Auntie Babs Farm Pt. 17


Abigail and Richard checked their baggage at the counter, it was just before 9 PM, and they went towards the security checkpoint. Barbara followed, and they stopped just before going through.

Abby asked, “That call you got earlier, is that someone special?”

Barbara gave them a short recap about Clint, the fact that he was coming back for good, and she would have a wonderful lover.

Abby’s eyes were misty with happiness, as she cooed, “Auntie, I’m so happy for you. I look forward to meeting Clint at Christmas.”

Plenty of tears were shed as embraces and kisses were exchanged, and though they were not that far away by jet, and Barbara would have Clint come with her for Christmas at her sister’s house, the idea that the summer of discovery and hot, erotic pleasure was finally coming to an end, settled in.

Barbara watched until they were through the line, exchanging waves to them until they were out of sight, then she hurried to the arrivals board, and checked Clint’s flight. It was on time, thank god, the building lust that Barbara was feeling needed Clint’s skill at fucking her horny cunt and licking her clit, as soon as possible. She went to the coffee bar that overlooked the runways, to watch the departures and arrivals.

Abby and Richard were in the first group aboard, they had been able to get an upgrade at boarding, and the big, comfy seats in first class were a joy. They settled in, smiling and talking quietly to each other as they watched the plane fill, and they lifted off at 10:10.

At 10:49 PM, Barbara heard the PA announcement that Clint’s flight had just touched down, and she quickly made her way to the arrivals area. Her mind was a jumble, fearing that he’d missed the flight, maybe had a change of heart, oh god, please no…then all that worry melted away like an ice cube on a hot stove as she saw him heading her way.

Her heart started to beat wildly, oh god he looked spectacular. He drew level with her and wrapped his arms around her, she looked into his big eyes, reflecting back the desire that was surging, and their lips came together in a sizzling kiss that made Barbara moan, a long, drawn out, tongue swirling kiss that spoke of all the built-up desire. She wasn’t one who went in for a public display of affection, but in this case, she didn’t give a flying damn if the whole airport was looking at her.

They finally broke the kiss, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him, as she whispered, “Clint, oh god, Clint…” her voice trailing off, overcome with the emotion of reuniting.

He said softly, “Baby, it sure is good to see you again. I spent so many lonely nights just dreaming about you, and stroking off to the mental images of you and me, the hot, steamy sessions we enjoyed, where we couldn’t get enough of each other. I look forward to leaving the fantasies, and getting back to the reality of making long, sizzling love, plunging deep inside you baby.”

He shouldered his carry-on, and said, “Let’s go, I don’t have any checked baggage to wait for.”

Barbara was horny enough to do it in the back of her Saturn, but she decided to wait, for her nice big bed. She didn’t waste time getting back home. They walked into the house, locked the door, then climbed the stairs to her bedroom wordlessly. They didn’t need to say anything.


Drinks had been served, and the passengers were settled into the flight. Abby wanted to ask Richard about what he’d told Auntie Babs about the kinky mate swapping her parents had done with the neighbors, but how to bring it up? She didn’t want him knowing she’d been peeking at him and Auntie Babs having hot, steamy sex before they became a 3-way group.

“Richard, have you ever heard funny noises coming from our parent’s bedroom? Sometimes, I’ve heard giggles and sounds like there are more than two people in there, but I’ve been too chicken to go and peek in on them.”

Richard was only too happy to repeat the story that he had told to their Auntie Babs, about what had transpired. Abby’s cunt started that telltale twanging, as she listened to the story again. The idea that her Mom and Dad had mate swapped with the Bransons, their next-door neighbors, was more than steamy hot and enjoyable to hear the second time around.

“After I’d watched them fucking, I ducked away, and hurried downstairs, and very quietly let myself out the door. I didn’t want them to know that I’d watched them going at it. I was so worked up, I almost couldn’t see straight, I was ready to grab my cock, and jerk it right then and there.”

Abby whispered, “So, did you?”

Richard continued, “Didn’t get the chance to, and I’m Girne Escort glad I didn’t. The Branson’s 18-year-old daughter, Livvy, was walking back from her friend’s house. She saw me, stopped, and said, ‘So, are my Mom and Dad and your Mom and Dad still going at it?’ “

“I gaped at her, and she giggled, ‘Judging by the look on your face, I’d say you didn’t know. I knew that Mom and Dad were mate swapping, and I was sure that they were going to get your Mom and Dad into it. I remember hearing my Mom on the phone, then the exciting conversation with my Dad about how your Mom wanted them to come over, and have some bedroom fun.’ “

“She smiled, and said, ‘They’ll be at it for a while more, how would you like to come with me, you must be very horny after watching them going at it, and let Livvy take care of you?’ Her cute face, the blonde hair, and that Australian accent made me unable to say no, and in almost no time, we were in her bedroom.”

He paused, and said, “Do you want to hear more, Abby?”

Abby, eager to hear it, cooed, “Yes, oh yes, tell me all about it!”

“Well, Livvy virtually shimmied out of her clothes. Oh god, the orange-sized boobs, a nice flat stomach, curvy waist and hips, and a trimmed blonde bush, I felt like I was gonna burst right then and there. She cooed, ‘Ummm, so hard, we need to get that first load off your mind.’ “

“She stripped me quickly, took to her knees, and swallowed my cock in one gulp, right down to the balls. Her mouth rode up and down, licking and sucking eagerly, I lasted maybe 30 seconds, then I felt the rise, and with a grunt, I exploded, Livvy was cooing contentedly around my cock as she swallowed every spurt I could pump into her willing mouth. She made sure every drop was out of me, then she rose up and smiled. ‘Now that the first quick load is taken care of, we can take our time.’ “

“She lay back, spread her thighs and purred, ‘Richard, come and eat my tight little cunny, taste me, baby, lick my juices, made my tight little cunny explode.’ I was happy to do as directed, and I felt my cock rising back quickly as I licked, sucked, and nibbled at her, the cries and moans of passion spurred me on until she growled, ‘Yes, oh god, eat me alive, yes, yes YEEESSSS!’ Her juices covered my face as she came with a force, pushing her cunny against my face.”

Abby could feel the pulses of her cunt, she was starting to throb with need. Hearing Richard tell about his romp with Livvy was making her drip with desire.

“I rose up, my cock was rock hard again. Livvy purred, ‘Ummm, now that your cock is nice and hard again, fuck my cunny, Richard. One orgasm is never enough, after the first one, I just want more.’ “

“I positioned myself and penetrated her, letting out a loud growl as I felt her hot, wet cunny surround my cock. I buried myself balls deep, and she cooed, ‘Ummmmm, oh yeah, fuck my hot, horny hole, give me a long hard ride, I want to feel your cock swelling up, then the hot, wet explosion of cum filling my tight little cunny. Fuck me baby.’ “

“I felt her legs wrap around my waist, and we went at it. I loved having the first load out of the way, so I could last. I savored every plunge deep inside, Livvy hit a second orgasm, the fluttering of her inner tightness squeezed at me, and still, I was able to hold onto it. ‘Oh yeah baby, cum with me now, cum deep inside me Livvy cooed.’ I felt the gathering, then my cock swelled up urgently, Livvy cried out, ‘Yes, oh god, so hard, so deep, cum with me, oh FUUUCCCKKKK!’ The wild spasms quivering through her walls at her third orgasm made me explode, and I growled and grunted as I felt the eruption, my cock pulsing over and over, emptying my balls deep inside Livvy’s accommodating cunny.”

Richard grinned, then continued, “When I rolled off her, her Mom and Dad, Sheila and John, were standing in the doorway watching. I was frozen, they’d no doubt seen Livvy and me fucking up a storm.”

“Sheila said, ‘That looked so hot and enjoyable, how was it Livvy dear?’ “

“Livvy cooed, ‘Ummm, it was delicious!’ “

“Sheila giggled and said, ‘John and I do the Mom and Dad, and our sweet daughter Livvy does the son! John, take me to bed and fuck me, watching Richard and Livvy going at it has made me so horny.’ “

“It didn’t take long before Livvy and I heard sounds of passion coming from the master bedroom, then cries of orgasmic delight as her Mom and Dad gave voice to their climactic completion. The sounds brought me back up again, then Sheila, totally nude and looking smoking hot, appeared in the doorway again. ‘Livvy, do you mind if I fuck Richard? Magosa Escort I need one more hard cock to satisfy me!’ “

“Livvy said, ‘Sure Mum, go ahead, you’ll love it!’ “

I watched, my eyes wide, my mouth agape, as I watched Sheila swing into position over me, the sight of her bare, smooth pussy nudging against me, then with a low moan, she thrust down hard, and I felt my cock encased. Oh, Sheila was really revved up, her pussy was as hot as a furnace and tight as Livvy, who was laying next to us, she was watching her Mom fuck me, oh this was crazy hot. Sheila was not kidding about how hot she was, she expertly rode my prick, pumping her hips up and down.”

” ‘Oh yes, you were right Livvy dear, he is delicious, delicious to fuck, oh yeah, I can feel your cock so deep Richard, I want you to fill my tight cunny, I’m going to milk your prick of every drop!’ “

“The sound of her Australian accent, saying that to me, started my balls churning, she started to ride me faster, slamming her hips up and down. It didn’t take long after that, she grunted, ‘Yes, yes, cum, cum, yes yes oh YES!’ I felt a hand come down, grab my balls and give them a gentle squeeze. As Sheila shuddered and shook in climax above me, her cries of pleasure surrounded us, I exploded, letting out a loud grunt, my cock pumping a volley of cum deep inside her.”

“As our movements slowed then stopped, Sheila smiled down at me, leaned down, kissed me, and said, ‘Thank you, Richard, ummmm, my cunny is so contented, I’ll sleep like a baby now! And thank you Livvy, for sharing Richard with me.’ “

I was almost in a daze as I watched Sheila lift off, wink at me, then the sight of her sexy, nude backside heading out the door. Livvy cuddled in next to me, she was just as hot as her Mom was after seeing that, I soon felt her mouth taking in my cock, she sucked me up to a hard and ready state, and Livvy and I went at it again, until I exploded inside of her. Oh, we have some kinky, very hot neighbors!”

Abby was burning up, this was hot. She wondered about seeing that action when they got home, sounded like her Mom and Dad were going to be spending many nights of hot fucking with the Bransons. Abby was also thinking about Livvy, she wouldn’t mind having a go at her. I could teach her how to lick my cunt, then I’d lick her tight little cunny if she’s a newbie to the hot pleasures two women can share.

We could have Richard watch while Livvy and I lick each other’s tight holes, then use his cock like our own personal fuck toy. Maybe Sheila would like to join us, and we could have a three-way lick and suck, while her husband John and Richard watch us. Two hard cocks, twice the fun. Her panties were soaked with her juices, she needed to be fucked, and RIGHT NOW.

Abby whispered, “Richard, hearing that has made my cunt a hot, wet, pink hole that needs to be fucked NOW. Let’s join the mile-high club!”

Richard grinned, then they looked around. The first class section was only half full, and quiet, a couple of people were napping, and some were watching the movie. It looked like the perfect time.

“Follow me in a minute Abby, and we’ll become members of the mile-high club!”

As Abby watched Richard get up, she wondered what Auntie Babs was doing. Getting fucked good and hard, she hoped. She smiled, with the details Auntie Babs had given them about Clint, she felt they would be doing just that. She timed the minute, then swung out of her seat, and walked casually to the first class restroom.


At that time, in Barbara’s bedroom by candlelight, Clint stripped Barbara, letting out sounds of appreciation as his eyes drank in the sight. Her shoulder-length red hair, jade green eyes, her big melons were perfect, big, round silver dollar-sized nipples, stiff, erect and reddened, those sexy tanned legs, nice curvy waist, and that pubic patch of red hair, neatly trimmed, he was a sucker for a natural redhead. During the 6 months he was away, he’d stroked the meat every day to the remembered sights of her body, the sounds of pleasure they had made, imagining that he was fucking her.

Barbara took over, stripping Clint down. His cock, engorged and rock solid, 9 inches of cunt stuffing pleasure, rose up to meet her. She felt almost dizzy, she needed it so much, she didn’t want to waste any time on foreplay, her pussy was more than ready, virtually dripping with the juices of her lust.

Barbara growled, “Oh fuck, I feel like I’m gonna burst. Fuck me, Clint, no foreplay, right now, I just need your hard cock to ram my pussy, and put out the fire! Fuck me NOW!”


The Lefkoşa Escort restroom door was slightly ajar, and Abby quickly slipped through and slid the lock closed. Richard was waiting, his cock bulging out his jeans. He pulled her to him, and the kisses of tongue swirling passion made Abby’s body thrum. She felt his hand slip under her skirt, cupping her panty-covered mound. She moaned, low in her throat, as Richard slid his hand along the fabric pressing against her seam. The dampness of her desire was smeared all along the crotch, and Richard slipped a finger under her panties, Abby was hot and creamy slick with her lubrication. Abby’s hands were busy, freeing Richard’s stiff hard cock from confinement.

There was enough of a cabinet, that Abby was lifted onto it, she was at just the right height. Richard slipped her panties down until they were dangling from her right ankle. Abby gave a smile of sheer lust as she flipped her skirt up, enjoying Richard gazing at the inviting pinkness of cunt lips spread open, hot, and ready for him. Richard stepped between Abby’s parted thighs, and helped her wrap her legs around him, Abby cooed as he lined up his eager cock with her hot, inviting opening, nudging against her.


On the big bed, Barbara lay back, spreading her legs, inviting Clint in.

“Oh fuck, it’s been too long, fuck me Clint, ram every bit into me then just ride me, fuck, I need your cock so much!”

Clint’s cock felt bloated, throbbing painfully. He nudged against her, and in one smooth stroke, buried his cock deep inside. The warm, gushing tightness surrounded his cock, and his loud grunt of pleasure was matched by Barbara’s long, drawn-out ahhhhhh as she was wonderfully stuffed, she could feel his cock tapping against her cervix.


At the same time, many miles away and high above the ground, Abby let out a loud moan as Richard thrust in and buried his cock in one smooth stroke. Abby opened her eyes, her chin was on Richard’s shoulder, and she saw the reflection of her face in the mirror behind them. She could see Richard’s naked backside and the look of carnal bliss on her face as he pulled back, and thrust in again.

“Right there Richard, let me have it”, Abby whispered, “Right now, I’m as hot as a horny little bitch in heat, and I need my brother’s cock to fill up my horny cunt! I need your incestuous cum gushing deep inside me, give it to me!”


Back in Barbara’s bedroom, Barbara purred, “Ohhhhh yes, so wonderful to be stuffed again. Take me, Clint, fuck me hard, I need to feel your big cock exploding and squirting all over my cervix. Let me have it!”


Richard and Clint were fired up, as both eagerly drove their cocks into their lover’s hot wet pleasure centers, the moans of their partners joining in as the delightful tightness parted around them. As Clint plunged into Barbara, her heated center eagerly taking in his full length, Abby’s pussy was being reamed by Richard’s plunging cock, both auntie and niece were getting the fucking they craved.


Barbara was quickly reaching the boiling point, her juices were being pushed out by every thrust of Clint’s cock, running in the natural channel down to her ass hole. She felt Clint’s hands grab her ass cheeks, pull them apart, and oh fuck, yes, she felt his fingertip slide down the crack, and start rubbing her there, right against her ass hole. That made her orgasm explode, she shrieked with the force of it, as Clint’s finger pressed in, probing her tight ass hole, oh fuck, it felt like her entire body was cumming, dimly, she felt her cervix pierced, heard Clint let out a roar, and the warmth spread through her womb as his cock, bucking wildly, spurted thick ropes of hot spunk deep inside her.


High above the earth, Abby was reaching her peak, keeping her eyes open and watching the reflection of her face, the bliss and joy she saw, shoved her over the edge. The tingles of pleasure spread up through her womb, then her tight cunt muscles clamped down on Richard’s plunging cock. She did her best to stifle the scream she wanted to make.

Richard could feel the grip around his cock tighten up, then the spasms, eagerly milking at him, and he let out a loud growl of pleasure as he went over with his sister. His throbbing cock exploded deep inside his sister’s velvety folds, pumping out a thick, juicy incestuous load, as Abby’s cunt, clamped around him, virtually sucking and milking at him, drew every drop out of her brother’s cock.


As Barbara drifted in the post-orgasmic glow, she smiled, wondering if Richard and Abigail were joining the mile-high club on their flight.


As Abby started to slide down, she hoped that her Auntie Babs was getting the hot, steamy fucking that she needed. Judging by her description of Clint, she smiled, she would have bet they were in bed right now, fucking up a storm.

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