Twins Ep. 01


Peter was glad he lived on a large ranch. Ever since his dad started dating the woman he was dating now, he heard her screaming in the middle of the night. Faintly. In a smaller house he wouldn’t have been able to sleep.

He had to snicker. There was no way his dad was that good of a lover. He was sure a lot of the screams were meant to make sure that one of the richest men in Texas was convinced that she was enjoying his love. His father, Blake, owned a large estate that was part of The King’s Ranch. The heyday of oil was starting to blow over in Texas, but a few ranchers still had plenty of wealth to live on. Meredith had picked her target well.

Peter also had to laugh at how much his predicament sounded like the old movie The Parent Trap. His father was dating a young woman that wanted the children shipped off to boarding school or something like that. His friends at school teased him about it, until he pointed out in the cafeteria one day, quite loudly, that they watched old Haley Mills movies. That shut them up. One of them tried to claim he hadn’t watched it, until someone pointed out that he knew the gold digger in the movie was named Vicki.

The similarities really did end there. He did have a twin, but a sister, so they were fraternal, not identical. She didn’t live in a wealthy estate in the East, but a small ranch style house in Boulder, Colorado. Her name was Patty. Their mother’s name was Piper. If that wasn’t enough P’s for you, Piper owned a restaurant called Pelican Pete’s.

They also knew everything about each other. Peter and Patty had been pen pals for a long time. They liked similar music, movies, and books. He was going to move in with them in August – not because Meredith demanded it – but because he would be starting at the University of Colorado along with his sister. In fact, Meredith didn’t want him to go. Ever since he had turned 18, she was getting creepy about it. She kept asking Peter to do things for her while she was in various stages of undress and then claiming she wouldn’t be able to survive without him. The last time she blatantly flashed her bush at him while walking around in a bathrobe. He pretended not to notice.

It wasn’t that she was unattractive, it was that she was ten years older than him and was so blatant about using sex to get what she wanted. His father could have her. He wanted nothing to do with her.

His father was happy to see him leave. Their differences started early in Peter’s life. Peter was great around horses, cowboys and fist fights, but it wasn’t for him. He didn’t want to end up an old drunk like his father. His mother had left him for it. He would be gone soon as well. How a judge had agreed to let him have custody of Peter he couldn’t understand. He had a hunch it cost his father a lot of money under the table.

Where that money came from was what led to the real fights. Peter wanted nothing to do with the ranch, with Texas, or even his family name. His father hit him hard when he told him he had changed his last name to that of his mother’s family when he was eighteen. That was the only time Peter had ever hit back. He thought he had killed him. Peter was 6’5″ and had solid muscle from working the ranch. His father had just been knocked out, however. It didn’t stop him from continuing to fight with and hit Peter. Alcoholics were sad that way.

In a very small way he felt sorry for Meredith. Piper and Patty had never been struck by Blake, but had left when Peter was very young. When Peter left, Meredith might not be so lucky.

Peter had thought about this for some time. His father’s drinking had gotten worse over the last few years. His father would go on “business trips” every so often. No one said anything, but everyone knew he went to one of those islands where the rich went to drink and get laid by prostitutes and gigolos the owners filled the bars with. His father was leaving for another tomorrow.

That left Peter alone on his last weekend in Texas with Meredith. He dreaded it.


Patty couldn’t stop laughing. Her friend kept punching her in the ribs. If they got caught, they would be in big trouble.

Last Tango in Paris wasn’t a very good movie. People only went to it because it had Marlon Brando in it. According to Patty’s mother, Piper, he had once been a thinner dreamboat that would drive women wild.

The only thing he was driving now involved a stick of butter and Maria Schneider. Patty couldn’t stop laughing and stuck her head in her shirt. They had snuck into the Boulder Theater via a door in the back. they were both eighteen, but were light on cash, so they couldn’t come in the usual way. The door in the back had been used so many times by kids sneaking in that she wondered why they didn’t lock it. Oh, wait, they had. It kept getting busted off.

Life was crazy in Boulder in the 70s. Long hair was everywhere. Even older men were starting to wear it “stylish” with a feathered back look. The hippies had been chased out of the Magosa Escort park and the drugs cleaned up at Tommy’s on The Hill, but Boulder was still a party haven. Patty hadn’t gotten into drugs. She smoked pot a few times, but decided it wasn’t worth the risk. She saw stoners as fun to be around, but lacking motivation. She wouldn’t mind if she got stuck in Boulder the rest of her life, but she wanted to see the world. Her twin brother, Peter, would be joining her soon. He had it much worse, stuck on that dreary ranch in the middle of nowhere in Texas. The people from Texas liked to brag a lot about how wonderful their state was. How come they spent all of their time at the ski resorts in Colorado, then?

Patty loved to ski. Her favorite skier was Jean Claude Killy, who won three medals at the last olympics. She couldn’t wait for them to start this year. She could watch them in color!

She had seen enough of Marlon Brando in color. She tugged at her friend’s arm. “Come on. This is gross and boring.” It was her last weekend before Peter arrived and they prepared for college. She wasn’t going to waste it watching some old fat guy making love to a woman half his age.

Her friend agreed. They snuck out the same way they came in. The sun was blinding as they came out of the darkened theater. She gazed across Boulder at the majestic Flatirons. She really did have it lucky. She had been thinking about Peter a lot lately and how he had gotten stuck with their father. She hoped he would be OK. He had visited enough times that she knew he wasn’t some psycho, but he was always so sad when he had to go back. It must be horrible there.

She looked down at Diane and thought how enamored she was going to become with Peter. She was relatively new in town and hadn’t met him. She had seen the latest picture he sent. She was more than eager to see the real thing. A lot of women in Boulder would be thinking the same very soon.

Oh shit, it is happening again, Patty thought. Where could she go? There was an old hardware store on Pearl Street. How embarrassing. They had walked too far from the theater to run back there.

When the hardware manager saw her squirming and hopping he simply tossed her the key. Thank God. The bathroom was small, however, and three men were looking at tools right outside. She would have to be quiet.

She quickly locked the door, put down the seat, and sat on the toilet. She didn’t pull down her skirt much, just enough to loosen her panties. She wasn’t sure if she even needed to touch herself this time. She was soaking wet and it was coming hard and fast. She really had to bite her lip to suppress a moan as the first wave of the orgasm overtook her. She hadn’t touched herself. She was fighting to hold still. The toilet lid creaked when she moved. She managed to be fairly quiet as the orgasm finished as fast as it came on.

What was happening to her? These episodes were coming so often she was afraid to go anywhere. This one was extremely intense as well. Most were just a quick episode that she could hide by simply crossing her legs and smiling.

None of them were like what she felt when she actually brought herself to orgasm intentionally.


Meredith was sunbathing, again. Who could blame her? There wasn’t much else to do in the middle of Bumfuck, Texas. She seemed like a woman who liked to shop. The nearest mall was 200 miles away. Most of the ranch hands wagered she would be out the door with a big settlement the day she had gold wrapped around her finger. Peter figured they were correct.

The hands weren’t allowed near the house, but Peter had seen more than one sneaking out at night a few times. Margaret seemed to have an appetite, which was why he tried to sneak as quietly as he could out the front door.

She was waiting for him.

“Why Peter, where might you be off to on this fine day? You can’t leave me here with just old Edgar to rub lotion in my back. He never gets it even and…” she lowered her voice, “I’m not sure his old ticker can take it.” She lowered her terry cloth skirt to reveal a micro bikini, the latest in fashion. She didn’t have a bad body, it just didn’t seem natural. The rumours were that Raquel Welch had undergone this new “plastic surgery” to look so good. He didn’t think so. Phyllis Diller kept having plastic surgery. Raquel Welch didn’t look anything like Phyllis Diller.

Maybe Meredith was just the same way? Did she have such a nice body that people didn’t think it was real? Either way, she was still Meredith, the smarmy, slimy thing that had invaded the house and allowed something even slimier, his father, to fuck her. There was no body, even Raquel Welch’s, that could overcome the kind of disgust that image brought to one’s mind.

She was going to give it her shot, however. He only had 36 hours and 12 minutes left before his plane left for Denver, so he may as well get it over with.

She made a big production of showing him her Kıbrıs Escort ass as she walked out to the pool. If she simply wouldn’t talk, it wouldn’t have been that bad. For a 30 year old woman, she was put together pretty well. That still seemed too old for him. He would be in college soon, so he had to allow for a 22 year old in case he found a senior to his liking. 23 tops. 30…not a chance.

She lay down face first on the chaise lounge and undid her top, patting the lounge next to her.

Oh crap, she had changed lotions. Normally she had some putrid smelling oil. She handed him a bottle of Coppertone this time. How did she know? He couldn’t resist the cocoa butter smell.

“I know I said I don’t like the smell of cocoa butter, but I’m doing this for you, Peter, being your last weekend here.” She smiled and rolled up a bit. He caught a flash of nipple.

He was in trouble.

“OK, OK Auntie Meredith. Just cover yourself and lie back down. I’ll start with your back.” She hated it when he called her that. She also hated it when he resisted her charms. He expected to get a good tongue lashing like he usually did.

It didn’t come. Instead she looked sad and lay down. This was a new tactic. If she started crying, he was leaving, lotion or not.

“I know you hate me,” she said as he started working the lotion into her back. “I don’t blame you. We both know why I am here, let’s not kid ourselves.”

She shifted around a bit. Her breasts couldn’t be filled with anything, they shifted out to the side just fine. Maybe he just hated her so much he wished her body wasn’t real.

“I know I have acted like I don’t want you to go, but I am actually happy for you. Your father is a miserable fuck that doesn’t deserve a fine son like you. Go to Boulder. Find yourself. Leave him and your past behind. Never look back. When he croaks you sell this place and never utter its name again. Please. I am so sorry we couldn’t have met under different circumstances.”

She wasn’t crying, she was being nice. She also wasn’t talking in that high pitched, fake voice voice she always had. She sounded like a normal person.

What was she after?

“Rub the lotion on my shoulders from up here,” she said. Now it was clear. She wanted to show him more boobs. The head of the chaise lounge was up slightly. She hit the latch to lower it. It fell quickly, dropping her top and the towel she was lying on. He had a view of the side of her boob, nipple and all.

She dropped quickly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t do that on purpose.” She seemed serious.

He didn’t say anything, just moved to the top of the lounge. He pulled the towel off of the other one to put under his knees, then started rubbing the lotion in.

She let out a slight moan. “You have such strong hands…tell me, if we hadn’t met like we have, would you..?”

“No,” he answered flatly.

“Why? You would have no reason to hate me then.”

“You are too old.”

She laughed, and completely rolled over onto her back. If the manservant Edgar was spying on them he probably did just have a heart attack. Peter was having a tough time keeping calm himself. She had stupendous breasts. They were what he imagined Raquel Welch’s would look like if she ever went completely topless.

“You don’t think I’m too old now, do you Peter? What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” She reached up and cupped his balls.

Peter didn’t pull away, but he knew he couldn’t do this. “Meredith. I can’t. I appreciate your honesty today, but I can’t.” He started to turn.

“I know Peter. I can’t either. There is too much that has happened. I do think I can still make you feel good, however. Consider it a going away present and an apology from me.”

He was relieved. He didn’t want her to just jerk him off, however. He had gone all the way with his old girlfriend. Someone using their hand was a disappointment.

“It’s OK, Meredith. I’m fine. Your hand will just get messy.”

She turned back on her stomach, lifted his shirt up, and started licking his belly button. “Who said anything about my hand? I know you don’t want to be where your father has been. I guarantee you he hasn’t been in my mouth.”

He was about to ask about the sneaky ranch hands, but she already had his pants and underwear down. Just by licking his belly she had him rock hard already. He had never had a blowjob before. He heard some of the sailors who had come home from Vietnam talk about getting one from the prostitutes there, but that was it. The girls in his High School were “Good Girls” and didn’t do things like that.

Meredith touched her tongue to the tip of his cock. It was like an electric shock went through his whole body. This felt fantastic! Suddenly all of the hatred, all of the disgust, and even some of the age difference seemed to melt away. The hot Texas sun was pouring down on her sweet ass and he felt regret for spurning her advances for so long. He couldn’t believe he had been so Lefkoşa Escort stupid. She was hot! What she was doing with her tongue was even hotter. He was harder than he had ever been.

She started to take him in her mouth. She stopped just beforehand and said, my God, Peter, you are huge. I don’t know if I can get you all the way in.”

He wasn’t quite sure what that meant until she started working him into her mouth. She kept going beyond what he knew had to be the back of her throat. It was gagging her, but she kept going. Her mouth was drooling saliva down on her chin but she kept going. It felt incredible.

She pulled him back out, took a breath, and swallowed him deep again. She had almost his whole cock in this time. That was saying something. He knew he was hung well.

“Meredith, I’m not going to last long.”

She pulled him out and said, “I know,” then shoved him back in completely this time. He started bucking wildly as she hung on for dear life. He practically screamed it felt so good when the first blast came shooting out of his cock. If Edgar wasn’t spying on them before, he certainly had to be now.

His orgasm was hard and fast. He couldn’t believe how quickly she had made him hard and then how fast he came after that. She swallowed every drop, too. She was correct, no messy hands.

After catching her breath, she looked up at him and said, “So what were you saying about my age?”

That made him laugh. He had never laughed at anything she said. Ever. He decided to sit and talk with her for a while. He still was undecided about her. She was very good at being a fake person. Was this just another facade?

She liked the Beatles more than the Stones, but no one was perfect. She had actually seen the Yardbirds when Eric Clapton was with them. Cool.

Then she said it. Conversation over. She just had to mention Jonathan Livingston Seagull. She looked at him funny as he excused himself and went inside. Did she not understand? How did people not understand that the greatest way to ruin a conversation was to bring up that stupid book? There wasn’t enough beer on the planet to get him to listen to someone talk about it.

The next night was his last ever in Texas. His father had called with some lame excuse as to why he wouldn’t be back. He didn’t care. Meredith was right. His father was just a big check to him someday. He hated to have so little respect for his own father. Some time back along the path of beatings he stopped worrying about it, however.

It started slowly. Oh shit.

He tried to get to his bedroom. Meredith was at the door.

“What’s the matter, Peter? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. I wanted to apologize for – oh, oh my!”

He was already sticking out. He only had on shorts. There was no hiding his rock hard dick. “Meredith please, I need to be alone.”

“You sure do!” She stepped to the side and let him in. She looked like she was going to walk away, but then pushed him in and locked the door behind her.

His dick was aching so hard he couldn’t speak. He hated when this happened to him. He had no idea why it did. He was going to have an orgasm, but the buildup to it was long, slow, and incredible. They were not like the orgasms he brought himself to, or with other women. He wished they could be. They were deep and intense. Sometimes he came more than once.

But with Meredith? He still felt strange about her. Yes she had given him a blowjob, but this was different.

“Meredith…” his voice was wavering and he couldn’t say more. He stumbled back and fell onto his bed. He usually just lay there and let it happen. He couldn’t let her see him like this. What if she thought he was possessed, or on some drug? He didn’t understand what was happening himself. How could he explain it to her?

“Don’t say a thing, and don’t say a word,” she said, “I understand completely.” She gently laid him back and propped a pillow under his head. “I thought you came too quickly. You want something more.”

She pulled down his shorts and underwear in one swift move. His cock looked gigantic. Precum was already dribbling from it. It would do that for a long time. These orgasms were like one of his own, but stretched over a much longer period of time. The amount of cum that finally came out of him was tremendous. His legs felt like jelly afterwards.

“Meredith, you dont-“

“Shh,” she said, putting a finger on his lip. “Just let it happen. You seem to not even be in control. I’m flattered. I guess you wanted more than just a blowjob.” She reached up and started to undo her blouse.

“Noooo!” his mind screamed, but it was as if he was gagged. He was losing control. Sometimes when this happened he did seem to become semiconscious, a half dream state of intense pleasure. He couldn’t fuck her, though. He just couldn’t.

She wasn’t wearing a bra. That wasn’t very common where he lived. Meredith wasn’t from where he lived.

And she had great tits. Really great tits. He had only seen them while she was lying flat before. Now they were hanging in front of his face like pendulous orbs of pleasure, begging for his attention.

He reached for his bedside table, pulling out a rubber. She took it and put it back. “You don’t need it with me,” she said, “no chance of a baby.”

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