Dowdy Mother in Law Ch. 03


After arriving home from the meal at Yvonne’s parents I opened a can of lager and poured Yvonne a glass of wine. We put on some background music, a Bread LP, if my memory serves me correctly, then we stretched out on our sofa.

Yvonne was lying back into my chest, my arm was resting on her midriff and her hand was gently stroking my forearm. She looked up at me and asked, “Did you hear what my dad said when I said it was good to see mum looking so happy?”

“Actually no I didn’t, he had a mouthful of food at the time, a bit rude really.”

“To me it sounded like, ‘about bloody time’, or something like that, but I didn’t want to ask him to repeat it in case it started an argument.”

“Yeah, it probably would have.”

“As time goes on he treats her worse, you don’t always see it. He’s better behaved when you’re there. Sometimes he’s not nice. You seem to be getting on better with her though?”

“You’ve noticed? Yes, I think it’s since the holiday, she’s eternally grateful that I wheeled her here, there and everywhere!”

We put our drinks down and kissed, one of my hands going under the waistband of her skirt and into her knickers, the other going under her bra. In no time we were naked in the 69 position on the sofa, with Yvonne on top.

Yvonne’s vulva was always ultra responsive to stimulation. I could almost see it enlarging and unfurling as it became engorged with blood. Her clit became super prominent, looking like a tiny penis and her vaginal secretions flowed freely.

I was lapping her nectar up as she expertly sucked and deep throated my cock. I inserted my middle finger into her tunnel so I could stimulate her g-spot, she loved that. With Yvonne it wasn’t hard to find, when she was aroused it was very noticeable to the touch, a ridged bump on her vaginal wall. About the size of the tip of my little finger.

When I got it right it was pretty much instant orgasm for her. Also, especially when taking her from behind, if the angle was right, I could feel it rubbing my glans, then, if I did short, shallow strokes at that position it often gave both of us mind-blowing orgasms.

Sure enough I found it and stimulated it with my fingertip. I was rewarded with her thighs clamping tight around my head, followed by a deluge of her juice as her orgasm hit. I soon followed. She took all my cum, straight down her throat.

The g-spot stimulation had worked again. One thing she once told me was, if she wasn’t fully aroused then that area was uncomfortable if stimulated, almost painful. It made her want to pee.

And with that thought, a light bulb switched on in my head.

The next day was an early start as I was doing a week of earlies. When my manager arrived he gave me a letter to say that my shift swap had been approved. That meant I’d be doing earlies the following week as well, Phillip would be doing lates the following week.

Even if I was on earlies and Phillip on lates, I still had opportunity to see Viv. After work I’d arrive at her house for around 2:30pm. Phillip having left for work an hour earlier and Yvonne arrived home from work about 5:30pm at the earliest. There was time to spend a couple of hours with Viv.

When I was on lates it gave us much more time, Phillip having left home around 5:30am and Yvonne 7:30am. I was easily able to get to Viv before 8am and didn’t have to leave before 1:30pm. Five and a half hours on our own, I couldn’t wait!

But that particular evening I went round to theirs anyway, to see Phillip to help him set up for cutting those gears. Yvonne didn’t want to come with me, she was going to watch a soap, then have a bath and an early night.

After setting up the machine. I watched Phillip take a few cuts, he soon got the hang of it. He thanked me and said he was going to call it a day as he, like me, would be up early the next day.

Viv was watching TV in her chair, he said goodnight to us both and Viv asked me if I’d put the kettle on for some coffee. I went in the kitchen and heard the stairs creaking as Phillip went up them.

I made the drinks and took them through. Viv had turned off the TV and was now on the sofa, I sat next to her.

“How long have we got?” she asked.

“Yvonne will be in bed by now so I don’t have to rush back.”

“Oh good. He’ll be down for the night, once he nods Girne Escort off, but we’ll hear him if he does start coming down.”

“Yes, useful those, those stairs, don’t ever get them fixed! Listen, there’s something I want to ask you.”


“Can you feel your g-spot when you’re aroused?”

“I’ve heard of it, but I’ve no idea what it is exactly, nor where it is.”

“It’s on the vaginal wall, at the front, an inch or so inside. It’s full of nerve endings and I think it shares nerves with the clitoris. The exact spot differs from woman to woman and there’s nothing physical to feel there with many women.

However, some women’s are quite prominent, Yvonne’s is. When she’s aroused it feels like a ridged bump about this big, (I showed her the pad of my little fingertip.) She might have inherited that from you, so yours could be similar?”

“I.., er.., I don’t know, why?”

“I was thinking about when you said you could feel a bony obstruction after your hysterectomy. Perhaps that’s what it was? After your surgery, which, was quite major, when things settled down it might have become more pronounced than it once was?”


“Thing is, it can feel uncomfortable to touch if not aroused, even painful.”

“Perhaps you’re right, how would I know?”

“I could feel you…, to check and compare with how Yvonne’s feels?”

(Now, I wasn’t saying this just to get my hand in her knickers. That was part of the plan, obviously, but we were never going to make love properly if she thought she had some painful, obstructive deformity.)

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“Don’t know what?”

“It would be wrong, going that far “

“And what we’ve already done, that isn’t wrong?”

“Yes, but… that would be worse.”


“It would be fornication.”

Then I understood, it was her religion. Thinking back to the previous day, her desire to hold my cock was there but then her beliefs kicked in. Same when I was about to touch her pussy, the desire was there, but she clamped down on my wrist at the last minute.

“What if it was a doctor examining you?”

“That would be OK, I guess, it’s medical treatment, but I couldn’t, I’d be too embarrassed.”

Thinking of old Dr. Harris, her family doctor, I could understand why. A kindly old man, he’d been around as long as I could remember. Perhaps he didn’t know what a g-spot was or where to find it. That’s why when she went to him in the first place, regarding the ‘bony lump’ she’d noticed, he never mentioned it as a possibility.

“Given that Dr. Harris never ruled this out and just said there was nothing they could do, why not think of me examining you as something akin to medical treatment?”

“…I guess that would be OK.”

(Yes! I get to play doctors and nurses with Viv!)

Viv was looking flushed, expectant and excited. She had already spread her pussy for me the previous day, so there was no false modesty as she started to hitch up her skirt.

I knelt on the carpet in front of her and said, “Let me.”

She raised her bum and I slid her grey tweed skirt up and out of the way, feeling up her buttocks as I did so, mental note made to explore that region further at some point!

Then I took the waistband of her plain, white knickers and slowly drew them down her bare, tanned legs and took them off. She was breathing heavily.

The way she had tanned her legs, by raising her hemline, made it look like she was wearing stockings. She had tanned nicely. What really captured me was the lily-white flesh at the top of her thighs. A region where the sun never shone and male hands hadn’t caressed her in decades. I could already see some dew-like drops in the hair near her slit, indicating her arousal.

“I need to check if you’re already lubricated, if not I’ll need to use some, OK?”

Her chin was on her chest, she was looking down at me with hooded eyes and quickly nodded. I placed my middle finger on her perineum, she flinched at my touch. I slowly drew it up between her lips and up towards her clit, she was soaking! She let out a deep breath as I stroked the length of her pussy slit.

As I got to her clit she breathed in sharply through her teeth. I drew my finger over it with the lightest of touches, making her let out a contented Magosa Escort sigh.

Then I stroked her luxuriant growth of dark, grey peppered pubic hair away from her slit. With the thumb and forefinger of my other hand I slowly spread open her flower. It was a perfectly formed pussy, shining pink and moist, then the smooth pink fading to the brown crinkled skin of her relaxed labia.

Keeping her pussy spread open I gently held one of her labia with the thumb and forefinger of my other hand and tenderly pulled it to it’s full extent and then laid it to one side.

She was now biting her lower lip and breathing rapidly through her nose. I carefully gave the same treatment to her other labia.

I could smell her arousal. A thin stream of transparent, whitish liquid was starting to flow from her vagina. She was as ready as she was going to be. I ever so gently inserted just the tip of my finger, my palm uppermost.

“I’ll go really slowly, just say stop if you need me to, OK?”

She nodded.

I slowly inserted my finger to the first knuckle then paused. Her vagina was gripping me slightly and I could feel a tiny, fluttering pulse. She wasn’t super tight, but I didn’t expect her to be. The thick, uncomfortably hard cock in my trousers would still find this to be a nice, tight entrance.

I slowly inserted my finger further, until it was as far in as it could go. I hadn’t encountered any bony obstruction nor caused her any pain. So far so good.

“You still OK?”

“Yes.” she breathed.

I then lifted my finger until it was pressing gently on her anterior vaginal wall, I kept my finger in that position and slowly started to withdraw. Then, there it was, the same ridged, rubbery bump. It was far more pronounced than Yvonne’s.

“It’s here Viv, (I pressed a little harder), that’s it, it’s bigger than Yvonne’s, but you’re perfectly normal, you’re OK, there is no obstruction.”

A tear was forming in her eye, “Oh thank you, thank you.”

“Do want me to show you what pleasure it can give?”

“Yes,” she breathed, “do it.”

I kept the little bit of extra pressure and made a small circular motion, then stroked it up and down, then alternated between the two. This would send Yvonne wild, it did the same to her mother.

She clamped her hand over her mouth and gave a guttural groan, her head jerking from side to side. The flow from her vagina increased, then her whole body went rigid as she came.

I withdrew my finger and sucked off her secretions. I was looking forward to one day having my mouth covering her sex. For now, I drank in the sight before me.

Viv, my dowdy mother in law, was lounging back with her eyes closed and a serene expression on her face. Looking like somebody’s favourite grandma with her dishevelled grey hair. Her chest was still hidden by her red cardigan and pink blouse. Her large, bra-covered, delectable mounds, rising and falling with each breath.

I saw her slightly rounded stomach was covered by her rucked up, grey tweed skirt. My eyes then moved to the beginnings of her peppered grey pubic hair, quite sparse near her waistline, just a thin line of hair that then fanned out and gave luxuriant cover over her mons pubis and labia majora. Then my eyes were drawn to her pink vulva, moist and open.

In my eyes she was stunningly beautiful and the most erotic portrayal of the female form. All these years later, that image is still burned in my mind.

Slowly her breathing returned to normal. She opened her eyes, saw my adoring gaze and smiled at me.

“Oh David, I’ve never felt anything like that, I didn’t know it was even possible to experience that amount of pleasure.”

I was unbuttoning my jeans, She looked at what I was doing, I said, “I need to take care of this.”

She said, “Let me help you.” this time she didn’t have second thoughts. She leaned forward and held my rigid cock in her hand and caressed it’s length.

Her other hand went behind my head and we kissed, a soft, erotic, lover’s kiss. She started to firmly stroke me, I groaned.

“I want you to fuck me with this gorgeous cock David, don’t make love to me, just fuck me.”

I was overjoyed at hearing that, the religious doctrine was not foremost in her mind as she laid back and opened her legs Lefkoşa Escort wide. I didn’t need any more prompting.

I lifted her pelvis to the edge of the sofa and knelt between her legs. The foreskin of my cock had already retracted, exposing the shiny helmet, I was poised at her entrance.

I looked at her to give her one last chance, she nodded her head. I slid my cock up and down her slit, to coat it with her secretions, then slowly pushed forward, her pussy opened easily as my shiny, slick cockhead entered her. I felt the tightness I expected. I continued to slide further inside my mother in law.

I felt the ridge of her g-spot pass over my glans, adding a whole new dimension. I inserted my whole length, savouring every sensation until I bottomed out.

Then I slowly withdrew, her labia furled out and clung to my glistening shaft. Just as the head was about to appear I paused and looked at her face. She was staring at me, our eyes locked.


“Yes, just do me. Fuck me…”

At that I thrust forward, she inhaled sharply. I set up an insistent rhythm, going full depth. We were fucking. Viv and I were fucking! It felt absolutely amazing, fucking my horny mother in law.

She was panting, “OH GOD, YES, YES YES…” in time with my thrusts.

In no time I could feel the tingle beginning, I’d hoped to make our first time last longer, but there was no way.

I still wanted to make it memorable so I adjusted my stroke to short, fast strokes that made me rub her g-spot. The sensation of that pushed both of us over the edge. Our mouths locked and we groaned in each other’s mouths as I squirted rope after rope of my cum into her pussy.

We broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes. My dowdy mother in law didn’t seem so dowdy now. Not laid on a sofa, with her lover’s spent cock and cum inside her, with her legs spread and her knickers on the floor. What a woman!

I knelt upright, still inside her, our eyes locked. She contracted her vaginal muscles, gave me a mischievous smile and whispered, “So I am in working order after all?”

“Oh yes, that was amazing, there’s nothing wrong with you at all.”

She sat up, cupped my face in her hands and gave me one of the most passionate kisses of my life.

Then she looked me in the eye and said, “It’s you that’s amazing, I want to do everything with you.”

“And I with you.”

I picked up her knickers and held them under my cock as I withdrew. Our combined juices soaked them. Ordinarily I would have loved to directly lap them up, but I was exhausted, both physically and emotionally.

We dressed and tidied up. The coffee was going cold, I made another.

When I returned she announced, “I’m writing a letter to resign from the church tomorrow, I’m not going there any more. Well, perhaps at Christmas, but not regularly.”


She took a sip of coffee and nodded, “If God didn’t want us to enjoy our bodies, why does it feel so damn good?

I know it’s supposed to be enjoyed within the bounds of marriage, but I’ve only ever been with Phillip and he just used to ram himself in me, come, then fall asleep, with no warm up first. That’s why I think it hurt so much when he did it.

He never made me feel like you, you’ve opened up a whole new world for me and I know there’s more to come. I want to experience it without guilt. I don’t ever want to give this up.”

I didn’t expect that, I was thrilled mind you.

She went on, “I knew you were different to Phillip. That time I caught Yvonne with you in her mouth. I knew she’d have a good sex life with you. I’d heard about oral sex, but that was all. I spoke to Yvonne later that day, to ask her what it was like.”

“Ha! Yes, she told me, but she didn’t want to go into detail. I thought you must have lectured her about it, saying something like, that’s not why God made mouths! or words to that effect.”

Viv smiled, “She was mortified and didn’t want to talk about it. I told her I wanted to know, because I’d never done it.

I was thinking it could be something I could try with Phillip and perhaps he might reciprocate. Obviously, I didn’t say that to her.

So I wanted her to explain how it’s done, what it’s like to do it, do you have to wash first, what about when the man… you know cums etc.? So then she did her best to explain.”

“Did you try it with Phillip?”

“I tried, but he rejected my advances. He pushed me away and said it was depraved and dirty. I still want to try it though, I really do, but with you, not him. You don’t think I’m depraved and dirty, do you?”

To be continued..

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