The Step Daughter


The step-daughter

I got remarried in my 50’s to a lovely woman. Like me, she had grown children, and they had all moved out and were on their own, living their lives. Most of them lived in other towns, other than one of her daughters, who lived with her husband nearby to us.

On the whole we had pretty good family relations, and over time we all got closer as a group. We did things with them individually on occasion. One of those things that we enjoyed was horror movies. The daughter that lived closest, Ginny, loved them, as did I. Unfortunately, nobody else in the family shared that with us. So gradually it became a thing that Ginny and I would go to see the latest horror movies together.

She was a bit of a punk rocker in her looks and style. She was about 5’4, 120 pounds and very shapely, like her mother. She usually wore mac jackets and high-top sneakers that concealed her curves though. To see Ginny in a dress would have been a shock. She was what the old folks called a ‘tomboy’.

I grew close to her, and we talked about all kinds of things on our movie nights. There was also a little physical chemistry between us, and when I hugged her good night there were little sparks, although neither of us ever acknowledged it. She reminded me of her mother, my wife, in many ways. Just a younger punk rock version.

The thing that really got to me the most about her was her voice. It was low and dusky, and when she talked it hit me right between my shoulder blades and up to my neck. It was very sexy and was in some kind of arousal range for me, although I doubt anyone else noticed it. The icing on the cake was her beautiful mouth. She had broad beautiful lips and a huge smile, and she made me think of wicked things, about things I would like to put in that gorgeous mouth.

She wasn’t pretty, but another thing about her was her amazing body. Magosa Escort She had been a runner and a competitive swimmer all of her life, and she was totally ripped with rock hard abs and a great butt.

One night when we were on the way home from the movies, she directed me to drive past the abandoned old mental hospital near just on the edge of town.

“Harry and I sometimes go up on the grounds at night and park. Its super creepy up there”, she said. “Maybe we could go sometime”. Harry was her husband.

I said, “Sure”, and kept on driving. I was a bit oblivious to hints and subtlety, and at the time I gave it no more thought.

Later on, when I was home, I realized what she had said. Hmm, I thought to myself, I wonder if she had been suggesting something.

About a month later, we were off to see another movie, and this time I was ready. I said, “Hey maybe tonight’s the night to go check out the grounds of Riverside”, Riverside being the insane asylum.

She lit up and said, “Yeah man, let’s do that’!

A few hours later, after the movie, we were cruising up the roadways to the top of the hill where the place was situated. The trees leaned right over the top of the road, and everything was dark, other than the dim streetlights.

“So, when we come up here, we usually find a parking spot in one of the old lots and hang out” Ginny said.

I kept looking around and then off to our right was just that, a small flat lot where it looked like we could set up and see just how creepy the place actually was.

I pulled in and reversed into a spot nearest the tree line and parked.

“I guess we should shut off the lights” I said.

“Oh yeah, man let’s just shut everything off. This place gives me the heebie-jeebies. Its best when everything is quiet”.

Now something else was kicking in for me. I was alone in a quiet Kıbrıs Escort dark spot with a very sexy young woman, one who turned me on every time she spoke. I think she knew that.

I was feeling a little aroused as I shut off the lights and engine, and we settled in to see what the night was going to bring.

We were on a bench seat in my truck, with nothing between us, and I felt Ginny slide a little closer to me.

“Can I hold your hand?’ she asked. “I like it here, but its creepy’ she said.

I stuck out my hand and she grabbed it, and then slid closer to me, so our legs were touching. She felt warm and firm, and the heat from her body felt good.

When she spoke, her mouth was close to my ear, and I could feel her breath on my neck. Now I had a full boner. But I kept things cool. I didn’t want to overreach or assume anything.

“I like you Ben”, she said, close to my ear again. Oh god, that voice.

This time I turned to her and said, “I really like you as well Ginny”

We went back to listening to the night wind in the trees and staring at the broken windows of the old buildings. It definitely had the feeling of an old horror movie. In the dark, it was easy to imagine shapes just out of the range of the lights, moving around in the trees and on the walkways. It was creepy but fun at the same time. And we were both fans of that kind of thing in the movies.

I felt her put her head on my shoulder, and now I could feel each breath that she took. We both sat and enjoyed the quiet and the blackness of the night. We were also enjoying the closeness, the forbidden pleasures and possibilities that were running through both of our minds.

I felt Ginnys’ hand on my leg. She brought her face close to mine, and then I felt her tongue in my ear. She breathed slowly and whimpered in my ear just a little, and I felt like I was Lefkoşa Escort going to pass out with the pleasure I was feeling.

“Oh fuck”, I said as she slowly drove me wild.

“Ummmm’, she said as she swirled her tongue around my ear, and into it.

“You like this?”, she asked, as my boner raged.

“Oh god yeah”, I said.

I felt her hand slide up further and begin to undo my belt. My excitement was building. She unbuttoned the top button. She grabbed the zipper and slid it down slowly.

I let her take the lead. I was just enjoying what was happening.

She put her hand inside my underwear and pulled out my penis. It popped out and now she moaned a little more and stroked it slowly up and down.

We both knew this was so wrong. But it didn’t stop either of us.

“You like me playing with your cock Ben?’, she asked, as she dipped her finger in my foreskin and felt the pre-cum lubricating me.

“You want me to stroke this penis a little faster?”

All I could do was mumble unintelligibly. She took her time, slowly up, slowly down, and the lube from my head was making it all slippery and harder, if that was possible.

She continued to kiss and edge in my ear, licking and sucking, and moaning. She was slowly driving me around the bend.

I felt the hot come brewing in the base of my balls. She could feel me tense up, and she slowed down even further.

“Oh no, not yet”, she said.

I groaned. I wanted to shoot my load off the ceiling of the truck so badly.

I looked down at her hand, gripping me hard as she stroked me. This girl knew how to give a great handjob.

She sped up a little and I began to feel the heat again in my balls. This time she stroked harder and faster as I tensed up, then shot my load hard like a stream of bullets. She laughed as I came all over my pants and the steering wheel. She kept her tongue in my ear and made little whimper noises as I came back to earth, and my dick went limp in her hand.

“See I told ya”, she said, “this is a great place to come after the movies”.

I laughed. I had indeed. Wonder what was going to happen next time we came up the hill after movie night?

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