Joey Finds a New App Ch. 30


Chapter 30

Jane went on to her shower and Joey followed Adam into their bathroom. They both got into the shower and began to wash off. It had been a few days since Joey had seen Adam’s little dick up close like this and he noticed it was rock hard, albeit only one inch. It looked sexy on Adam’s curvy body and made Joey want to play some. He got up behind Adam while he was washing his hair and pressed his body into him. He wrapped his arms around Adam caressed his soft tits under the cascading water, then ran one hand down to Adam’s tiny dick and gripped the skinny shaft with his thumb and forefinger. Adam gasped several short breaths as Joey started stroking it for him, still squeezing his tit with his other hand. Adam’s fat ass shook against Joey’s ministrations and his head came back against Joey’s shoulder and chest. Moaning and shaking for a few more minutes while Joey stroked him, he then turned his head up and kissed him desperately. The way he was controlling Adam’s pleasure was turning him on and had he not just cum a few minutes ago, he’d be working his dick into Adam’s ass and mouth, in that order. Joey continued his short strokes while kissing Adam and within a minute he started moaning louder and shaking with orgasm. He could feel Adam’s small shaft pulse in his fingers as he spurted against the shower wall.

With a deep sigh, Adam breathed and looked up at Joey smiling. “Feel better, brother?” Joey asked.

“Yes. You can’t know how much I needed that,” he breathed heavily.

Adam and Joey finished showering and went to get ready for bed. In his room, Joey slipped on some clean briefs and went downstairs to get some of the Apple Betty his dad made. He served himself a dish and warmed it up in the microwave. He wasn’t sure if Jane was still wanting dessert in her bedroom or not, so he sat at the counter to check his app after putting a scoop of ice cream on his disk. When he unlocked his phone, he had a handful of messages to catch up on.

Kevin to Joey ) ‘

Kevin to Joey: ‘Dude, my sister can’t get enough of my shlong, man. I hope my parents don’t catch us!’

Miss Roxanne to Joey: ‘Having a good time on my date. Miss my lover 🙁 ‘

Miss Roxanne to Joey: ‘I think I need a resupply from my lover. Not sure what’s more distracting – missing you or seeing all these tall, dark and handsome men sweat. Don’t be jealous, but they are looking quite delicious. See what you do to me! I’m going to try to be good for my date, so GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!’

Miss Roxanne to Joey: ‘Sorry about yelling earlier 😉 Can you answer me when you get this, so I know my lover’s not jealous’

Miss Roxanne to Joey: ‘Game is over – thank goodness, ’cause I was getting hot. Going to eat now. I think my date likes me a lot’

Miss Roxanne to Joey: ‘We’re going to my place for a nightcap. Having fun, but I’m aching for my lover’

‘Wow’, Joey thought. She was really blowing up his phone. The last text was from just twenty minutes or so. He thought he’d better answer, so she knows he’s not mad.

Joey to Miss Roxanne: ‘You’ve been on my brain too, sexy. I hope your date is being nice to you. U R so naughty looking at all those young college men! 😉 I’m not jealous, BTW. I like it when you’re naughty. It turns me on’

He continued eating his dessert and started to open his app, when he got another text.

Miss Roxanne to Joey: ‘Is this naughty enough?’ With the text came a picture of her with her hand wrapped around a large black dick

Joey to Miss Roxanne: ‘Naughtier!’

Miss Roxanne to Joey: ‘That will have to wait until later as we’re just getting started. I told him I need pictures for my ‘girlfriend’ 😉 ‘

Joey to Miss Roxanne: ‘Looking forward to seeing more. Maybe Kıbrıs Escort next time your date could take you to the locker room after the game. Bet you would be REALLY naughty then!’

Miss Roxanne to Joey: ‘Now who’s being naughty? The bear is on the prowl I see! GN lover XOXOXO’

Smiling, Joey went back to the app to schedule his updates

Dad: Joey enjoyed his dad’s current shape but chose to add some more onto his lower body and make his waist a bit thinner to accentuate his pear shape and some longer hair.

Adam: Joey made similar changes to Adam as he did his dad.

Jane: He wanted to lay off Jane’s body to see where the foodie fetish would take them

Steve: Joey also wanted to hold off with Steve to make sure he was emotionally going to be OK, but he did add the same lower body and hair changes he had with his brother and father.

Kelly: Joey increased her breast size to a healthy C cup.

Miss Roxanne: Autoupdate – Size Queen, interracial, cum hungry, BBC, gangbang. Reading this alarmed Joey, a little bit but having just texted his teacher he felt like she should be OK. He hoped.

Mrs. Tyler: Joey wanted to tighten her up a little bit more in hopes of helping boost her confidence. He spent time changing some of her fat weight into muscle weight knowing it would help even without the changes from his app.

Billy: Same changes as he had to his father and brother. A cup breasts.

Joey had finished his handful of scheduled updates and went to reply to the couple of texts from his friends.

Joey to Kevin: ‘Might wanna leave a bit earlier tomorrow. Sounds like Steve’s got something XXX ‘tra in mind. BTW, your sister is a freak. In an EXCEPTIONALLY good way!’

Joey to Steve: ‘I meant every word I said, friend. Glad to hear your day off went well. CU tomorrow. Looking forward to my surprise’

He went to reading his feed when he got a text from Jane

Jane to Joey: ‘Where’s my dessert, Dork? I’m hungry. Don’t bring a small bowl either!’

Joey to Jane: OMW

Joey found a small mixing bowl that held four cups easily and filled it nearly full of Apple Betty, then started warming it up. As it warmed up, he retrieved a small serving spoon and the half-gallon of ice cream from the freezer. When it was done, Joey scooped four healthy scoops of ice cream on top, then topped it with a bit of maple syrup. He was going to enjoy this for sure.

When he knocked on Jane’s door and entered, she was sitting up in her bed with the covers pulled up over her shoulders. She was watching something on her laptop and set it aside when Joey entered.

“Took you long enough! I’m starving!” she said to Joey.

“Sorry, Sis. I’ll try better to take care of you next time,” Joey said placating her.

“Unless you want me to turn into some stick girl, you better keep me fed. I’m a growing girl!” she said playfully.

“Got it!” Joey said as he sat on the bed with her.

She let the blanket fall to her lap revealing her large soft breasts and hard nipples. Before Joey got too distracted, he scooped some of the dessert onto the large spoon and offered it to his sister, “Are you hungry?”

She nodded while watching him and opened her mouth for him to feed her. He scooped the food into her mouth, and she moaned as it undoubtedly lit up her taste buds. He scooped some more dessert onto the spoon and waited for her finish chewing her previous bite. Joey and Jane watched each other as she ate the dessert for her brother. There was an unspoken understanding that she was feeding herself to gain weight and continue to be fat for her lover. Joey kept feeding her until about two thirds way through the bowl when she became less enthusiastic Lefkoşa Escort about her bites. Joey reached down to her exposed belly and rubbed it softly for her. It felt hard to Joey and gathered between dinner and dessert she was getting stuffed. He watched her chew her food longer than she had earlier and then finally making a visible effort to swallow it. He noticed her wince slightly as she swallowed.

“Is my piggy getting full, finally? You sure ate a lot of food today, Fatty,” Joey teased her while rubbing her belly. She pouted a bit and Joey set the bowl down in front of her then moved behind her. He guided her to scoot tight up against him where his now hard shaft was pressed up against her fat ass. He wrapped both hands around her and started rubbing her belly softly and then spoke encouragingly to her. “I bet my sexy fat sister could finish her dessert if she knew how much her eating turned her brother on. If she could feel how excited her brother got from watching her eat,” Joey egged her on. She moaned quietly as Joey rubbed her fat belly and tits until she let out a loud belch.

“Oh, damn,” she said as she exhaled loudly. She laid back against Joey with her head on his shoulder and said softly, “I’m so full, brother. You stuffed me so full. I don’t think I can eat any more.”

“Really?” Joey continued teasing as lifted her heavy tits and tweaked her nipples. He loved playing with her fat body, and it was making his cock ache. “Let me help you with it,” he said while guiding her to her hands and knees on the bed. Joey got up behind her, opened her legs and knelt with his dick laying between her large ass cheeks. With her now on her knees, she had the bowl of dessert in front of her as Joey started teasing her. “Can you feel my dick, Sis? Feel how deep it can be inside you?” he began as he picked his dick up and slapped on her ass a few times. “Feel how hard you’re making me, Sis? I want to fuck you now, but I don’t want to take the dessert downstairs. Can you clean the bowl for me?” As he said this, Joey pulled his dick back and started rubbing it on her pussy lips which were dripping wet. He pushed inside and instantly felt her tight pussy start to squeeze his cock.

“OHHH, Joey! Please more,” she begged.

“Can you help me clean the bowl?” Joey teased.

She immediate picked up the spoon and started eating again while Joey slowly started entering her deeper. She was pushing her ass against Joey’s grip, and he was finding it hard to hold her back at times. She moaned and took another bite while Joey pushed deeper and held his cock there. He pulled out a little and she whimpered until he went back in. Her pussy was really tight on his cock, and he was having trouble resisting her squeezes. He looked over her shoulder and saw she only had a little left in the bowl, maybe two bites. She took another bite and Joey fed her pussy more cock. He reached down and rubbed the side of her belly while he held her with other hand. Her belly was touching the bed at this point and Joey couldn’t quite wrap his arm around, so he focused on rubbing the side. She moaned as she took the last bite and Joey slowly sank his cock as far as he could. His new size seemed to be stopping him from going balls deep and he figured he would have to work to stretch her. She was moaning and grinding her pussy on Joey’s dick now that he bottomed out.

“Choey, fluck me!” she tried to say with her mouth full. “fleasssse!”

Joey started pulling his dick back and then back in slowly while enjoying the tightness of her pussy. He maneuvered his hands to her hips and started pulling her into him. He was rock hard from filling his fat sister with food tonight and now filling her Girne Escort pussy with his dick. He bent down sliding his hands down both sides of her belly until he reached the part laying on the bed. He played with her stuffed belly and soft skin, lifting it and rubbing it while she swallowed the last bite. He knelt back up and started fucking her with full long strokes.

“Joey! You horny pervert! FUCK ME!” she growled at him. “You teased me the whole time, now give me what I want!”

“Gosh! You’re so sexy! I love stuffing your fat body with food. You make it so sexy, and I just want to stuff your belly as full as I will get,” Joey said while he stuffed her pussy.

“Now you filled by belly, but I need you to fill my pussy! I want your whole dick, Joey! Stop teasing me!” she commanded.

With renewed effort he started grinding and jamming his dick into her with each stroke, causing her to moan loudly. “Maybe if you lick the bowl clean, I can get the rest in,” Joey teased. She pulled off Joey and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs up and out. Joey watched as her fat belly and tits move on her body, then he climbed up between her legs and slid his dick back inside her. He leaned forward and propped his arms under her knees as he sank his dick in as deep as it would go, still shy of an inch or so. She had a desperate look of pain on her face as she was clearly aching for his dick. She reached over and grabbed the empty bowl and started licking it. It was a sizeable bowl, but still too small for her to get her face into, however her nice long tongue reached the bottom of the bowl easily and she was able to clean it in less than a minute.

“Happy now, pervert? Now fuck your fat sister!” she commanded laying the bowl back on the bed. She had dessert and ice cream smeared on her face in various places and Joey bent down to lick it off her. He started doing full strokes and pounded into her fat pussy with each stroke. Joey watched his dick come out and then back in stretching her lips open wide as he entered her. She lifted her head and watched the spectacle as well and then reached for Joey’s ass and pulled him hard into her pussy.

“Get that fucking dick all the way in!” she hissed between her teeth.

Joey ground and pushed his cock in. Finally, with both of their efforts he was able to sink it balls deep after a couple more strokes. He held there and looked up at her wide-open eyes as the lustful need brought them to this point.

“Oh my gosh, Joey! I need your whole dick all the time. It feels so good!” she said to him.

“Sis. I swear your pussy is tighter than our brother’s ass. I love fucking you!” Joey said to her.

“Make me cum, Joey! Fill me up with your cum! Make me pregnant too! Just like you did to Mom,” she begged.

“How did you. Did you hear her?” Joey asked as he started fucking her again.

“Hear what?” Jane replied. “I know Mom’s cycle and I’m positive she’s fertile this week. Did she tell you to get her pregnant?”

“Yeah. She begged me to give her my seed and make her pregnant,” Joey answered.

“Oh, my fucking shit, that’s so hot!” she exclaimed. “Joey, you’ve made us all into perverts with your big dick. Even your friends are perverts now. OH my gosh! Yes! I’m cumming!”

Joey watched his sister start to cum on his dick and he lost it too. Thinking of impregnating his mom and sister pushed him over the edge and started dumping his cum into her fat pussy. “Sister, you’re so fucking sexy right now. You’re making me cum in your fertile pussy the way Mom did,” Joey said while filling his sister with cum. He spent the next minute pumping his cum into Jane before they both came down from their orgasm. He lowered each of her legs and laid down on top of her fat body then kissed her deeply. They kissed for nearly five minutes as they calmed down and Joey rolled to her side.

“I love you, Jane,” Joey said as he rolled on his side and draped his arm over the top of her body.

She looked at him adoringly, “I love you too, Joey.”

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