“This story has been revised and expanded.”


“Hey, Jade, what do you think they are talking about?” My best friend Erika asked me quietly.

Erika and I were soaking in the outdoor hot-tub around the first of June. It was just outside the back patio door of my house.

I looked through the rising steam at our parents who were sitting around the patio table across the pool. They were laughing and drinking margarita’s and looked like they were having a great time.

“I don’t know, I guess grown up stuff,” I told her and pulled my hair out of my eyes.

Erika got closer and whispered, “No…Keep watching, sometimes our dad’s look over here and whisper something to each other.”

My long hair was limp from the steam, and I pulled the rubber band off and started to put it back in a ponytail, “Here let me do that.” Erika told me, so I held my head back while she straightened it and made a new ponytail for me.

“Thanks, that’s better!” I told her when she was finished, “You want me to do yours?”

“Sure, keep watching.” She giggled and turned her back to me so I could fix her long blonde hair.

Erika and I both had hair that went to the middle of our backs. Mine was black, and hers was golden and sort of curly. Mine just hung straight down like moms. I loved how glossy it looked wet, black and shiny like a ravens feathers.

I glanced over to the grown-ups, and sure enough, Dad and Shaun were whispering something to each other while our moms went to the pool bar and refilled their glasses. I saw them looking at us and then quickly look away while they hurriedly talked about something before mom and Meagan got back.

“Did you see that?” Erika asked me.

“Yeah, I wonder what they are up to?”

“Who knows, but if I know my dad, they are cooking up something.”

“Probably planning another hunting trip,” I sighed.

My dad and Shaun had been going hunting every summer since I could remember. I guess you could call them modern-day woodsman. Living near Seattle gave them a chance to go hunting and fishing several times a year. Erika, her mom Meagan and Shaun had moved in around ten years ago, and Erika and I had pretty much grown up together. In fact, we’d just graduated from High School and were planning on going to the same college if we got accepted.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Erika replied, “They probably don’t want our moms to hear about it yet.” She laughed and sunk in the water up to her ears.

Erika and I had been making our own plans for summer. It was mainly to party and have fun before we started college.

“I’m glad we don’t have to go back to Thurman anymore,” Erika said leaning her head back on the padded edge of the tub.

“Me too!” I told her, “I don’t ever want to see that place again!”

I leaned back and soaked in the swirling water up to my chin, and thought about the crazy stuff Erika and I had done our senior year.

We sort of had gotten reputations as being easy. I guess we were a little too easy if the guy was hot, and we’d had a few beers. I didn’t see anything wrong with having sex, and neither did Erika. It had been fun for the most part, and only a few of the guys had been jerks.

Erika and I were 18 and enjoying our lives, even if it was a bit on the wild side. We weren’t the only ones; there were lots of kids in school that partied just as hard as we’d done! It wasn’t our fault the guys thought we were the two hottest girls in school. We didn’t know we were all that, but lots of boys did.

The problem was that it made a lot of other girls jealous. And that only made Erika and me that much closer. We stuck together like sisters when things went wrong. We even got into a fight one time at a party with some of those girls, but it didn’t last long before the guys broke it up.

Thirty minutes later it was getting too hot to stay in the tub much any longer, so we got out and dried off. I noticed our dad’s watching and acting like they weren’t, and then talking some more. I could tell they were all getting drunk because our moms were laughing and talking loud.

We wrapped towels around us and padded over to say goodnight.

“About time you gave up the tub!” Dad said, “It’s our turn next.”

“Night dad…mom.”

I gave dad a quick kiss on the cheek and then mom. Erika said her goodnights, and we hurried inside because it was late and getting colder outside.

After Erika and I took showers, we spent an hour or two flirting with boys on our cell phones. We were talking about who was the cutest and setting updates for the weekend. It was fun flirting with boys and reading all their nasty comments about what they would do to us if they got us alone.

Most of them didn’t realize they didn’t have a chance, but we flirted with them anyway just for fun.

Our house was big and shaped in an “L” with the pool and hot-tub tucked inside the back of the “L.” My room was upstairs on the short end of the “L,” and you could look down and see the pool and the hot-tub tucked under Beşiktaş Escort the large upstairs deck.

That evening I’d given up around one in the morning and fell asleep on my bed while Erika was still texting in the dark. About an hour later she shook me awake.

“Jade!” she was shaking my shoulders, “Jade wake up you’ve got to see this!”

“What?” I groaned and looked at my clock that said 2:23AM in green numbers.

“Come here…hurry up!” Erika told me excitedly.

I drug myself to sit up and rubbed my face, “What’s the big deal?”

Erika got down on her knees and walked over to my window, “Stay down, so they don’t see you…hurry up come and look!”

I was groggy and a little mad that she woke me up, but I crawled over on my knees and peeked over the window sill, “What?”

“Look at the hot-tub.” She whispered like someone could hear us.

All the lights were off, and it took a minute to focus because it was pretty far away and dark. I saw some movement and then saw what it was that Erika had wanted me to see.

Our dads were sitting up on the edge of the hot tub in the dark. Our moms were in the water between their legs giving them blow-jobs!

“Wow!” I murmured and tried to get a better view through the steam.

You couldn’t see the details, but it was plain enough to see our mom’s heads bobbing up and down in our dad’s laps!

I felt like a peeper but couldn’t stop watching!

Then it hit me that blonde haired Meagan was doing my dad! And my dark-haired mom was bobbing up and down on Shaun’s cock!

“OH MY GOD!” I said to Erika, our parents are swingers!

“I KNOW!” Erika replied, “Who would have guessed that?”

We kept watching, and it got worse!

Our moms got up and held onto the side of the tub as the guys got behind them doggy style and started doing it to them!

It was hard to see, but you could definitely tell what was going on over there in the dark. The guys were standing behind our moms and pumping their hips back and forth.

“Your dad is fucking my mom!” Erika said in amazement.

“SO, yours is doing my mom!” I told her; not being able to break my gaze.

“WOW!” Erika said again, and kept watching with me, “Our parents are kinky!”

“Amazing!” Was all I could think of to say.

When they were done, they all got back in the water, and it looked like they were kissing.

“I hope your dad changes the water tomorrow!” Erika laughed, as we crept away from the window.

We were in our PJ’s and got back on my bed under the covers, and laid in the dark thinking about what we’d seen.

“How long do you think they’ve been doing that?” I asked.

“Fifteen or twenty minutes.”

“No, I mean swapping with each other,” I told Erika because she could be dense some times.

“I don’t know, maybe your dad is really mine and vice versa!”

I laughed, “Yeah right, you’ve got some imagination girl!”

We laughed and fell asleep without any more conversation. I kept having the image of our moms leaning over taking it from behind and just couldn’t believe it! I didn’t think people in their forties did shit like that!

The next morning Erika and I found out that wasn’t the end of the surprises we were going to get that summer.

When we came down to the kitchen, our dads were sitting at the table with coffee and looking at a map. Mom and Meagan were cooking up pancakes, and a large plate of bacon and eggs was already on the table.

It looked like The Smith’s must have stayed overnight like Erika had done with me. I sat down wondering what they had done all night long? It was weird looking at mom and remembering how she had been bent over taking Shaun’s cock! I shook my head trying to get the image out of my mind.

“Hey girls!” Dad said, “Hope you’re hungry?”

Shaun looked up from the map, “Better fill up, we’ve got a long flight ahead of us.”

“Dad, what are you talking about?” Erika asked and sat down next to me.

Mom and Meagan came from the kitchen with a massive stack of pancakes on a plate and sat down with us.

“You’re going on a surprise trip,” My mom said with a devious smile as she started putting food on her plate.

The adults all looked at us.

“Where?” Erika asked, scooping some hash browns on to her plate.

“North.” Meagan said, “That’s all you need to know for now.”

Erika and I looked at each other, “North?”

Shaun stopped looking at the old map, “We’re taking you girls with us on a trip to the wilderness!” He grinned as I almost dropped my fork.

“I thought nobody was ever allowed to go with you on your secret hunting trips,” Erika told her dad.

“Yeah!” I added.

My dad and Shaun had always taken at least one trip a year. I’d wanted to go with them several times, but the answer had always been no. Girls weren’t allowed to go hunting. Not even our moms could go with them, so Erika and I were pretty surprised by the news.

“Cool!” Erika said, Beylikdüzü Escort “So where are we going upstate?”

“You’ll see when we get there.” Her dad told her, “You better get packing we leave tonight!”

We ate breakfast, but no one would tell us anything else. Mom helped me pack, and I had two suitcases full of warm clothes, and just about everything else, you could imagine.

“How long are we going to be gone?” I asked her.

“Two weeks, so you need plenty of clothes.” Mom said, zipping up the last bag, “You better take some tampon’s.”

“I just had my period last week,” I told mom.

“Okay, well you girls are going to have a great time,” She smiled, “Your father and I went there when we first got married!”

Before I knew it, we were on our way to some unknown destination!

“This is exciting!” Erika whispered as we sat in the back of dad’s Tahoe on the way to the airport.

Our moms had given us hugs and kisses like we’d never come back before we left the house. When we got to the airport, we figured part of it out, because we were flying to Anchorage Alaska. From there we didn’t know the rest, but Erika and I figured we’d know soon enough.

It took forever to get the gun cases out of security when we got there, and we finally got a hotel room and spent the night. Erika and I had a room with two beds, and our dads were in the room next to us.

We were exhausted but still excited that first night. Erika kept asking me where we were going. I kept telling her I had no idea, but I think she thought I really knew. We crashed out for the night wondering where we’d be going in the morning.

“Where do you think we’re going?” Erika asked me again when she crawled into bed.

“The only thing dad told me was it was wild country.”

“Wow, this is exciting!” Erika replied, “I wonder if we’ll have a tent or what?”

“Yeah, I guess we find out in the morning.”

The next morning after a huge breakfast that was absolutely amazing, we took a cab to the airport. Well, not the big airport we arrived at, a little one that had airplanes on floats instead of wheels. Dad found the pilot, and we loaded up our luggage in the back of this big Cessna float plane.

For the next two hours, we flew over a wild country that looked like no one had ever been in before. Pine trees everywhere, and miles upon miles of snow and not much else. We landed in Fairbanks before noon and had lunch while the plane was refueled, and the pilot checked the weather.

Then it was off again for our final stop. After a long bumpy ride, we landed on a beautiful clear lake fed by the Goldstream Creek. Erika and I had big eyes as the plane taxied across the lake to a big dock and shut down. After the pilot tied the plane, we got out and looked around.

“WOW!” Erika said, and I had to agree it was fantastic!

The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was, except for a breeze. I had expected it to be freezing cold, but Alaska had a warm spell. Well, it was warm for Alaska, but the sun made it seem pretty decent, and the smell of pine was almost overwhelming!

“Come on girls, plenty of time to look around after we get unloaded!” Shaun told us, as he and Dad started stacking luggage on the dock from the plane.

Erika and I pitched in, and it was amazing how much stuff we had with us. The dock had a huge stack of gun cases, luggage, and some boxes I didn’t even know what was in them.

The pilot and our dad’s talked about something as Erika, and I sat on the dock and looked at the wilderness. Erika spotted a log cabin way up from the pier where the woods began.

“Jade, do you think that’s where we are staying?”

“I hope so, I hate tents!” I told her.

“Come on girls we have to haul all this stuff up to the cabin,” Dad told us.

We each grabbed what we could carry, and headed up the old dock as the plane started his engine and left us behind.

“What do you think?” Dad asked me, as I wheeled my two suitcases over the rough boards.

“It’s beautiful dad!”

“I love it up here!” Dad replied, “No people, no rules, just a wild country where a man can be a man!”

“It looks dangerous too!” I told him.

“It is, but don’t you worry about it,” He replied, and helped me unstick my suitcase wheel where it got caught between two rocks; “Shaun and I know how to stay safe up here.”

Just then we heard some howling off in the woods, “What’s that?” Erika asked.

We all stopped and listened, “Wolves.” Shaun told us, “Long ways off don’t worry about it.”

“Wolves?” Erika said, “Are they dangerous?”

“Sure are, bears are worse!” My dad told us, and we started off again, “You girls better stay close.”

It gave me a shiver, and I hoped the cabin was strong enough to keep the wild animals out!

It took us three trips to bring up our stuff and stack it on this big old wooden front porch. Once that was done dad unlocked the padlock on the front door and opened Beyoğlu Escort it up. We all grabbed some bags and went inside to see where we’d be staying for the next couple of weeks.

It was one huge room, well except for a side door that I guessed was the bathroom. On the side wall was a huge stone fireplace with some wood stacked against the wall. The opposite end had a big counter and shelves up to the ceiling with canned goods stacked in neat little rows.

On the back wall were two double sized beds, piled deep with furs and comforters. It was dark inside except for the light coming through the front door. That’s because there weren’t any windows in the place! I was kind of glad about that because I didn’t want a bear to barge through a window and eat me some night!

“We’re home!” Dad laughed, “Hope you don’t mind roughing it?”

I really had to use the bathroom, and went in and found a built-in outhouse. It was just a wooden hole cut in a big plywood box and painted. It did have a real toilet seat, and I looked down the stinky deep hole before I sat on it. A roll of toilet paper hung from a big nail on the wall, and there was a sink with no faucets, just two big buckets of water sitting next to it.

I realized it was going to take some getting used to as I washed my hands in the frigid water and went back out to help stack all our supplies in the corner. Shaun had started a fire while I was gone, and that lit up the room more, as dad and Erika finished stacking up stuff.

“Looks like we need more wood,” Shaun said to dad.

“Yeah, we better get busy before dark!”

I thought it was pretty warm, “How come dad?” I asked.

“It may seem warm now, but tonight when the temperature is below freezing you’ll be glad for that fire.” Daddy replied.

Dad unpacked this big radio, “Girls this is the most important thing we have, don’t mess with it!” He told us, setting the battery-powered radio on a shelf, “It’s the only way to call for help if we need it.”

I checked my cell phone, and it had no signal. I guess I should have known that, but I was hoping we weren’t cut off from the world altogether. Erika’s phone was the same way, so we turned them off and put them in our bags as Dad and Shaun went out and started splitting wood from a huge pile by the side of the cabin.

When we went out, we noticed that behind the cabin was a big shed full of tools, and more food. Not to mention several cases of Budweiser beer stacked up by a wall. Dad grabbed a six-pack and took it over to Shaun, “Looks like we have plenty in stock!”

Shaun took a beer and wiped his brow, “Good deal and the Thompson’s always stock this place up right.”

Dad opened a beer as Shaun grabbed the ax. Working with no shirt on splitting more wood and tossing it in a pile.

“You girls want a beer?” Dad asked us.

“I guess so…” Erika said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Dad laughed and handed her one, “Ain’t no rules up here…or cops to bust you for that matter. Jade?

“Sure,” I told him because the air was so dry it made my mouth parched. Besides I’d been known to drink a few beers before even if my parents didn’t know it.

I took a beer from dad and opened it. It was still cold and tasted strong, but I was parched and drank some anyway. My dad took off his shirt next, and both of them took turns swinging the big ax and making a huge pile of wood.

“You girls start hauling this wood inside and stack it by the fireplace,” Shaun told us, and swung the ax sending wood splinters flying all around like angry bees!

So Erika and I spent the next hour stacking wood inside the cabin and on the front porch. It was hard work, and my hands hurt by the time we finished. I was actually sweating by the time we were done, even though it was only about 60 degrees outside.

Dad and Shaun were all sweaty from chopping wood and laughing a lot. I guess the beer helped with that part, I found myself smiling at the jokes they kept telling and drank another beer with Erika.

I noticed that Erika looked all sweaty too, and I think she was just as tired as me. We sat down and finished our beer watching Shaun and Dad finish up with the ax. I found myself looking at them as they worked.

For forty they both looked trim and fit. I guess from all the time in the woods hunting, and fishing kept them that way. It was sort of mesmerizing to watch the ax swing and wood fly off the big stump they used to split the smaller pieces on. I was just enjoying myself when I felt a chill as the wind suddenly swooshed by.

I’m not even sure what time that was, but I noticed the sun was getting lower in the sky and grabbed my windbreaker and put it on.

Dad and Shaun finished another couple of beers and came over to where Erika and I were sitting.

“Girls there are some towels and soap in the bathroom, go get them. I need a bath.”

We ran in and got four towels because we wanted a bath too! I wondered if it was in the shed or further out back.

When we came out with our stuff, dad and Shaun each had on holsters with pistols, “Come on.”

Erika and I looked at each other but followed our dads up this little trail. When we walked out of the trees and came to a small pond. Dad said, “You go. First I’ll keep watch.” to Shaun.


Erika and I stood stunned and watched Shaun started taking off his clothes.

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