Who Needs Men? Pt. 02


It had been several weeks since Kate and her daughters had had sex with each other. Since then, Kristina and Zoey were inseparable. They slept together every night, and couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

Kate would join them every once in a while in their sexual trysts, but often preferred to sit back and let her daughters’ romance blossom. She often watched them fuck, as it was still her favourite fantasy, and enjoyed masturbating as she did. She longed for something different though.

Kate loved having sex with her daughters, but part of her knew she needed to find her own partner. She knew she couldn’t be satisfied as the third wheel in her girls’ relationship forever, but wasn’t sure she could get back out there to find a girlfriend of her own.

One evening, the sisters were in the bathroom enjoying a sensual bath together. The room was lit with candles, and they were wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing tenderly.

Just as Zoey’s hand started to slip between her sister’s thighs, their mother poked her head into the room.

“Oh, hey Mom! Care to join us? I’m sure we could squeeze you in.” Kris said. As she spoke, she leaned over the side of the tub, pressing her wet breasts against the edge sexily.

Kate smiled, stepping into the room.

“Well, that does sound inviting, Honey, but I came up because I have some news.” she said. “I just got off the phone with your Aunt Holly. She and your cousins are going to be staying here for a little while.”

“Is everything ok?” Zoey asked, concerned.

“Well, you know Holly and your uncle have been having problems for a while… I’ve been telling her to leave that idiot for years… Anyway, she’s finally done it. She said she came home from work to find him drunk one too many times, so she packed up herself and the girls and left him. They’re driving down as we speak. She just called me from a hotel!”

“Oh my God!” Kris exclaimed.

“Wow! Well, good for her!” Zoey added. “When will they get here?”

“Sometime tomorrow evening, I would expect.” Kate replied. She looked at her daughters and smiled. “So, I suppose we’d better make the most of our time together tonight.”

With that, she pulled off her robe, revealing her naked body beneath. The sisters grinned at each other, and scooted to the side, giving their mother room to join them in the large bathtub.

“Sissy… We’re heeeeere!” Holly called as she walked into the house.

“Ooooh, Holly! You’re early!”

Kate came running from the kitchen, hugging her younger sister excitedly. Kris and Zoey were right behind her, welcoming their aunt and cousins with hugs and kisses.

Holly’s eldest daughter, Piper, was happy to see her cousins. It had been a couple of years, and she missed them very much, especially Kris, who was just a year younger than herself.

“Hi, Kris! Wow, I love your skirt!” she exclaimed.

“Thanks! But your pants look super sexy.” Kris replied.

Piper’s younger sister, Hanna, was a bit shyer, but equally happy to be reunited with her cousins. She was Zoey’s age, and greeted both her and Kris warmly.

“Wow, Han! You’re hair is so long!” Zoey said. “It’s really beautiful!”

“Th-thanks, Zoey! I’m sure it’s not nearly as pretty as yours.” she said with a laugh.

The girls and women moved into the kitchen arm in arm, filling the room with excited chatter. The girls helped Kate finish preparing dinner, and the six women caught up with each other over a long meal.

“So where are we sleeping?” Piper asked her aunt as she helped dry the dishes.

“Oh, don’t worry, me and Kris are gonna bunk together, so you and Han can have my room.” Zoey explained, doing her best to not seem too eager to be sharing a bed with her sister.

“Aw… I thought you and I could sleep together, like our slumber parties when we were young!” Hanna pouted.

“Yeah! And I can bunk with Kris and gossip about boys with her, like old times! Hahaha!” Piper laughed.

Kris almost choked on her gum at the ‘gossip about boys’ remark.

“W-well…” she coughed, looking from her sister to her mother.

“I think that’s a fine idea!” Kate interjected, giving her daughters a serious look. She knew she didn’t want her sister or her nieces finding out about the girls’ escapades, and this arrangement would definitely make that easier.

Kris and Zoey understood their mother’s concern, and happily agreed. Kris took Piper by the hand, showing her where she would be sleeping, and Zoey did the same for Hanna.

“And, you, dear sister, can share with me during your stay.” Kate said, turning to Holly who was still sitting at the dining table. Holly stood, and hugged her sister tightly.

“Sounds like great fun! A sisterly sleepover! Haha!” Holly laughed.

Kate blushed as she felt her body respond to Holly’s embrace. She didn’t even want to consider being attracted to her sister, but her trysts with her daughters had certainly made her familiar with the concept. She convinced herself she would have to keep her hormones Avrupa Yakası Escort in check, and returned Holly’s hug, laughing along with her.

Later that evening, while Zoey showered, Hanna was getting dressed for bed in her cousin’s bedroom. She wore a pair of tight boxers and an oversized flannel shirt that buttoned all the way down. She climbed in bed, deciding to read for a bit while she waited for Zoey to finish getting ready.

When she climbed under the covers, she noticed something hard brushing against her leg. She reached for the object, and was shocked when she pulled out a large plastic dildo!

The dildo was attached to a harness of some kind. As Hanna inspected it, she realized what it must be for. ‘Is this for a woman to fuck another… woman??’ she thought.

She knew her aunt was a lesbian, and wondered if it was hers, but then why would it be in Zoey’s bed? As she pondered that very question, she heard footsteps out in the hall. Panicking, she thrust the toy under her pillow, just as Zoey walked in drying her hair with a towel.

She was dressed in her usual sleepwear, a thin sweatshirt that hugged her body and a pair of plaid boxer shorts.

“Hey, Han. Whatcha reading?” she asked.

“Huh?” Hanna responded, confused. After a pause, she realized she was still holding her book. “Oh! Just uh… re-reading twilight.” she stammered.

“Ooo! Do you want to watch the movie in bed? I’ve got the whole series on blue ray!” Zoey exclaimed, rushing over to her entertainment unit.

Before Hanna could say a word, the disc was playing, and Zoey had climbed in to bed next to her. Throughout the movie, she couldn’t stop thinking about the object under her pillow, and wondering about her cousin…

Kate lay wide awake while Holly slept soundly beside her. She couldn’t help watch as her sister’s breasts rose and fell with her steady breathing. Kate licked her lips.

‘I can’t be thinking this…’ she thought. She pressed her thighs together, sighing as the pressure sent pleasure to her pussy.

She turned to her side, facing away from Holly, and tried her best to get to sleep.

Piper and Kris had stayed up late, talking and hanging out just like they had when they were younger. Throughout the night, Piper kept bringing up the subject of boys, but Kris always seemed eager to change the subject.

She wondered why her cousin had been so evasive, but now it was late, and the two were in bed for the night. Kris was already fast asleep, and Piper wasn’t far behind. She turned her back to her cousin, laying on her side and snuggled into the covers.

Just as she was about to fall asleep herself, she heard her cousin murmur something in her sleep. Piper opened her eyes, waiting to see if it would happen again, but Kris seemed to have gone quiet.

Then, she felt Kris cuddle up behind her. In her sleep, Kris wrapped her arm around her cousin, and breathed deeply the scent of her hair. Piper shifted awkwardly, but didn’t push her cousin away.

When Kris murmured again, it was much clearer, and sounded more like a moan. She pressed her body against Piper’s, her hips pushing into the girl’s backside.

Piper blushed as she realized what was happening. ‘Kris must be having a sexy dream or something…’ she thought. She tried to pull away, but Kris held her tighter. When she cupped Piper’s breast in her hand, the girl finally had enough.

She grabbed Kris’s hand and gently pulled it from her chest.

“Kris?” she said.

Her cousin seemed to wake up when Piper spoke, and realized what she was doing.

“Oh.. Sorry, Pipes… I uh… must have been dreaming.” she muttered, before quickly turning to her other side, facing the other direction.

“Th-that’s ok.” Piper answered, trying to play it off like it was nothing. It didn’t seem like nothing, though… at least not to her. For a long while after that, she thought about what had happened between her and Kristina, confused about what to think of it all.

Kris, too, took a long time to fall back to sleep. Scared of revealing her family’s secret, she swore to herself she would be more careful from this point forward.

The next day, Hanna was in Zoey’s room alone again, trying to read her book. Trying, because she still couldn’t stop thinking about the strap on she’d found in her cousin’s bed. Having the toy under her pillow had made it uncomfortable to try and sleep, but she didn’t dare move it, for fear of Zoey discovering what she’d found.

Her curiosity growing, she decided to try and inspect the device again while she was alone. Just as she was about to lift the pillow, Piper walked into the room, and she quickly tried to make it look like she wasn’t up to anything incriminating.

“Hey, Sis. How’s the book?” Piper asked, plopping down next to Hanna on the bed.

“Um… It’s good! What’s up with you?”

“Oh… not much. Kris and Zoey went with our moms to grab some take out Bahçelievler Escort for dinner.”

Piper seemed a bit distracted to her sister, but Hanna couldn’t quite put her finger on what was wrong. The two girls sat in silence. Piper was fiddling with a stuffed bear she’d picked up off Zoey’s bedside table. Just as Hanna was about to go back to reading her book, her sister spoke up again.

“So.. something, uh, k-kind of weird happened last night…” she stammered.

Hanna put her book down again, and waited for Piper to continue.

“I think Kris kind of, um… well, she groped me in her sleep last night.”

“Oh my God!” Hanna exclaimed before she could stop herself.

“I know! She like, grinded against me and felt up my boobs… Freaky, eh?”

“Do… do you think she’s a lesbian? Like Aunty Kate?” Hanna asked hesitantly.

“What? I don’t know… Do you think she might be?”

Hanna didn’t answer, but seemed to be thinking for a moment.

“Ok… Swear you won’t tell anyone – but I found something last night that might have something to do with what happened to you.” she said, reaching under her pillow. When she pulled out the strap on, Piper gasped, clasping her hand over her mouth.

“Holy shit! Is that… is that what I think it is?!?” she asked. She reached for it tentatively, taking it from her sister to inspect more closely.

“Yeah… it was in Zoey’s bed when I climbed in last night.”

“In Zoey’s bed? Do you think it’s hers?”

“Well, I don’t know! I thought maybe it was Aunt Kate’s… but after what you told me, maybe it’s Kris’s? Or it could be Zoey’s! I’m so confused! Like, are they all lesbians, or something?”

“I don’t know…” Piper answered, staring at the strap on incredulously.

They heard a car door slam, and Hanna quickly took the toy from her sister, stuffing it back under her pillow.

“They’re home! We’ll figure this out later. Let’s go help them bring in supper” she said, getting up from the bed.

“Yeah.. ok. Wow…” Piper followed her sister out of the room, glancing over her shoulder at the pillow one last time.

That night, Piper was once again having trouble falling asleep. She was back in Kris’s bed, facing away from her cousin just like the night before. She couldn’t seem to stop thinking about the strap on Hanna had shown her, or the way Kris had groped her in her sleep.

She wondered if her cousins were lesbians like their mother. She wondered who Zoey may have used that strap on with, and part of her wondered if she would feel Kris’s hand squeezing her breasts again. She found it hard to admit, but a growing part of her hoped that she would.

She suddenly felt her cousin turn over in her sleep, and she stiffened, waiting to see what would happen. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and she held her breath in anticipation.

When she didn’t feel her cousin touch her, she was surprised how disappointed she felt. She realized she wanted to be touched, and the thought sent a shiver through her body. Unconsciously, she pushed her ass back slightly on the bed, until it pressed into Kris’s body.

She held it there, waiting nervously. After a few minutes, she finally felt her cousin start to move again. She felt Kris’s hips pressing against her from behind. Kris draped her leg over Piper’s, and slowly started to grind against her cousin.

Piper could feel the heat from Kris’s pussy on her ass, and her own arousal flared. She pushed back harder, and the two girls slowly started pumping their hips together.

Kris was beginning to wake as her body got hotter, but wasn’t completely aware yet of where she was or what she was doing. In her sleep addled mind, she was fucking her sister. With that thought, she reached forward, cupping Piper’s breast and squeezing it. She started to fuck harder, her pussy beginning to wet her panties.

Piper was on fire, her hips rolling desperately against her cousin’s thrusting cunt. She gasped as Kris squeezed her tit, and pushed her chest into the girl’s hand. Unable to resist herself, she finally spun onto her back, pulling Kris down on top of her into a passionate kiss.

Kris returned the kiss eagerly, her tongue dueling with her cousin’s. She pushed her thigh between Piper’s, and the two started humping each other eagerly. Kris pawed at Piper’s tits, kneading the soft flesh through her tank top.

When she lowered her lips to her cousin’s neck, Piper let out a passionate wail.

“Yes! Kris! Don’t stop!” she cried.

Kris froze, realizing then who she was with. She quickly pulled herself from her cousin’s body, and switched on the bedside lamp.

“Piper?!?” she exclaimed.

Still gasping for breath, Piper sat up.

“Well, yeah! Who did you think it was?” she asked.

Kris’s eyes grew wide as she realized what she’d done. She’d cheated on her sister, the love of her life, and she couldn’t forgive herself. Tears welling in her eyes, she leapt from the bed Bahçeşehir Escort and ran from the room. She needed to confess to her lover and pray for forgiveness, right away!

Confused and incredulous, Piper jumped to her feet and followed in her cousin’s tracks.

Hanna was also wide awake in bed, still wondering who the strap on belonged to. She’d considered outright asking Zoey before bed, but chickened out at the last minute.

Now, she found herself getting aroused as she thought about the secret she kept under her pillow. She shamefully began to wonder what it would feel like to have it inside her.

Making sure her cousin was sound asleep, she gently pulled the device out to inspect once again. She brought it to her nose, sniffing it to determine if it had been recently used.

“What are you doing?” a voice suddenly rang out in the darkness.

Hanna jumped, fumbling to hide the strap on again. Too quickly, though, Zoey sat up and flipped on the lamp next to her, staring down at her cousin caught red handed.

“Um… I… I found this…” Hanna began in a quiet voice.

Blushing a bright crimson, Zoey snatched the toy from her cousin’s hand, and stuffed it in a nearby drawer.

“So it is yours…” Hanna couldn’t help but say it.

Zoey whirled around, but was just as quiet when she admitted:

“Yes. It is.”

“You’re a lesbian.” Hanna blurted.

Zoey was surprised, but answered. “Yes. I am.”

They were quiet for several seconds, before Hanna finally asked her cousin:

“What’s it like?”

Zoey didn’t know how to answer her cousin. She felt ridiculously awkward talking about this with her.. with sweet innocent Hanna. She just stared back at her, fumbling for words. Hanna’s face was pink, and she looked like she was getting aroused by their conversation. Zoey noticed this, and wondered allowed:

“Han? Are you… are you into this kind of stuff?” She leaned forward, putting her hand on her cousin’s thigh. Hanna looked down at Zoey’s hand, and something inside her went off. She lunged forward, kissing her cousin passionately.

Zoey was taken aback by Hanna’s forwardness. She fell back on the mattress, her cousin landing on top of her. After the initial shock, Zoey felt her body respond to the kiss, and she returned it with growing passion.

The two girls started to make out harder, their bodies grinding together. Absorbed in their arousal, they’d both lost all inhibition, and were consumed by lust.

As they continued to hump each other on the bed, the door flew open, and a tearful Kris came into the room. She froze in her tracks when she saw them. Zoey noticed Kris right away, and pushed Hanna off of her, stumbling off the bed.

“Kris!” she cried, rushing to her sister. “Baby, I’m so sorry! It doesn’t mean anything, Baby, I swear!” She could feel the tears welling herself. She reached for Kris’s hand. Kris accepted it, but broke down.

“Oh, Zoey… it’s ok, I don’t care! I love you. I… I kind of just cheated on you too… Th-that’s why I’m here. to confess.” she looked at her feet and sniffled, ashamed of herself.

“Oh, Baby, it’s ok! I forgive you too! I’m just so happy you’re not mad!” The two sisters embraced, crying in each other’s arms.

Just then, Piper arrived, and stopped in the doorway, watching the sisters hug. Hanna was still sitting on the bed, trying to piece together what was happening. Were Kris and Zoey lovers? And who did Kris cheat with?

She looked at her sister and realization dawned on her face. Piper saw her sister’s gaze, and blushed. Just then, they were surprised by a soft moan. They looked back to their cousins, and saw them making out tenderly with each other.

Oblivious to Hanna and Piper, Zoey and Kris were lost in each other, kissing intensely while wrapped in each other’s arms. They backed themselves towards the bed slowly, making sure not to let their lips part.

Hanna quickly slid to the side, dodging her cousins just as they fell to the mattress. Kris lay on top of her sister, moaning as her tongue explored the younger girl’s mouth. Zoey pushed her hands under Kris’s shirt, starting to lift it up over her torso.

Realizing she was in the way, Hanna got off the bed and joined her sister at the door. They stood side by side, watching their cousins make love to each other before their eyes.

“Did you really, like, make out with Kris?” Hanna asked.

Piper blushed and nodded, unable to look her sister in the eyes.

“It’s ok, Pipes… I… I was making out with Zoey when you guys came in.” the younger girl confessed.

“Really?” Piper asked, turning to look at Hanna. The younger girl nodded, and both girls, embarrassed but aroused, turned their attention back to the action.

The sisters on the bed finally broke their kiss so Zoey could lift Kris’s shirt over her head. As she pulled the top free, Zoey seemed to remember her cousins were in the room, looking over at them for the first time.

Kris, now topless, started kissing her sister’s neck, running her tongue over the younger girl’s throat. Zoey stopped her, still looking at the girls in the doorway. She whispered something to her sister, and Kris stopped what she was doing.

“Are you sure?” she asked in a low voice.

Zoey nodded and Kris looked over at her cousins. Slowly, the girls on the bed got up, and approached the girls at the door.

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