My Brother, the True Alpha


Before we get to the actual story, a quick heads-up: This story starts with the brother getting a taste of NTR with his high school bully becoming his loving sister’s boyfriend but… Well… Let’s just say that justice will be made.

Themes: Brother and sister incest, female submission, male domination, love, lust, bullying, violence, and revenge.

I’d like to thank everyone that commented and critiqued my past story and I hope I get the same constructive critique in this one too. All the characters from this story are over 18 and the events depicted here are entirely fictional. Enjoy your reading! ^_^

= = = = = = = = =

In hindsight, the fact that my brother was bullied so horribly by my first boyfriend may have been the greatest blessing for him.

My name is Laura. My brother, Liam, and I were really close growing up. I was a couple of years older and our parents were always absent, working. That left us all alone all the time in a big and boring house with one TV, no phones or games, just chores, and homework. Liam was a sweet and bashful boy with short black hair, glasses, and deep green eyes. He had a bit of a stutter, but since he was soft-spoken it actually came across as quite cute to me and, above all, he seemed to have a love for theatre and books. He was always romantic by nature and he saw me as his best friend and the closest thing to a proper maternal figure… But, by then, as adults still living under the same roof, he began showing signs about how he truly felt about me. I should’ve paid more attention.

As for myself, I ended up adopting a longer hairstyle, tomboy vibes from a young age and was much more interested in literature, but by the end of High School, I had begun investing myself in sports. So halfway through gen ed college some of the girls from my social group would call me “Miss Perfect” because of grades and looks, but that was a big exaggeration considering my actual popularity at the time. Sure, I had a cute face, athletic body with curves, decent grades, but I was usually just walking in my own lane, minding my own business, and didn’t usually have anyone coming to flirt with me.

Although a couple of my friends would later tell me that every boy from our groups seemed to have some degree of attraction for me and that they simply wouldn’t try anything due to being intimidated by my resting bitch face. So, brains, brawl, looks, but no creeps. So, perfect, right? Wrong. None of my qualities could make up for my amount of stupidity and naivety which you’ll soon get to know.

I never confirmed with a doctor but I’m quite positive that I have some lighter form of autism. That’s not the reason for me being an idiot later on, but I’ve always felt like an alien doing my best to pretend to be a human. Many experiences and feelings that were a given for most people I knew weren’t obvious to me. I recall experiencing my childhood as if it was a haze, foggy in the present, not just the past. Like being half-awake and overly distracted throughout most of my day. But it wasn’t like it prevented me from experiencing my life or thinking by myself. Most of all, I couldn’t care less.

That’s not the part that made me think of myself as a stupid girl. It was due to the fact that I was so naive and uncaring about relationships and that, when Grant, a tall and muscular jock from the football team approached me with extreme confidence at a party, I didn’t think of anything when he dragged me to the bedroom to have his way with me despite knowing that this was the same guy that had bullied my brother in middle school and high school so badly that he ended up needing therapy.

My first experience wasn’t bad. I think. It was a new experience, he was handsome, strong, and exuded an energy that was fascinating to me. That confidence was something I recognized as extremely attractive but it was something that other girls seemed to almost worship among their crushes. That became something I heard more and more when it came to the “alpha” talk. I presume that is common knowledge at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure. The alpha male, as in the leader of the wolf pack, is the strongest and most dominant male. In some animal groups, the alpha is also the only one allowed to bear children for their genes are considered the most valuable. Grant seemed to match that. As I said before, he was quite attractive but he also had a promising future in sports, had wealthy parents, and had a big cock. So many girls thought of him as perfect as well. “Perfect”… What a disgusting little word that has become to me.

That same guy, despite having his own house and bed where he could take me with him and attempt to treat me well, instead always made me bring him to my house when he wanted sex.

I can never forget the look on Liam’s eyes the first time he saw me on the door with Grant’s arms around my hips. He looked so betrayed. So lonely, it was heartbreaking to see him like that, but, at the time, I Kıbrıs Escort figured that it was the natural order of things. Grant always called Liam “beta” as in “Beta male”. The lesser male. The one that should be submissive.

And although I asked Grant to not hurt my brother, it didn’t prevent him to demand me to moan and scream when we had sex, regardless if I was actually enjoying it or not. Just so my brother would hear me. Just so he could use me to break Liam’s heart some more.

As a result, Liam became distant. We still lived under the same roof and the psychological torture that Grant delivered to him was constant. I also suspected that, whenever I wasn’t looking, he also got physical with Liam too but, even if he did, I wouldn’t know. Because Liam wasn’t opening up to me. How could he?

Two years later. I was studying at Grant’s house while he watched a football game and drinking beer with a bucket of popcorn at his side. We were both in the living room because it was the only place where I was allowed to enter that had a table I could use to study.

“Can you turn the volume down, please?” I asked politely.

He looked at me annoyed and turned the volume up. And that sums up how tasteless our relationship grew ever since we’ve graduated. After having failed to become a professional player, he was slowly turning into a professional couch potato. It was almost impressive how fast that beer belly grew.

I closed the notebook on top of the table and closed my eyes in frustration,

“I need to study, so I’m heading home.” I said and packed my things.

“Sure…” He said with a bored tone.

He had a car but just asked for an Uber to drive me back home anyway. After an hour-long trip, I got back to my home for the first time in a week. While Grant’s house was a big place with two floors and a backyard, my family couldn’t afford that sort of luxury. We lived in a humble place even by poor neighborhood standards. It was old and small, but I’d still prefer that nostalgic shack to Grant’s bed. It was still more convenient for me due to location in comparison to my work and postgraduate course.

I opened the door slowly. My workaholic parents were often passed out between their shifts and needed as much silence as Liam and I could possibly offer. As I walked back to my dusty room at the end of the hallway, I noticed Liam’s room with the lights coming out of the gap at the bottom of the door. My shoulder tensed up as I got closer and I slowly lifted my hand to knock it, but I froze. Unsure if that was the right thing to do. After I started spending more time at Grant’s than with him, he sank deeper into isolation.

However, I was still aware that he was more active than ever. Without me or his old bully around, he became more productive in every way possible. His declining grades drastically improved and he started working out. No. It may have appeared that he just started, but he had already been exercising at home, I just failed to realize the changes.

I talked myself out of knocking on his door as I heard the subtle sounds of muffled music. He was probably studying with his headphones on. So I walked back to my room and locked the door.

My room was small, with only a wardrobe, a small desk, and a twin-sized bed. I had to clean up a bit. I couldn’t bother to clean up too much and couldn’t study as much as I wanted to. I simply undressed and crashed onto the small bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of Liam walking out of his room and heading to the shower. For some reason, I was unable to sleep after that. My senses were hyperaware of my surroundings and I couldn’t keep my eyes closed until the rest of the night. I simply got up when the sun did, had a quick breakfast, and took another Uber to work.

Hours later, I’m back at Grant’s, feeling like shit. My perception of time was muddy and I couldn’t focus on anything.

“Laura? What’s wrong with you?” He asked.

I snapped back to reality. We were having lunch together and he was staring at me a bit annoyedly.

“Sorry, I dozed off for a second. What did you ask?”

“I said – What’s wrong with you?” His tone got a bit more nervous. “Something’s off with you recently. You’ve been slow at doing anything.”

That was a fair observation. It would’ve even been sweet if he wasn’t completely oblivious that it was mostly his fault. Not just the fact that my relationship with my brother was ruined, but because there were multiple reasons for that, actually.

I wasn’t satisfied with him, I’ve faked a fair share of orgasms because I knew he got emotionally unstable if I didn’t appear to be fully satisfied and worship his cock. But I never spoke out about it because I didn’t understand what he was doing wrong in the first place. It’s not like he skipped foreplay and his cock was big. Wasn’t that all that was needed? I kept that thought to myself. That seemed to drive other girls Lefkoşa Escort wild just for the thought of it, so it made me think that something was wrong with me instead. So that’s what I said.

“Nothing, it’s just how my brain is.”

“How it is? What are you on about?”

And here is when my stupid shows up again. I should have heeded the red flags and told him that it was my PMS or that I had a poor night of sleep or that I had a migraine. Instead…

“It’s just that… I don’t know. My mind gets hazy from time to time and even more when I’m tired… Moments where I can’t focus on anything and just rock back and forth, twiddling my fingers instead of studying, struggling with social interactions… It’s been like that ever since I was young and, although I haven’t confirmed it with a doctor, I’m suspecting I might fall into some spectrum of autism due to some signs.”

And at the sound of the word “autism” Grant stopped messing with his phone and looked at me like I said (and was becoming) something absolutely disgusting in his eyes.

“What in the fuck did you…” He began, but I interrupted.

“Grant.” I said with an annoyed expression and stern tone. “I’m obviously joking, babe.”

He chuckled and shook his head. I chuckled along, but I was freaking out on the inside. That look that Grant gave me never left my mind. It was haunting. A different kind of haunting than the one that Liam gave me when he found out about my relationship with his bully. For good measure, I made Grant forget about the topic entirely by bringing him back to his room, doing a little strip tease which he ignored in favor of looking at the phone, and sucked his dick as I kneeled on the side of the bed and he rewarded me by bragging about the last thing I wanted to hear, “Mmmmm. I bet that beta-ass pussy brother of yours would love to have those lips around his limp cock too, huh?” He said with a teasing smile.

I took my lips around his shaft and looked up with horror, trying not to vomit, “I… Wait, what?” was all I managed to say. “What do you…?” I couldn’t even finish the sentence before he replied.

“What? You didn’t realize it? That bitch has the hots for you for sure!” Grant had a malicious look in his eyes as he stared up the ceiling and I felt his cock get harder in my hands just by him imagining something. A sinking feeling in my stomach made me fear that he’d say what he was thinking about and, sure enough…

“The face he makes when he first finds out I’m banging his perfect sis is just… Perfect!” He said.

I couldn’t believe my ears. By that point, I had already suspected that Liam might’ve had romantic feelings towards me and that I had broken his heart… But the way he said that sentence made me shiver about the implication. Why would Grant know of this? Why was he saying that now, of all times? Those questions filled my mind but one word from his sentence stuck out to me.

“…Makes?” I repeated confused, faking a chuckle.

“Oh? I didn’t show you?”

“Show me what?”

Grant’s eyes widened like a child on Christmas. He pulled out his phone and eagerly showed me a video of Liam, getting dragged to an alley by Grant and his friends. From his haircut and beat-up bag, I could tell that Liam was 18 or 19 in the video, but Grant and his friends wore our college’s varsity jackets… Meaning that they either met him on the street at random or drove an hour from our college to intercept Liam on his way home.

One of Grant’s friends was recording him wrestling Liam on an alley, holding him down as he forces my brother to watch something in another phone that a third jock was showing him. I couldn’t see the video but I did hear my own voice. It was a recording of Grant and me when we had sex. I was aware that he was recording it and he promised not to post but I’d never expected that this was what he was using it for.

They proceed to take Liam’s pants and underwear off, recording his genitals on the phone. “YO! IS THIS YOU HARD?” I heard Grant’s voice mocking him and calling him all sorts of names. They laughed and pointed. Liam’s penis in the video was flaccid, obviously so. But the boys around him seemed to presume that this was him fully erect. In comparison, It was true that Grant was bigger… But I had seen him flaccid too. It’s not like he was a giant 24/7 and I failed to see what he was bragging about. Even then, he was still laughing while watching the video alongside me until he realized that I wasn’t laughing at all.

“Hey, I know that beta dick is gross to see but…”

“No.” I interrupted with my eyes closed. “…That’s not the issue. I thought I had asked you to leave him alone.”

“I did!” He replied as if I had offended his non-existent honor. “But that was before that promise!” I knew it to be a lie, but I didn’t want to argue timelines.

“Grant, please delete that video.” I demanded. Silence followed before his answer.

“…Excuse Girne Escort me?” His body language made it more than obvious that those two words were a threat, not a question.

“…I said…” I didn’t get to finish. Grant pushed me down and forced me to suck his cock. He didn’t scream, but the look in his eyes told me that this was a line that I shouldn’t cross. I was scared… So I obeyed. I let him use my throat as he watched the video again with a creepy smile on his face. At first, I thought he was getting off by watching Liam, but I realized he was getting hard from watching himself overpower him. I made him cum, and, of course, he “apologized”. He said it was roleplay, he wouldn’t do it again, I don’t remember exactly. All I remember is that disgusting feeling suffocating my lungs, the bitter taste in my mouth, the humiliation, and the hazy fog overpowering the present once more. I wish I knew more about the world of intimacy back then.

I left feeling utterly defeated. I couldn’t think straight. It was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella, but I still walked out of there without saying anything. I was supposed to go to my classes and I only realized I was walking towards my home after a good thirty minutes of walk. I called an Uber and decided to skip postgrad school tonight and went straight home with the desire to wash his taste off of my lips with sulfuric acid.

Once again, I entered slowly. At this hour, my parents had just left, but it was a habit. Going through the hallway, I saw Liam’s room with the light on. It was quiet, with no music, so I figured he was doing his homework or just work… I knew he had a job, but I didn’t know what it was or if he was working from home or not.

Again, I hesitated, but I did manage to knock on his door. No answer. I knocked again. No answer. I wanted to knock a third time, but I couldn’t. I didn’t have the strength. And a multitude of feelings was drowning me in the middle of the hallway. My knees buckled and my forehead gently bump against the door as tears started to slide down my cheeks and I could only muster one word as I collapsed outside of his room. “…I’m sorry…”

My words were followed by footsteps and the door was unlocked. The Liam that opened the door seemed like a different man. It’s not like I haven’t seen him at all, but he always avoided my gaze and it was hard to approach him. Liam looked taller and much more fit than I remembered. Now, he had an undercut hairstyle and a subtle, well-groomed beard, but his glasses were still the same.

He looked down at me with worried eyes and before I could get a single word out he pulled me up and hugged me tightly. He had a protective embrace, a total contrast to Grant’s possessive touch… I couldn’t stop crying. I held him close, balling my eyes out until I had nothing left to cry.

“Laura? What happened…?” Liam asked. I didn’t even realize how masculine his voice had become until then. I found myself caressing his back and feeling his muscles.

“Grant… Showed me the video… The one with you in an alley… I didn’t know that…” I was starting to cry again. “Be-before anything else, I… I’m sorry for…”

“Shhh…” Liam looked at me calmly and put a finger over my lips. “I forgive you.”

If his plan was to stop me from crying, it failed horribly, because I was back to soaking his favorite shirt with tears again. It wasn’t just that I was dating his former bully… Grant’s punches and abuses never made Liam’s smile falter. I did. I had become the biggest reason for his suffering. But, now, he was smiling… Now, he was over it. He was over ME. He was getting better because Grant and I were no longer a part of his life, but, suddenly there I was again. A ticking time bomb for his pain and trauma but there was no hesitation on his part. And the fact that Grant had looked at me with such disgust earlier reminded me that Liam always loved me for who I really was.

He welcomed me into his room and I sat on his bed by his side. He patiently waited for me to stop crying. I explained what happened with Grant in between sobs. Of course, I spared him the details and I rephrased the events in a way that didn’t make Grant sound as horrible as he was. I wasn’t trying to defend the motherfucker I just didn’t want Liam to try to get hurt in case he got too angry. Liam wasn’t a violent person, but I could tell that the thought of it came across his mind as I told my story.

He held my hand and we just… Talked. We talked about relationships in general, catching up after such a long time without looking each other in the eyes. Liam mentioned that he didn’t have a girlfriend currently but he had a casual relationship that lasted a few weeks, the girl he had been with, supposedly had an abusive partner before and he told me her story as well as other tales he heard from friends and co-workers and we spent the following hours talking about our views in relationships, intimacy, trust, and respect. By then, we had spent over three hours talking about everything and, once the moment of comfortable silence settle in, I had to say those words that were rolling in the back of my head for so long. “I know what to do…” I sighed. “Tomorrow morning… I’m going to break up with him.”

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