The Garcia Family Adventures Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Sup again, it’s me Carmen. So me and my lil sis Maria became lovers when I found out she likes licking the cum from my “dates” out of my dirty panties. I know, right? Blew my mind too! That all happened in the first part of our story. So one of the things I found out about Maria is that she’s still a virgin. She wants to have sex she says, with and older experienced man like the ones I go out with, for her first time. I have someone in mind already. Our Papi!

I hadn’t shared this with Maria yet. I had no idea how she’d react. And I wanted to do a little snooping first.

You see, I realized I have no idea of what our Papi likes. He divorced Mama so someone like her was out, I assumed. He never went on dates with women, just out with his male buds. I assumed they got their ashes hauled occasionally on these outings but really I had no idea.

He has a desktop computer but I never see him use it and it’s password protected anyway. Hmph. What’s a devious daughter to do?

Ask her younger bro, that’s what. Jules was away at college but I texted him all the time, usually memes I knew would annoy him. Gotta uphold the big sis traditions, ya know? Ha! I found a way to say it I liked and sent him a question designed to make him think I was getting Papi a gag gift for his birthday without really lying too much. Jules had no idea either.

I was stumped. Guess I let it show to lil sis, she asked me what was on my mind so much. We were in bed, having just had some mind-blowing sex, I mean her mouth was… well I get sidetracked, hehe. Okay so I was maybe feeling more open than usual, I just asked,”What’s Papi’s deal anyway?”

I had my head on Mar-mar’s chest, she was stroking my hair. The room was musky as hell from our combined heat. Both of us had just had a bunch of orgasms, who counts? I was playing with one of her cute little nipples.

“What do you mean, his deal?” My sister’s voice was languid. “You mean in bed? Papi likes butt stuff. One of the reasons Mama left.”

Shut the front door! I guess when you’re just a little kid like Maria was at the time the adults… aren’t always as discreet as they could be. She had over heard stuff at the time that she didn’t understand until much later.

And she’s no dummy either, my Mar-mar. Her eyes suddenly got real huge. “Oh Car-car! Are you thinking about Papi now, you naughty girl! I wasn’t enough for you, you want to get Papi into bed now too? Ay, you are soooo crazy big sis!” She pushed me off her and started rolling on the bed laughing and holding her stomach.

But I didn’t let it go. I’m the oldest, I’m bullheaded, Lefkoşa Escort so sue me! Over the next few weeks I floated the idea to lil sis here and there. One morning in the kitchen she finally showed a little interest. ‘Okay, so say we did want to get him to take my cherry. How in the hell you gonna do that, eh? You just gonna bring it up like you did with me? I don’t know if that’s gonna work twice, girl.”

One thing that I almost didn’t think of; I’d never done any butt stuff. I know some women love it but what about me? Only one thing to do! Shopping online, yes! I found a beginner’s set of butt plugs that started tiny and got big, came with some good lube. Next day shipping and voila, right to my doorstep.

Where my nosy brat sister found it and opened it. She brought it to me in the living room, oohing and ahhing at my new toys. “So, sis? Really serious about giving your ass to Papi, huh? Is that what these are for? At least they’re kinda cute looking! Like avocados, kinda!” She was laughing and hiding one of the plugs behind her back when Papi walked in.

“Forgot my uh, files, in the den, I’ll just go and, uh… right” Papi was more flustered than I’d ever seen him! He almost raced to the den and back out of the house. Maria and I looked at each other. No need to ask, Papi knew what he saw, he knew what his daughters were playing with while he was gone!

Mar-mar looked at me. “Well, now we gotta!” she said with a smile. “Did you see the look on his face? And, big sis, aaaand… the lump in his pants? Whoo boy! Papi’s probably been thinking about it already, eh? Whadda ya think?”

I thought she was probably right!

We were in less of a hurry now that we kinda knew what we were going to do, which was double-team our poor dear Papi. Hit him with seduction from all sides until he gives in! Yeah! We practiced with our new toys too. I gotta say, by itself anal doesn’t do much for me. I was sorta disappointed, until Mar-mar and I were playing one day, this time on her bed.

Little sis was wearing one of the butt plugs almost all the time now. So I started mixing things up; when I ate her pussy now I’d make sure to wiggle that plug for her, or press on it in time with my licking. She’d moan extra low and her hips would always do this one slow grind, it was pretty fucking hot to watch.

So I asked her to do the same to me. Start toying with my toy. As a matter of fact, lil sis… “So why haven’t you suggested this? You seem to enjoy it a lot.” Mar-mar said she knew I’d ask when I was ready. Huh, smart girl I guess. So this was gonna happen.

I was on my back with a pillow under my ass. I’d Girne Escort just finished giving sis an orgasm or three, I was looking forward to the payback. I told you how wide Maria’s tongue is, right? Well for a virgin who hadn’t eaten pussy until less than a year ago she was fucking fantastic with it! She’d drag that sucker over my clit so slow, it would drive me up the wall every time.

I hadn’t put my butt plug in yet, so little sister did it for me. She licked it until it was shiny and then just rubbed the head around my asshole. She was laying right between my legs, staring right into my cleft, her soft hot breath was already doing good things to me. It went in, just like it did when I inserted it, but this time it felt so much better, just sexier somehow. I realized it was because I knew how much this was turning Maria on, how good it was going to feel and how naughty this whole idea was!

My sister’s tongue, it should be famous world over for the cunnilingus she gives me, oh my god! She was holding my shaking legs open and sucking on my clit, I had to grab my tatas and squeeze, it was such a fantastic feeling! I had my head thrown back, my back was arched, I was starting to cum and then Maria started shoving that plug in and out, same rhythm as her lovely tongue and wow, I came hard! I squirted onto Mar-mar’s face I came so hard!

My tatas were tingling, oh god my pussy and my ass seemed connected by pleasure nerves, I was screaming Mar-mar’s name… And then out of nowhere I was contracting so hard, my pussy was squeezing, squeezing and then pow, face full of Carmen juice for little sister! My eyes rolled back in my head and I was vibrating like a live wire, holy shit it was sooo good!

If this was anal sign me up! I’d never cum that hard before, it was almost scary! I know little sis was freaked for a second there until I calmed down some. Damn, where did that come from? I was suddenly eager to return the favor again to Maria, to drive her to those heights and make her squirt for me!

Well one thing led to another and before long both of us were very comfortable with butt play, hehehe. That left the question of where and when we would ambush poor Papi. Little sis was now eager to help, we brainstormed night and day.

So one especially warm night the three of us were having dinner together on the patio. Papi, his name is Max really, well we had him full of good food and his daughters had been well behaved and charming all night. Maria had asked me about my dating as we had arranged, it gave me a chance to turn the talk more sexual.

“You’re still a virgin, right sis?” I asked casually. “No guys you Magosa Escort like or what? Or is it no girls that you like?” I tossed an ice cube from my drink at Maria and laughed.

Maria laughed as well but then turned quiet and said softly that she was waiting for someone special. Right after she said it she looked up at our Papi and gave him a little-girl smile. Boom, direct hit!

Papi excused himself from the table and asked us girls if we would mind cleaning up? We assured him it was our… pleasure, to help him out in any way we could. He looked a little uncomfortable when he left, like he was telling himself No, his daughters surely were not flirting with him! Well we had just begun the attack.

After dinner Papi would normally head to his library, let us do “girl stuff” in peace. Well tonight peace was the last thing he would be getting. It was my turn first, I interrupted his book to ask about one of my men. Relationship advice from my wise old Papi, right? While wearing my tightest T-shirt with no bra and a pair of cutoff short-shorts. No problem!

Then it was Mar-mar’s turn, then mine again. We came up with so many ‘legit’ sounding reasons to bug him, all while wearing as little as we could get away with. It didn’t look like it was working, Papi was as calm in his library as I’d ever seen him. Maria and I were whispering in the hall outside his room, I was saying it was her fault for not turning the charm up to eleven, she was saying she knew I was an idiot for even coming up with this plan!

“You are both idiots, and what plan is that?” Papi was standing in the library’s now open doorway. “Get your cute butts in here you two, now! Dios mio!” He looked pretty annoyed with us.

Once inside and seated, Maria opened her mouth to speak but I beat her to it.

“It was all my idea, Papi, we were trying to… See Mar-mar is still a virgin, so we thought, I mean I thought, that maybe if we…”

“Oh my Lord, were you girls trying to seduce me? Was that what that was?” Papi looked stunned. It really never did occur to him! “Why on Earth would you want to do that?” he asked incredulously.

Maria took it this time. “Because, you are strong and handsome, and I know you will treat me like a lover, not a conquest!” She looked at him with fiery eyes. “I’m old enough to know what I want, Papi, and I want you!” Her expression change to sultry as she continued “And I want you everywhere, Papi. Everywhere, even places Mama never let you fuck.” She deliberately used coarse language, hoping to inflame his passions.

Papi looked at me. “And what about you, what’s your place in all this? Just helping Maria?” I wish I could have read his expression, was there some hope he was wrong? He swallowed audibly.

I got up from my chair and crossed over to Papi. I pulled my shirt up over my head, sat in his lap and gave him a passionate, open mouthed kiss. He moaned into me. I pulled back and said “I help myself.”

To Be Continued…

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