I Have a Secret Pt. 01


I came home early from work today for the first time in months. As soon as I opened the door, I could hear my dad groaning. Dad must be watching porn in the living room. I smiled and put my purse down. I followed the sound into the living room taking off my clothes as I walked across the house, preparing to spend some time playing with dad. The closer I get to the noise the more I notice another voice…


Once I get my eyes on them, I froze.




My younger brother, Chris, was fucking our dad. I thought I was the only one who got to do that. I just sit and watch as he pounds our father making him groan and yell curses.

“You like the way your son fucks your asshole?” Chris grunts as he pierces dad’s hole with his 8″ extra girthy Magosa Escort cock.

Chris pushes dad’s face into the couch while he screams. Chris laughs as our father squirms on the couch. ‘He isn’t using enough lube…’ I thought, ‘Maybe it’s on purpose…’

I approach my baby brother from behind, cupping his small cute muscular ass.

“I thought I was the only one who got to have this dick, Chrissy.” I laugh as Chris tenses up and slows down.

I put my arms around my brother and pinch his nipples while I lick his neck. Chris groans and slaps dad’s ass so hard it made his whole butt cheek red.

“You better keep up the pace Chris.” I whispered into my little brothers ear.

I line my hips up behind my little brother and put Kıbrıs Escort my hands on his hips. I start thrusting my hips against Chris and force him to fuck dad harder.

“Let me use you to fuck daddy. Be my good boy.”

His hips move in unison with mine, “Haley slow down you’re gonna make me cum!”.

I take that as a challenge and trust harder.

I do oblige and go slower, but now I’m making him take long, deep, piercing strokes into dad’s ass.

“Oh, fuck I can’t take this Haley!!”, Chris groans.

I giggle and let go.

Chris is panting and slowly teasing dad now.

“I can’t cum yet Haley. You can’t just come in here and fuck up my whole thing.” He huffed.

He was so close he needed to pull out. Christ slapped Lefkoşa Escort the head of his throbbing cock against dad’s freshly abused, raw, hole.

“Aww, let me see this…” I pout as I push Chris’s cock out of the way.

I start to kiss my daddy’s blown out pleasure hole.

“You can’t keep fucking him like that.” I pull Chris down to our dad’s ass and make him kiss it.

“Kiss it and make it feel better honey.”

I watch as Chris licks all over dad.

“Go get a warm towel from the bathroom Chrissy.”

I slowly put his legs down and hold our dad.

“I’ll make you feel better before our little boy make it so much worse.”

I lean over and kiss my dad’s hole some more. I trace my tongue all around it and stick it right in the middle making his yelp.

“Haley, baby, you always know how to surprise me.”, he muttered between deep, calmed moans while I continue to rim him.

Chris comes back with the towel, and I put it on dad’s ass. “Let’s give him a break for now honey.”

I grab Chris hand and we go into the other room.

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