,” I said as the pants finally came up and we made our way out of the garage.

“If you liked it and want more, give me a call,” Ginny said before I went on my way, and I told her I would.

That was a year ago, and I’ve made that call over a dozen times. Only once was Ginny not agreeable, and when she told me the reason why, I told her that I didn’t about that and would have that chair cleaned.

I did too, and I don’t know if her mother noticed that old chair was professionally cleaned or not, but it makes it nicer for me and Ginny, and for whoever else uses it I suppose, but I’m not jealous because at my age there is no way I could keep Ginny satisfied. Maybe no one man could.

I’m going over this afternoon because it was her 19th birthday recently, and when I asked her what she wanted she told me. I don’t know who was more surprised when I said yes, me or Ginny, when she told me that she wanted two men for her birthday.

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